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  1. You should go back to it and meet the requirements for the drop and pop an easy trophy! You can either play in NG+ though the enemies are quite tough or just start fresh and follow the guide.
  2. Haven't seen that one. Wrote this from my footnotes of the important stuff of what to do and in which order.
  3. Longest time to plat, Black Ops 1 with 7 years and 1 month.


    This'll stay a while until #150 with MW2

    1. Scyther
    2. ee28max


      Well done! 💯

      I'm getting Black Ops back hopefully tomorrow after 2 years! Good luck on MW2, you can ask me for tips on the Special Ops missions because they can be a real pain :). Just let me know. 

      I might be getting MW3 back as well. This is for the plats I should've got long ago. 

    3. totallycrushed


      Yeah we're currently in Snatch & Grab. Only the second part gets a bit scary but I think the lag issues work in our favor.

      Host plays with stop-go lag and I play with delay.

  4. @Spaz Getting all rings and upgraded weapons and the unique weapons make the plat stupid easy. All you need to really remember that with NA version we'll have to make the drop for you in very late night or early morning because the NA servers do not work at all if there's even a bit of traffic. DM me on PSNP, message on PSN or contact via Discord (totallycrushed#0713) when you're ready.
  5. Formula Catalan event is now live!
  6. Hit me up in DMs and lets set up a time and date!
  7. As said in the guide. I'll drop the weapons for "Best Weapon By" trophies. Do you have 5-1 unplayed.
  8. @charlijaen Excellent! Congratulations!
  9. @Saionji Congratulations!
  10. Dual In The Desert event is now live!
  11. Hello! I'm doing item drops for all the three stacks. NA, EU and JP! The items include all Rings for the Rogue's trophy and all the weapons for Soldier's and Best Weapon By trophies. So get on this quick before they close down the servers at the end of February! Prerequisites for the item drop are that you are in the Soul Level 130 Range. (110 - 155) And you haven't completed 5-1 Valley of Defilement (This is the area I'm using for item drops). Also do note that NA has very bad servers and connecting to them are a pain. My routine for trying to connect to them is to try the Select Button menu and see if it works and seeing Bloodstains, Messages, Phantoms etc. If not, Quit the game go offline and reload and sign in when the sign in screen comes up and hope for the best. There's three states of connection states in the game. You will want to try to get to the third one. Offline/Not Connected = Select Button doesn't work Online/Not Connected = Select Button works but no Messages etc. Connected = You see all the Messages, Bloodstains etc. EU and JP servers are fine. On with the guide for a quick plat! Missable trophies! Old King's Trophy (1-1, Kill Ostrava to get the key, Kill Doran behind the door guarded by the Red Eye Knight) Flying Dragon's Trophy (Remember to kill the dragon in 4-1 on the steps to the fog wall before False King. Hard to miss. Use Bow & Arrows! DUPE ARROWS!) World Uniter's Trophy (After Killing the last boss Old One, DO NOT attack Maiden in Black, instead walk away where you came from. This will give you the Good ending and Maiden Soul you need for to finish up for the plat.) GENERAL THINGS ABOUT DUPING The videos are very clear how to dupe souls and consumables, HOWEVER with Souls, DO remember to save ONE of each Demon Soul so you can dupe it more than just once. When you dupe, your stockpile will show that you have 1099 of the item but you actually have two stacks of 99 of them. SO when consuming Demon Souls after dupe, take one stack of 99 of the souls and of the second one take 98. You will still need these souls for Miracles and Spells. DON’T USE THEM ALL WITHOUT DUPING MORE. Boletaria 1-1 Get Jade Ornament (Left gate control tower, You’ll get to this when you progress in 1-1 going for Phalanx. Destroy the chain in the balcony by attacking it. Jade Ornament will be on the ground close to the gate on the left where you started your journey up through the wall.) Kill Ostrava (Ostrava is the dude on the ledge after the first fog wall after your first Blue Eye Knight encounter. Killing him will get you a key that you will need so you can kill Old King Doran. (Optional get Scimitar, Bastard Sword & Flame Shield) These are items in 1-1, not needed but could make your journey to item drop a bit easier if you want. Kill Phalanx (1-1 boss, first trophy you'll earn) Nexus, give Jade Ornament to Thomas to get Ring of Herculean Strength Stockpile Thomas is the character that will store your items. He will be also used when duping souls and consumables. Level up to 30-35 (Optional Go to 2-1, get upgrade stones [shard of hardstone etc.], upgrade Flame Shield & Scimitar or Bastard Sword) Weapons are upgraded by Blacksmith Boldwin in Nexus. He