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  1. Did you @ProfBambam55 come up with names for the self proclaimed categories from @Cassylvania ? If so nicely done I'll check if i can add something myself to complete those two too
  2. Well good to know they want to release the whole game within this year. I hope they'll succeed too i'm probably waiting for the complete season to be available before purchasing...
  3. Grid 2 Dead or Alive 5 Stormrise R.U.S.E. (just one coop mission demands a 3rd player) Motorstorm Apocalypse
  4. 1 of 14 ? That's ambitious ✌️ I'm happy if i'll get 5 in total although i'll avoid Common Plats 😅
  5. To Question 1: DLC included. The Average Rarity for 100% trophies is important Question 2: Not in this event. You can join the Halloween Backlog Event which is similar though
  6. i have earned a few more UR Plats i want to show 14/27 towards UR Plats 101 Ways to Die Assassin's Creed Brotherhood (PS3) Battlefield Bad Company Crysis 3 Dirt 3 Ether One Final Fantasy X HD Gran Turismo 5 Helldivers Ico Jak II HD Killzone 2 LittleBigPlanet 2 Metro: Last Light Need for Speed Shift 2 Oddworld New 'n' Tasty Project Cars Quest of Dungeons Rage Spec Ops The Line The Last Of Us Uncharted 2: Among Thieves Virtue's Last Reward Wolfenstein: The Old Blood Xblaze Code: Embryo Yasai Ninja Zone of the Enders HD
  7. I think it's a very good idea to split the money in 2 as 50 USD is already a lot in such a giveway #evil_joker88 Lv 42
  8. Yes you have to make some decisions to get all entries in your diary and sometimes you have to repeat a chapter or part of it to get all options. Missable yes, collectible well kinda
  9. I have the God of War III now and that means my journey is complete
  10. Completed my 2nd game God of War III ...
  11. Got God of War III and Rage just now And i realised a few days ago i shouldn't unlock any Common Plat as i'm in the Purple Lizard Event too and so i'll have to search for a different word. Next game shall be Apotheon though
  12. Just look at the numbers written before every title @DragonQuest238 it's categories 3, 8, 10, 12 (@Arctic Cress's list)
  13. This is a good idea as percentages and grades can vary. In the statistics you can see the total amount of the grades but that's not the same
  14. I found it in the German Store. And in the NL Store too https://store.playstation.com/nl-nl/product/EP1661-CUSA08166_00-SYPS4ENERGYCYCLE
  15. For me it was as a child being at a friends place and seeing Gran Turismo on PS1. That was the reason why i bought the console. Just two years later i wanted the newer PS2 and with it came Gran Turismo 3 lucky me. My favorite racing game to this day. Probably the game i spent most hours in. Played it regularly for 4 years