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  1. Like it’ll stop, they got GTAO fuck-off money anyways and I believe EGS money too. It’s a powerhouse that can’t be taken down even a step.
  2. Also BBC Radio is still available in the game so you can just chill with morning radio on
  3. Epic Games deal.
  4. Damn! Cuisine made it to PS5. Wonder if they'll need to rename it on PSN as well since it's CRSD FOAD or some shit on Steam now since it was released on EGS.

    It's the best BR game, don't at me. 

  5. Yeah it's a weird one. Some don't get any issues, some get this glitched, some get the Kingslayer files glitched.
  6. Yeah, unfortunately it's the only ones that are floating around. Can't access patch notes from the official site.
  7. A new patch was rolled out with somewhat questionable patch notes. I think they just made Ubi Connect to work with the game now. Anyways, I tried both methods of replaying El Sueno and completing a mission on a new save file and Mission Master did not pop. Ghost Recon Wildlands Update 1.31 Patch Notes Fixed crashing issues. Fixed framerate drop and freezing issues. Fixed stuttering/lag issues. Performance and stability improvements. Gameplay improvements added with Wildlands. Other minor under the hood improvements.
  8. OP around 2016, trick around 2018.
  9. Nah, the amount of autopop cheevos on Steam is insane, and Portal 2 back in the day when you could crossplay it autopopped all but one cheevo on Steam. A ban from an autopop that is done by normal means is not going to happen.
  10. Limiting for security. It sucks but overall a good thing.
  11. Because, don't be afraid to use it.
  12. Can be hundo'd. More difficult then on release. Nightfall Grandmaster is no joke.
  13. in addition to linking PSN, this requires a bungie account and giving up either a Microsoft account or a Steam account. Really not worth going to try to get a ”free” platinum/100% this way.
  14. Danger Rising is decent but Los Demonios and Dare Devils are absolute trash.
  15. Following the small stories and all the references in Mayo 2 are surprisingly fun!