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  1. I got like 8 levels in. Lmao. Even the ones before that i struggled with. *funny*
  2. 20 bucks if you do it for me.
  3. I don't remember, this was month's ago.
  4. I think i was host in that case.
  5. Wrong in what? There is no right answer, these are all just opinions. I don't think about my arguments like i actually want to win. Yet you keep coming back.
  6. I love how easy i can trigger people off.
  7. You say i'm defending my own play choices, but then you go on to say you don't know what i play? Ok then mate.
  8. Another meh month, got Edith Finch from the HK store with PS plus a week ago, guess i'll stack it, idk about Overcooked.
  9. Because i'm the only person in the world who has something like school or a job? hmmmm Basically yes they are, some games completely halt your progress down to a crawl.
  10. Lmao, touché. Time in my life is small due to school etc. So i can only really a decent amount of points by playing easy stuff. I like playing a longer game from time to time but i would need like 2 weeks break.
  11. Yes they are, DLC trophies are instantly added to your unearned trophies.
  12. Ok, boomer. No one's forcing you to buy anything.
  13. Not being forced additional content (that should've been in the game from the fucking start) down our throat tho.
  14. Aren't you a sucker too for complaining on the forums about how trophies are being ruined and people are wasting their money? Let them spend their money the way they want lol. Atleast they don't have to put up with 60$ price tags, a 40$ season pass, and a triple A game filled to the brim with shitty microtransactions that the big retarded corporations are currently all pushing for. Rather give 5 bucks for an easy platinum, than a boring grindfest that is constantly nagging me to spend money on their full priced game.
  15. December 2018 - 1006 Total Trophies Alot of easy games.