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  1. And here we go, another game completed Trine 2 is a fantastic 2D action platformer and i really enjoyed it even for the 2nd time on the PS4 due to this i knew the levels and made it through on highest difficulty without too much problems. Level 10, 12 and 17 needed still several tries but level 19 i got on 2nd attempt for which i needed like 10 tries the first time i played Trine 2 PS4... getting the collectibles was tedious though and i sometimes ran through a level twice without something new Unravel 2 1.98%. Personal Progress: 12th Nov 19 Worms Battlegrounds 0.46%. Personal Progress: 100% 23rd Nov 19 Tower of Guns 2.07%. Personal Progress: 100%. 14th Mar 20 Drawful 2 1.25% Personal Progress: 100%. 3rd Apr 20 Outlast 1.07%. Personal Progress: 100%. 7th June 20 Four Sided Fantasy 2.02%. Personal Progress: 100%. 18th June 20 Batman Arkham Origins 1.05%. Personal Progress: 100% . 19th June 20 Dirt Rally 2.0 3.05% for Personal Progress: 84% . 19th June 20 Killing Floor 2 0.81% Personal Progress: 100% . 19th June 20 R.U.S.E. 0.57%. Personal Progress: . 19th June 20 Sniper Elite 4 4.98% for . 0.83% for . Personal Progress: 100% . 19th June 20 Sniper Elite 3 4% for .1,53% for . Personal Progress: 87% , 19th June 20 Grand Theft Auto 5 rarity: 1.84%. rarity: 0.53%. Personal Progress: 100% 8th Sept 20 Trine 2 PS4 NA 1.69% Personal Progress: 4% --> 100% 20th Sept 20 Ni No Kuni II Revenant Kingdom 1.02% for . Personal Progress: 89% X-Morph Defense 4.84% Mirror's Edge 2.97% for 0.66% for . Personal Progress: 58% towards Dishonored 0.26% for . Personal Progress: 87% Wet 3.92% Personal Progress: 60% EA Sports UFC 2 1.69% Personal Progress: 8% Call of Juarez Gunslinger 2.05%. Personal Progress: 85%
  2. PS1: Gran Turismo PS2: Gran Turismo 3 PS3: The Last Of Us PS4: Dying Light Vita: Virtue's Last Reward
  3. I agree to your idea @ImMagnetz. It really should be included as there are hundreds of games with additional trophies...
  4. For me it's I Am Bad Company for getting all online awards which means killing around 2.5k of enemies in various ways. All weapons and all vehicles
  5. In Europe it's the final price. In USA taxes come to it. Roughly +20%. I'm very happy with the price and now just wait a year or two until good games are released more than just 1 or 2 i want
  6. Hong Kong has one more advantage over Japan: HK Store is english, Japan has japanese only.
  7. @darkrequiem7. @kmosesltd
  8. I have a normal ps4, i let it be cleaned and have new thermal paste last month but some games just need a lot of power so the console gets really loud. It's annoying in games TLOU II in which i can't understand the dialogues from TV speaker but have to use Headphones instead And yesterday while i played a lot of Monster Energy Supercross the console even showed a warning to turn it off cuz of heat reaching critical level. I played 10 hours with some 1 and 2 hours breaks. Room Temperature normal. Humidity also. I was a bit shocked when i read thos message. I checked the console but was dust free outside... I really hope that the ps5 has a better = less noisy cooling system
  9. I wonder if there will be a limited time window or other restrictions. Would be cool if i could get the ps5 upgrade for free but i'm not buying a ps5 soon, a year or two later depending on price of console and (price of) games
  10. For me #1 it's Skyrim, one of the best RPFGs i ever played. But i was really disappointed that i couldn't use any mod and that there were so few in comparison to the pc and xbox version. Still was a great experience and i played Dawnguard and Dragonborn DLCs Besides that i bought Doom 3 PS4 right away when it was available and it was a cakewalk going through a 2nd time with a flashlight always. So it didn't feel as terrifying as the original pc version. But slso first time i played RoE and Lost Mission Expansions One game that disappointed me was GTA VC simply cuz it was just the PS2 Version so there were no differences/updates/improvements. It still is my favorite GTA but one thing i dislike the most: Tommy Vercetti still can't swim?
