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  1. I had a blast back in the day when it was released. I'd definately play something similar again. My 5 cent worth opinion.
  2. Oh man I was having a blast until this boss showed up at round 7. Spikes wiped me in 2 seconds.
  3. When I got my ps4 on the release back in the day I also got brand new TV. While i was overexcited I couldn't think of any username so while I was starring at my TV i came up with with 'manotelikas" which would mean "myTelly" very original i know lol. It's so ridiculous I wouldn't rename it now.
  4. Haha LA COPS was enjoyable lol
  5. From 35 to 36 took me 5 days. I guess another month to level 40 while just doing 'boss run'. Lol
  6. Absolutely, level is the Pain
  7. Well it did for me. Try switching from one to another. Otherwise , i don't know.
  8. Switch version to ps5. Becouse its sets you back to ps4. I just done it.
  9. Loading times are ridiculously good. It makes the game so much better now. I'd say go for it.
  10. I can confirm now. It only works if you do 250 at one of the characters. The trophy guide is missleading. It might work on xBox , but unfortanely it doesn't stack on PS4.
  11. I don't know about that mate. But funny crap happened to me while doing one of the trophies called 'special delivery' i had Nick assigned as my buddy and when we entered the cutscene she asked where the hell is Nick ( while Nick was actually talking to her fiance ) i cracked. No more spoilers.
  12. I knew it it's gonna be that ! I still got the Disc lol
  13. It states in the description you can do within two characters. Well I've got 204/250 one first , on a 2nd 47/250 and no trophy. Is the description incorrect or you just need to couple more just to trigger it ? oooor just make 250 on one ? Whats going on anyone is in the same boat ?