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  1. How long did it take you? Also, did you skip a lot? Like camps etc?
  2. Ib4 they add ng+ next month and we have to do it a 3the time
  3. My name is mayo. Yep, I am not ashamed! Edit: but for real tho, probably Fifa 18. Because I suck at Fifa.
  4. They will... they basicly already said that. "Beating the Survival difficulty and challenges won’t be in vain — players can earn new trophies and unique bike skins to show off in photo mode to prove they’re bonafide Days Gone survivors. Are you?"
  5. Maybe not deleting games/lists. But an option I would realy like to have is being able to hide/disable DLC. Kinda in the same way like you can delete a 0% game. For example: There are some games I played or want to play, that have a lot of DLC that I dont like. If I buy a base game without the DLC. I dont like it that you only have 70% because of it. It should not be default. But a "Hide DLC trophies" option I would realy like. But only when you have 0%, or dont own the dlc at all. Those games can still flagged as "Base game only" for example. so you have Platinum and 100% in your stats (but flaggad as base game only) instead of Platinum and 70%. For free DLC with trophies on the other hand... I'm not sure. A part of me says that those should be undeletable. But on the onther had, there are some realy sucky trophies being added. That ruin a list. Free DLC trophies should be forbidden xD.
  6. Just wanted a clear list of all bosses needed for this trophy. We can put them in the most convenient order to get them ASAP. Also: They have to be in the same playtrought right? (NG and NG+ combined) or can you start 3 different NG runs and still get the trophy for killing them all? Edit: language
  7. This game got me somewhat scared to progress when reading all this stuf about not getting missions and jobs.
  8. Good, so it was not just me who tought that!
  9. Well this is random.
  10. TBH, even RDR2 had this issue... You dont want to know how many times I saw the same guy getting kicked to death by his horse xD.
  11. Thats good news!
  12. Ugh... more trophies. That cat one easier than it looks?
  13. NP, glad I could help! There is a progress rout with keypoints as wel as a complete walktrough guide + info on all bosses, minibosses, items, endings, .... If thats not enought there is an active Discord Also, they have this for a lot of games. DS1 trough DS3, Bloodborne, Fallout games, Horizon, Nioh,...
  14. Not a real trophy guide, but Fextralife has a great wiki and community on Discord. If you have any questions you will get an answer there really fast. Edit: guide -> wiki
  15. Also, getting all skills will take a lot more farming in NG. But its doable I guess.
  16. No you won't, it has to be done in one playtrough aka save game (NG into NG+). NG+ is basicly required or recommended for a lot of things. Defeating all bosses, getting all skills, upgrading all tools and getting every ending in the game. The last one 'Getting all endings' can be done in 4 unique runs as well. But the fastest way is doing it with a backup save in NG and getting Shura in NG+ I know you cant miss this boss when going for Isshin Ashina, but still. Edit: Language
  17. I don't think this ends the the game prematurely. You still progress till the end. Only Shura ends early on.
  18. This is like a realy small spoiler tbh... Its not that you know who, when, where, how and why you fight.
  19. True, it did take hem 2,5 days to get all 4 endings (one on the extra hard mode in NG+). None of them using save game backups. I do believe some of the platinum owners did it legit (or at least it is posible)
  20. Elajjaz on twitch completed the game in 1 hour and 38 minutes yesterday. Your point being?
  21. Thats only important for the 4the ending ( Shura ending) wich has to be done in NG+ K, good to know thx!
  22. Yes If you do Shura first, you end that playtrough with 0 Lapis Lazuri, wich means you will need to do a NG++ to get enough to upgrade all Tools to max. And if you do Shura first, but then reset your save file and go further to collect the Lapis, you will not get the all bosses defeated becous you reset Shura ending. Edit: why cant I post this in a seperate post... Just wondering, but does save-loading get concidered as cheating? Havent done it so far, but I can see myself doing it for this game. I just don't want to go to NG++
  23. Thx! For people strugeling with NG+ for example, they can also quit once they upgraded all tools and get all skills in NG+ (after the backup file reset) Once you got the all bosses, all tool upgrades and all skills done. You can basicly just quit and get the last two endings in a clean NG as wel. For some people this will be more easy i guess.
  24. For myself, I personaly think I will do it this way: Phase 1: Do a normal NG run of the game and get all 6 Lapis Lazuli. Then go for the first ending. (one of three) Phase 2: Start NG+ and make your way to the Shura ending. Before finishing this ending, make a backup save. Now finish the Shura ending. (all bosses trophy unlocked) Phase 3: Put back the backup save file. Now instead of doing the Shura ending, continue the game like Phase 1. Get all 6 Lapis lazuli and finish a new ending. (two of three) Phase 4: Eighter go to NG++ to get the last ending here or just start a clean NG run for the 4the and final ending. (three of three) Optional: Make a second backup save file at the end of phase 3 en get the last two endings there or make a backup save file in Phase1 and get 3 endings there. Personaly I will go for the extra playtroughs so I dont have to "cheat" that much. I will love the game anyway and will like to finish it more than once anyway. I just dont want to go trought the game up unitl NG+++ or something.
  25. Yes I understand, @Akrioz his idea should work for completing everything in two playtroughs.