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  1. Anybody mind helping me with rocket league 'squad goals'? 

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. StygianWolf4


      @Jeanoltt I ended up helping them in the end, it was rather fun to play with other people I'll admit.

    3. Jeanoltt


      Great! Did you get the clubs trophy? The most luck-based one since you to play against another club squad.

    4. StygianWolf4


      I think Alpha had that one already as they only needed Squad Goals for 100%, and I’ve had 100% completion since 2018. From what I remember, all of the Clubs DLC was easy enough, especially as I did them pretty much as soon as it came out. But yeah, shame they can’t add any more. I’d love to have more trophies for the game. Regardless, it’s a cool chill out game to give me a break from trophies. 

  2. I've noticed that same accounts have their previous names on display and maybe some don't? Is there a way to turn it on or off? 

    1. Masamune


      I think it's supposed to go away automatically after a month? :hmm:

  3. I need help with all of the proclub rocket league trophies. Anybody own or in a club I can join and willing to play a few games right now? 

  4. Does anybody have any recent experience platting plants Vs zombies 2 or worms battlegrounds? I need guidance on both, what to tackle and the order in which to do so, as I haven't played them in a time. 

  5. Anybody wanna boost some of my uncompleted games? Maybe you need them done too. 

  6. Fallout 4 should be blasphemy to anyone who ever actually gave a shit about fallout before 4. Play 3 or NV, you'll have more fun with actual fallout games.
  7. Finally got to level 30 on injustice 2 and the trophy hasn't popped... are you fucking serious? 

    1. AlphaTrash


      Restarted the game and it popped! Woooo. 

    2. Maxximum


      I once posted a status update complaint and it worked like a charm. PSNP magic :P 

    3. AlphaTrash


      Yeah haha, literally done the same thing before with another game. Turns out, whining on psnp really helps. 😂 

  8. Ya boi has almost got the killing floor 2 plat. Actually much more fun than I expected, the grind seems a bit unnecessary though. You kinda have everything else done by level 18 or so then you have to get another 150,000+ xp so you're just left grinding, 
    Wouldn't be a grind at all however, if you're just playing with your nibbas and having a ball, a blast a jolly old time together. 
    I recommend it. :-) 

    1. Kittens Are Awesome

      Kittens Are Awesome


      Also, you should change your rank to, "it's not gay unless balls touch."

    2. AlphaTrash


      I will when I get on my computer ;)

  9. Anybody happy to help me real quick with killing the patriarch before he heals? We can just spawn it real quick in a Vs private match, Would be much appreciated. :D 

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    2. DamagingRob


      If you haven't found anyone, feel free to hit me up. As long as they keep adding DLC, I'm stuck with it on my hard drive. Lol.

    3. AlphaTrash


      @Beyondthegrave07 I'm a gunslinger, mainly for the movement speed. Currently takes me too long to kill him with the guns I'm able to get. 
      @FidelCheers pal, I'll add you. 

    4. Beyondthegrave07


      Haha, yeah, it would be tough to fudge it by yourself with a gunslinger. I locked both him and myself in the barn at Zed farm and stuck him with a bunch of C4 and just blasted him with my explosive pistol and RPG, so there was no way he could heal. :P

  10. 90% completion rate, yeboii. Conan was a fookin disappointment. Total shit, thank bob for an admin mode. Really wanted to just enjoy that game and not worry about the trophies. Runs/plays like absolute trash unfortunately, so the admin mode saved ya boi in the end. 

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. AlphaTrash


      @Squirlruler Damn your kid bro, hope he/she's grounded for life. Unacceptable behaviour. 
      Slowly is fine, progress is progress. Keep it up. 
      @Caju_94 Yeah we do, not looking forward to worms, I'm thinking it might be a little boring tbh. How have you found it? 

    3. DamagingRob


      Nice. Welcome to the over 90% club! Unfortunately, the free beer was a myth.. But hey, you have still have that great feeling of pride and accomplishment. That's worth way more, right? ...Right? 

    4. AlphaTrash


      Ofcourse mate ;) 
      Now for 100%, hopefully I'll get a free beer then.

  11. Anybody wanna play a way out right now? 

    1. zajac9999
    2. DamagingRob
    3. AlphaTrash


      Too many queers, not enough dears. 

  12. Disgusting behaviour by sony. Shouldve been a forced name change. Anyone defending these actions is sketchy at best in my opinion, I think they're only defending such gross misconduct because they're fanboys.
  13. Killzone 2 #1 last week got 100k. 6 weeks ago, 3-4k would've gotten you #1 lmao. The amount of hours being poured into boosting for the top 1% is just embarrassing at this point, fuuuuccck that, 

    1. DamagingRob


      Lol. I agree. Just not worth it, at this point. 

    2. Leaderboards


      Too many other great games to play.


      Life is too short to boost mp shit.

  14. In terms of actual gameplay time required, I haven't done these games but I'm sure games like fortnite, elite dangerous ect, probably upwards of 750-1000 hours for the plat. White Knight Chronicles is 2000 hours apparently. I'd like a list of the longest platinums out there in general. not just the games people took the biggest breaks in between play sessions while trying to platinum it lol. As for the game that took me the longest to 100% in terms of breaks between playing, that would be Uncharted 3 PS4. Got the plat, completed it on crushing. PS4 was replaced and I lost my save, a year later I finally get the motivation to redo it on crushing just so I'm allowed to attempt brutal. Brutal however was a broken difficulty and one that was clearly shoehorned in at the last second of the remaster development cycle for a quick reason to rebuy uncharted and absolutely WAS NOT playtested, that's not me being hyperbolic, it absolutely wasn't playtested before release and that difficulty is fucking broken. I glitched that shit so I had one hit kill and infinite ammo and even then, it was still a fucking pain in the ass lmao. I will never buy a game developed by bluepoint games ever again, they're on my developer shit list, just like EAs sports games, they're rentals or games I buy used on Ebay. Either way, they won't see my money.
  15. When platinuming uncharted 4, I can complete it on easy and get the treasures while doing so; then complete it on crushing while using the infinite ammo and one shot kill tweaks to get the trophies for completing it on crushing, the speedrun trophy and the accuracy trophy right?