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  1. I need help on Demons Souls. I need 1 chunk and pure version of every stone in the game. If anyone could help it would be fantastic. I'm SL 170.

  2. Anyone here played Dark Souls? I was wondering say I brought the Prepare To Die edition could I continue from the save file I platinumed the game on and do the DLC?

    1. killerJAZZ420


      The DLC doesn't have trophies does it?

    2. Muff


      yea the DLC doesnt i was told...and idk if you could, id assume so cuz they are the same exact game, arent they?

    3. LionheartFFVIII


      No it doesn't have trophies but I love Dark Souls and really like the looks of the DLC

  3. Picked up Resident Evil 6 and Hyperdimension Neptunia yesterday. Currently finding Resi 6 slightly mediocre =/

    1. Orlay_


      In the dem,o, I only liked the Leon campaign.. I quickly became bored with the other 2 campaigns because it's so much like other TPS.

  4. I see people are playing Resident Evil 5 this week. If anyone's after the platinum I'm the person to ask for help =) I know all BSAA Emblem locations and Treasure locations!

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Malik


      i need help with 100 percent

    3. LionheartFFVIII


      Okay send me a PM through the PSN and we can get it all done =)

    4. Malik


      ok, i will tomorrow :)

  5. Morning everyone! Whats everyone's plans for the weekend?

    1. Orlay_


      I have class.. and on sunday we're inviting the hurricane over to play.

    2. Aexuz


      Hey Lionheart, nice to see you here ;) if you still need some help on borderlands let me know

    3. Aexuz


      I have class today, but I'll be back in the afternoon for some gaming.

  6. Currently playing Battlefield 3 online! If anyone wants to join comment below and we can get some squads going!

  7. Anyone here currently playing Demons Souls? Im just looking for people to play with and to have a blast while doing so! =)

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    2. Piggie_Pie


      yeah... still working on the Dark Souls platinum... now that there is DLC im thinking of playing it again :)

    3. LionheartFFVIII


      I have the platinum for Dark Souls so if you ever need a hand let me know =) I'm considering the DLC myself but I wanna platinum Demons Souls first.

    4. Piggie_Pie


      sounds like we can help each other out then :)

  8. Looking to boost the following games! Medal Of Honor, Gundam Extreme VS, Battlefield 3 & Bad Company 1 & 2 Dynasty Warriors Gundam 2. I can help people through Resident Evil 5 for there plat!

    1. Crimson-Cobalt


      Finally I found someone :D. I'm playing Gundam Extreme Vs. Need the two online trophies.

    2. Ayrtanium100


      i can help for the battle field games but hope my time zone in AUS dosent affect the time i can help

    3. LionheartFFVIII


      Domt worry about time zone issues i play alot =)