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  1. No raid boss? Great.
  2. I gave up like 6 months ago. (xD)
  3. I'm gonna take that as an insult, as in "Take The L" for getting easy platinums. If this is the case, fuck you too buddy. If this isn't the case, thanks and sorry When 2020 rolls around.
  4. Foxin' Around might make for a nice milestone trophy
  5. Go into the daily events tab and select kill house, its the training mission but with a different layout.
  6. What do i have to beat to unlock this? The normal training doesn't pop it.
  7. Ouch, same problem with all three? I feel you, i deleted 2 & 3 tho.
  8. Plenty of singleplayer content aswell.
  9. Hearthstone, but Lord of The Rings.
  10. I've done everything the guide states, spawning a fire, lighting it, spawning the diseased leech. It however doesnt want to grab onto me, thus not giving me the disease. Every time i try to attack it, it instant kills me and the game says that "you killed yourself". I don't know what to do or how to fix this. Any tips?
  11. Also, they kinda fuck everyone over by marking it up to 40 or 50 bucks, depending on version. I bought this game for 15 euro, then again, way more glitches & bugs. Hard life man...
  12. Thanks matey
  13. Just bought it in US store. Is the other one EU? Thanks in advance.
  14. That doesn't work in this context.