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  1. I disagree with you SnowxSakura. For me it was better to train during daytime while there's good light so see the parcour and after beating one time on day go for the night challenge. In the end i do agree with your statement of it being trial and error, i just repeated each trial until i made it fast enough through...
  2. In order of unlocked it goes this: 15th Jan 2019 Dishonored PS3 Early this year i was searching for a good choice for #225 and i remembered how much fun i had sneaking around the city of Dunwall so i booted it up again, played 3 times through the campaign and got the ... i do prefer stealth and low chaos playthrough over kill offensive and high chaos but while i played the first on high difficulty, i got the second on easy difficulty... 21st Feb 2019 Assassin's Creed Chronicles Vita This was quite a surprise but when i read that there's a 2D title of Assassin's Creed i jumped in right away and it played really well. High emphasis on stealth as a puzzle as of limited possibilities to go through a level. It relates to real world history events and mixes them up with their own interpretation as usual and i laughed the most over the Russian Part as i knew the most of the real events compared to China and India... 25h Apr 2019 Ratchet & Clank PS4 I had played Ratchet 1-3 for a bit each on PS2 and i was curious how the reboot would be and i think they made a good game. Jumping around this world was fun, the story felt a bit weird though (Ratchet & Clank meet and are best friends right on spot?!) but the best in this game (and the entire franchise too) are the crazy weapons. Have you ever seen a game in which you shoot a disco ball at an enemy to make it dance? Even a big robot boss? Well then go play Ratchet & Clank PS4 right away 13th Oct 2019 Steins;Gate 0 I had high expectations starting this one and oh boy it is brilliant. I was happy and sad many times when the story goes around the earlier title (Steins;Gate) and i am totally amazed how well they include science and sci-fi for this VN. Pls give us more for the Vita and not just PS4... 12th Nov 2019 Unravel 2 First i was disappointed that there's only local coop and i played it through Shareplay with a friend but we loved it. It looks beautiful. 2D Platformer with puzzles. All puzzles weren't too difficult though. What scared me for a while are the speedrun trophies for completing mission 2 to 7 and all bonus episodes (1-20). It took several hours especially for mission 2 and i called in another friend via shareplay to help me but in the end we made it. This is the proudest i got this year
  3. They weren't very creative with those dlc trophies, the names are really uninspired. i do acknowledge that it'll be precise and that they have such trophies in the base game too but not alone in the style of DLC 01 stage 01 Master. That should be the description rather than the name of a trophy...
  4. Recommendations for @MattbluePT - Borderlands 2 - Assassin's Creed Liberation - Transistor - Alienation
  5. I started up Arkham Origins and played through the Cold Cold Heart DLC to get the trophies related to it and used an exploit to get the Initiation DLC trophies so i made a good jump up in the game Unravel 2 1.98%. Personal Progress: 12th Nov 19 Worms Battlegrounds 0.46%. Personal Progress: 100% 23rd Nov 19 X-Morph Defense 4.84% Mirror's Edge 0.66%. Personal Progress: 51% Batman Arkham Origins 1.05%. Personal Progress: 38% --> 53% Driveclub 1.22%. Personal Progress: 34% Dead Island PS4 4.34%. Personal Progress: 12% The Last Of Us PS4 2.96%. Personal Progress: 32% Tower of Guns 2.07%. Personal Progress: 4% Dishonored PS3 0.26%. Personal Progress: 87%
  6. 8 of 16 games on my wishlist are included in this sale and i'm gonna buy just one of those: Seasons After Fall is on a good price (5€), to the contrary of Unravel (which is 7€)... All other games are from Artifex Mundi but i'll wait until they are cheaper also...
