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  2. It's not that kind of a situation. The other one is a DLC and the other a complete standalone with a few trophies peppered in from the base game list.
  3. it doesn’t matter when you decide to shit on the userbase right away. Do you honestly think that a sony fan would want these features gone?
  4. And this is the kind of shit that makes people not want to follow your cause. The fuck are you doing?
  5. To OP, Daiv is more than likely meaning with the sensationalizing the fact that we get a bitching thread here every month with some fuckwit making a thing asking for keeping servers up or bringing them back because they "really like the game and really just want to play the game again online" while we all know that we're degenerate fucks here just for the trophies.
  6. Q: Will there be more events?A: We do not know, Slightly Mad Studios do not inform us about these ever. Trust me I've tried.
  7. You do if there's only 20 events left and one of them is an on-demand event.
  8. Interesting. Might need to find a friend close by with a PS5 now
  9. Those solo challenges on NFS: The Run DLC were excruciating but glad I got them done with. Now to just grind levels, do the challenge series and finish the final mission on Extreme without fucking up!

  10. Yeesh, now I have to deal with The Run for real.
  11. Gotta vent a bit and say that the Assetto Corsa Competizione long career trophy/cheevo is immensly stupid. Not only you have to keep your trophy rating in Gold with staying first in every test, practice session, qualifying and race, but you can't even exit out of them without it getting overwritten basically by "you left the session and came back to it later, no gold for you".

    And then we get to the fucking meat. I know GT5 made us do 2 24h races along with a bunch of other endurance races but since then, this is just stupid. This is supposed to be a Blancpain GT/WEC Simulator thing, Don't remember the last time a single driver took the role of all three drivers and drove 24h of fucking Spa. It's completely bonkers. pCARS at least had AI drivers to take over when you decided that driving was enough.

    I know Kunos doesn't really care for the console market since AC on PC has completely different lists and I remember asking them back when ACC was announced if they were going to bring Competizione to consoles and it was a hard no, but this is just beyond anything reasonable.

    Such a shame. I like to introduce hunters to racing games and ACC is stupid good even on a controller but for trophy hunting, it's broken, unnecessarily cruel and just not worth it.

    1. totallycrushed


      All-in-all the career trophies/cheevos were never glitched, they're just insanely cruel to the point that I might as well try to plat AC on a controller instead. Hopefully that fucking drift BMW will work this time!

  12. GPLaps is amazing, I'm so glad he's finally in YT recommends for people that watch racing stuff.
  13. I just bought Indy 2005 on PS2 after playing 04 for so many years. pCARS 2 got close but misses the important tracks that aren't Long Beach or Indianapolis.
  14. Definitely! And overall I'm glad that SRX is a thing entirely. With a decent following, dirt ovals could come back with late models, sprintcars, supermodels who knows! I just need more oval dirt track racing since NASCAR has been dull for so many years. Now just give me that Indy game that's not tied to R2 or iRacing again and I would be a happy boi.