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  1. The biggest question is, will this game get 100 dlc's as well. Well that's an easy skip op PS4 for me then.
  2. Thanks for saying I am wrong, but also saying the exact same thing is said. "so the fact that you others are still leveled doesn't realy matter in you NG+" I think that means that the characters who are already leveled stay leveled. "I just ment that you start as lvl 1 char every new playtrough" Also true, because why should I replay the game 3 times with the same characters...
  3. I know, I just ment that you start as lvl 1 char every new playtrough, so the fact that you others are still leveled doesn't realy matter in you NG+ right.
  4. But we have to play as 2 different char anyway so basicly every run is clean right?
  5. Does NG+ become harder? Or is it just the same?
  6. I am reading some weird things about this. You cant even get legends of legends rank on his orders... Also people sugesting to get lost cargo or prepper orders for him. I dont think those even exist...
  7. This so much!!! You get slowed down 3 times in a row. When it starts raining, when the grass grows and then again when yourBT animation starts. Also you just stop driving instantly, so frustrating.
  8. Or you share your fix for people having the same problem
  9. Have you tried enjoying the game?
  10. I got it after resting a second time. I rested twice at the distribution center north of it.
  11. I don't get the second mail. Only the first about magazines.
  12. This is the category I am realy worried about...
  13. I don't understand a single thing about this video. Is that just me?
  14. Thx for the explanation. I am indeed in chapter 3 still and I have to say, I did not lie about the 4 likes. In total I got like 1800 likes but only 4 of them ar given to me manualy, the others where automatic because I was also doing the deliveries for other people wich indeed give good amounts of likes like you said. I was never realy worried about being screwed tho. the issue I had was that it felt like I had no way to help other people because in ch2 everywhere I went the place was full of bridges, generators, towers,.... there was no use for me to build something. So it kinde felt like meeeh... is this going to be the whole game? I would love to build stuf so newer people can have some stuf that helps them. Sorry for my bad englisch tho. I hope you understand what I mean.
  15. I think people know that lol. There are some signs you like by walking trough them. I am not going to stop and give every sign 60 likes everytime. But sometimes I give it one by walking trough it. So far I got 4 likes for all the stuf I build!!! thats amazing, the full 4!! I realy like the game, but the sharing buildings and stuff is not realy that perfect tho.