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  1. New Year, New Racing 2019 is now live!
  2. Is your R2 busted? Try having acceleration on R1 or whatever you are comfortable with and see if you can go faster. If you do that means your controller's busted.
  3. Dunno what to tell you, Tour in Bikes is cake tbh. I hope you have brake assist off.
  4. If you get this info from PSPrices, check the actual storefronts first. PSPrices is a mess currently.
  5. If this thread is going to be a list of sorts, region and item codes should be included.
  6. Last time I dealt with this was on PS3 and I think how I got "past" the mission was to join someone close to that mission or someone who's about to turn it in. Very frustrating stuff. I think I had the mission still not turned in on PT2 but I could continue along.
  7. Remember the good old days? Me neither.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. totallycrushed
    3. Evertonian


      at my age I am lucky if I remember where I left my keys

    4. ShonenCat


      Yes, I remember them like they were yesterday 😢

  8. The Emperor's Festive Bonanza 2019 is now live!
  9. BeatSaber is far from an original concept. Just by googling either game you get a list of similar games released earlier than BeatSaber
  10. Supercars of Silverstone 2019 is now live!
  11. Trying my best to finish up games by plat rarity and Eat Lead still mocks me after all these years. I don't think I'll ever finish that trash.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. totallycrushed


      I've had it since forever and last time I got stuck in the first part of final boss fight and couldn't get past it. I hate that it's such a low rarity plat.

    3. mako-heart


      u never gonna escape

    4. totallycrushed


      All these shit games keeping me a prisoner for life.

  12. Shift + Enter.
  13. These were never populated on the PS3 tbh. Gotta boost it but Rev is a quick one.
  14. @Shmeefly Codies don't really close F1 servers. 15 has plenty of time still being on current gen and no Racenet attached to it. I'd worry more about last gen. Mostly 2010 and the titles attached to Racenet.
  15. It’s the same with Mercenaries 2. Both parties have to be in the same network.