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  1. This game is just to hard for me. Every time i come back to it , I end up doing clueless jumping around . And almost falling assleep. Difficulty 7,5/10 for me lol.
  2. My bad. I just found the answer in your post. I was probably to tired of the long text.😅 I was probably just too far
  3. The first 4 times i met him , he just dissapeared mate. I noticed also ,after i got the trophy, he started to dissapear as you already mentioned again.
  4. I'm playing it now. Had it severel times in the first few hours but everytime i saw him from far distance he was always turning round and dissapeared. Then i got the mount.. since then , everytime was okey for some reason. I even made sure i was mounted. Spawn is okey for me , only the problem that he would vanish for no reason
  5. Couldn't agree more. The only stacks I can't avoid are free upgrades from good or the better games where I already paid for ps4/ps5 version. Or the ones that has been given for free. But those stacks are so bugged as well so that you need replay some of the game , it varies. But i don't mind as long as i did enjoy the game playing it for the first time.
  6. You sound like an addict that would like to quit. Did I get this right ? I myself at some point cought myself playing few of them , and after a while , i felt like it isn't really for me.
  7. I was about to finish the game with all the collectibles and i thought ya i should save just in case..I did that that , and i lost my 10h save. It has been an issue since 2019 or so , but i've read the fixed it. Apperently not.
  8. Lol same here. It's after newest update tho. Probably gonna need to wait again for the new patch. Infact, i nearly pulled it with paraglider, but the 4th and 5th checkpoints are killers ..
  9. I had a blast back in the day when it was released. I'd definately play something similar again. My 5 cent worth opinion.
  10. Oh man I was having a blast until this boss showed up at round 7. Spikes wiped me in 2 seconds.
  11. When I got my ps4 on the release back in the day I also got brand new TV. While i was overexcited I couldn't think of any username so while I was starring at my TV i came up with with 'manotelikas" which would mean "myTelly" very original i know lol. It's so ridiculous I wouldn't rename it now.
  12. Haha LA COPS was enjoyable lol
  13. From 35 to 36 took me 5 days. I guess another month to level 40 while just doing 'boss run'. Lol
  14. Absolutely, level is the Pain
  15. Well it did for me. Try switching from one to another. Otherwise , i don't know.