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  1. I bought the dlc three weeks ago in the german PSN Shop, i hope you find it in the US too I agree with @Deceptrox It looks like you didn't go on the ps3 into the shop and searched for the dlc
  2. Well i switched around a lot in the last days and according to the spreadsheet i have 2 swaps left but Xeodrifter isn't taken into account yet so i have only 1 swap left 😫 Have fun with Xeodrifter
  3. I've completed one game that fits the Halloween theme so i'll put in on the list: i've played Magicka 2 which is an action game in which i and 3 friends were wizards and killed a lot of fantasy type enemies like skeletons among others ... fun story but a bit basic for my liking but the grind kill yourself 1000 times, your friends 1000 times and 10 000 enemies is really asking too much... I also finished my first playthrough of Escape Dead Island and i think that game is cool with it's story, it has a few twists i didn't see coming and on the other hand the shooting mechanic is horrible. enemies dash away to the side really quick if they're close and fighting them with melee feels better but a couple of times the amount of enemies were overwhelming so i had to shoot... i missed a few collectibles and have to grind some more kills with the rifle and explore the underwater labs more but i have to do a 2nd playthrough anyway so i'll be busy for another week at least with it... 1. Z-Run: 18/18 (100%) 2. Escape Dead Island: 44/61 (77%) 3. MediEvil: 0/39 (0%) 4. Dead Space 2 DE: 9/51 (13%) 5. Magicka 2: 47/47
  4. Tier 2 completed Finished off Xeodrifter this morning and surprisingly the PS4 EU version falls into the UR category It is a nice little Metroidvania game, going through 4 different planets and defeating the same boss a couple of times well at least the boss looks the same, the attack pattern changes over the course... i knew what to do for most part as i played the game on my Vita last year and i think the PS4 controls are better than the Vita's... For Tier 3 there will be lots of old friends Portal Knights: 0,22% 💯 Progress: 35/41 (90% ) The Last Guardian: 3,24% . Progress: 18/24 (66%) Wet: 3,58% . Progress: 27/41 (60%) Nova-111: 2,51 💯. Progress: 1/12 (5%) Metal Gear Solid Ground Zeroes: 4,34% 💯. Progress: 5/15 (28%) As i took all swaps so far i either complete Tier 3 or not as it is 🤔 i'll be back in 3 months time 😂
  5. Magicka 2 is done fun game to play with friends and while playing through the campaign, some challenges and trials was good and sometimes hard on highest difficulty, the grind to kill yourself 1000 times, your friends 1000 times and 10 000 enemies is really not necessary. Yesterday we grinded for two hours killing ourselves by jumping down the cliffs and revived ourselves again and agian. Killing 10 000 enemies was partially done today with a turbo controller so i could play Escape Dead Island instead And i'm requesting a swap again Finished: Magicka 2 Killing Floor 2 Vikings. Wolves of Midgard Yu-Gi-Oh Millennium Duels Swap out: Portal Knights In: Xeodrifter (PS4 EU) I think i'll be going through Xeodrifter much faster than Portal Knights, i'm not even a 100% sure we can get the last trophies in Portal Knights so i'm rather finishing up Tier 2 this way
  6. I finished up another game for 1 more UR completion and that brings me to 21 UR so i'm going up to the Expert Category i have one more game i can start to get another UR swap but that's not enough to go up another rank anytime soon #CantKillProgress (Deus Ex Mankind Divided) 100% Complete (LittleBigPlanet PS3) Against All Odds (Oddworld New 'n' Tasty) Brave New World (Dead Space 3) Completionist (Dirt Rally 2.0) Destruction Incarnate (Quantum Theory) NEW Every Trophy Counts (Grid 2) Full Moon (The Wolf Among Us) Gran Turismo Platinum Trophy (Gran Turismo 5) Hastur (Icey) I Will Transcend All (Bleach Soul Resurrección) Julius Caesar (Assassin's Creed Brotherhood PS3) King of Medici (Just Cause 3) Los Santos Legend (GTA V) Master of the Game (Fifa 17) None More Wanted (Need for Speed Most Wanted) One More For The Road (Project CARS) Platinum Trophy (Need for Speed Shift 2) Quote, Unquote (One Word by POWGI) Romero Would Be Proud (Dead Nation Apocalypse Edition) Sparkling (Unravel 2) The Epitome of Super Earth (Helldivers) Ultimate Portal Knights (Portal Knights) Virtue's Last Reward (Virtue's Last Reward) What Do You Want, A Medal? (Medal of Honor Frontline) Xenon Champion You Are The Special (Magicka 2) NEW Zero Escape (Zero Time Dilemma) 全 (Miko Gakkou Monogatari Kaede Episode JP)
  7. Updates made I have a hard time deciding which game to play for the last spot i need (a numbered title). Instead of completing the list i play games like Xeodrifter and Nova-111 for more UR completion titles Edit a few hours later: i have completed Xeodrifter PS4 EU so i have now 16 games with UR completion and go one rank up in the UR category Current progression is 26/27 (16/27 UR)...
  8. Oh haha. I didn't see that Out: The Last Guardian In: Portal Knights Thx @Copanele
  9. I wanted to give me a reason to play Wet again but i haven't had time for it. I'm mostly playing Magicka 2, nearly done with that and i started Portal Knights DLC with a friend. I don't think i'll play Wet this month so i'll put it in the next Tier
  10. Welcome. Any game with a max. 5% completion for all trophies regardless of dlc(s) or none counts as UR
  11. I finished up Killing Floor 2. Very easy as i just needed the latest collectibles trophy I want to swap another game Out: Wet In: Portal Knights
  12. Dead Nation, Trine 1 to 4, Alienation, Gauntlet, Magicka 2, A Way Out
  13. I want to switch two games: Out: Wet In: Killing Floor 2 Out: MGS Ground Zeroes In: Magicka 2
  14. I jump around like 10 games constantly as i have 5 games i play online coop with friends and i have around 5 games i play by myself, 1 on ps3, 1 on Vita, 3 on PS4. I mix long and short ones, and different genres many Action and Action-Adventure games but also Adventure, Puzzle, Racing
  15. Update made. Congratulations to @BeautifulTorment who is the first to get a complete list of 28 entries I've marked YamaYama as not UR because with the current numbers i cannot see any possibility that it was below 5% when you completed it. I'm really close myself now as i recently finished Yu-Gi-Oh Millennium Duels and Z-Run so i'm just 1 entry away from the Top Tier 😊