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  1. So are you a wombat that eats humans or a wombat that eats other wombats. By definition, it should be the latter, but I just want to make sure...

  2. Online matchmaking still seems incredibly buggy, maybe even worse since the update. I've just tried playing for about 1 hour and had the following issues: - random boots from matchmaking lobby - players glitching in races, which seems worst on twilight tour - the coins/points award screen not appearing before going to the podium screen after a race - loading into a full roster race on crash cove and everyone except me suddenly leaving the game, with me stuck on 'waiting for other players' (had to close and restart the game) - massive FPS drops on volcano island and jungle boogie I absolutely love the game, especially the adventure mode and local play, but the online multiplayer is an absolute mess and has been incredibly frustrating to experience. Anyone else had/having similar issues?
  3. I had quite a bit of trouble with this for a while too. The pattern I follow now to get it pretty much every time (with Penta) is: - after the first ramp in the race, drift right and perfect boost twice into the tunnel on the right - quickly switch to a left drift and perfect boost right on the boost ramp, taking the right tunnel - turn the landing into a drift to the right and perfect boost once - now this is important... drift left and perfect boost twice, taking you onto the first bit of the pipe in the main hall to the left - if you get the angle correct, you should be able to hop once just to the right to line yourself up perfectly straight-on with the lip of the ramp below the shortcut - hold down the hop button a millisecond after you go over the lip to get maximum height - the speed you've built from the prior steps should be enough to get you up there I think the most important bits are being exactly straight on (perpendicular to) the shortcut ramp right below the shortcut opening AND the timing of the hop (fraction of a second after you pass the lip). I've uploaded a clip of my best time so far on that track, where I use this process to get the shortcut on each lap.
  4. I got the platinum last night. HUGE CTR fan so was pleased to get it. After the first couple of attempts at Crash Cove Oxide trial I was beginning to resign myself to never getting the platinum! The oxide trials are definitely tough on the whole, more so than the original it seems though hard to judge as I was younger and more physically/mentally nimble then! Hardest tracks for me were definitely: - Crash Cove; you basically have to drive perfectly, there aren't many opportunities to get ahead and you can't make any mistakes no matter how small - Blizzard Bluff; the mini shortcut at the start is quite tricky to get perfect 3 times in a row, and for some reason I struggled with getting the right angle on the ice lake to approach the river jump in order to clear the gap - Dragon Mines; because fuck that spiral ramp - Sewer Speedway; it took me quite a while to work out the proper way to approach the shortcut, which seems to be different to the original. Basically you need to come at it straight on (I swear you used to be able to approach it at an angle and still work), don't get greedy boosting right before you jump and hop at the very last millisecond after clearing the lip - Deep Sea Driving; this track is garbage, too much luck involved in avoiding the numerous spinning blades, and the track behaves really strangely in certain parts, like there was a section of the consecutive jumps in the tunnel after the first spinning blade that kept slowing me down for no good reason - Oxide Station; though only until I worked out the value of hopping sometimes vs drifting (like after getting ultra sacred fire towards the end and hopping your way through the various turns rather than drifting), plus the n tropy time on that track is ridiculous, let alone the Oxide one! Couple of general tips (some have been mentioned already): - to boost on a straight, hop but turn at the very last second to minimise the angle change while you're in the air - once you get sacred fire (basically by perfect boosting on certain speed pads), make it a priority to maintain it by perfect boosting at least once every 4-5 seconds; if you can't manage the track whilst boosting during sacred fire (e.g. if turns are too tight or frequent like on Oxide station), then learn to hop your way around corners - as much as possible, get perfect boosts; I'm not actually sure if 2 'good' boosts are better than 1 perfect, except during sacred fire when perfects do seem to be better at maintaining it - pick a 'fast' character and learn how to handle them (I recommend Penta over Tiny/Dingodile as he's small so his model doesn't obscure as much of the track as the other chunky fast characters); you can beat oxide on various tracks with other characters, but the speed advantage is really valuable - always take shortcuts; if you miss one on a lap (e.g. sewer speedway), you're going to lose so start again - turn corners as tightly as possible without hitting the scenery (kinda obvious but you'll save a lot of time) - PRACTICE AND DON'T GIVE UP TIL YOU BEAT HIM!
  5. Enter the Gungeon. I loved that game but after dozens of hours could only manage about 25% trophy completion. Just didn't have the skill or time to grind it out.