  7. Piece of Cake: 36 Fragments of Midnight While i played several games that weren't difficult including some from POWGI or Nubla 2, but for many of those i still used a guide so this is the easiest i completed without help. It was a fun platformer which i knew pretty well since this is the 3rd stack i got (so this game appears 4 times on my profile)... Despite that it was still a nice but short adventure as the levels are randomly generated It's like Dark Souls: Unravel 2 First of all: it's an amazingly good looking 2D Platformer. I love it. Playing through for the first time was already a little struggle with some puzzles. Completing all levels without dying was a lot harder. Finishing missions 2 to 7 within time limit was the real struggle. I started with mission 2 which is the hardest. After 5 days and 50 attempts (why can't we skip the intro cutscene??????) i went on to the next missions... those felt already easier in comparison, i did speedrun mission 5 in 3 attempts and mission 7 in 2. Then i tried again for mission 2 to no avail. Asked a friend to join in via shareplay since there's only local coop (😞) and it took a few more starts over 3 days until we made by 7 seconds under par ... i wish they'd give us a bit more time on mission 2 (30 to 60 sec)... but the story doesn't end here... there are 20 sidemissions which i played 3-4 times each just to know them and then you have to complete all of them within 45 Min. Biggest problem: you have to run from 4 different rooms through a hub area and all that walking and loading missions count towards the time limit 😫... i did make it on my 5th attempt but within few seconds i think 5 to 10 not 100% sure as there's no ingame counter (again why??).... Awesome game that is somewhat ruined by the trophies Badass Moment: Killing Lord Gwyn in Dark Souls I struggled a lot with this game. Started it June 2014, never made it to the Capra Demon. Two years later teamed up with a mate, started anew made it past Chaos Witch Queelag, dropped the game again. 3 years later started over again with yet another friend and we made it all the way through together. Then used ng+ to defeat all bosses, get the covenants and weapons. Last thing i had to do was defeat the final boss Lord Gwyn and get the Dark Lord Ending. And here comes the great moment i remember: i died 10 times against Lord Gwyn. Then i searched for an easy method on google and read that you can counter attack pretty easy. I parried 5 attacks and boom! he was dead Got my after 5 years 4 months. Hardest boss fight turned into easiest within the game Grind of the Year: 8 To Glory This one is the worst i did this year. Not the game i spent the most time in it, that would rather go to Ghost Recon Wildlands, but 8 To Glory felt the worst. It's a rythym game about Bull riding and you have to press L1 hundreds of times or a combination of for each bull individually. It was only 6 hours until i got the but it felt tiring ... At least in Wildlands you can read the stories if you pick up a document about local legends or use any weapon or attachment you found, so it never felt that wrong although of course i did use only 2-3 weapons but again it didn't feel that worse... Even Gauntlet wasn't such a bad grind as i used a turbo controller to get most of it done (15k kills for 6 different enemy typs for example).... King of the Internet: Dead Island PS4 I played several cooperative games this year but the one i enjoy the most is one i am currently playing with 2 friends and we have a great time together smashing and kicking zombies to death. Part of the fun playing derives from one guy who cannot speak english very well (we're both germans) and i am often like every few sentences asked for a translation of a word or two. And oh boy is that difficult at times. But i am very happy we decided to go as a group because this is the first game we play together, before that i played individually with them... Worst online experience: Borderlands 2 PS4 We wanted to start this as a 3 player group but the one who suggested to play together never showed up A different guy joined in but that didn't go well either. The other two guys were have an argument often and we agreed it's better to not play again as a team again. I do play with those two individually more games but it's not really easy to play with 5 different people a coop game each Sleeper Hit of the Year: Hue This is the hardest choice so far as there are the most candidates. Unravel 2 and Erica lose because i had to play them very long until and i lost some fun along the way. Dust An Elysian Tale delivered exactly as i expected - it's a great game. But Hue on the other hand i had hardly any knowledge. I just wanted a new game for my Vita and read about Hue it's a puzzle game that has to do with colors. Right you are! Amazing game. Every puzzle had the right balance to make me think for a moment or two about its solution without getting depressed i might not make it. The story was intriguing as well and had some very philosophical moments that kept me interested. Only negative about this game is that chosing a color via right analog stick didn't feel good on the Vita... Biggest Bomb: Indigo Prophecy (aka Fahrenheit) When i heard about this game it's a very good older title by Quantic Dreams and that they made Heavy Rain after this one i was pretty excited. I bought it two years ago though and i waited until almost two months ago. But alas this didn't play well. The controls are wonky, sometimes i look at the right sight, push the button to walk or even run to the right side but my character decided to walk/run left sight... besides that it has some very long QTE sequences which i had to repeat several times without more than 2-3 mistakes. And last but not least the story goes around some supernatural powers from a guy that looks just as your ordinary John but he can fight with superhuman strength and even influence gravity if needed... Best trophy image: I Think I'll Buy The World from One Piece Pirate Warriors 2 This is a from OPPW2 that totally shows whats important to her. Even if you don't know who Nami is, it's so obvious (the answer is money which is called "Berri" in One Piece, hence the symbol). I laughed a lot when i saw this one... Only her family has probably take that same place in her heart though Worst trophy image: Zero Escape The Nonary Games First of all, it's a great game. Or better to say it's a combination of two great games. But just 1 trophy image with 4 color variations, really? Close candidate in this category is Danganronpa 2 but since that game has to designs (the as its own) it's on 2nd spot Best Female Character: Chloe Price from Life is Strange Before the Storm This isn't an easy choice because there's 3 girls to choose for me and with no one i'm very happy but among the frightened Erica (from the game of the same name), Alyessa L'Salle (who is the Cosmic Star Heroine ) to whom i never got an emotional relationship i'll go for the girl that can talk her way out of every situation... almost... The best moments are when she talks to her late father. But i think she's a bit too rude against her mother's boyfriend... Best male character: Okabe Rintaro from Steins;Gate 0 I had expectations when i started this VN and it delivered an emotional rollcercoaster. Okabe's personality and actions felt very right despite him being totally depressed after what had happened earlier to him (the event of the original Steins;Gate game). I too was happy and sad at the same time as he was when i saw Kurisu Makise again. I think he endured hell on earth within both games but still he sought a way to make things better for everyone else. Best this year: Dishonored (PS3) Early this year i saw that i had 224 and that i need something important as next title. Just a few moments later i remembered how much i enjoyed to sneak around the city of Dunwall. I played it 3 times more until i got the and it is amazing how much freedom to explore the world and complete your objectives you have. Teleporting around is very helpful for sneaking around I'm not very happy that i had to do a high chaos (= kill many enemies, be seen by enemies) and a low chaos (= no killing, sneaking) playthrough, i'd prefer the latter one... Wurst this year: Mixups by POWGI This category goes almost to 8 To Glory but Mixups is the most disappointing game for me this year. I didn't understand it, i didn't solve a single puzzle on my own which i did and do for all other POWGI games so far... Most anticipated of 2020: Mirror's Edge I decided to go for this because of the Ultra rare Cleanup 2020 event here on psnp. I played it once on pc and once on ps3 and i think it's an amazing game. Faith is just awesome how she can traverse the city. But i have doubts i can get all the necessary stars in the time trials to complete this. Ever. To make things easier i bought a dlc to increase the amount of trials for which i only need 2 instead of 3 stars. Getting all trophies is a totally different story though I name a second game in this category, one game that releases in 2020
