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  1. Racing Resolution (II) is now live! Currently the last event that requires either On-Demand or Racing Icons Pack.
  2. Sleeping Dogs: DE is really killing my love for the game. Damn thing crashes constantly.

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Splinter_Elite3


      Hmmm well I don't know what else to say, unfortunately.

    3. totallycrushed


      Don't worry, I'm just venting my disappointment.

    4. Splinter_Elite3


      Hopefully you get through and plat Sleeping Dogs: DE, good luck to you.

  3. Kimi moving back to Sauber and Charles getting the Ferrari seat...I've very mixed feelings about this.

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. totallycrushed


      What do you think, game over for him on this season?

    3. dermarx


      7 races to go, 30 points gap and Lewis won 3 out of the last 4 races. I wouldn't say game over but Lewis is a good driver to manage this gap. Difficult to say who will win the WDC this year. What do you think?

    4. totallycrushed


      I really want Vettel to grab this one, but it looks bad.

  4. New Year, New Racing (II) is now live!
  5. @luis_lem Has nothing to do with Sony, but yeah it's a bummer. Your best chance is to wait for more events added some time after the current last is done but I wouldn't get your hopes up.
  6. Anyone up for helping out with Gwyn on DS1 PS3 on short notice? SL-123

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    2. totallycrushed


      I'm almost purely a pyro build and just ran from start to finish to him as quick as possiblle, don't have most of the rings or upgrade materials etc.

    3. totallycrushed


      Went poised to hell and just tanked hits and threw all pyros I got when I had the chance. Finally got the platinum.

    4. Dragon-Archon


      Nice, congrats. That works too :lol: .

  7. The Emperor's Festive Bonanza 2018 (II) is now live!
  8. Supercars of Silverstone 2018 is now live!
  9. SIE San Diego is dead anyways. Calling anyone or any phone number wont help at all. You might want to get to work on Guns Up and it's stacks and those MLB games while you're at it.
  10. Formula Catalan 2018 is now live!
  11. @stpatty Assetto Corsa has just one online trophy for completing a lap in online lobby.
  12. @ZireaelSan Unfortunately yes. Maybe they'll add new events in 2019 but don't get your hopes up.
  13. Dual in the Desert 2018 is now live!
  14. I'm sorry I didn't bother to grind 10mil or do KOTH sooner, silly me. As I said 4WDs are stupid grippy, try them out. GT1 class Maserati MC12 is the car with most downforce and does not lose control unless you yourself slam the brakes. Just try Hard difficulty with 4WDs or the Maserati and tell me it's that difficult of a game. 45 minutes? Oh please Try pCARS and GT4 and GT5 with Endurance races. I'll give you one with the track mastering Turn 10 in Brno is broken, everything else... Well you might want to try out those 4WDs, just saying. EDIT: Just some more clarification In online you can do 1h rubberband races. At most if you're gonna plan your MP trophies, you're looking at max 28 races. Less if you combine some. And finally, this is a simcade racer, this isn't your basic NFS or any arcade racer. You're not supposed to touch the other racers.
  15. 4WDs, Pikes Peak Scion Tc and Maserati MC12 for GT1 championship and you're gonna be breezing through the game. Only slightly difficult races are in the Retro leagues. Just use aggressive dive bombs to turn 1 and when you're at P1, defend it like Schumi. You will have about 3 million after 100% the career with DLC so the money grind will be a real pain.