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  1. Can't agree more and thx for the extra info! Tonight i'l be pushing further into Biome 4 and 5 hopefully.
  2. Hey, welcome and have fun! I also just started out playing this game 3 days ago, had the game for some time, just had other things keeping me bussy. It's indeed an amazing game so far, but I have something weird going on tho. Yesterday I beat the 3the boss and by that also the first act, but i'm still in my first run 😂. Atm i'm clearing biome 4 while stil not having died in the game except for the intro where they basicly force you to die. Was not expecting this to go this good, I hope I'm not missing out on scoot logs or other stuff because of this.
  3. Yeah, cuz they probably just waited 2 months doing nothing else instead You make it sound like they have had the worst time ever
  4. I will keep that in mind!
  5. Is it tho? I 100% Des, BB, DS3 and Sekiro but somehow it felt like master in this game is harder. Have not tried myself, but by the comments it felt like it.
  6. Aaand canceled the game until there is a NG+
  7. November 19the as far as I know. (this friday)
  8. I hope this is real!!!!
  9. I GOT IT!!!! Glad this shit is over
  10. Found 2 games so far, lost very bad as wel... why does the other team has messi, ronlade and icons and I dont....??
  11. Every time I find somebody it says "Your captain has ended the co-op session..." What is that about?
  12. Turned out to be more doable than expected. My first attempts where terreble and I got scared for a sec. But the tips here helped, just keep boosting and only let go of the gas when needed. One final point of personal advise in race 11 I used O to drift as wel. There was one corner I had realy trouble with getting trough fast and once I manualy drifted there it went super smooth!
  13. At least you kinda know its stupid..
  14. Got all trophies so far, just the unobtainable one needs to be done some day.
  15. Will try, just a matter of winning then