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  1. Dragon age inquisition
  2. Persona 4 Golden. Lost my save so have to beat it twice again, plus the rise trophy.
  3. Spec Ops the line, just need to go back and do a fubar playthrough while collecting everything. But need to find the time.
  4. Tales of Zestiria
  5. J Stars Victory VS+
  6. Assassins creed unity
  7. Kingdom hearts
  8. Claradruis blaze which I'm pretty sure I spelt wrong, but I'm hoping to get eventually
  9. Darksiders, a series I want to go back and platinum them all when I have time.
  10. Tales of Berseria
  11. Yazuka kiwaimi, keep meaning/wanting to get into the series but need to find the time
  12. Tales of Xilla, it's in my backlog, but i need to find the time.
  13. Vanquish, love the game but played on xbox don't have time to go back and get the trophies now.
  14. Killzone ShadowFall
  15. Uncharted 4, you basically have it.