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  1. I agree it's a pity that people pay that much money on the console but i won't. I'll wait until i can purchase it through Amazon for 500€ or less.
  2. yeah cool glad to see that the event for December is open For challenge 1 you mean every trophy with a percentage of 10% or less (Very Rare and Ultra Rare) gets more points? I won't get any additional points for challenge 2 as i have zero interest in the games and 100% means all trophies? I know JC4 has some dlc trophies, no idea about Rocket Arena, Worms doesn't have any currently i think.
  3. And a new entry on the list i finished up In Space We Brawl which is a 2D action game in which you control a spaceship to destroy other spaceships and oh boy is this a boring long grind. I played all challenges which are tutorial like and not very difficult and for mostly all other trophies i used my 2 turbo controllers to speed things up. I'm very disapppointed that the game doesn't show any statistic so i didn't see how many machtes i completed or shots fired which were the most time consuming trophies. Only reason why i started the game was it has just UR trophies average completion for the PS4 EU version i played is 1% 😲 I did play Mirror's Edge and Call of Juarez Gunslinger while grinding ISWB but i made only small progress like 2 speedruns completed in Mirror's Edge and a couple of failed attempts on the 3rd speedrun. Started the time trials dlc and unlocked the easy trophies for parcour. The U-Turn trophy was very difficult, it took me almost 2 hours to get the others were much easier and took like a minute or so i feel like i never unlock all trophies but i haven't really tried at the time trials yet but the dlc is supposed to be harder than the base game ones 😅 In Call of Juarez Gunslinger i finished 2 arcade missions with 3 stars and failed the 4th arcade mission a couple of times (just 2 instead of 3 stars). Sadly no new trophy for this little progress.
  4. Doom 3 PS4 Version 5.05% 26th October 2020 Driveclub 5.05% Unlocked 14th October 2019 Doom 3 was below 5% a few days ago but just for a couple of days
  5. All doors/elevators/shortcuts stay open after 1st activation/use and
  6. Yeah. Division 2 DLC is on sale and with a good price. Now pls give us Portal Knights DLC and Sniper Elite 3 DLC also that are necessary for trophies 😂
  7. 01. Zombie Army Trilogy 19th June 02. Yesterday Origins 19th June 03. X-Men Origins Wolverine 19th June 04. War Theatre: Blood of Winter 19th June 05. Volume VR 19th June (luckily doens't need VR equipment ) 06. Uncharted the Lost Legacy 19th June 07. The Last Of Us PS4 19th June ( #300 😍) 08. Sniper Elite 4 19th June 09. R.U.S.E. 19th June 10. Queen's Quest 2 19th June 11. Psycho-Pass Mandatory Happiness 19th June 12. One Piece Pirate Warriors 3 19th June 13. Nightmares from the Deep 3 19th June 14. Minesweeper Genius PS4 EU 19th June 15. Life is Strange 2 19th June 16. Knightin+ PS4 19th June 17. Just Ignore Them PS4 19th June 18. Infamous First Light 19th June 19. Horizon Zero Dawn 19th June 20. Guardians of the Galaxy 19th June 21. Fallout Shelter 19th June 22. Energy Balance 19th June 23. Dead Island PS4 19th June 24. Cat Quest 19th June 25. Batman Arkham Origins 19th June 26. Apotheon 19th June 27. 7'scarlet 19th June 28. Dust An Elysian Tale 19th June 29. Trine 4 19th June 30. Dirt Rally 2.0 19th June 31. Sniper Elite 3 19th June 32. Killing Floor 2 19th June 33. Ni No Kuni II 19th June 34. Unravel 20th June 35. Dead Island Riptide PS4 21st June 36. The Complex 21st June 37. The Witness 22nd June 38. Mecho Tales PS4 EU 24th June 39. Word Maze PS4 30th June 40. Typoman 2nd July 41. Grim Lengeds 3rd July 42. Grim Legends 3 8th July 43. The Walking Dead The Final Season 14th July 44. Word Maze Vita 16th July 45. Knightin+ Vita 16th July 46. Seasons After Fall 7th Aug 47. Just Ignore Them Vita 28th Aug 48. Minesweeper Genius PS4 NA 27th Aug 49. 36 Fragments of Midnight Vita NA 28th Aug 50. Road Bustle 30th Aug 51. Energy Invasion 31st Aug 52. The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing 6th Sept 53. Dying Reborn 7th Sept 54. Mecho Tales Vita NA 7th Sept 55. 36 Fragments of Midnight Vita AS 7th Aug 56. Tetra's Escape 7th Aug 57. Grand Theft Auto V ( #350 😍) 8th Sept 58. Access Denied 8th Sept 59. Monster Energy Supercross 13th Sept 60. Trine 2 PS4 NA 20th Sept 61. Thief 27th Sept 62. Crash Dummy 28th Sept 63. Xenon Racer 3rd Oct 64. Lollipop Chainsaw 15th Oct 65. Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Remastered 19th Oct 66. Back to the Future The Game 22nd Oct 67. Doom 3 PS4 26th Oct 68. htoL#NiQ The Firefly Diary 28th Oct 69. Lost Grimoires 2 4th Nov 70. Red Dead Redemption 12th Nov 71. Alphaset by POWGI 17th Nov 72. My Name is Mayo 2 17th Nov Pls read #1 to #27 in reverse order took me over half a year to prepare those games to get their on the same day Really happy with my progress so far. Played mostly on PS4 but a couple of games also on PS3 and Vita...
  8. I think it was rather the opposite. When the PS4 launched several games inlcuding some from ps2 generation have a combined trophy list of ps4/ps3/vita but the amount dropped over the years. Later on more and more games have ps4 and Vita seperated. And eventually the regional stacks came wide spread too... @ topic the devs want seperated trophy lists maybe expecting more sales. I'm in for seperated trophy lists.