  8. I choose Dying Light. It was one of two games i bought alongside with my PS4 and it felt awesome to climb almost every building up or down while smashing or kicking Zombies in the face. I played the vanilla story 3 times again even after obtaining all trophies and the Parcour DLC and the Bozark Horde DLC were really troublesome. Was i glad when i finished them. Shout out to Skyrim (love it, but meh with no real mod support) and also Unravel 2 (amazingly good 2D Platformer but oh boy are the speedruns difficult. And no skippable cutscenes )
  9. Playstation All-Stars Battle Royal PS3 4 Plats later is Amnesia Memories which would fit better the topic but that's in the past now
  10. You played FF VIII (8) . FF VII Remake isn't available yet 😣 Update for my own progress: i finished my first playthrough of Indigo Prophecy (also known as Fahrenheit) and that fits in O2: Oldest in my PS4 Backlog. Bought it 2 years ago. I started it last month and i was excited because i like Heavy Rain but IP leaves me with not similar good impression. The story goes supernatural which feels weird. And some QTE sequences were eather long, fast and i had troubles making very few errors. If i failed such part i had to replay it entirely that killed my motivation quickly. Not sure if i ever attempt a Hard didficulty playthrough. Leaving N3 Player's Choice as last on my list, the decision is easy: Steins;Gate 0. It was simply amazing how the story continues. I was feeling a lot like the protagonist Okabe while he struggling to leave the past behind. Happiness and Sorrow sometimes at the same time. Every chapter had some surprises, many of them i didn't see coming. I absolutely hope we'll get another title soon. To be honest i'm shocked how long it took me to complete my card but i'm happy i did it although i don't think i can finish my self set goal of getting all Plats/Trophies until the end of the year. But thx to this event i played some games like Dust and Indigo Prophecy which i pushed away for a long time 😊
  11. Only if it'd be boys But jokes aside: Rayman Legends is something i intend to play with my nephew when he's 6 or so
  12. Next title finished worked on Worms Battlegrounds in the last days, got the 2 days ago but it took until now to get the dlc trophies as well Funny little turn based action game with very different level of difficulty in the campaign and dlc campaing. Some missions were easy with no time limit and few enemies to kill, some other missions put me highly on stress (1 vs 12 worms within 25 mins for example took me around 3 hours, including activiating a checkpoint with 1 vs 5 worms progress still an hour until i won). In the dlc campaign (10 missions) the first half was way more difficult than the latter half... I'm glad i'm through that game now Unravel 2 1.98%. Personal Progress: 12th Nov 19 Worms Battlegrounds 0.46%. Personal Progress: 100% 23rd Nov 19 X-Morph Defense 4.84% (currently even closer to 4.9% ) Mirror's Edge 0.66%. Personal Progress: 51% Batman Arkham Origins 1.05%. Personal Progress: 38% Driveclub 1.22%. Personal Progress: 34% Dead Island PS4 4.34%. Personal Progress: 12% The Last Of Us PS4 2.96%. Personal Progress: 32% Tower of Guns 2.07%. Personal Progress: 4% Dishonored PS3 0.26%. Personal Progress: 87%
  13. Got a new record since my last post (that early this year): Need for Speed Most Wanted PS3 is now at 6 years 2 months. First title to go over 6 years mark. Reason why is i started the game (Aug 2013) after it was given for free by EA. Did a few races but didn't enjoy it. I do prefer the sim like racing games with racing tracks. Controls felt wonky. Finished a few races almost a year later, still didn't feel good. Dropped the game until in June 2017 i decided i'll get the mp trophies with a friend together. Almost another year later i saw a very good offer for the DLC bundle and decided i'll get the mp dlc trophies because it bugged me that the game was at C rank. After i was done with the mp dlc trophies i was happy that my xp earned in mp counted also in sp. So i did win all Most Wanted Races. Only thing left mostly after this was win all races for base game and the 4 dlcs. It took another 2 years until i decided it's time to finish this off ... At the end the dlc races felt easier than the vanilla races but that may be the result of 100+ hours driving in total. Still think cars don't drive well. Not a good experience
  14. Worms Battlegrounds 1.30% Unlocked today 21. Nov at 12:20 am
  15. Only 340 of 12.648 trophies are currently UR... those are from 55 different games account was created 7 years ago and first UR trophy was unlocked two months later... i have 33 UR but i am also happy about some games without a Plat like Joe Danger 2 which were really difficult...