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  1. Yay cool this event is starting again. I want to participate i'm gonna check all games i'm playing how they fit in for this
  2. 6 people are needed for any match to start. For 2 trophies you 8 people.
  3. Yesterday i played the Space Administration Mission again, more than 24 hours after both Viewpoint Museum and Space Administration Mission. I finished the mission on Story and got both the weapon part and the blueprint after killing the boss I created the exotic D50 a few min later but there was a little surprise at the workbench. It told me i wouldn't have a legendary D50 just because i had equipped that weapon. Thx for your help @OnlyCass
  4. I didn't see which trophy it was but i think it was one of the dlc ones you need +2 people in total to crash with them during one race. But except the already mentioned Jump over 6 cars everything else can be done with 2 players.
  5. I completed Quantum Theory's story and got a couple of misc. trophies too but i still miss some of the harder trophies like complete chapter 8 killing all enemies but without dying yourself Story was ok, gameplay too, i heard really bad stories about this game before hand but i can't agree to all the negativeness Instead of finishing a game i add one i borrowed Dead Space 2 and gonna play through that one soon...
  6. I did play Viewpoint Museum and right after that the Space Administration Mission. Never saw an info about 24 hours waiting time before. I had played Viewpoint Museum after completing the story but Space Administration was the first time after story completion. And i did play the two in order mentioned above. I'm gonna check the Vendor you mentioned but i know i have 3 of 4 parts for the Exotic Upgrade, i miss the Pistol Grip & Tags and therefor also the Blueprint. I have a legendary D50 so i'm almost done with the exotic upgrade. I'm gonna play the mission this afternoon again. I have to wait 24 hours after i finished the Viewpoint Museum Mission before i start the Space Administration Mission? Thx for your reply @OnlyCass
  7. A few days ago i had finished the story and today wanted to craft the Exotic D50. I had 3 of 4 parts and a legendary D50. But when i completed the Space Administration Mission Solo on Normal i didn't receive either the Blueprint or the Pistol Grip & Tag. I went to the workbench, upgraded it 3 times and checked for the Exotic D50 and the text says i need the 1st part (Pistol Trigger & Upgrade) but i have that. I'm lv 30 world tier 2. I struggled a lot with the Space Administration Mission. I don't want to repeat it if there's no guarantee that i'll get the reward i expect. I read 4 guides and 3 of them say play the missions on Hard. I played History and View Point Museum Missions on Normal and obtained the exotic parts. But i couldn't even choose Hard for Space Administration.
  8. What you suggest @Floriiss was what he had in last years UR Platinum Thread and @Copanele @Arcesius @Mori wanted to create something more strict to encourage people to stay focused on a handful of games I for example completed just i think 2 games from my original list but brought in another 5 games during the event i was very happy about the event that way. We even changed the rules on the go for example by including games without which was a good idea i think Personal Update: I finished Quantum Theory on Easy and Hard and got a few combat related trophies like 1st, 2nd and 3rd boss on Hard within Time Limit. But the hardest trophy is still left: complete chapter 8 killing all enemies without dying yourself. First half of the chapter you are moved constantly and at high speed automatically ☹️ Quantum Theory 1.14%. Personal Progress: 22/51 (41%) --> 43/51 (88%) Yu-Gi-Oh Millennium Duels 3.77%. Personal Progress: 11/12 (71%) Rocket League 0.82%. Personal Progress: 100% The Last Guardian. 3.29%. Personal Progress: 5/24 (16%) World War Z 3.90%. Personal Progress:
  9. You wrote the progress of Tony Hawk to Fu'un instead @Copanele
  10. I played it 10 hours actively and after getting 90% of the badges i grinded 20 hours points mostly afk in Survival mode. I played a lot of online matches, either pvp or coop, to get 90% of the badges.
  11. Yeah many, at least 35 of 48 for the base game. If you look at the trophies for the base game, some have green, blue and orange colored trophies, those you can unlock as they're part of the singleplayer experience. Only the pink ones are online related and can't be unlocked anymore. I think two yellow trophies also, but in this case i'm not sure (if so then it's 37 of 48). That's There's a Casino DLC with trophies but i think all of them are online related and cannot be unlocked either.
  12. Hi everyone, yesterday i tried to get the 8 Seconds with Style trophy and wow it seems hard in comparison to everything else i did so far. I have looked around for some tips and haven't found a comment about can you quit after a savepoint, backup your savefile to a flash drive or into the ps+ cloud and continue with the mission? The trophy description says you cannot die but quitting shouldn't count as dying? Cheers
  13. 1. Technically yes but this topic is not updated regularly or often so i wouldn't count on any changes later. 2. Only are important for this event
  14. I've completed my 2nd game: WWZ. What a good game, shooting zombies, but despite me being almost at the end at the start of this month it still took a couple of hours to grind the money for the last trophy... I completed The Last Guardian once and Quantum Theory almost so maybe i can finish off one more game for this soon... 1. The Last Guardian (0%) --> 5/24 (16%) 2. Quantum Theory (30%) --> 22/51 (41%) 3. Lego Indiana Jones 2 4. Detroit Become Human (66%) 5. World War Z (90%) -->
  15. Finished off my 2nd game for this event playing over 2 months many hours of WWZ, it's finally done. Good game if you play it through once or twice and even the pvp wasn't bad that was mostly due to me playing alongside one or even two friends who shot the others down much faster than i did I never tire of killing zombies but the game is too grindy to be good at the end. Why does it have to be all lv 5 weapon upgrades and all classes perks unlocked? I have high hopes to complete the next game faster because i played once through The Last Guardian in the last week, got only a few trophies yet but i read the trophy guide after finishing the game and see the next trophies are easy to get if you know what you have to do. Furthermore i am almost done with my first playthrough of Quantum Theory and i got almost all collectibles alongside. Quantum Theory 1.14%. Personal Progress: 15/51 (30%) --> 22/51 (41%) Yu-Gi-Oh Millennium Duels 3.77%. Personal Progress: 11/12 (71%) Rocket League 0.82%. Personal Progress: 100% The Last Guardian. 3.29%. Personal Progress: 0% --> 5/24 (16%) World War Z 3.90%. Personal Progress: 34/36 (90%) -->