  11. Juhu look at that. 2 days ago i said i'm afraid i won't finish my bingo card this year and now i can tell you: i have completed all challenges for my Bingo card ... After my last comment i decided it's time to go back to Resident Evil 0 as a Retro Rerelease i started it nearly 3 years ago and although i had played Resident Evil HD shortly before and RE0 feeling similar, it didn't feel as good. Sadly i deleted my savefile midway and left the game behind after that. For a long time. But now i finished it on easy and thought that it does feel cool. Some puzzles gave me really trouble so i looked online for the solution (i.e. how to charge a car battery). After the story was over i continued in Leech Hunter and it took 3 tries to unlock all Leech Hunter Trophies. I was determined to play story even again to unlock the but unfortunately i have to play on Normal and NG+ Normal for that ... that means not 3 but 5 playthroughs are needed for 😞 ... not sure if i'll do it right away... For the Category of Racing or Sport i was very unhappy and asked here about racing games with story modes like Need for Speed games have. I didn't have any and didn't want to buy any so i decided rather spontaneous yesterday to choose Monster Energy Supercross The Game instead as it's a dirt racing game and features a career mode with some commentary about my driver being the new rookie who wants to become the champion. And while i won the first season barely it was no problem in season 2 and 3. Career Mode completed. That's enough to mark it as completed here . i need to finish a few more races in single races but i think i'll get the until tomorrow... Looks like we do get some games i enjoy thx to ps+ even though it's rare And finally the last category is my personal "Game of the Year" the best i played so in this year is UNRAVEL ! A beautiful 2D puzzle platformer with so much hidden stuff that i understood most of it only after i finished all levels and then looked into an image gallery. But to put it shortly WOW what an amazing world with good and bad moments they created . It's baffling that they reduced that too a high degree in the sequel which i played before the original game. Unravel is definitely easier to complete than its sequel though. The time trials in Unravel 2 were difficult. But anyway i hope they create another Unravel or similar game soon those guys from Coldwood Interactive ... (do you believe EA is the publisher of these games?? 😳 😆)
  12. Well i am in favor of publishing guides for different trophy lists if there is a difference between versions like Doom 3 PS3 vs PS4. Various guides for all versions of identical games like Steins;Gate? No. I hope the multi stack tracking trophies with 1 guide comes soon... My guide was not published because i copied the text from the ps3 version and changed not a word. To avoid plagiarism i made @griffin123456789 co-author and mentioned him also in the introduction. But i have to alter every trophy description so that it differenciates from the other guide otherwise it won't be published despite both games having different content and therefor different difficulty, amount of playthroughs and time needed to complete.
  13. A guide can only track trophies from 1 trophy list so in case of AC 2 it's either ps3 or ps4 version. The other version or versions can be linked that you see a guide exists and read that guide. And as i personally wrote a guide for Doom 3 PS4 by copying the PS3 version guide i got a comment that a multiplatform guide tracking trophies is in the making though has no ETA yet
  14. You can buy the digital version of the game too yes. You need to create a US account and put some money on the account although neither credit card nor paypal is going to work, you need a psn prepaid card paid by shops like pcgamesupply.com
  15. Finally a new entry for this list. I'm feeling a little bit desperate to finish the bingo card but only 3 entries left so i'm concentrating on that in the next weeks... I just finished the story of Lollipop Chainsaw and it was a recommendation for a Cult Favorite (I3). Oh boy it's a weird but amazing game. At least by visuals and music, gameplay is good but has some flaws, mostly the camera. Unfortunately the controller i used until mid chapter 2 makes it impossible to aim precisely with the chainsaw blaster (yeah that exists. A chainsaw which includes a gun but also a telefon! And you get some calls even from friends and family but i ignored all optional calls xD) so i had to use an official controller which isn't in a good state anymore. Felt unpleasant to use the old controller ... the worst thing in this game is the few checkpoints in the levels. Why do i have to walk like 2 mins every time i die during boss battle 4 for example? Bad enough that i have to start the fight all over again... all considered a great game with many jokes 😋