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  1. Pagani Passion is now live! This is the last chance to start the journey to the plat without buying Racing Icons Pack.
  2. Big In Japan event is now live!
  3. Radical Raceway event is now live!
  4. RiME was a really nice game. Enjoyed it a lot more than Firewatch and Virginia.

  5. American Prototype Power event is now live.
  6. Can you beat my time? EDIT: Ran the event on Assetto Corsa too for comparison.
  7. The Green Hell event is now live. I wish you all good luck on this one.
  8. Clio Cup Challenge is now live.
  9. Background image is from the PS2 game rather than the PSN game.
  10. Formula A in Italy event is now live.
  11. Vehicles are unlocked from the start and you can start the events without any time put into the game.
  12. Formula A in Belgium is now live.
  13. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ better safe than sorry.
  14. Please read the first post You NEED to be in the leaderboard in the top 3000 for it to count.
  15. New events are added to the list!