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  1. Yes i am at both nr. 1 and 2. As they are almost even at 0.62% i''m mentioning both: Currently my rarest trophy is from Joe Danger 2 The Movie for collecting all Pro Medals. That means completing all levels with all optional objectives in one go each level. Took a lot of practice. In 2nd place is Gran Turismo 5 and i'm proud about that too. Grinding a lot for money and xp but also winning all races took a lot of time. I already have R.U.S.E. prepared and that'll be my newest rarest trophy soon but i do not have as strong feelings for that as for the other two games as i boosted mp in RUSE so the hard part was done in easy mode...
  2. Thx a lot Grimydawg those are amazing prices. Are the prices digital or physical? I rather hope for digital ones as it'll be easier/cheaper sending them to the winner. I voted for TLOU II as i haven't pre ordered yet although i was almost doing it today 😄
  3. 3 more entries and finally one BINGO for me Among the new game is Infamous First Light which is a Playstation 4 Exclusive (I3) which felt good as it was a short experience but cool one. Felt really good dashing through the city with neon colors. As i have played only the original Infamous at all and last year even this new one has just one flaw to my eyes: no story choices at all I kinda missed Evil vs Good Cole there... The arena challenges scared me at first but after replaying them a bit and earning more xp i passed them eventually Last one was even my best score: 3 mio pionts. The very same amount to fulfill the very last challenge for 10 mio in total Next up is a game i'm very happy i made it through eventually as i started this over 4 years ago: RUSE a RTS with WW2 setting. Commanding Tanks and other vehicles is one of the main points in this game so it fits perfectly into player operated vehicles (B5) category For a long time i didn't go for the campaign but as i boosted all pvp trophies and finished all skirmish and operation related trophies it was just a matter of time to play campaign eventually. By now i have to say it's cool with the zoom in and out and usually staying above the battlefield means better overview and easier enemy control so i think it plays really well Campaign was nice with lots of scenes of Officiers talking about the events happening. Last but not least one unusal candidate for my taste but i think it's story mode deserves a spot on this list as a little exception Energy Balance which starts with the same letter as my name (O5) was certainly not an easy i expected at first and i was rather shocked at first that there are dynamic puzzles so no guide could help me. Took a few hours especially in Hardcore Mode but as it was entertaining The story mode is a weird one btw. One robot is talking to a cat about their airship being broken so he has to fix some parts of it, every puzzle is said to be a different broken part of the spaceship. Too bad there wasn't an image of one spaceship at all but the backround is just flowers and trees
  4. It's been a while but i have made some progress in the UR category albeit not in many games i said i would Two new entries marked as completed with Tower of Guns being the better of the two. Run & Gun Shooter was ok, sometimes a bit weird with where hidden rooms were or how to jump from low floor to a higher floor with some boosters... Drawful 2 on the other hand was just boring as i had to maintain almost 20 player on my computer to draw something and then decide who made the best image. What a surprise that it was always Player 1 i didn't understand when to vote who made the best drawing so i had to play 3 times with 20 players but it's only once needed if you know what to do. Then i repeated more games with just 3 players and while i sat on my desk i didn't watch the TV at all. At least that gave me some time to think about did i get at at every hour of the day? The answer is yes Besides that very good news for R.U.S.E. as i made it to 49/51 trophies and all i have left is grind from player lv 65 to 100. Why those exist is beyond me. I didn't see any difference at all. But i'm really happy i made it through the campaign on hard difficulty. That kept me nervous for quite a while. The only thing keeping me from the for a while. The difficulty in each mission was medium mostly so i didn't have to reload great parts of most missions but especially mission 5, 10 and 23 had to be repeated at least 3 times each until i made it through. And in these plus 2, 3 more maps i watched someone playing and i copied his/her actions as best i could. I didn't like the game at first but my mind changed a lot now. RTS on console isn't an easy thing but the presentation of the story (you are an US officer fighting in WW2) is entertaining and with a twist i didn't see at all. When we got Dirt Rally 2.0 i decided i'll start that right away and i'm happy with it. Feels really cool driving through the different locations like Greece, New Zealand, USA, Argentina. Some tight corners meant heavy damage on my car and my god i love how detailed visual and technical the damage is. I'm doing a few races every few days so i'll be slowly but constantly going for this only the base game though but i'm certain i'll buy the dlc later sometime. But some of the dlc trophies are really hard Late in March i teamed up with 2 friends and jumped into Killing Floor 2 which is a FPS that doesn't feel very good as it has very limited variety. The maps aren't the problem but the enemy design and especially the bosses. And it's an arena shooter, nothing except xp carries over between battles. Story is simple, some people doing illegal experiments on humans. At least most trophies were just collectibles and those were hidden but we found them all after a few tries Last addition to the list is EA Sports UFC 2 which i borrowed from a friend as i thought it'd be an easy UR but nope. Without training it was pure luck i won a fight with a KO Definitely need some more practice. Especially in the Takedown category, escaping is easy but i can't use it to take down an enemy. I just don't understand what i have to press when exactly but as i said Practice Mode here i come Little Progress in Ni No Kuni II as i passed 20 of 30 arenas of DLC 3 with a S rank but going further is difficult. I won arena 20 on first attempt within 5 Min which is super (you have 12 Min for S rank) and then arena 21 i didn't survive at all. I just two continues at the last boss but no hope at all, he crushed me easily Unravel 2 1.98%. Personal Progress: 12th Nov 19 Worms Battlegrounds 0.46%. Personal Progress: 100% 23rd Nov 19 Tower of Guns 2.07%. Personal Progress: 100% Drawful 2 1.25% Personal Progress: 100% Batman Arkham Origins 1.05%. Personal Progress: 98% prepared R.U.S.E. 0.57%. Personal Progress: 60% --> 91% Ni No Kuni II Revenant Kingdom 1.02%. Personal Progress: 88% prepared Killing Floor 2 0.81% Personal Progress: 93% prepared X-Morph Defense 4.84% Mirror's Edge 0.66%. Personal Progress: 51% Dishonored 0.26%. Personal Progress: 87% Wet 3.92% Personal Progress: 41% EA Sports UFC 2 1.69% Personal Progress: 8% Dirt Rally 2.0 3.05% for Personal Progress: 51% for Plat
  5. I think you gave the best answer possible it depends on the game. @Topic But how should any game keep progress if you deleted or lost your savefile? That's impossible if your progress is saved locally.
