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  1. Big in Japan 2018 is now live!
  2. Radical Raceway 2018 is now live!
  3. American Prototype Power 2018 is now live! Did you manage to beat the Nordschleife? What was your time?
  4. Sub 8! Could probably do sub 7:50 if my R2 wasn't broken.
  5. The Green Hell 2018 is now live! Can you beat my time? I'll try to improve my time also and share the results.
  6. Clio Cup Challenge 2018 is now live!
  7. Formula A in Italy 2018 is now live!
  8. Formula A in Belgium 2018 is now live!
  9. @Saionji Old events are not replayable until SMS decides to make them upcoming, see the new upcoming list for how it works.
  10. @midgetstrawdog -Pagani Passion 2018 | Starts on 24th Jun. 2018 no DLC-DTM Masters 2018 | Starts on 1st Jul. 2018 with DLC
  11. @edufilippin Yes
  12. @Smzthy- Possible but very tough since there's a trophy for getting the brakes to hit 1000° C temperature. Making sure that your time is in the leaderboards with and making sure you're in top 3000 almost guarantees the trophy will pop at your 20th event. We had multiple players here that followed my instructions and said that the trophy popped on their 20th.
  13. Alright! New events are added and they run all the way to November. This is your chance to go for the plat again if you missed it the last time. 28 new Events, one on-going right now so get to it! And one On-Demand with Racing Icons DLC. I'll keep updating this thread again whenever an event goes live!
  14. Interesting. WMD portal does show Cologne Games Week 2018 as active but the LB is not accessible. I'll look into this and update the OP. Thanks for the heads up @MaverickSeven