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  1. @Ferruccio5 One valid lap should be enough, if your time doesn't show up when you press square on the event menu just run another valid lap.
  2. @Goldfire Too old 😰
  3. @Goldfire I'm not watching an unboxing of my bday gift
  4. I'm wishing it's included in the Collector's Edition I ordered from Bandai Namco 😐
  5. @gamingboy79 There are 26 events to complete, refer to the original post in this thread for current and upcoming events. Events start and end every Monday. Other MP trophies are also obtainable and can be boosted solo. Refer to this thread how to do that @juma-alman9oori Lucky you there are events again so you can plat the game
  6. Don't you just hate how the bike just doesn't want to stop and it feels like you're falling behind constantly? Here's a couple tips to make these three trophies dumb easy with a bit of practice from a racing game newbie and little to no practice for someone who plays racing games a lot. 1. Forget Career, do this in World Championship: Bikes are in what we call BOP, Balance of Power so bikes have very similar power output. Just pick a top row rider to swat one opponent out of your way. 2. Turn off Traction Control and Front Brake ABS: I know this might be scary but the bikes are not that uncontrollable while these are off, you just have to apply some throttle control when exiting corners. Front Brake is the one bound to L2, you will still need to use the Rear Brake that's bound to Square but you will brake so much faster than ABS on. 3. From long straights to the next corner, brake early!: Don't trust the racing line on this game. The physics of the bike and the useless brakes make it kind of useless when braking. If you miss the corner, apex or go off-track at anypoint, remember to abuse the Second Chance option.
  7. Not a remaster. It's a PS2 emulation. EDIT: About the trophy card and title, I guess they couldn't make a choice between the NA and EU titles
  8. @Rikorus_Boss Deleted events that you had a time in the LBs should count towards the 20 events.
  9. Formula A in Belgium 2019 is now live!
  10. 2019 events are now added to the OP. There is one On-Demand event but well enough over 20 so you have some leeway. Cologne Games Week 2019 is live right now for another 7 hours until we switch to the normal Monday scheduled events.
  11. I'll update the OP during the weekend, thanks for the heads up @Smzthy
  12. testing my existence?

    1. totallycrushed


      Existence has been acknowledged.

  13. Oh God, I'm old
  14. Relative easy ways to notice these afterwards but eBay listing only had the picture of the front cover which wasn't too clear of a picture.