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  1. Based Arab highway drifting
  2. I'll still take impossible lists like Attacking Zegeta 2 rather than the trash they release multi region just so troophers spend their money on ezplats. Now don't anger them though 10 years for Stanley Parable might be long but don't tell them how the Steam cheevo list has by design an impossible cheevo!
  3. I'll take a dozen of Attacking Zegeta 2's over trash 90% plats tbh.
  4. SotFS isn't a remaster. DeS PS5 is a remake, not a remaster.
  5. Forza Horizon is back available on the XBL store. Right in time before 10 year license runs out. Sony should take notes.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. totallycrushed


      Well, Horizon is completely different and Forza didn't compete at all until Motorsport 2

      If you go back playing FM1 it pales in comparison to GT4.

    3. DaveMcDamage


      Well you say, comparing a series that was in its 4th gen compared to Forza Motorsport 1 being T10's first. But but as you also said, Forza 2 is where it really kicked off and GT hasn't been able to compete since. I also put a lot of it down to Microsoft being able to market games like this much better. SONY sees GT has something that has been around a long time and shouldn't have to try and sell it and that fans should come at get it. Where as T10 invested in both the games and the communities, and that how Horizon became to be. 

    4. totallycrushed


      Sony not putting effort, I mean that's every single one of their games that isn't story driven triple A tbh. Dreams, GT6, LBP3, Disc Jam, Something car battle thing they released on plus not too long ago and is already getting shut down?, Drawn to Death.
      Sony is just bad at everything that's not a console seller. Did TLOU 2 get a PS5 update? I actually do not know and not going to look it up :D

      But my main point was that Sony needs to look at what MS is doing for preserving games and this is the latest and actually kind of important note since it deals with brand and music lisences. EA did it before with Paradise and Hot Pursuit. Sony should've done this with GT5 and they should do it with GT6.

      This is beyond just trophy hunting. It's about preservation. Just look at GT6 prices outside of EU and JP and say they're ok. 


  6. There's a reason why books have been the same for hundreds of years.
  7. 1. Browser extensions. 2. Example? 3. God no. 4. CTRL + F
  8. You sure you played either?
  9. Delete everything else from existence, only play RAID. Always.
  10. If only the finished game didn't feel like it's 60% done.
  11. HK AS has menus, subs in Cantonese, X and O swapped. Audio is in English. No need to close the game in between. Many stacks same platform. Autopopping won't work for you since you've never done them once.
  12. Yes so do that one offline in the DLC 1 and then turn your internet on again and start DLC 2.
  13. Yo is that a Puppet Combo game on console? Dope!

    1. visighost


      Murder House is also on PS4!

    2. totallycrushed


      Apparently so, completely flew under my radar

  14. ya6BF8A.jpg

    Bing bing wahoo!

    1. gamercris066
    2. Jeanoltt


      Enjoy it! A great console