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  1. 29 new events added with 1 On-Demand event. Time to pick this back up again! Same thing as last time. I'll keep updating the OP and make weekly reminders so those who follow this thread can get pinged as a reminder. Seems like the start dates have been moved to Tuesdays this time.
  2. @EzusJezus no. Hit & Run requires you to win a round in under 2 mins which is easy enough while solo queing Casual or Ranked. Master requires you to get at least Gold IV on Ranked which requires a bit of skill and a good squad to get it fairly easy
  3. Depending on your skill level but I'd recommend Rook from defender side. Drop the trauma plates and you're set as it's passive like Jäger's ADS or Bandit's batteries but it's helpful for everyone who care to take them. Plus Rook's MP5 is ridiculously good. You just have to play anchor. With map knowledge I'd say Valkyrie. One cam on site if the sites are divided by a soft wall. Shoot a hole on the top of the wall and throw a camera in there. Stairs like in Kafe and Outback, Throw a camera up there too. When you've set your cameras, you can go lurk in a floor below the sites, watch cameras and go for ambush... Just don't step on Caveira's shoes if they're roaming heavy. I have not been maining the SMG on Valk for a while now. Her SPAS-12 is a beast when you get comfortable with not holding long peeks or get good with the Deagle. Attacker I'd recommend Capitao. His LMG with ACOG is a beast with very small recoil pattern that's easy to get used to and you can make the defenders in tight corners lose their shit with the fire bolts. Got a Clash against you? Fire bolt that sucker! It's also very useful gadget when the defuser is in place and you're holding it from an angle. Another attacker that's very easy to get into is Blackbeard. Learn how to peek windows upside down on Kafe and Hereford. Castle barriers and Frost traps are not going to stop you!
  4. Completing Article 5 in R6S has to be the most difficult thing ever when your teammates are either 10-30 clearance or 130 clearance Copper IVs.

  5. That's really fucking trivial tbh
  6. Can't find any info on this. Would like to know if it'll be a physical release since I have a relative visiting France in a couple of weeks.
  7. DLC

    Horse armor.
  8. Glad you’re the moral guardian.
  9. It’s a trophy community. People will definitely take the shortest route to the plat if they want to.
  10. Have fun.
  11. Toothpaste and water has been my go-to for years now. Got some busted discs working with it.
  12. @Varhur Yup
  13. @Varhur Just curious. Normal as in Phat or Slim?
  14. I'm not too familiar with RTS but EndWar is ok, unplattable tho. Brütal Legend is great if you like rock and can deal with some really challenging AI and want to deal with data corruption that makes you finish in one sitting at 80%~ Valkyria Chronicles has been said to be one of the hidden gems on PS3 along with Folklore etc. It has a remaster on PS4 with trophy support. Edit: I see you already hundo'd BL. Good shit!
  15. Interesting. Might look into getting a copy. HVTs get tedious in late-game and waiting for invincibility glitch or passive enemies glitch to occur isn’t the best use of time