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  1. It is completely playable solo.
  2. You'll get it without even trying tbh no matter your approach, just don't get seen.
  3. Straight forward but the Legacy set and Collectibles will be somewhat of a pain. I didn't find most of them while playing.
  4. Hi! This is just a thread to let everyone know that autopops indeed do still work with Sleeping Dogs Definitive Edition stacks as long as you are willing to do some work for them. As a side note, the leaderboards never went down. They've always been up. Even the original release still has the LBs up. @tranquilu mentioned a method in another thread and I tried it myself and it does work. I did this twice and it does work, although the other stack I signed in during Nightmare in North Point and for some reason it popped the trophies while playing.
  5. So I got Sleeping Dogs somehow to autopop all but the 30 silvers and golds. Now I'm just hoping I don't have to start over but I probably will. What a pain.

    1. totallycrushed


      Ok for some reason there's 3 gold awards that I do not have unlocked in main game even though I've plat the EU stack years before. Might be able to do this then!


  6. Anyone up for or needing the speedrun trophy in Human Fall flat?
    Almost got it today but game decided to crash on public lobbies.
    Going to try out a run tomorrow saturday 10am GMT, hmu if you need it and want to join in or just want to help out.

    1. LukeTheGooner


      I'm jealous that I already did it last year, one of my favourite games to play it's honestly so fun


      Good luck :) the stones on the aztec level suck though

  7. Valkyrie Queen in God of War likes to smash my head in the pavement. Wonder when I'll get past her.

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. AK-1138


      Way to live up to your name, there...

    3. totallycrushed


      @AK-1138 old relic from 08 or 09, was supposed to be totallyfucked but for obvious reasons that wasn’t accepted.

    4. zizimonster


      With proper armors (Mist something) and maxed weapons on easiest difficulty, it's easy. I got it on second try.


      Good luck! 👍

  8. Woke up to this, got a good laugh out of it.
    Not sure why they thing sending me this is a good idea? Do they think that I give a fuck?FYle2Pt.jpg

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. AK-1138


      That last line reads like classic Edwardian era national romantic poetry

    3. totallycrushed


      The cute Fortnite avatar elevates it even more.

    4. AihaLoveleaf


      The cat face Fortnite avatar has me reading this in a Nyanners-like voice. All it needs is an UWU at the end.

  9. Anyone insterested in grouping up for Destiny 2 at some point, add me totallycrushed#1861.
    I prefer playing on PC but the magic of crossplay is fun, yaaay!

  10. Not sure if entertainment or annoyance.
  11. God I wish this forum template had more than just the like option on replies. No idea if it does but the places I've seen it it's only upvote.

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    2. Dr_Mayus


      Who is Enya :o

      Do you have a soul?


    3. AJ_Radio


      Facebook and Twitter should of died a long time ago. They're corporate entities and they excel in keeping people separated.


      Sure, they were a big thing back in the day, we all used to think social media 15 years ago was awesome. But what does it amount to really? Everybody is fake. I've had countless people block me on Facebook and Twitter just for trying to be honest and real. That's really what the soclal media culture is about in a nutshell. Getting weak people together when it is basically impossible to do so in the real world. A hivemind so to speak.


      YouTube and Reddit aren't any better either. I just ignore any and all comments at this point when I watch YouTube videos. I left Reddit last year, too many dickheads on there just like all the other big social media outlets.


      @enaysoft Emoji was only the beginning. When the internet memes became mainstream, things just got a whole lot worse.

    4. totallycrushed


      In a forum, upvotes and downvotes are important, especially if you don’t want a thread to be on a constant loop. You can just upvote a reply that covers your thoughts on whatever the OP is about etc. 

      Here though since we like numbers going up already, the rep point being visible is not a great thing. But at the same time usually someone with high rep can be trusted.


      A trial of hiding rep points, keeping the highlight of 5 likes and adding a dislike without negatives to your current rep could be decent. Would add an ’informative’ tag as well tbh.


      But we all know what site we are on.

  12. They did have QA and they did give feedback but Microids do not care. They bought the license for cheap off from Ubi and did whatever they want. Look at their track record with released games and it don’t get much better.