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  1. Spyro 1, 2 & 3?
  2. Saw some around Beecher's Hope as well yesterday. Buut I shot them... so maby now there extinct?
  3. Yeah, you are probably right. Him unlocking his epilogue trophy and at the same time 'lending a hand' for completing the epilogue is kinda almost exactly the same as somebody who did not get the trophy after completing the game, then replaying a mission from the epilogue and getting the trophy. Must be exactly the same glitch no doubt... Why am I even answering Anyway have a good evening, without meaningless emoticons.
  4. He got it while completing the epilogue, while the link you post is about getting the trophy by replaying a specific mission in case you did not got it before. So the fact he just got it while playing but unexpectitly is not the same as replaying that mission and getting the trophy. unless he did replay that mission, but he does not say that.
  5. I dont think that's relevant to what happened to him but k I guess
  6. Thx for the heads up! I'm still at the start of chapter 6 now, with only the first mission completed 'the balloon mission'. I will now focus on doing all honor and stranger strand missions first before I go further. I also kept 2 save files for each chapter. One at the start of every chapter and one just before the last mission of that chapter. So I can go back basicly everywhere at any time.
  7. K, thx I am in Chapter 6 by now. I skipt exploring the Island and animals. Normaly my OCD is prity high, but this game is big enough as it is, that I just cant keep bothering doing everything. I found this a weird chapter tbh, also not that fun, for me at least. I just hope I did not skip anything. But probably not, cuz it has no side story missions except some new Stranger Strands neer the end, but those are not realy that important. Its the Animals and Honor missions I am worried about, but there does not seem to be any honor missions up unil CH 6 and the animals dont count, so I guess I'm good.
  8. I know it has been asked a lot, but still. In Chapter 5 there is nothing you have to do except completing the story right? No Study, Skin and Missable Honor missions? Just completing the story and go straight to chapter 6?
  9. Ooh... I thought it was kinda pourly done. You running around with 5000 dolar, spending 5 dolar on a meal. That's a bit overboard.
  10. Guess not, "For 100% game completion you only need to find one full set consisting of 12 cards." this is from his guide. See: http://www.powerpyx.com/red-dead-redemption-2-all-cigarette-card-locations/
  11. But we dont need all 144 right? Wasnt one set enough for optaining 100%? Its just to complete the stranger strand?
  12. Seems like you are having a rough time on more than one topic
  13. NP, I was just wondering if I missed out on something. It was kind of confusing when talking about the sheep.
  14. And why is this important/related to this topic?