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  1. 90% completion rate, yeboii. Conan was a fookin disappointment. Total shit, thank bob for an admin mode. Really wanted to just enjoy that game and not worry about the trophies. Runs/plays like absolute trash unfortunately, so the admin mode saved ya boi in the end. 

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    2. AlphaTrash


      @Squirlruler Damn your kid bro, hope he/she's grounded for life. Unacceptable behaviour. 
      Slowly is fine, progress is progress. Keep it up. 
      @Caju_94 Yeah we do, not looking forward to worms, I'm thinking it might be a little boring tbh. How have you found it? 

    3. DamagingRob


      Nice. Welcome to the over 90% club! Unfortunately, the free beer was a myth.. But hey, you have still have that great feeling of pride and accomplishment. That's worth way more, right? ...Right? 

    4. AlphaTrash


      Ofcourse mate ;) 
      Now for 100%, hopefully I'll get a free beer then.