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  1. You gotta get the drill!
  2. The Final Parade Lap (II) is now live! End of the road again?
  3. American Le Mans (II) is now live!
  4. Spring Cleaning (II) is now live!
  5. Multitalented and Whirlwind of Death not popping in AC Syndicate... Great.

    1. DamagingRob


      I didn't have any glitch, but I'd sometimes have to wait minutes for the trophy. Weird delays in that game. 

    2. totallycrushed


      I've had a bunch of the delays but these I've met the requirements over 12h ago :/

    3. DamagingRob


      Yeah, that doesn't sound good..

  6. Fallout Shelter just got an update on PS4. Patch notes say it's for minor bug fixes and optimizations. This does not disable the use of time skip.
  7. Highway to Hell (II) is now live!
  8. Kel-Tec the forums
    Reopen in 2019

  9. Dead? Yes, on arrival. And still very much possible to boost. takes 6 people in total. Set up a gaming session and there'll be people interested to boost it since it's easy enough.
  10. @Dr-ZeRoCo Currently the game is not possible to plat for newcomers.
  11. @Dr-ZeRoCo the last few events are without DLC. Those that were with DLC were marked as such, you can see it by opening the past events tab.
  12. Big Trouble In Little China (II) is now live!
  13. @pinkrobot_pb glad to hear there’s sane people left here
  14. So are we now just assuming this was a hacker and not a dev account left public with trophies popped or do we know for a certain this was a hacker who popped the trophy with a debug menu that was left unintentionally in the game?
  15. So are we just going to willfully forget that the devs do have to try this shit out internally too?