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  1. This is a real OGs post

    I hope you all suffer with Omerta on Classic.


  2. Instead of THPS 1 + 2, I've been playing the old games. THUG went well and got complete hundo. THUG2 save corrupted after sick run but it's fine it's a short game.

    THPS4 tho kicked my ass with the pro challenges. Need to do gaps and cash pickups still.

    1. RedRodriguez87


      THUG 1 + 2 is where it's at. I once wished for a remake/remaster, but seeing the not so hot track record of the others, maybe its better that they don't.....

    2. totallycrushed


      Depends really what you're looking at, Robomodo TH are all bad while NS only had 2 bad games and they were split into two different versions. P8 and PG are completely different games on PS2 and PS3.

  3. It's a far fetch but still possible.
  4. Not embedded. Would help to learn that. And I'm just playing the devils advocate like I said mate. To to your first comment, I'm not here to defend them. I don't even know them. Just saying that grainy fucking caps are not enough. Plus that NASCAR 2011 list looks pretty ok to me, cheated or not.
  5. If you got proof of that, sure. Grainy screencaps are just not enough. HTML5 is super easy to edit.
  6. If done on latest patch, NASCAR 2011 Ride on Style and Boy Scout popping 17 minutes between is completely possible.
  7. As if grainy screencaps are a proof. Just playing the devil's advocate. Screencaps are not enough.
  8. Hahaa I might be fucked with the last remaining trophies I have in Starhawk! Sucks I didn't do them way back when I did the online. Enjoyed the campaign though, once again finding a hidden gem in the backlog.

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    2. totallycrushed


      I think it's possible in campaign but just super tedious to get. Also have no clue where a repair tool would be in camgaign lol.

    3. Mayellie


      I guess you're... totally crushed, huh. B)

    4. totallycrushed


      92648201st time I heard that.

  9. Well I got my Wayfarer seal before Cursebreaker. Pallas Galliot has been one bastard forever.

  10. Starting Wayfarer right now would be super tight since you need decent drops from Mars Escalation Protocol and the heroics from the planets. But I can suggest Cursebreaker over Chronicler or Dredgen any day since it really doesn't need any PvP and is possible after DCV. Cursebreaker will take you at least 6 weeks and you have to complete Ascendant Challenges, The WIsh-Ender Quest and have decent enough drop RNG.
  11. No bugs or glitches that I remember
  12. The Nring gold medal is super lenient, nothing like Mission 34 or GT5 AMG stuff. This was my run of it way back in 2017 Some more context this was my second run at the trial and my first was at 6:58:463 and if you know Nring and take note how I drive, I can't for the life of me be brave in the last sector after Karusell, but I still managed to get the gold medal so it's really super easy.
  13. Trophies have really taken the backseat for me now as I've been working on Destiny 2 on PC. With good luck I should be done with it in a couple weeks, really depending on getting good drops on Forsaken stuff and where the weekly flashpoint will be.

    Kinda want to get back to play Assetto Corsa Competizione as soon as possible.

  14. Was on early access program for this on PC and it’s not that great. Dungeon Crawler with bunch of confusing mechanics, big rooms with few enemies and overall a really broken mess.