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  2. Does anyone know how difficult this game is or what game it can be compared to?
  3. No way! I'm a Kinda Funny fan too!!!! Cheers!
  4. Metal Gear Solid 5. 212 hours for the plat!
  5. STAR WARS Battlefront and The Division
  6. Really considering that collection and I haven't played any of those games besides like 20 min of the first one. Is Gravity Rush 1 worth buying for PS Vita? maybe I'll try that one first before GR2 I wouldn't count on it coming out November, get ready for more 6 months of delay or something lol
  7. That's right it is now coming early December, definitely checking it out. Does Rise of the Tomb Raider comes with the old one by default or is it a special edition that does?
  8. I was really looking forward Horizon: Zero Dawn and The last Guardian for a fresh and single player campaign but they were both delayed, besides my typical shooter what would be a good pick?
  9. Thoughts about trophy list.
  10. Chill Vibes City
  11. how in the world is that unlocked?