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  1. @Toogie53 Update time - hurray Bleach 69% --> 79% I finally reached lv max for my 10th Character in Bleach yesterday... finished all sidemissions with those 10 characters and made it through the story mode on hard, then very hard mode and got a S rank on all missions alongside on the highest difficulty ... now all that's left is grinding another 9 characters to lv max and killing thousands of enemies for which i have no clue on my current progress ... i'm not sure if i can make it within a month, it takes hours upon hours to reach lv max with all these characters Hatoful Boyfriend 0% --> 21% I played through 4 storylines by now and boy is this a ridiculous world... sometimes it's hard to imagine having a pidgeon for example being a waitress in café ... and the humans live in a modern world but are descriped as dumb as cavemen 😆
  2. The trophy lists is hilarious... they should match the bronze, silver and gold images at least I found it in the german store (EU region)... costs 30€ and shall be available from the 27th this month https://store.playstation.com/de-de/product/EP1966-CUSA09760_00-MOSSPS4PREORDER1
  3. @Toogie53 the hours to play videogames sound familiar ... i'll at at 9 or 10 pm and go until 1 or 2 am on weekdays I'm living in Germany that's gmt +1 and looking at your psn profile it says you're living in the US so that makes it a bit difficult to join
  4. Well thank you i'll accept your offer I might get through the game on the weekend
  5. Congrats that you've completed the game And don't worry looking around here it seems like there'll be enough partners to play with
  6. I volunteer to play through Journey with you I haven't started it yet but maybe we can agree on a time. I'm playing nighttime (10 pm gmt and later) in Europe... @Toogie53 since no change for my games yet i'll give you a reminder Journey in Companion Ship, delete the current one Hatoful Boyfriend in Love Ship, delete the current one
  7. Wow what a rollercoaster of emotions for me... i scored 140k and am on position 7 but seeing that even 20k would suffice this week is a great surprise seems like few people tried it this week... nr. 1 on the leaderboard scored even over 200k points btw
  8. But then you can't become President of the United States of America so the note "easiest objective" failes too @BIOHAZARD-R-US your comment on the difficulty of this game made my day
  9. Hi guys, a small update from me... mainly to change my list 😂 ... Killzone 2 is taking so much time i hardly play anything at all... and it continues two more weeks ... so i've been thinking i need some games to finish without a Platinum Trophy and on my Vita or PS4 instead of my PS3... Problem is Bleach shall be my Plat #175 but i hardly work for that and that's why i don't work on any other game on my current list... Choosing Hatoful Boyfriend for Love Ship (0%) Choosing Journey for Companion Ship (0%) I'm not sure if i play Journey on PS4 - then i need a partner - or on PS3 - then i could do it on my own. Or can i is the question?! Journey on two ps3s on my own possible to do? If i choose the PS4 Version i can play Journey even during the Killzone Boost as i use Turbo Controllers for Killzone the next 2 weeks... Has anyone played Broken Sword 5 so far? It was PS+ on Vita a while ago and i think that there are two friends going around right? One is the Protagonist (the player) and one is a NPC... that might fit the Friendship category then...
  10. Hi @Winston i see you haven't edited my A-Z list until now so pls change these: Replace Need for Speed Shift 2 for N Replace Spec Ops The Line for S Replace The Last Of Us for T And i have a question. It seems that you added a little symbol next to Property_Damage's name in the Alpha List because he has a japanese special award. Since i have that Award too, can you add that symbol too pls?
  11. @Platagonist here a a few answers for your many questions: The Hori Pads do work just fine on both ps3 and ps4, a very good idea to use them here. That leads to the next question you should consider buying and using the dlc map Beach Head. I boosted yesterday 1 vs 2 on Tharsis and i couldn't move as close to the spawn area on Tharsis as i could on Beach Head. On Tharsis there are turrets close by. I used 2 ps3s and psnow on my laptop and worked good. I did notice a lag on psnow but it was okay as i didn't move around much. But if you wanna use 5 turbo controllers it's much better to play on Beach Head as you can be closer to the enemy spawn point.
  12. I doubt we'll see a drop soon. There are several groups pusing one or two players through a week so they'll need for example 5 weeks for group of 5 players. Plus some of those who failed trying it again
  13. Could that be the answer to the question play over server reset yes or no? The Host doesn't get the trophy, the guests do get it?! A friend of mine played through too but wasn't host and got the trophy
  14. I say yes it's NA. The trophy list on pst.org has the note EU attached to both entries but they don't have 4 yet, just 2. And 36 Fragments of Midnight has the same seperation. PS4 - PSV and EU - NA
  15. It's ok i'd say. Not the best graphics but not the worst, gameplay solid but not that good for the long run you need for all trophies. Sound design bad i muted my tv after an hour or so. On the plus side i encountered no bugs, glitches and i don't remember if the game crashed even once within 50 hours gametime... The worst thing is playing this for nearly 50 hours instead of 10 :/ And the Snake Minigame is a lottery as the controls aren't good enough for such a fast paced game