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  1. It's a PS5 game so the answer is no
  2. I'm happy to be able to play Spiderman and AC Valhalla soon but this list of games included is very underwhelming by the amount of games shown. Most stuff is available already on PS NOW and i think they should show more new games as those others will continue to be played through the new sub system
  3. Thx to you and @DrBloodmoney for telling me that i had a Bingo completed last time i commented here This time it's obvious i have a Bingo Everybody knows how Lara Croft looks like regardless of which game you look at so i choose her for no facial hair (B1) with Shadow of the Tomb Raider completed just a few days ago. The adventure felt 100% identical to its predecessor just with a different environment (jungle instead of tundra). But i like the story more so that's a good thing And for a Metroidvania or Rogue-like i chose to play Guacamelee (O4) on PS4 today and finished the story quickly. It's over 6 years ago that i played it on the Vita but i remembered most of it. A peasent fighting as an undead luchador versus several undead in a mexican inspired city. A good adventure and the PS4 version has two all new areas plus a few changes on some enemies so it wasn't all known to me i'm happy i jumped in it again.
  4. Rule #2 says so. Well kinda but yes you can count any unlocked this year even before signing up.
  5. I see two times Football in the list but both entries list a game for what we call Football or Soccer. I suggest going for American Football too
  6. I didn't anything in the original post related to this but to my understanding only horizontal or vertical lines count so no Bingo yet
  7. 2 new entries but still no Bingo yet 🙄 Rise of the Tomb Raider is among the Reboot category to a very famous Adventurer going through some icy part of Siberia to find an old artifact before an evil cult gets it. I think this game has a good balance with hub areas to explore and collectibles to find but for that reason i kinda forgot exactly what the story was about 😂 I like this way more than the predecessor (Tomb Raider 2013) because it's more adventure and less shooting and they seem to continue to go that way in the latest game (Shadow of the Tomb Raider).... Besides that i'm really happy that PS NOW has a game on the list that was released just this year 😀 Shadow Warrior 3 is a fast paced action game in which you run around and shoot demons. And try to kill a giant dragon. With lots of small jokes to pop culture thrown in between.
  8. I don't see any reply to this so i'll go ahead and say the bad news: this event demands you get all trophies for a game to be counted as completed. Only if a game has unobtainables cuz of server shutdown or dlc delisted it's accepted to do the remaining trophies of a game. Simply saying you don't want to play the dlc is not accepted for this event
  9. Cool list 👍but Q*bert doesn't have a so you need something else
  10. Since i'm going for an UR only list myself i did dig around earlier this year since 1 and 2 difficulty seemed the hardest to find something. If you will only accept guides on psnp then i know one option for you for 1/10 difficulty: Oh Sir The Insult Simulator
  11. My Top 5 are from either Lost Planet 2 (3 trophies) or Kyurinaga's Revenge (2 trophies). The trophies from Lost Planet 2 are unobtainables because of hacked leaderboards. The ones from Kyurinaga's Revenge are extremely difficult so out of reach for me.
  12. Decided to dig up some old games and do something worth of the event name to use it as UR clean up a bit by playing Fifa 12 and Test Drive Unlimited 2 again. Both have closed servers and not accessible dlc 😭 Fifa 12 doesn't count for this event i think as i cannot get another UR trophy in those few i can obtain but TDR2 has one unobtained trophy with 4.16% so it pushes Dirt Rally 2 aside since that i so insane difficult i won't make it. Out: Dirt Rally 2.0 In: Test Drive Unlimited 2: 24/35 of still obtainable trophies
  13. Sorry that it took a while but i was ill the past days and not able to do much besides sleeping Welcome to the club @PermaFox Congrats on Dauntless @PraiseTheFluppi it's eligible as long as you have all trophies in the game. If they add more trophies to the game you either need to get them or name a replacement for the letter. @Dinkus83 for UR bonus count i go by the UR completion any game has. Games like Never Alone (NA) have less than 5% completion for all trophies so it counts as UR I've read through the first post again and see the same info there but i changed the info about UR bonus a bit to make it better for everyone to understand Edit 2 mins later: Ha, found the misinformation. I kinda forgot about the phrase later on in the first post. Deleted the UR trophy information. Thx for bringing this up @Dinkus83
  14. 1. no 2. no idea sorry haven't played it in a while 3. yes
  15. Mine is In Less Than 12 Parsces (Quantum Conundrum). But the dlc trophies from the game should be even rarer but due to the weird calculation of pnsp they aren't What's yours?