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  1. Trophy thots all of u

    1. RedRodriguez87
    2. totallycrushed


      Seems easy enough. Makin’ bacon on the beach could be a tougher one. Shame no plat though.

  2. Q: Will there be more events?A: We do not know, Slightly Mad Studios do not inform us about these ever. Trust me I've tried.
  3. One dev who doesn't want help.
  4. @Shmeefly You're two years late. No banding together will help we've tried. Just wait for new events. We've been in this situation with pCARS multiple times now.
  5. American Le Mans is now live! For your questions, please check the original post and the FAQ under it first.
  6. @Patrickosan Boost it with another player
  7. @Patrickosan no
  8. Why the fuck is PS4 audio mixing so fucking bad? I can't fucking get these headsets to balance out game and chat audio for fuck sake.

    1. totallycrushed


      Never mind I destroyed them. Fuck Sony.

  9. @Shmeefly There is not enough events currently. Please look at the OP.
  10. @stpatty Yeah on consoles it doesn't show up right away.
  11. Delisted games that make me a very sad boi;

    OutRun Online Arcade

    GTI Club + Rally Cote D'Azur

    After Burner Climax

    And on that note all the flight sims with closed servers like JASF, Top Gun, AC: Infinity etc.

  12. Don't lose hope! From what I remember the times were more lenient. Especially on the Toyota GT86 test and the Bugatti test and I'm pretty sure the cars handle and accelerate, brake etc. way better on the old patches. I remember losing my mind on the Super Licenses and then decided to test out if playing on an old patch made them easier and it sure did. It should only take a couple of tries to complete all of them on 1.00
  13. No problem. For the Senna golds if you don't have them, turn the traction control off for the F3 event and for the 98T events turn it to 2 or 3. It'll take a long while to tame that turbo beast that is the Lotus but it's possible, even on a controller. 98T on Brands Hatch is the toughest one.
  14. Anniversary edition is the same as the standard version disc-wise. Anniversary edition contents were on a code so you should be able to get to 1.00