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  1. The only time Vita and ps3 games will be included in a psn sale is if there are ps4 games with cross-buy for either ps3 and or vita. I bought a couple of Ratalaika games two weeks ago for my Vita because of this reason
  2. I played it half an hour but only after the 3rd completed puzzle i got any trophy but then already all trophies so my time stamps are 9 seconds apart. This is one game that gives you all trophies really fast.
  3. The Last Of Us: Left Behind. Wow that was an amazing addition to the story. And i liked the pacing with some chapters being combat focused while others are story focused The one time i bought a dlc for full price and felt it was the right choice. Borderlands 2: Assault on Tiny Tina's Dragon Keep. This was a crazy crossover with tons of jokes and easter eggs. The best moments with Claptrap around included here. The best DLC for Borderlands. Even one friend who didn't like the Borderlands 2 story at all had lots of fun playing this dlc with me Honorable mention to Trine 2: Goblin Menace. Cheating a bit since this is base game content in the Trine 2 PS4 version but it's not in the PS3 version and it adds up some really beatiful sceneries and new typs of puzzles. Trine 2 is the best of the series and having more levels to play is great
  4. Compared to the rest of the game these were tough for me. I needed an hour to beat nr. 1, 2, 9 and 10 of the order i did but i don't know more details than that i did them in the first city first and second city second. On day time. During night i got all of them within10 mins. Most ways are insane narrow and with lots of far jumps. it took me ab hour each. I think it's amazing but difficult.
  5. Well as promised i'm in. So at the end the amount of are counted for games in which i earned all trophies and which are rare enough? DLC included right? Are the 2.000 points calculated by adding all trophies that exist in a game? I'm currently working on two UR but i expect to play both at least another 100 hours and i don't expect to finish them next month 😅
  6. I agree with all of you. It took a couple of attempts to beat the first 4-5 races which says be place 5th or 3rd. But after those i unlocked better parts for my cars and became more familiar with the drifts and won all campaign races with 1-2 tries. Didn't feel good at first. Time trials were easy except Tokyo Skyskrapper.
  7. Wow that's a very well planned year you're showing there i like what you did so far and i'll join a few more events in the future for sure, starting whatever MVPP means next month
  8. Does that makes the game less good? @basil_flash my first idea is probably "Keep talking and no ones explode". It's a puzzle game for which you need 2 people to defuse bombs. Haven't played it myself as it's an VR game. "A Way Out" comes at 2nd place as it's a coop Action-Adventure and it requires 2 people to complete it but not at the same interactivity as We Were Here. Journey doesn't fit, you can play it alone or with a partner and it changes very little. Great game though, don't get me wrong, but it's more walking through beautiful areas and less puzzle solving.
  9. Well thx @GraniteSnake for the info about the problems with spoilers but i still see something that surprises me. First i deleted one emoji in one of my comments with spoiler and i can open that on both my mobile and computer. On my mobile i can open all 4 spoiler tags on this page now but neither @be_minor or @Rinoa_VIII have changed anything in their comment. But i still cannot see their list on my computer, i can only open the spoiler for my own 2 spoiler lists I'm glad i can see the lists on mobile though as i use that for 90% of the time i spent on psnp
  10. Currently i have this problem on my mobile again. I cannot open the spoilers from be_minor, Rinoa_VIII and my 2nd spoiler list (that with Trine completed). So weird Edit: i checked on my computer the spoilers and i can open my 2nd post but still not the other two....
  11. Depends heavily on your favorite genre and if you're looking for ps3 or ps4 games. I paid ps now recently to play these titles: Trine PS3 (already done),The Vanishing of Ethan Carter (probably won't make it within 10 days time limit), Darksiders Genesis, Vikings. The Wolves of Midgard, Injustice 2, Exist Archive i'm probably going for Little Nightmares too but unfortunately it doesn't include dlcs
  12. Finished up Trine it took nearly 2 playthroughs to increase my mood that i love the game but as i said before the ps4 version is definitely better I thought i had a collectible glitch so i started over after 4 levels just to realize later that i simply missed one treasure in mission 4... If anybody is looking for a 2D action-puzzle-platformer don't look any further i really hope they'll release a new game in the near future... 2 games completed for this event...
  13. Thank you @Dethfuse for this info, i bought it now looks cool, i asked a friend to get it too... Does anyone know how much the 2 sequels cost? I cannot find them in the German PSN Shop...
  14. Yeah i sometimes have that problem too. It appears in various topics like this one or in the Ultra Rare Cleanup Event currently active too. I think it's related to some people because i saw this in 2 different posts of one guy on the Ultra Rare Event. Got a few collectibles in Trine so i have some more trophies in that one i played more Yu-Gi-Oh too and beated 10 enemies without too much problems and so i have completed the campaign to 25% now. But enemy #21 gave me a heachache. 5 duels and just plain luck let me pass him.
  15. Little update to say i played more Yu-Gi-Oh in the last days and i finished my first playthrough. That's +1 trophy I started my ng+ run and defeated 5 of 80 enemies already but oh boy have they better decks now. I have to change my deck slightly like 5 of 40 cards each new enemy. But i like the game. At least for the first half i know the characters from the Anime and they're well adapted in the game (based on their decks). Besides that i wasn't very busy playing ps3 games with one exception. Since Monday i pay for PS NOW and started Trine PS3 right away. I finished the game on highest difficulty and completed the final mission on highest difficulty without dying so the hardest part to get the is done. Just need lots of collectibles and a few misc. trophies. But i'm not enjoying the game as much as i've hoped as the game doesn't look good and they improved it a lot in the PS4 version which i played years ago and Trine 2 (PS4) is much better too But i'll continue to finish the last incomplete trophy list of the franchise Already in trophy list: Dishonored 77/81 (94%) Call of Juarez Gunslinger 15/17 (85%) Mirror's Edge 36/51 (67%) Wet 27/41 (60%) Dragon's Dogma 13/51 (18%) Bioshock Infinite 49/81 (55%) Yu-Gi-Oh Millenium Duels 10/12 (61%) --> 11/12 (71%) Malicious 3/11 (20%) Ducktales Remastered 17/20 (80%) Quantum Theory 0/51 (0%) Trine 12/33 (32%) Not in trophy list Puppeeter Last Rebellion Game of Thrones (RPG) The Book of Unwritten Tales 2 Final Fantasy X-2 Completed Red Dead Redemption 100% 12th Nov 2020