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  1. Have a good day !
  2. Witcher or skyrim one of them. And its not that is hard , but i cant be bothered! Maybe one day lol
  3. Just keep playing dominion or any other mode and stick with a team will come naturally , but keep an eye on low health teamates. Nothing else to say
  4. Same happened to my last 2 kills lol. Instead i used german JU88 1000kg bomb level 4 plane. 1 hit kill if you aim well. Tip : for others , look for little circle that is your aim! I myself was going blind first 2 kills basically.
  5. Close the game and run it again. Stats are going to change. At least it did for me. And it can be done anywhere
  6. My thoughts ! And AlBEDO as 2nd
  7. Can you explain which metod did you do ? When we tried it didn't work 2-3 days ago
  8. Hi im looking for someone that has veteran certificated items ( painted items also aswell) gonna trade them back after the thropies pop! In return ill give very rare items and epic crates that i have rares ane etc. Add me manotelikas
  9. If not mistaken round 240 trophies per day was the best for me. Im pretty sure most of the top dogs done even more
  10. Battlefield 4 , would look great in your list
  11. Funny bug ? When you go on the bridge and you got to pass the car and ( Ave dies ) and Javi starts to talk with Clem Tripp passes by like boss alive , who was already dead lol
  12. EVERYTIME I do perfect run under 15sec for sure THEN the damn sprint at the end won't stop the time!! Drives me craaazy already. Any other run is fine .. anyone issued this aswell ? Best time so far 15.15 lol
  13. I would also add an inventory and wheel chair mutators. So when you pick 7+ zombies just use wheel chair mutator to stop the time and shot at them. Bam insta trophy.