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  1. I have yet to play this game. If I downgrade, what is the plat difficulty level ?
  2. I'm back to this game. After making some money on the latest version, I downgraded to 1.00 and bought all the weapons. But the trophies don't pop, Do I need to make money with version 1,00? Update: I bought all the weapons that were added for free (MPX,GoldenAK,Vector etc..) and then ran the downgrade and the trophy was unlocked. I got the idea from KyonKuchiki's post. Thank you so much!!
  3. Description of this trophy is incomplete. I tried this in Campaign but didn't pop. After that I did this in Multiplayer, then trophy popped. If you're planning to start this game, Be careful not to waste your time with this trophy like i do.
  4. Hi, I was surprised that some people have the same problems as me. I asked support to revert to my previous ID, but that didn't come true. My mastery account is in Japan and the account with this problem is in the US. I couldn't get support because it was a violation of the PSN rules. I think it was because I changed my ID 2 years ago, but I don't know the truth.
  5. 9年間前にプラチナを諦めていましたがこの方法は試してみたい。しかし、リスクが大きいです。再リンクでデータが戻る確証があれば実行したいと思います。その前にSWBF1とNFS2015が私の試練です。笑 日本語での返答ありがとうございました。
  6. I used the Maserati I found by chance to finish the easy circuit race in 4th place. And when I checked the autolog, a challenge to beat my friend appeared. I don't know why it appeared at this time.. Oh It's OK, no worries. This game was server down until yesterday. That made me even more confused lol
  7. I cleared easy race with my new class vehicle.(Maserati GT MC Stradale) Then a Friends Challenge appeared! And I got the trophy. Autolog is working fine. But the first vehicle Porsche 911 may not work.
  8. Yes, I have multiple friends who have earned Plat for the Vita version of this game. If I don't have enough friends, I will use gaming session. Before that, I want to confirm that autolog is working properly.
  9. Hi, Unable to unlock "How Do You Like Me Now?" because the Friends event doesn't appear in the autolog recommendation. I have already unlocked the same trophy for the PS3 version, so I know how to unlock it. I want to know if this is a Autolog service problem or my own. Does anyone have the same problem?
  10. Hi, Please excuse my poor English. I have a question about this solution. Will the progress of other games be finally returned ? I have hope for this solution.
  11. yes, I checked download list on my ps3. It was shocking at the time, but I realized that the PSID change might be a factor. Thank you for the reply! Close this topic when the issue is resolved.
  12. I just remembered that I changed my PSID a long time ago. That may have been the cause. I hope this can be solved. Thank you for the reply!
  13. Hi. Please excuse my poor English. I re-registered with PS Plus for the first time in 4 years. I noticed that all the PS Plus monthly games on the PS3 I purchased at the time had disppeared from my download list. PS4 monthly games was safe. Did Support announce that PS3/Vita purchased monthly games will be removed from Download list? I'm going to give up, but is there any solution? I was need PAYDAY the Heist and Warhammer 40k space marine, but I feel like I've thrown away my money😢
  14. Does the Autolog bug affect the "How Do You Like Me Now?" and "In your Face" trophies? I tried these trophies a few hours ago but didn't pop. Go to a new topic if necessary.
  15. That's great news! It's time to start this game!