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  1. Still isn't up yet..
  2. Amplitude was free by mistake and sony took my copy away
  3. Telltale are working on a fix. I'm noy paying for something again i already bought lol.
  4. i purchased the season pass but episode 3 still shows as $4.99. How do I fix this?
  5. Mario Kart Nintendo DS
  6. It got pulled from the store by sony 😂
  7. This game is hot garbage💩
  8. Raw in general was a train wreck.
  9. Surprised there's no showcase mode this year, but i'm excited for the return of backstage brawls.
  10. Saw A p1 shirt in the crowd during brock's entrance so aj is likely in and looks like crowd fighting is back.
  11. August lineup is embarrassing
  12. Full Frontal Assault was free on the Brazilian store awhile ago. Deadlocked was included with the download.