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  1. Thx for explaining @eigen-space but now i see that my question was misunderstood. What i wanted to know is if i drop a game from one category and switch it with another game from a different category i cannot name a 2nd game for the 1st category? Example: take out Abzu from Lake for Pyre in Sports. So i can't choose God of War for Lake category later right? @Toogie53
  2. Over the excitment of posting long lists of games i want to ask if the rule to only use 1 category once applies? @Toogie53
  3. I'll show you how many i know
  4. Didn't you say to shut up until June 1st? (just kidding) @ShogunCroCop you might geht Heavy Rain and Detroit ready within a few days in June too? And here i thought i'd have lots of freetime gaming ,,, i'm at 2 games ready at best by the 1st of June but that's still better than the last event... i hadn't even started any game days after it began
  5. Can you write down the names of your games? I don't know half amount of yours (just curious what it is) @Psy-Tychist
  6. Thx for this info really glad to hear it works with 2-3 people
  7. @Cassylvania i won't disappoint you when i add more games which are all UR Plats and i have earned a few trophies in them already right?! (your big speech was awesome we'll rock this )
  8. ๐Ÿ˜‚ @Toogie53 pls help i summon thee ๐Ÿ˜‚
  9. Had a look at your profile... For Ghost Story: Until Dawn. RDR Undead Nightmare fits too (but RDR 100% needed) Be Tested: Uncharted 4 (Speedrun + High Accuracy needed. More even if you go for 100% trophies)
  10. Wow good work Who can surpass this? Do i hear 4 titles within 2 days? I know that feeling @Dragon-Archon. In the last and 2nd to last of Toogie's events i had to shuffle a lot because i couldn't finish Bleach fast enough. I'm happy i don't have a similar problem this time... Sounds perfect @ShogunCroCop (Detroit and Friends)
  11. It's kinda funny to see this event will last instead of 1.5 even 2.5 months and some people myself included are talking about getting at least 1 plat on day already ๐Ÿ˜‚ ... really curious if someone completes 3 games on the first day of the official start ... as this is no competitive event it's fine for me
  12. @ShogunCroCop Good point towards Detroit @Mesopithecus and also @Uchiha_Snake__ regarding Heavy Rain
  13. Beyond is good, picked by 5 others already Heavy Rain maybe as Survive? You must complete many QTEs to rescue a little boy and 4 characters can die several times along the way... It's more an emotional adventure to survive..
  14. Seems better for me with 12 of 19 entries for A-Z UR List then Since my last post i changed my mind. I'll go for an A-Z UR List too it will take a while but i like to have a long term goal...
  15. So i've been rethinking about my picks and i want to finish more games i have started already so new list @Toogie53: Get Tested: Grid 2 (51% towards Plat) Currently playing that and every race is a test as i must win each for a trophy. Often races also demand to be faster than a certain time. Sometimes against AI sometimes without. Learn Something: God of War III (54%) We learn that there are no more gods on Olymp these days thanks to our favorite Ghost of Sparta Lake: Bioshock 2 PS3 (88%) Run through a city underwater, sometimes through the ocean self Shoot Something: Thief PS3 (30%) Play Hide and Seek using your bow to shoot off lights seems perfect for this category... Hiking: Far Cry Primal (17%) Running around in 10 000 BCE is kinda fun and funny alike. I'm out in the sun at all times... GoW3 could've been Tested too since i failed the first boss last time on Titan but since now i know a glitch to get Maxed Health, Magic and Weapons right from the start it should be possible to beat