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  1. I've played for another 30mins or so. Crashed after about 10mins each time at different points. I even factory reset my console and installed only Returnal to see if that would help. It didn't. Completely unplayable. So frustrated. Not only was it a £70 purchase but I'm a huge Housemarque fan and was really looking forward to playing this. Submitted my refund request to Sony.
  2. I've only played for about 30mins and had two crashes already. One immediately as the first combat encounter started, and the other when walking around the ship in first person for the first time. Very frustrating. I've had crashing issues in other games e.g. Demon's Souls but most notably the Resi 8 Maiden demo (that thing just... wouldn't... run), so maybe it's my console.
  3. I've got (I think) 8 wins. Got 3 wins in a row at one point, then came 2nd in the final of the next one. Was gutted. I've noticed a bit of hacking creeping in. Just played a tail grab game. Fully grappled a guy twice a few seconds before the end, didn't get his tail. He was just walking casually.
  4. In my opinion, no. A lot of the bosses don't really change much on expert. Several that do don't introduce any new moves, they just speed up a bit and seem to have bigger health pools. A rank on standard for any given boss is great practice for expert. I found weapon selection more important than anything else, for example I was struggling with Rumor Honeybottom until I start using lobber and spread. Same with Beppi until I settled on charge and spread. This platinum is not that difficult if you're good at side-scrolling shooters or bullet hell games. Especially if you already played it on Xbox/Switch/PC! 7/10 difficulty I'd say. I found Hollow Knight much harder and still haven't been able to beat the final pantheon.
  5. Platinum #94 = Cuphead. Definitely one of my proudest ones. Pretty tough but the game is a masterpiece so it was worth the effort.
  6. Rayman Legends
  7. Yakuza 0. Loved that game but didn't have the stamina for the plat.
  8. The Witcher 3. I wish I had the stamina to push for that one. Always meant to re-play that game so maybe one day!
  9. The Last of Us Remastered - 5 years 7 months I played the multiplayer obsessively when it first came out and got those trophies no problem. But I couldn't face replaying the campaign on survivor then again on survivor+ (didn't know about the workaround) to get the difficulty trophies, having heard how hard it was on survivor. I also kept missing one or two conversations/jokes without realising and locking myself out of those trophies. Eventually, I got frustrated and gave up on ever getting the plat. I recently wanted to replay the campaign before TLOU2 comes out. I discovered the NG+ workaround and decided to go for it. Played once on easy to hoover up as much scrap/supplements as possible and carefully following a guide to get all the conversations/jokes. Then did a single survivor+ playthrough to finish upgrading Joel/weapons, get the difficulty trophies and finally snag the plat (wasn't as hard as I was expecting).
  10. Do you mean Republique? I was about to post the same. Tried it for the first time the other day. Absolute trash, deleted it again within about 20mins. Can't understand the glowing reviews. I also thought Thief was awful and (hot take) didn't get on at all with Transformers Devastation and Valyria Chronicles, though I know those two are well-loved.
  11. Yakuza 0
  12. Thanks for the reply! Yeah the hidden market finally appeared, totally randomly. Can't remember which floor now, maybe the black powder mine.
  13. Wow OP, so melodramatic! You must lead a pretty sad/insecure existence if you let a moderately high plat percentage upset you like this. Does it *really* matter? The challenge is there if you want it, just play Nightmare/Inferno without any shop items (or at least without the infinite ammo weapons). Speaking as a big fan of the original Nemesis, I really enjoyed this game. Not as much as 2 remake but that had the benefit of novelty and a more beloved source game.
  14. TLOU Remastered
  15. Enter The Gungeon - Dat Plat 4.59% PSNP, 2.4% PSN This platinum was hard work but great fun. Never thought I'd get it when I first played the game in 2017 owing to the general difficulty and grind required for some trophies. Sharpened up playing on Switch in January this year and came back determined to get the plat. Some of the purely RNG related trophies were annoying and it took a good 150h+ to get it, but totally worth it. Those plat percentages really surprise me, but I guess it's a fairly niche game.