is also used to dupe Souls and Consumables. [SUPER OPTIONAL] If you WANT to, you can dupe the Phalanx’s Demon Soul and level up to SL 130 but this will take some time. Finish 1-2. Kill Tower Knight boss Finish World 2 Kill Armored Spider, Flamelurker and Dragon God Dupe Dragon God's Soul, use them and hit SL 130. [OPTIONAL] Dragon God’s Soul is the best way to get fast to SL 130 but if you want to dupe Armored Spider or Flamelurker Soul to get to 130, you can. Dupe Stone of Ephemeral Eyes. This item is found in 2-1 in the beginning of the level. After you’ve passed the rock throwing enemy, look to your right and you should see a doorway. To the left of it, there is a crank. Activate the crank and it’ll start up the elevator on the platform that’s through the doorway. Take the elevator down and grab the item. Go to Nexus and dupe the item and back to 2-1 Go to 2-1 kill yourself 7 times, each time pop an Ephemeral. Run off to your death, respawn, pop an Ephemeral, die again. Repeat 7 times. Back out to Nexus and back to 2-1, kill Primeval Demon for Colorless Demon Soul. Primeval Demon will spawn when you’ve reached Pure Black World Tendency. This is the only time you’ll need to worry about tendencies so don’t be scared. This is easy!. When you’ve finished last step, go back to 2-1 and go back to the place you collected the Stone of Ephemeral Eyes, there’s an enemy now. Kill it and you’ll get Colorless Demon Soul. Dupe it. You’ll need three of these for a Spell/Miracle. Level up to 130. ITEM DROP TIME! Rogue, Soldier & Best Weapon By trophy item drop. Here’s where I come in. You’ve reached SL 130. We’ll meet in 5-1. You will be in Human Form [Health Bar Full {Pop an Ephemeral}], DO NOT have anything on you other than the items you can’t deposit to Stockpile Thomas and the Ring of Herculean Strength [You’ll want to equip it to have more space to carry stuff] I’ll put the Soul Sign down and you’ll summon me. I’ll drop you Most of the weapons first and then back out. You’ll go to Nexus and deposit all the items and go back to 5-1 to summon me again and I’ll drop you the rest of the weapons and the rings POP Rogue’s, Soldier’s and “Best Weapon By” trophies. Latria, Kill the Liar top right before 3-1 Boss and get the key to open the cell for Sage Freke. (This place sucks, take your time. Sage Freke is the dude in the cell you come across that is sitting down with a white light in the middle of the cell. The Liar is a character you basically need to kill before tackling the 3-1 boss. The route to the Liar is on the right through a doorway and up the stairs of the arrow throwing big thing. Kill The Liar and take his key to unlock the cell to Sage Freke. Talk to Freke a few times and he’ll move to Nexus to sell you Spells. Finish World 3. World 4. In 4-2 get kicked down by Patches to save Saint Urbain Patches is a recurring character in FromSoft games, in 4-2 [you’ll hate this place] he’ll allure you with these colored spheres. He’ll tell you to look down a hole and kick you down. Down the hole there’s two characters, Saint Urbain and his Black Phantom (Phantom is the red one, attack the red one THE RED ONE). Talk to Saint Urbain a few times, Kill the Phantom and talk to Urbain a few times again and he’ll move to Nexus to sell you Miracles. Finish World 4. Finish World 5. At 5-2, the Poison part, stick to left wall. (World 5 is Blight Town, it sucks. in 5-2 equip the poison resistance ring, Dupe the Royal Lotus Flowers if you have them [You should by now] and stick to the left side of the swamp, JUST RUN! It’s better than to tackle on the whole area because it is damn huge and it’ll take you to places that don’t lead to anywhere. LEFT WALL, POISON RESISTANCE, RUN!!) 1-3 Get keys, get hat, equip hat, go to Yuria tower, ladder fall, unequip hat, kill fat man, save Yuria. Save the the guy in prison to help you out. You will need to kill the first Fat General character you come across to get keys to a prison. This General is killable AFTER he’s closed the big gate on you and you’ve gone through the first fog door in this area. Pick up the keys he dropped and continue a bit further in the level until you meet another General at a gate. Kill him to get the General’s Hat [VERY IMPORTANT, DO NOT LOSE THE HAT]. Now you’ll have to back track all the way to the end of 1-2 where the Tower Knight boss fight Fog Door was. Looking towards the enemies and the Dragon fire bridge wall area, there’s a door on your right, it’ll open now that you have the keys to the prison. Here you will meet another General. Kill him for his keys to the Tower where Yuria is. Before you leave, open the cells and talk to the sleeping/sitting NPC, this is Biorr, he is helpful with the 1-3 boss and somewhat helpful when killing the Blue Dragon. Now go back to 1-3 and to the area with a lot of bodies surrounding the fountain. There’s a little alleyway on the corner on the right (back facing the 1-3 Acrhstone spawnpoint) You can open this gate now and go through. continue onwards until you come across another gate door. Open that too and now equip the General’s Hat. Head inside the tower and head up. on the top, wait for the stairs to lower down and head up, you’ll see an General. He’ll not attack you if you wear the hat so get behind him, do an backstab on him and get an easy kill. Now that he’s dead, unequip the hat because if you don’t, Yuria will not speak to you. Speak to her a couple of times and she’ll move to Nexus to sell you spells. 