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  1. Soo, what's nowadays the fastest way to gain rp solo? Or with 2 players?
  2. There seems to be the challenge mode, which has always been a bit harder gamemode
  3. Sony should take some notes from this, xbox players getting that Sunset Overdrive. Let's hope next month's Plus games for PS4 are something that players could appreciate more
  4. Dynasty Warriors Next, I know nothing about the game, but you seem to be quite close to the platinum
  5. My brother already owns this game on Steam, I have tried it but it honestly doesn't interest me that much. I was kind of hoping for the game to have a platinum since it has quite a bit of content. Will still probably go to the evergrowing pile of games also known as my backlog
  6. You can just keep clicking the R3 button
  7. I got it on my second match yesterday (wasn't mvp in first), so I would say it is finally fixed!
  8. Anybody know what day this patch is going live?
  9. I have about 140 kills with the Hardsuit but I haven't got the trophy yet
  10. I got most kills twice in a row but no trophy. Liars!
  11. Does somebody know an approximate time to level 50 from level 1?
  12. There are already threads regarding Playing the objective, and I think for the battles you need to play the normal ones, I don't think hero battles count for that
  13. I never had any problems with The Walking Dead seasons 1 and 2 on ps3
  14. I got every bike to level 15 except those EBR's and KTM but no trophy Guess I have to do those other bikes aswell.