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  1. PS1-4, PSP, 2 PSVitas a PSTV and a PS Classic. NES, Wii, Switch Xbox-X1 PC and a Steam Deck. A Retron5 JUST. FUCKING. PLAY. WHAT. YOU. WANT.
  2. I dunno dude, making these threads with these titles here, especially the one before that. Whats that if not negativity? Look at the fucking posts. Just say fuck brand loyalty and play what you want, who gives a fuck about some dumb ass console war thought we moved past that juvie shit after 2010 Edit: And if it's games where's the outcry for Nintendo snagging Bayonetta? Look at any PS game released on steam and look at the Sony fanboys crying because their game now on other platform. Hypocrite bullshit all the way.
  3. Xbox players are more worried about the emulation support taken out of Retail Mode than some drivel twitter journos write.
  4. These are getting really fucking boring tbh. Just keep this shit in one thread.
  5. It's an old 100% speedrun strat, definitely useful at times. No such thing is in 3 and SA, all due to how VC handled property missions.
  6. All my buddies got big cojones!

  7. even better if you can save some money instead of getting a frameister
  8. I got an HDTV from 2010 with 4 HDMI, Component, Composite, 2 SCART, VGA and DVi with optical too lol!
  9. then your best bet would be an upscaler like the Frameister unfortunately, you’ll still need the component cables.
  10. Component/RGB cables, same ones that work on PS3. Set the input from System Settings to YPbPr.
  11. UE definitely isn’t any faster and gets a lot worse before standard after 8mb save file and has worse framerates than it. UE usually dips to single digits.
  12. Not quite. FONV UE on PS3 runs terribly compared to standard with DLC from store.
  13. 115 currently on Steam so they could've included all of the cheevos on the trophy list so far. PC has it.
  14. If only we could have all the Steam cheevos on PlayStation. This latest map was really fun but it’s once again missing the toughest cheevo from the trophy list.