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  1. Server is back online!
  2. 403 is back! wth...
  3. hmm..403 error again
  4. I hearted you using 3 accounts! A little more I check the this forum.
  5. I've hearted you with 8! Your account has reached 30 Hearts🙂
  6. @kait_the_great @mMylke I finished h4h with 8 accounts. thank you!!😊
  7. Thank you for your help!! My Create/Feel the Love trophy popped a few hours ago. Thank you to everyone this forum and TheOmnipotent. He helped me using 30 accounts. Keep h4h on my 8 accounts while I play the game. I also searched for your level but couldn't find it😢 Maybe you should change the name level. I can help if I find it😊
  8. Hi everyone!! I've just started this game and h4h level uploaded. Looking for hearts to my profile and my level, and be played too, I will do the same you. PSN : EGZAM Level name : 1sec H4H EGZAM Thanks!
  9. The Turok 2 trophy list has arrived
  10. After the dlc release, I bought all weapons except dlc weapon, But the trophy didn't pop. I think the trophy required dlc but I haven't tried it. Wait for a fix.