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  1. The only thing I wonder is, for new people or people who started like a couple days later. The map is full of bridges and constructions. I never have to make stuf cuz there is so much there already. How does this work out? I like the world evolving, but my starting area was a bit 2 much at some point.
  2. thb with better performing consoles come games the ask more to run. So in the end when they push games to the limits of the PS5 you will have slow loading times again. Just like every generation.
  3. As promised, my free upvote!
  4. Free upvote if somebody takes their time to write them all down in a post here
  5. New icons will probably be included as €5 DLC.
  6. Well that's all I have to say about it. Those look so gorgeous.
  7. Make something new... Telltale is out of business remember?
  8. IB4 the trophy says 'Beat the game on both Hard II and Survival II to unluck this trophy' I would die inside...
  9. Tbh reading all of this co-op trophy shizle makes it very easy for me. Will be buying it on pc instead, where I dont care for trophies/achievements. (+ its cheaper anyway) I don't care playing trough it multiple times of doing some co-op stuf. But we have to invite somebody we know with the game... Just to get some random trophies in co-op I dont like that, just add a trophy for playing co-op and finishing co-op and be done with it.
  10. Realy? that's so random
  11. Thats amazing news! So you can solo everything except Learning to work together How long is the game anyway?
  12. Looks like a typical Until Dawn, Heavy Rain, Detroit and Beyond two Souls type of trophy list/game. Nothing hard or challenging but some backtracking and multiple endings etc. Only thing I'm wondering is how the trophy Like that movie with the ship wil work out. Will we need to have 4 people/controllers or can we do it with only one extra controller. Let me know when somebody has an answer for that.
  13. Not 100% sure if I can link this here. But here is PowerPyx's guide: http://www.powerpyx.com/control-trophy-guide-roadmap/
  14. By the look of it and already earned plats, not much.
  15. So how linear or open is this game?