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  1. Anybody mind helping me with rocket league 'squad goals'? 

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    2. Rainbow Dash

      Rainbow Dash

      @Jeanoltt I ended up helping them in the end, it was rather fun to play with other people I'll admit.

    3. Jeanoltt


      Great! Did you get the clubs trophy? The most luck-based one since you to play against another club squad.

    4. Rainbow Dash

      Rainbow Dash

      I think Alpha had that one already as they only needed Squad Goals for 100%, and I’ve had 100% completion since 2018. From what I remember, all of the Clubs DLC was easy enough, especially as I did them pretty much as soon as it came out. But yeah, shame they can’t add any more. I’d love to have more trophies for the game. Regardless, it’s a cool chill out game to give me a break from trophies.