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About Me

120 plats by December 31st 2017.
300+ URs. ;)


Goals have changed for now. I decided to instead nuke my completion and build my account back up from the dead so to speak.
I took the very common 'boost the online now and complete the single player 43 years from now approach'  and thus my completion along with my self esteem was absolutely decimated to oblivion and sent for universal healthcare in Diedsville.  

This my completion as of 13/07/2017:

All of my uncompleted games as of 13/07/2017:

I plan to get 100% completion by 50 games played. May go to 51-52 depending on milestones ect. ;) 


23 years old, my hobbies include gaming, making jokes nobody laughs at and pretending not to be a total disappointment to my family. :)