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  1. Look at it this way, its not as bad as Destiny for example, you had to max out each class. Here you only have to have one character and you can use all suits.
  2. Why do you need one?
  3. To be sure the PS+ complete first season version we are getting is not enough to get 100%, or is this complete first season the same as the GOTY version some of you are talking about?
  4. Rime: earned 1ste of januari.
  5. I hope there isn't comming more DLC. I realy liked the main game, but the CTNS DLC was mediocre at best. I would rate it 6/10, for the main game being that good it was a huge let down for me.
  6. Realy helped for the bamboo and panda trophy, thx.
  7. Did the above video not work?
  8. Can he provide the seed and location?
  9. I can see you got the trophy by now, did you find a seed? Can you share it?
  10. Yes I ment Hostile Territory. Thx again!
  11. Thx, gonne give that a try. The capture the flag is the small series right?
  12. What pvp type do u play then?
  13. So did it work?
  14. Don't like the suit. Its kinda ugly. Like 99% of the suits...
  15. Give it a try on easy. Its still not easy, but its not that hard as well.