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  1. I must want to lose my sanity... I just started playing Geometry Dash... 

    1. Spyro


      Anything that has to do with math in the slightest hurts my brain!

  2. I haven't been able to stop playing Oblivion for the past few days, I think I may have an addiction... :P 

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    2. Spyro


      Just don't forget about kitty and me!

    3. mecharobot


      Oblivion still cheers me up even after all the years:


    4. PooPooBlast


      ^LOL everything de-escalated quickly from the guy wanting to kill you to the guard being so angry at you for being a killer haha.


      I still have my oblivion copy barely played. I got out of the sewers and i got lost right away. The controls are so janky as well which doesn't help.

  3. I just realized, since on this go in Dead Space I'm wearing headphones, that in one of the elevator rides in Chapter 6, you can very softly hear someone singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star over your comms. I just absolutely LOVE the subtle scares like that...! 

    1. PooPooBlast


      It's those little things that add up and things like water trickling and splashing on a puddle, a door that hasn't been oiled up at the hinges etc, and music!


      One of the huge reasons why I love alien isolation. They nailed the sounds in that game 

  4. So, I'm giving Dead Space another go, because, well why not. And I hit chapter 5 and found this woman crying over a body... If you look at the body she's starting at, I swear to god it looks exactly like the woman standing there, same cuts same everything... If so that is incredibly well done, and horrifying, and if not, well, just ignore me. xD 

  5. I wish they would remake Dead Space for the PS4, that game was absolutely amazing. 

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    2. Slipknot_rooney


      Go ahead and make a purchase, you can let me know then if the people were right or wrong :P I wouldn't mind a Dead Space collection. DS 1-3 and throw in Extraction. Not many like Dead Space 3, I kinda get why, I wasn't too fond of it on my first playthrough but when I put up the difficulty I had a lot more fun, I guess by then I just accepted it for what it was. Not likely to happen but damn it, we can dream! 

    3. Slipknot_rooney


      So I just had a look on Steam and it's got mostly positive reviews, and one negative review points out that it's okay with a controller but terrible with K&M. Oops, my bad.


      On the plus side, DS 1-2 bundle is only €15.

    4. kels_77


      @Slipknot_rooney I am actually going to get it tomorrow! So I'll be sure to tell you how it goes. :D I wish it would happen! I would kill for a remake like that! :D I actually haven't beat Dead Space 3. xD But I need to! And it's alright! Sadly, the US version is 20$. :( But ehhhh... Oh well. 

  6. Tammy's Head, Rubber Cement and Brimstone is probably one of the best combinations in Binding of Isaac. Needless to say, that was the easiest run I've ever done in my life. 





  7. I don't think I could ever be mean to my wife in Stardew Valley... I would feel incredibly awful about it. 

    1. eigen-space


      I feel the same way about opening treasure chests in the homes of destitute NPCs. I can't take what little they have 😭

    2. kels_77


      @eigen-space Yessssss, I totally get that. I'm like ughhhh, noo not the poor! :( Like when I saw the dialogue for when you're like mean to your wife in Stardew I was like, NOOOO, I could never make them feel that way. xD 

  8. So I beat all 20 challenges in Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+ and the trophy didn't pop... Come to find out I have to do the new 10 challenges as well... Challenges that make the first 20 look like a cakewalk... Fannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnntastic. 

    1. Sir Eatsalot

      Sir Eatsalot

      Shit got real!

    2. kels_77


      @Sir Eatsalot It really did! :o And here I thought I was done with the challenges at least for a bit. xD Oh well, guess I'll have to beat them too! 😏

  9. Well, since I just opened my wallet and a moth flew out, looks like I won't be able to get Far Cry 5 anytime soon. For now... I shall watch it longingly from afar.

    1. KingGuy420


      I really wanted to buy it too but then I got the "Your PS Plus expires in 7 days" message. Wonderful lol.

    2. kels_77


      @KingGuy420 Ugh that is the worst, I'm sorry... Looks like I won't be the only one gazing at it longingly from afar. xD 

  10. The commentators from American Ninja Warrior: Ninja VS Ninja, remind me so much of the commentators from Terror is Reality in Dead Rising 2 it's not even funny.

  11. So, I've just beaten Ocarina of Time for the first time ever and I have to be honest, I'm a tad sad... It was such a huge part of my childhood...

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    2. kels_77


      @MMDE Yes. xD I was a child with a short attention span. Master Quest does sound pretty cool! I may have to check it out. :) 

    3. ferginator88


      There's always another Zelda game to play though!

    4. MMDE


      The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons and Oracle of Ages are some of my favorite Zelda games.

  12. Well, my thumb is all swelled up from using an N64 controller. 😅😅😅😅

    1. SlimSanta94


      I've had the same problem for years, I had to order one of these recently just so my thumb wouldn't bruise after using them.. They're so much more comfortable to use :D Sorry if the image comes out too big xD 



  13. Well, I packed my bags and went on a nostalgia trip, broke out the Nintendo 64 and played some Ocarina of Time! Only one Spirit Stone left! :D 

    1. Spyro


      Fun stuff! :D I have the 3DS version...should really play that again sometime.

  14. Looking for a good horror game for $20.00 or lower from the PlayStation Store, any suggestions?

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    2. kels_77


      @ManaFear @Raitandrul @DiegoMolinams I stupidly didn't put the horror games I already have. xD I actually have Outlast, Until Dawn, Dead Space 1/2. I also have Layers of Fear as well. 

    3. Fidel


      Get Even's on sale. Looks like it could be a hidden gem.

    4. kels_77


      @Jaco I ALSO have Get Even. xD 

  15. Platinum #55: Midnight Deluxe

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    2. marvelboy10


      Great job! 👍

    3. Fidel


      Nice work!

    4. kels_77


      Thank you all so much! ^_^