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  1. I'm closing down my list now. Couldn't finish all games i've wanted to but some others so i'm not disappointed at my progress. But right now i'm close to 10k trophy milestone and i want to get Trine 2 Plat PS4 as 10k trophy so i can't finish Daylight in the meanwhile but i am not sure if i can complete Trine 2 within this month. Mission 12 of 20 gives me a real headache just now 4 games done is the most i think i'll reach this month
  2. Well there are platinum trophies which can be earned in an hour or two and often these have stacks like PS4/Vita EU/NA/AS so my guess is you can get 1000 plats in one year even with family and work in real life
  3. Well yes and no. While your thoughts are correct (more accounts with bad score means more chances for real players) it's probably not worth the effort. I'm doing the challenges on PS3 and there are often 1000 or more players in 1 challenge so there must be at least 10 more accounts for 1 new topspot (Diamond). And since not all of the 4 different challenges are open right away it's even worse to increase the amount of players for the extreme weekly challenge for example. So in short: while possible it's not worth it.
  4. Maybe use your mobile as a replacement to synch your trophies @DragonQuest238? I normally do this for my Vita, just put on a wifi network from my cellphone
  5. I just erased all hopes for getting the bonus badge as i deleted one account which i need to continue Resident Evil 0 😅 i wasn't playing it much the past days, not even finished it once but now it's gone not sure if or when i'll buy it again not within this month for sure
  6. I was thinking about using Assassin's Creed Chronicles but i made a bit of progress in Trine 2 PS4 on the highest difficulty (1/3 of all levels). I hope i can finish that playthrough then that's a nice milestone @Crimson Idol
  7. I finished the 2nd episode of Assassin's Creed Chronicles which is India As i was familiar with the game mechanics it felt easier and less bugs occured (like walls appearing therefor blocking my view) but i was worried about a trophy for not killing anybody in the game unless forced to do (like a sniping section once). This made the game harder as in some missions where you must run through as fast as possible you cannot as enemies are in your way. Luckily this trophy popped in mission 8 of 10 on my second playthrough, while i finished all missions on highest score but not on fastest time (reason see above) so when the playthrough was done i only had to redo the speedrun missions Biggest negative aspect is grinding combat related trophies like 100 double kills, 100 kills + let the enemy vanish ability, let 100 enemies run past you being invisible (another ability). Unnecessary grinding I still say it's a really cool game
  8. Ok i see what you're after and Malicious? Seriously? how dare you 😭
  9. Do i get this right: i just saw a randomly chosen game besides those mentioned before and you choose one too and then we'll see who's finished his first? Well, i have an advantage if i have 1 challenge open and you several of them i took a quick look at your profile and found Deus Ex Humand Revolution Director's Cut unfinished which is a shame so i challenge you @NekoRave to finish it I'm curious what you'll name
  10. I don't think this is an option. More like either unlocking the Plat or getting 100% trophies was possible in older events. So any game is just once to be chosen
  11. Games i saw in your trophy list: Far Cry 2 Battlefield Bad Company GTA 5
  12. Not really, average 25 hours for the Plat Didn't feel to long for me at least
  13. Well The Walking Dead got a Bundle Season 1, 2 3 + Michonne with a new combined trophy list. But merging all Kingdom Hearts games/trophies seems a bit too much. But aside from that i'm curious for more info since i just saw today a summary of the games in chronological order
  14. Yeah exactly that way i was surprised that the dlc was even my native language (german) even though i read chinese and english only so maybe your language is included too...
  15. Lost Planet 2 is really long grind (using weapons, replaying chapters and more) Quest of Dungeons is grindy for collecting gold