  6. A Journey Begins Escape the Pyramid of Osiris Lara Croft & the Temple of Osiris 10th Aug 2016
  7. Infamous First Light (11 Silver) The Complex (14 Silver) Apotheon (18 Silver) Minesweeper Genius (14 Silver) Uncharted The Lost Legacy (11 Silver) Dead Island (14 Silver - 3 are DLC) The Little Acre (15 Silver) Late Shift (14 Silver) Unravel 2 (10 Silver) Resident Evil 5 (16 Silver - 5 are DLC) Monster Jam Crush It (15 Silver) Steins;Gate 0 (12 Silver) Zero Escape The Nonary Games (18 Silver) Erica (18 Silver) Life is Strange Before the Storm (15 Silver) Ratchet & Clank PS4 (14 Silver) Burly Men at Sea (14 Silver) God of War 3 PS4 (11 Silver) Trine 3 (20 Silver) Hidden Agenda (18 Silver) Albedo: Eyes from Outer Space (15 Silver) Bioshock 2 (18 Silver - 10 are DLC) God of War 3 PS3 (10 Silver) The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim (20 Silver - 14 are DLC) RocketsRocketsRockets (12 Silver) Far Cry Primal (10 Silver) Call of Duty Modern Warfare Remastered (15 Silver) Icey (16 Silver) Goosebumps (17 Silver) Eventide: Slavic Fable (12 Silver) Dead Synchronicity (13 Silver) The Bunker (14 Silver) Minecraft Story Mode (19 - 13 are DLC) Toy Story Mania (16 Silver) Zone of the Enders (16 Silver) Quest of Dungeons (12 Silver) The Walking Dead Season 2 (24 Silver) Helldivers (19 Silver) Dying Light (15 Silver - 5 are DLC) GTA Vice City (13 Silver) Broken Age (16 Silver) Amnesia: Memories (15 Silver) Sound Shapes (87 Silver - 55 are DLC) Metro Last Light (11 Silver - 1 is DLC) Batman Arkham Asylum (18 Silver) Assassin's Creed IV (18 Silver - 5 are DLC) Fuse (20 Silver) Assassin's Creed Revelations PS3 (23 - 7 are DLC) Assassin's Creed Revelations PS4 (14 Silver) Darksiders (13 Silver)
  8. According to the trophy guide here on psnp you can do most stuff with 2 ps4s but for 2 trophies you need a full lobby so 5 people or ps4s
  9. 2:38 min for me. Not the best compared to the training earlier but hopefully it's enough. Current cut off is 2:49
  10. According to the trophy guide on this page any Promo, Bonus or Delta daily challenge counts. Only AI challenges are excluded
  11. Thx for sharing the info guys I'll train on time trials now, hopefully i'll get this trophy tomorrow...
  12. Well you might not need 4 controllers in some cases. I played Black & White Bushido for example which demands a 4 player local match to be played but i used only 2 controllers but 4 different psn accounts to log in 4 players. But you only need 2 players to battle against each other and the other 2 can stand anywhere for the match
  13. Do you need two copies of a game? No if you use digital bought games like Seblegamer explained how to. Yes if you have a game on disc. Can you use games from different regions? Yes. Just as Seblegamer explained for digitally bought games to use on 2 ps4s, it pretty much done already. Like you bought a game on acc2 NA region, install that game on your ps4-1, select your acc1 on ps4-1 to start the game. Go to acc2 on ps4-2 and start the game. Games and most DLC are shared on ps3 and ps4 between all users.
  14. Thx @Mohd_AAAA for the tips and for the info which track it is today. I trained a few laps before going into the actual challenge. Didn't do a very good rally though, 4:31 mins is my record and that's in middle position currently