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  1. I've got VPN working over PC hotspot, but can't seem to find more than 1 player (Japan). Africa, Hong Kong, and Australia have been empty or the same player from Japan. Brazil just connected me with the same group in North America. Guess I need to try this one morning or on the weekend when there's more players. Update: Got it to work. Might be coincidence, but after connecting PS4 via ethernet instead of wi-fi, and laptop via wi-fi instead of ethernet, I was able to join a full match of players in Australia via Nord VPN. Won the match (7th win) and trophy popped.
  2. Finally got Menendez last night. I've seen the locket a lot lately... almost every supply drop I've hit except the one time I got Bruno's mission from the final drop, has been a locket drop. Now to try to get Bruno. Ugh.
  3. You've been very, very lucky then with the random drops.
  4. Anyone have access to the Muppets DLC and wiling to run through it with me to get all trophies? If so, perhaps we can work something out unless you're willing to do it just for the fun of it?
  5. I forgot to ascend my second pyromancy flame in order to trade to the crow for a Red Titanite Slab. Anyone have an extra slab they'd be willing to part with, or would you be willing to take my flame to your game, ascend it in Blighttown (but do not upgrade after ascending), and bring it back to me? I'm still in NG (would like to get this slab before heading to NG+) and I'm level 258. If level range is an issue, we can bypass that by using Darkroot Garden and the Forest Hunter covenant.