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  1. Thanks for the feedback you guys!
  2. How hard is the game on crushing with cheats?
  3. It's realy easy. Not hard to start stage 5 at age 20 and beat it on 20/21 tbh. At first I thought that it still might have a challange for the age 25 trophy, but afther playing more it got more and more easy. I dont minde getting the plat this way tho, I had a great time playing the game and i'm going to play normal now as wel, but without the "stress" of getting trophies, just for fun and who knows maybe I try master as wel some day.
  4. That is indeed a good way to look at it as wel! thx for the info, just beat it on easy at age 28. Maybe I give normal a go first and finish of the age 25 later on easy. I just hope the trophies unlocking on easy wasn't unintended and gets patced out or something, But I think its intended that you can unlock everything this way right?
  5. So if I started chapter 2 at age 24 the first time and chapter 3 on age 30 ( for example ) and then replay chapter one, but manage to complete it at age 22, that means from now on I start chapeter 2 on 22 instead of 24, but chapter 3 is still on age 30 until I redo chapert 2 as wel and manage to finish it lower than 30? About the difficulty option, I'm glad there in here now, I'm going to play on easy first and give normal a shot later on as well. I like it because i might not have bought the game without the option because it just looked to hard, but now I at least now I wil get some fun and time in the game. Strang that some people are against this
  6. If you beat all 5 stages and then restart stage 1, is all progress lost on the other 4 stages? I mean, do I have to play torugh 2, 3 and 4 again first to replay 5?
  7. Not gonne lie, even on "easy" I still think it quite challenging, it isn't easy to plat imo so far, beating it wil be very doable and thats a good thing, but getting the plat might still be not for everybody.
  8. Thats what I have been saying in the past, 'easy' might still by challeging, just less punishing.
  9. Did you expect it? Like why would it... Only thing I might have tought they would do was adding new as DLC for beating the even harder mode. Good to hear, but as expected tbh.
  10. Lol I havent seen a single streamer trying hours fighting Margit 😂 If you where at the last fight, why didn't you just cancel your update? Or reinstall the base game and cancel the update and play on old patch?
  11. Been reading this topic some time now. All I wonder is why people automaticly think that easy mode means you are going to one shot everything. I could be that the game is just slightly easier still making you die in the progress but in a way you stil kinda feel like you can do it if you keep going. God mode in Hades for example, that also makes the game more easy but for a lot of people it's still challenging... It could also be that the game just works differently for example like God Mode in Hades. Every attempt you die you somehow get some sort of permanent upgrade. This way you still start out like intended, but are able to beat it eventualy if you keep going. This could also be something that resets every chapter, so every chapter starts fresh. But no easy mode wil be one punch man mode if you read this topic
  12. Can't agree more and thx for the extra info! Tonight i'l be pushing further into Biome 4 and 5 hopefully.
  13. Hey, welcome and have fun! I also just started out playing this game 3 days ago, had the game for some time, just had other things keeping me bussy. It's indeed an amazing game so far, but I have something weird going on tho. Yesterday I beat the 3the boss and by that also the first act, but i'm still in my first run 😂. Atm i'm clearing biome 4 while stil not having died in the game except for the intro where they basicly force you to die. Was not expecting this to go this good, I hope I'm not missing out on scoot logs or other stuff because of this.
  14. Yeah, cuz they probably just waited 2 months doing nothing else instead You make it sound like they have had the worst time ever
  15. I will keep that in mind!