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  1. Suggestions for 4X: Minecraft. For Pinball: Yoku's Island Express. Creature in the Well. For Business: GTA 3/VC/SA (the Definitive Edition games at least, not sure about the ps2 emulator version). What does @Rebourne07 say to this? For RTS: Defense Grid 2
  2. I've got two of those at home and i hardly ever use my DS3's since i bought the Hori gamepads. The grip is good, ps3 and ps4 compatible, turbo function. I don't mind no rumble, cable and the Xbox typical d-pad / analog stick layout. I had only one game i couldn't play with the Hori gamepad: Lollipop Chainsaw. There's a weapon i had to use often and the Hori wouldn't keep the L2 button active to aim so i couldn't shoot. Overall good choice the controller
  3. I continued games i had played a bit and left even the story incomplete for years (i.e. Infamous and RDR). In case of Ni No Kuni i had finished the story and came back years later for trophy cleanup i used my backup to go into post game cleanup. I wasn't happy to replay some games from scratch but had no savefile to use (Ni No Kuni II: story Incomplete, Batman Arkham Origins: story completed but wanted to do NG+ and NG++). I choose continue if i have a savefile.
  4. Well my guesses are Pokémon Yellow and Crystal cuz i played them a lot and completed the Pokédex once each. GTA San Andreas on PS2 since i did most stuff needed comparing it to the ps3/ps4/ps5 versions. Maybe even Gran Turismo 3. I never got gold on all license tests but today a Platinum would make me push harder to complete them...
  5. I checked with Edge, same problem when sorting by Last Trophy. I tried it with Opera browser but i cannot change default sorting at all. Couldn't search for the profile at all. Seems this website and Opera browser are incompatible. Not a big loss though 😂
  6. I looked at the trophy list sorted by last trophy earned. Can you check with Firefox pls? I'll check with Chrome
  7. https://psnprofiles.com/DeepDark0911 I guess PSNP+ doesn't have anything to do with it as this problem appears on my mobile as well and i don't have psnp+ on my mobile nor any other connection between firefox on pc and mobile
  8. Nope. Check Devil May Cry 4 for example. It has only one trophy list but it appears twice on the pic.
  9. Hello, sometimes when i check someone else's profil here on psnp i see some games with F rank doubled even though they shouldn't be there like Devil May Cry 4 on PS4, Little Nightmares, The Guardian etc. games that have only one trophy list or Chronicles of Teddy: Harmony of Exodus (AS) appearing twice with the AS tag. I scrolled down to the end of the list, refreshed the page and some games are still doubled but not all F ranks and never any game with E or higher. It happens on both my computer and my mobile. I use Firefox on both. Here's one random example:
  10. I'm dropping Aliens Fireteam Elite since i don't have the dlc yet and even if i would i see no chance to complete the game before the year will be over. Better put in a game i have all dlc and can finish more likely Out: Aliens Fireteam Elite In: Little Nightmares: 3.78% 💯 (rarest trophy Hard to the Core: 4.71%). Current Progress: 7/22 (14%)
  11. Updates made
  12. The genres like shooter and racing are included in all tiers. Look at which games are included exactly in extras and premum tiers I have ps+ premium but i think extras is the best tier. It includes so many games on ps4 and ps5 which i want to play. Premium tier adds games from ps3 or older but there aren't many games i want to play.
  13. If it's an open source code then it'll be ok to use. I hope it'll be ok as Quantum of Solace is one of the few games i bought but never played cuz i got my copy after the server had crashed. Edit: i doubt it allows to play ranked matches which i'd need to get the online trophies so it's no use to me
  14. Today is a good day because i've completed two more games for my Bingo Bonanza charta As a platform exclusive game (G5) i chose Infamous 2 which is a good successor. I'm almost sorry that i didn't play more of 3D Dot Game Heroes which is also a ps3 exclusive but i'm stuck in one temple midway through... As for Simulation, Management or Strategy (N4) i played Bee Simulator which is a nice little game about being a honeybee and collecting pollen I have started The Persistence for the last open spot and i'm giving my all to complete that one before the end of the year
  15. I'm very happy several friends recommended a daily backup for my savefile. Sometimes i made even 3 backups on a day. My progress was lost 7 times but thankfully only a little bit each time due to my backups