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  1. @DaveMcDamage is refering to some advice in the ps4 guide concerning the female character creation @Dragon-Archon . But you gave the necessary answer: for 1 sidequest you need a female hero or a male in female's clothes
  2. #1 trophy: Hero Save a Penalty Fifa 09 19th Octobre 2012 #10.000 trophy: Trine 2 Hard Platinum Trine 2 Complete Story 26th October 2018 Lets see how much longer until 20k trophies 😅
  3. Finally a release date great news although still almost a year to wait
  4. Right you are. Totally agree RNG is killing fun. Hopefully all ps5 games will have trophy progress shown to the player
  5. Nothing for me as a gameUncharted Lost Legacy was cheaper already once but i admit some titles are at a really low price like the Enigmatis Trilogy for 6,40€ with ps+ bonus. I bought all 3 for 5€ each and thought it was a good price
  6. I know it's too late but i have a suggestion for other people with the same problem: create another psn account that fits your disc region. My TLOU PS3 Disc was US region and i couldn't play online because i couldn't activate my network pass and neither download a necessary update after clearing the network pass issue because my psn acc was german (EU). Both problems were solved though through creating a US PSN Acc and starting the game to install the mp update. After that i could play on my german acc no money had to be spent for this... of course i needed to buy Left Behind DLC as part of TLOU from the US Shop and had to get some funds for my wallet but it worked well (and the DLC is amazing)
  7. Borderlands 2 Tiny Tina (the best in the entire franchise) TLOU Left Behind (the story is perfect) Bioshiock Infinite Burial at Sea 1 & 2 (way better cuz of Rapture ) Assassin's Creed Revelations The Lost Archive (i was highly impressed with the first person platformer) Assassin's Creed III Tyranny of King George (much better than the original game)
  8. Concerning online trophies i'm very happy if they can be obtained in either ranked or private matches ... or on a ranked server which i can rent for a day and kick out whoever i want to in Battlefield 3 it's possible...
  9. A friend from Norway received a similar email so i guess price increasing in Europe too he didn't give any details but if 1 year remains the same than it's fine for me as i never bought something else so far... @Lefalaja
  10. It can be a world record but keep in mind that only a few million psn accounts are tracked by this website so there are many many chances someone is faster but won't be displayed here on this website... and someone tracked here might take over your position later on...
  11. There was only one occasion where i needed at least 1 trophy on two days in a row and that was late last month for the Trophies for Trophy Hunting Event... there was a challenge to get at least 1 trophy for 7 days in a row and the last and second to last day i wasn't at home so i thought about keeping some easy trophies in Jak 2 or 3 on my Vita ready... Besides that i do not care about a streak of trophies... i don't like a gap of several days without new trophies but a day or two without one is normal
  12. With 50% you're close, it's 55% that you need more than the average to get an A that means that you can't get an A in easy games with 65+%...
  13. Impactful Damage System? Very nice Hopefully cockpit view too i missed that in Grid 2 the most Looks promising...
  14. Dead Space Need for Speed Shift 2 Unleashed Demon's Souls The Darkness II For couch coop excluding games that are also on PS4 LittleBigPlanet 1 or 2 Splinter Cell Blacklist Lara Croft & the Guardian of Light
  15. Another Bingo done Finished the story of I5 Just Cause 3... Rico Rodriguez is running through Medici and destroys military assets i think they made some good improvements from the 2nd to the 3rd game in the series... flying around in a wingsuit and grappling on the ground to accelerate feels amazing... also i like Di Ravello's accent (he's the antagonist) and he was a cool boss enemy I still have to liberate several more settlements and gather lots mor of collectibles but as everything is displayed within the game, nothing to challenging...