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  1. That doesn't work in this context.
  2. Supermegafunny dude.
  3. Yes but it would be nice from time to time to try to overtake someone without having to fear for your life everytime.
  4. Yes there are. You can host private lobbies. Also you can race with AI only or just with friends. I do not know if private mulitplayer wins count towards the trophies. This game doesn't have achievements on steam.
  5. Having played this game on PC. Here's my take. Grinding to level 50 will take quite a few hours. There's a few levels you can farm for easy xp however. Or in custom matches, just make a demolition derby with lawnmowers and pick a car yourself. Easy kills and easy xp. Should lower the time be quite a few hours. Career challenges are like driveclub, some are easy, some are keyboard breakingly frustrating. Completing the championships isnt too hard, depending on how good you are at these kinds of racing games. 20 wins in MP will be a nightmare. On pc atleast, everyone plays like an asshole and is just ramming into eachother, spinning you out just for trying to overtake. I'd say it's about a 4 - 5 / 10. Depending on skill i guess.
  6. I've never seen this weeb mecha shit in my life lmao.
  7. I HAVE gold.
  8. I've been playing the "fun" games alot more on pc. Hearthstone, Hitman 2 & Borderlands to name a few.
  9. Don't know why, but i just like watching numbers go up i guess.
  10. Thanks cowboy man. Yee-haw
  11. I love Hitman 2. Bought the Gold edition twice (for PS4 & PC). The DLC got instantly downloaded to my PC via steam, no problems there. But on the PS4 i litterally can't access it. When i go in game and "download" this DLC. It downloads a brand new copy of Hitman 2, seperate from my Disc. (In which i still can't access the Bank level.) Going into the store and selecting "Hitman 2 - New York" (which tells me it's free.) says it "currently not available. I have already 100 percented the DLC on PC and would like to do it again on PS4, but can't. Please help, thanks in advance.
  12. Wow mate. Really put time into this, lol. If only IO took a look at this.
  13. Actually, i really really do. I've been buying way too much shit recently. Look at all the 0% games on my account. Please take a look and suggest some, because i don't know where to start. Most of the time i just pick stuff i can knock out in 1-2 hours or even less in hopes off getting rid of all the garbage and then getting to play some real games on my PS4. But by the time im done there's another 4 game stack that gets released. (I don't stack Vita). Most real games i buy on my PC, i've been playing the Tomb Raider franchise since the Steam Summer Sale, something i would never play on my PS4. I don't know why, maybe it's just the controller that feels bad in my hands.
  14. The guys that made Bloodborne and Dark Souls, created this before? Times have changed.