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  1. Why would they care? Its dumb anyway, I would sign for save copies to not auto-pop trophies everytime.
  2. Tis is so bad.. by the time you do this I cleared 2-1 -> 2-3 This is not a cheese, but a wast of time.
  3. https://www.minecraft.net/en-us/article/howling-peaks-dlc-and-season-pass-coming-dungeons But will there be new trophies... So far 4 new DLC's or one new season pass is comming.
  4. How many times can one repeat himself in the same topic.
  5. I cant get this been trying for hours now I FUCKING GOT IIIIITTT
  6. I am still not done with that lvl, its sad but that lvl is ruining a lot of my pleasure I had before, leaving a bad taste.
  7. Skate heaven is such a shit level djeez. Those zig zag gabs are bullshit. Its like the forgot to enable the controls of the game in that level.
  8. Not realy except that one in roswell, but it only took me 10-15 min to get so I would say no.
  9. Thx, but I got them by now. Now I am clearing all the gabs, only a couple of stages to go in THPS2!
  10. I don't understand the design 100% tbh you have a map like that in the cloud? Could be helpfull Edit: nvm nailed it thx for the info tho.
  11. I have an other question, but did not want to make a new topic. Are there some pro skaters with slightly easier chalenges? Like 99% are easy to do, but I suck at the 4 special combo's, (Only Triend Tony's) Wondering if some of those are more easy that others.
  12. Great the same post as the other.
  13. This is still an issue, any solution??
  14. I did some Local yesterday and I did not see any xp gains, so I would guess no..
  15. This does not help for competitive and slam right?