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  1. Had a great story doh.
  2. I can't really argue about this one, cause i wasn't around earning trophies. This is all because Sony & the developers they allow to publish games on their platform, we aren't in charge and they are definitely not going to care about some trophy hunters getting mad lmao. I haven't actually played Hearthstone in quite a while too. Lol, i used to play alot of C'Thun Mage back when High Mana druid & Aggro Hunter we're the norm, and i had fun. But hey, if i would return i'd just give Blizzard like 200€ for good cards. It's a mostly RNG game and you're not going to be winning alot of matches with the base cards. And if one guy likes to platinum skyrim and spends about 100 hours on it, good for him. But if another guy stacks Peasant Knight 6 BLOODY fucking times (Lmao) He's still going to be higher on the leaderboards. Which granted, is indeed quite a shame. Players aren't being rewarded on the rarity of throphies. Just the quantity. A profile with harder games will be more impressive than a hoarder profile. Then again, that's even when someone bother's to even look at your profile.
  3. People at school who only play the "hip and cool games" like Fortnite & Bo4. Lmao
  4. What is the logical base? Nobody is litterally buying trophies, they still have to buy and play the game. If this were to happen in let's say Hearthstone or something, i'd just also play that deck, because that's how the meta works, until they release some new stuff to counter it. Trophy hunters in general are already seen as a waste in the eyes of the "regular gamer" saying we ruin games by only getting the trophies and then deleting it. I've litterally had people be angry because i play God of War instead of Call of Duty Black Ops 4. Like seriously? Fuck off. We're all trophy hunters and we shouldn't be trying to categorize each other, thus splitting the community up even more.
  5. 2 Words for this whole "my trophy system and rarity is being ruined bullshit" Who cares?
  6. I feel the exact same way, except i haven't made it to the second boss even. My save however has been reset twice.
  7. 1/10 very easy, looks like Super Destronaut DX re-skin. Obligatory trophy thoughts question here.
  8. True, to be honest.
  9. You should add the extra trophy stuff in a third column. Like for "i still dont get it".
  10. Who cares? If you don't like stacking games, just don't do it. Don't complain. Go play "a real game" with "a real trophy list" these people are probably the same who we're complaining about the MK11 trophy list a couple of days ago.
  11. This still doesn't work for me. "This prepaidcard is not compatible with this region." It's US only, which is fucking retarded. Good job neglecting about 90% of the world.
  12. Easy, i'd say 3-4/10 max. Even for someone as bad at fighting games as me.
  13. "Sorry, there are no rewards available at this time!" Me: Alright, i guess i'll go fuck myself then?
  14. Yes, that's true, currently doing 1 puzzle a day in both Block a Pix Deluxe & Fill a Pix Phil's Epic Adventure. So boring....
  15. Ah okay, thanks for clarifying.