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  1. Load up your ng+ file and then go into chapter select, choose to play the 2nd to last mission (i think it's the Firefly Lab you mentioned) on Grounded difficulty. After you finished the chapter, use chapter select again for the next chapter towards the beginning. rinse and repeat. You can even choose subparts like chapter 4 part 4 then part 3 etc etc. All in one savefile. When you finished all chapters to the first go to the epilogue/last mission. If all missions say completed on grounded you'll get the trophy/trophies
  2. Cool thing. Is your list compatible for all regions or is just your own?
  3. That is a weird thing. Never heard of the limit and i'm currently at 15 so i'm in no danger but it's a really bad decision if you can't delete removed games/articles 😣
  4. There is another possibility to check within the psn shop as well @Alaquia . @voodoo_eyes. Just put a game on your wishlist and you can see if the game is on discount even if there's sales page but you have to look at your wishlist on your own. That's the advantage of psprices
  5. Yes R&C Trilogy PS3 and Vita have different trophy lists so 6 lists in total
  6. Yes you have to complete the game on grounded or grounded+ rather but it is easier to get the high difficulty trophy/trophies...
  7. Nothing bad will happen if you use the ng+ glitch It's just that after clearing the game on ng+ easy so use that file to play on grounded mode and to make things even easier go reverse order through all chapters (or even subchapters). Starting from the hospital chapter (i think that's nr. 16) go back to the intro and then play last the epilogue and voila all difficulty related trophies will appear which you don't have
  8. Gran Turismo 5 0.63% Battlefield Bad Company 0.79% Need for Speed Shift 2 1.07% Stormrise 1.41% Payday The Heist 1.49%
  9. Yep as @Kristycismsaid you need Converge Overdrive to AP otherwise you need to kill an enemy to get the AP. So the best weapons you should get have Triple AP, Triple Overdrive and Converge Overdrive to AP. Then you'll get millions of AP even without killing Don Tonberry.
  10. I'm very happy if they sell the game without mp and if it stays that way I didn't want to play mp in TLOU PS3 either for a long time... I was very lucky to redeem my online pass for just a week before it expired
  11. I enjoyed Word Search the most. All words are written on screen, you just have to see them. 2nd place Word Sudoku cuz it's Sudoku 3rd place One Word as it felt like a smaller version of Word Search. The first game has the better jokes though. Mixups and Crossovers were too difficult for me, i didn't get many solutions on my own. English is not my native language
  12. I'd be happy if they Remake or Remastwr Frontline, Rising Sun and European Assault
  13. I didn't mention GoW3 but God of War PS3 (the ps2 game which was ported to ps3) Yes for GoW3 there is an exploit you can use to max out Kratos and that made the Titan Playthrough easy (in ps4 you can skip the majority of a playthrough thx to that). But my point is actually that in God of War 1 you have to beat the Challenges of the Gods (10 different arenas with high time constraint and no save in between). That's why this game is considered 5/10 on the guide here on this website (https://psnprofiles.com/guide/1415-god-of-war-trophy-guide). So beating the game. Beating the game isn't the main issue
  14. Promised Rinascimento from Steins;Gate 0 as one trophy for all (i keep the for later, otherwise i'd chose that) because the game was amazing but i was crying in some scenes where Kurisu and Okabe were talking to themselves. I hope we'll get some more english translated games soon. In 2nd place comes Good Finish from Infamous PS3 as i finished the story mode after 5,5 years as a hero and it also is PSN LV Up 51 without planning