1-4 Prepare with equipping a bow, dupe arrows and carry as many as you can (somewhere around 400 would be nice of the Holy Arrows). Also wear the Flame Resistant Ring and a Water Veil Spell if you have it (If you don’t and you want it, Freke and His apprentice sells it for 500 souls). After the 3 Black Phantoms you’ll fight your way up. after the enemies are dead, you’ll come to a walkway with Generals and a Dragon. This is Blue Dragon That you need to kill for a trophy. Start shooting arrows at it, the Dragon will change spots when it’s life is halved. Move onwards and you’ll come to the second area where the dragon is, Biorr will be here too if you saved him and he’s not hostile towards you. Now’s the trickier part. Try to learn the dragon’s pattern. It’ll breath fire from Left to Right from Right to Left. Wear the ring, Cast Water Veil and book it! get under it and lock on and start spamming arrows once again. You can’t do this from afar because your arrows will do so little damage. When the Dragon’s dead = pop trophy YAY! Kill False King Back to Nexus DO NOT TALK TO MAIDEN IN BLACK JUST YET! Buy All Miracles and Spells Dupe all the Demon Souls you’ve gathered and dupe the Colorless Demon Soul too. Buy Everything from Saint Urbain, Freke’s Apprentice, Sage Freke and Yuria. You will pop the All Miracles Learned trophy here. Prepare for the toughest fight unless you cheese this!!! Go to 1-1 and past the Red Eye Knight that might’ve killed you a few times. Now open the big doors and you’ll see Doran. He’ll challenge you to a fight to obtain a sword. This isn’t the hard fight but you can cheese this too if you want. After his HP is halved he’ll let you take the sword. Take it and start attacking him again. Now it gets real. SUPERCHEESESTRATS! Weapon of choice is a Spear, Crushing Mirdan Hammer will do you well. Two-hand it and attack him until he starts following you. Kite him all the way back to the room that was before the Red Eye Knight. This is where Doran’s pathing will end. make it so he’s almost out of the door to the Castle wall with catapults and his priorities will be to walk out. DO NOT LET HIM WALK OUT he’ll heal himself. He hardly ever attacks when he’s in the room unless he’s close to the door towards his normal area. When he’s killed Doran trophy pop YAY! Talk to Maiden, drop down, Kill The King, pick up SB, Walk away. Back in Nexus, talk to Maiden in Black, walk towards and you’ll come across the last Fog Wall. Kill the King, Pick up the Soulbrandt Sword and go towards the light. After this, Leave the area without attacking Maiden in Black. This will grant you the good ending and a trophy and the last Soul needed for a Spell. NG+. work to 1-3. Save Yuria again, get to Nexus, buy Spell with Maiden Soul. Plat. Enemies are a bit tougher this time around but nothing you can’t handle by this point. For Phalanx, you can equip Flame Spells, Fire Bombs etc. Dupe Fire Bombs and Spices to refresh your MP. Tower Knight you can equip just Soul Spear and Spices and get rid of the smaller enemies in the fight. The steps where the smaller enemies hang are a good cheese spot for this fight, about halfway up the small steps and the Tower Knight can’t hit you with it’s Soul Spear. You’ll want to cast your Soul Spear at the same time he does so it’ll hit him in the head. Cast, consume Spices, repeat. EASY! Now you’ll want to wear the General’s Hat once again so you can just walk right in to 1-3. Same steps as before for saving Yuria. When she’s saved, go back to Nexus and buy the spell from her with the Maiden in Black Soul. Spells trophy pop plus Platinum YAY! It wasn’t so bad was it?
  12. Demon's Souls stack complete!

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      Nice work! 

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      Well done! 💯

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      Nice work, Mr. Faster Than Lightening! :yay:

  13. Hitting it up here too. I'm doing DeS Item drops for Rouge, Soldier's and "Best Weapon By" trophies.


    Want to get the plat the easiest way? Hit me up!


    Requirements for item drop are that you're SL 130 range and have not played 5-1. If you're interested in this, I'll give you a link to a nice little guide too that I wrote for the easiest route to plat with the item drop.

    1. totallycrushed


      Forgot to mention that I'm doing them for all the three versions :P