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  1. Category Game (With Region/Version) Qualifier EZPZ Mecho Tales 81, 42% Ultra Rare Wet 4.08% Platinum-Less Daylight Unpopular Word Seach by POWGI (PSV EU) #768 Owners DLC Deus Ex Mankind Breach Tier 4 (DLC #2) and Breach Picus (DLC #3) Difficulty Enigmatis Detective Speed Run Enigmatis 2 Inspector; Instant finding; Eagle-eyed; Faster than light! MP Saints Row: Gat out of Hell Double Trouble Peripherals Peripheral Used Bad Rep Burley Men at Sea User Score 4.3 Another update here since i finished two more titles yesterday for the Vita Anniversary Event Word Search was a great one. I really loved looking for all words and they were enjoyable too with so many categories (27 in total) and 12 riddles in each category... i was happy to see some misc trophies too like complete one riddle with all words A-Z or diagonal first but why no trophy for completing one riddle with all words Z-A? I did it twice though (i completed Sudoku too and enjoyed that one also. Looking forward for more games by POWGI ) Besides that i took a break from 2064 and completed Burly Men At Sea on one day... it made me chuckle quit a bit as the three seamen explore the world both under and on water it was an adventure that goes into many different paths and all of them show something new to explore So all in all my goal is completed 6 titles done... i am working on Saints Row these days and i'm certain i'll finish it soon (within a week) but that won't change the result at the end...
  2. It's in the german store too
  3. Added two new entries (Indie + Vehicles) but still no where near a Bingo yet ... Besides that i am happy i made some progress in God of War (2018) this past week and got the too... Next title may take a long while as it will be "takes forever" most likely Ghost Recon Wildlands is a cool Coop Shooter that has some good AI too... they kill enemies and revive me if i'm down so i did play with friends through the story and with AI to get the remaining collectibles (of which are many but as in many other games they are useful like guns or weapon attachments)... my favorite vehicle is a Helicopter by the way as it's the easiest way to get to where ever you want to go to Burly Men At Sea on the other hand was a quick little title i played for the Vita Anniversary Event and i like that it has many different paths to explore (12 in total) and all them made me chuckle at least a bit ... strangely though the people don't have faces the protagonists for example only have massive beards thx to the Vita i do play a ps+ game once in a while Finished titles: God of War (2018) Ghost Recon Wildlands Enigmatis Enigmatis 2 Saints Row: Gat of out Hell Burly Men At Sea big wow nice work to @Briste for visual style of your bingo card
  4. I've added 5 new to my list 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Now i'll take a short break to read a book or two and then i'll start new games on my Vita (Zero Escape: The Nonary Games is already installed )
  5. Mine are from top rarest going to lowest Joe Danger 2 x 3 Gran Turismo 5 x 2 R.U.S.E. x 7 Battlefield Bad Company x 2 Stealth Inc (PS3/PSV) x 3 Need for Speed Shift 2 x 4 Stormrise x 15 Lost Planet 2 x 2 Payday x 4 Fifa 17 x 1 Helldivers x 2 Dying Light x 2 Project CARS x 1 Uncharted 4 x 1
  6. Well i agree to that i am happy too we don't have to finish all 240 riddles I think i'll like One Word too but i don't know what the newest POWGI title is about
  7. I have prepared my 5th game for the upcoming event just now Word Soduko is ready to finish in a matter of seconds (i left two letters in the final riddle) It's a Sudoku. That's great in itself It wasn't difficult until the highest difficulty (i solved quite a few Sudokus on my mobile last year)... i was a little disappointed that the trophy list is just complete several riddles. Nothing apart from that (in Word Search they had something like solve them A to Z, diagonal first etc.) but those two are very different games so it might be harder to find good and similar trophies here... So the current status ready for - Assassin's Creed Chronicles - Word Search - Cosmic Star Heroine - Burly Men at Sea - Word Sudoku I'll start 2064 on the PS4 now to get the IROM Rom Trophy but i am in doubt i'll finish that game in the remaining time... But so far this was a fun event but i am happy the end is nigh
  8. It doesn't matter. You can leave the game after a trophy unlocked, then use your backup save to get another trophy and do it again for the 3rd one
  9. Luckily i just started the game and loaded instead of coop which i had been playing only so far single player mode and the trophy unlocked after completing the first mission (getting into Ultor HQ)
  10. Well i hope this works for me too as i didn't get the 100% city controlled trophy yesterday
  11. Not sure if it's the only game i have but i too own Bleach Soul Resurrección on ps3
  12. I want to add Dead Space 2 to my list. I played Dead Space 1 and 2 on PC, then DS3 on PS3. Decided to buy and play Dead Space 1 again for PS3 i couldn't do the same for DS2. Seems too painful to try just for the
  13. Lol you made my day getting max sphere grid without those weapons? I really like this game but i think i'd skip this useless grind in that case ^^ ... instead of 100 hours maybe it'd be 1000?! why that trophy exists in the first place is out of my mind
  14. So damn true 😭 A PS4 Version comes right after Half-Life 3 😂
  15. In addition to what @Kristycism said (it's all good and well 👍) you should rely on Yojimbo Aeon to slay some stronger enemies like the Dark Aeons... especially the stronger Aeons with some million HP take a while to defeat otherwise (including several hours of training before)... and to train for the complete sphere grid use the Triple AP, Triple XP, AP to XP Converter Weapons 😊 ... Sadly the Monster Hunt is as mentioned already a random event that may take several hours to find one specific enemy... Pay special attention to the Al Bhed Primer in Bevelle ( i think it's nr 23) that's the only one missable...