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  1. I feel like this trophy will also be the end of my life. 20-25 matches and still not a sighting of this elusive boss. Plenty of Patriarches tho, its like tripwire is just spitting in my face with everyone they spawn. From what i can find its just plain old RNGesus. No set spawn, except on PC, they have console commands :c People that got it, what map did you play on? (Not that it makes a difference.) Edit: She spawned 3 minutes after posting this. Guess i should've ranted on here 5 hours ago.
  2. What do i have to beat to unlock this? The normal training doesn't pop it.
  3. My main PSN account (LLegend_Fox) just got hacked, name was changed to NAWAL669. I have been blocked from into the Sony store, the Playstation website and PSNProfiles as a whole. If anybody receives any messages or has me as a friend, please beware that i am no longer in control of my own account. -Fox
  4. Update, got access back to my psn account, activated / re-activated my 2FA on all my accounts. Now i just need to get my money back from Paypal/Sony.
  5. Psnprofiles & forums.psnprofiles are two different domains it turns out. I was automatically logged out of the main PSNP site but not from the forums for some reason. It might just be sheer luck... Also, is anyone getting an unnecessary amount of captchas when they try to access psnp? Like 2 - 3 every single time.
  6. I've never given my account login to absolutely anybody... Do you think i have the IQ of an egg?
  7. I just managed to change my password to something else so i think the other person cant access my account anymore, however when i try to log in it asks me to enter one of two security questions. Both of the answer i entered originally when i made the account are wrong, these answer cant change though as they are Where were you born and What's your date of birth. Could these somehow be changed by the person that compromised my account?
  8. Yes, they somehow did. Security questions have also been changed.
  9. Why can't everyone just trophy hunt the way they want to and shut up about it?
  10. Basically what the title says, i recently realized that i have alot of shit installed on my PS4 and i'm wondering what your guys sizes are to compare. Also, do you guys organize everything in folders or is that just me? These are my current stats. 1. Disc Games - 568.4 GB - 18 Items 2. EU Games - 592.7 GB - 85 Items 3. US Games - 231.8 GB - 42 Items 4. UK Games - 150.8 GB - 13 Items 5. HK Games - 333.3 GB - 41 Items 6. JP Games - 18.74 GB - 5 Items The main reason for this is because i just end up buying alot of games in that are on sale, and just dont get to them for like 6+ months sometimes. What about you guys?
  11. Outbreak is 9,99 € Outbreak: Lost Hope is 8,19 € Outbreak: Epidemic is 8,19 € Outbreak: The New Nightmare is 12,99 € Outbreak: The Nightmare Chronicles is 4,99 € I dont know what's up with the wacky prices but every single one has about 40 - 50% on their review scores. I'll personally stay away from them.
  12. Damn, i only bought it recently and now i have it for both consoles. @DividedByMankind Death Stranding, the walking sim isnt worth 100+ hours, regardless of how much you like Norman Reedus.
  13. Borderlands: The Pre Sequel. It's the worst Borderlands game and i dont care what anyone says, fuck moongravity. I've platinumed Borderlands 2 twice, and still havent completed a single playthrough of TPS, both on pc or console.
  14. This is legit garbage.
  15. It's not really a bother when you have a keyboard & mouse laying around. But to each their own, have fun.
  16. I found it rather difficult with the controller. But if you have a USB mouse and keyboard you can litterally just plug them into the front of any ps4 and i should work perfectly. Just control the menu's with the arrow keys.
  17. Seeing as i have the trophy, yes. In order to earn it. Go into the daily missions page (something like that) And select "Kill House" Clearing that should pop it.
  18. Nvm, im retarded.
  19. Need For Speed: Heat
  20. Its already done? Both PS3 & PS4.
  21. So like, the Blackgate one, or all of them?
  22. Max Payne 3 would be really impressive, still need to revisit it myself. Edit: Please dont pick a 0% game, or Far Cry 2.
  23. Trophies look to be the most straight forward from any of the 3 DLC's weve gotten, its just completing all missions & challenges.