  9. nice work man. Looks great. Better than Sony's own shop filter and sort options are very important for shop like this... I do see something strange in your shop though: i searched for Dirt 5 and the result is Dirt 5 Amplified Edition PS4 appears two times while on the official store it's once and also Dirt 5 Normal Edition appears two times for PS4 only and once for PS4 & PS5 while on the official store it's once for PS4 & PS5. At least on the first page of the official store i don't see the Amplified Edition or Normal Edition more than once. Besides that the trophy guide info for Dirt Rally says 2/10 and ~ 15 hours but both guides linked say 8/10 difficulty and 50 or 70 hours.... Edit: found another wrong trophy guide info: Sword Art Online Hollow Realization is marked with 10 hours completion but the guide linked says 120 hours...
  10. If you haven't played TLOU then yeah probably. Also if you haven't played any older GoW too.
  11. I agree to most negative points written. Mostly that GoW 2018 tries to copy TLOU with the Father-Son relationship and that the combat felt weird with the camera so close besides Kratos. Atreus often shouted "behind you" to notify me of enemies (attacks) i couldn't see. The story itself is good and i like it but why does Kratos and Atreus start like they haven't seen themselves at all? I was excited to play this but got disappointed. I think i don't start the next GoW.
  12. First game completed Not really sure what to play next. Either i'll stay on the Cowboy topic and go for Call of Juarez or i'll switch to a female assassin in Wet decided to stay on the Cowboy theme and continue Call of Juarez just have to complete 8 arcade missions for one trophy and get 3 stars in 9 arcade missions for the other one... Currently playing: Call of Juarez: Gunslinger 15/17 (85%) Already in trophy list: Dishonored 77/81 (94%) Mirror's Edge 30/51 (58%) Wet 27/41 (60%) Dragon's Dogma 13/51 (18%) Bioshock Infinite 49/81 (55%) Yu-Gi-Oh Millenium Duels 10/12 (61%) Malicious 3/11 (20%) Ducktales Remastered 17/20 (80%) Not in trophy list Puppeeter Last Rebellion Game of Thrones (RPG) The Book of Unwritten Tales 2 Final Fantasy X-2 Completed Red Dead Redemption 91/91 (100% ) 12th Nov 2020
  13. And another game completed RDR wasn't the great experience for me as for many others but it was a good game. Except for the Survivalist and Hunter challenges for which i had to run around the world hoping that certain herbs or animals appear randomly. RDR Undead Nightmare was definitely a better experience as it didn't take that long to get 100% SP completion and the challenges were easier too. I'm a bit lucky that i tamed War and Famine on first try and missed only Pestilance. I read later that Famine may never appear again and then you're locked out of 100% completion. For both RDR and Undead Nightmare the free roam after story completing was weird though as John Marston was either dead or undead 😂 Regarding the future of this event: i would prefer a more open event like the current one but i will join a stricter one too. Curious to see what the details are... Unravel 2 1.98% . Personal Progress: 12th Nov 9 Worms Battlegrounds 0.46% 💯. Personal Progress: 100% 23rd Nov 19 Tower of Guns 2.07% 💯. Personal Progress: 100%. 14th Mar 20 Drawful 2 1.25% 💯 Personal Progress: 100%. 3rd Apr 20 Outlast 1.07% 💯. Personal Progress: 100%. 7th June 20 Four Sided Fantasy 2.02% 💯. Personal Progress: 100%. 18th June 20 Batman Arkham Origins 1.05% for 💯. Personal Progress: 100% . 19th June 20 Dirt Rally 2.0 3.05% for Personal Progress: 91% . 19th June 20 Killing Floor 2 0.81% for 💯 Personal Progress: 100% . 19th June 20 R.U.S.E. 0.57% . Personal Progress: . 19th June 20 Sniper Elite 4 0.83% for . Personal Progress: 100% . 19th June 20 Sniper Elite 3 4% for Personal Progress: 87% , 19th June 20 Grand Theft Auto 5 1.84%. rarity: 0.53%. Personal Progress: 100% 8th Sept 20 Trine 2 PS4 NA 1.69% Personal Progress: 20th Sept 20 Thief 3,28% Personal Progress: 27th Sept 20 Hoard 0.95% . Personal Progress: 100% 22nd Oct 20 Red Dead Redemption 0.73% . Personal Progress: 89% --> 100% 12th Nov 20 Dishonored 0.26% for . Personal Progress: 94% Ni No Kuni II Revenant Kingdom 1.02% for . Personal Progress: 89% X-Morph Defense 4.84% Mirror's Edge 2.97% for 0.66% for . Personal Progress: 58% towards Wet 3.92% Personal Progress: 60% EA Sports UFC 2 1.69% Personal Progress: 8% Call of Juarez Gunslinger 2.05%. Personal Progress: 85%
  14. i was expecting this but i'm still sad they did patch this exploiit. It was quite awesome and i used it in my 3rd and 4th playthrough only
  15. Resistance Fall of Man. It does even has an in game achievement list i think. It's the only trophyless ps3 game i played on ps3. The Orange Box. I was happy when i read Half-Life is available on PS3 but so disappointed a bit later when i saw neither game from the Orange Box has trophies. Splinter Cell Double Agent. Not my favorite in the franchise but i'd play it again if it'd had trophies oh yes. I wish for a ps2 remaster though, i don't like the ps3 version Assassin's Creed. Really repetitive game and AC 2 improved a lot but would be so cool to get this on my trophy list. Need for Speed ProStreet. Cool game really, i really like the more sim like NfS games. Would very likely start Folklore if it'd had trophies, i read a lot of praise from those who apparently played it.