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  1. Group A Challenge 2019 is now live!
  2. Ok cool, I didn't get around to it yet. My other disc seem to be busted that it doesn't work
  3. When will we rise against Any% times because of cheating REEE
  4. I've had that too and came to the conclusion that this might need to be done with 2 copies of the game and 2 PS3s. I could test this out.
  5. There's a couple games that require constant online connection like The Crew games and MG Survive but all trophies PVP only, I guess there's the dozen of F2P games like War Thunder etc. I don't play much of competitive games so I'm coming up short right now
  6. Remember when you asked for DeS drops? I do.
  7. Get woke lads
  8. Once again opinions don't matter, unless it's mine.
  9. Oh the innocence!
  10. @FLu-Phone Pop should happen when you've completed your valid lap in the 20th event. Events should not require a Plus subscription. Yes but you have to be careful mainly with Do You Smell Somethin'? And some other trophies with the green background. DTM Masters is now live!
  11. There's comments on the trophies by one Dannyktf.
  12. @Horus1895 Make sure your times are in the leaderboards. Most I've got back has been that they've counted. Just keep playing the events until it pops.
  13. Pagani Passion 2019 is now live!
  14. Oooh yeah there were the PS4 ports too! I guess they fixed that then