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  1. Hahaa I might be fucked with the last remaining trophies I have in Starhawk! Sucks I didn't do them way back when I did the online. Enjoyed the campaign though, once again finding a hidden gem in the backlog.

    1. Yuichiro-Akuhei


      yeah, sad to see you did not boost "Minor Miscalculation" also the guide does not mention this is an online trophy...

    2. totallycrushed


      I think it's possible in campaign but just super tedious to get. Also have no clue where a repair tool would be in camgaign lol.

    3. Mayellie


      I guess you're... totally crushed, huh. B)

  2. Well I got my Wayfarer seal before Cursebreaker. Pallas Galliot has been one bastard forever.

  3. Starting Wayfarer right now would be super tight since you need decent drops from Mars Escalation Protocol and the heroics from the planets. But I can suggest Cursebreaker over Chronicler or Dredgen any day since it really doesn't need any PvP and is possible after DCV. Cursebreaker will take you at least 6 weeks and you have to complete Ascendant Challenges, The WIsh-Ender Quest and have decent enough drop RNG.
  4. No bugs or glitches that I remember
  5. The Nring gold medal is super lenient, nothing like Mission 34 or GT5 AMG stuff. This was my run of it way back in 2017 Some more context this was my second run at the trial and my first was at 6:58:463 and if you know Nring and take note how I drive, I can't for the life of me be brave in the last sector after Karusell, but I still managed to get the gold medal so it's really super easy.
  6. Trophies have really taken the backseat for me now as I've been working on Destiny 2 on PC. With good luck I should be done with it in a couple weeks, really depending on getting good drops on Forsaken stuff and where the weekly flashpoint will be.

    Kinda want to get back to play Assetto Corsa Competizione as soon as possible.

  7. Was on early access program for this on PC and it’s not that great. Dungeon Crawler with bunch of confusing mechanics, big rooms with few enemies and overall a really broken mess.
  8. Popped my 300th plat today with PS4 Heavy Rain, exact to the date to my 1st plat that was PS3 Heavy Rain. 10 years apart.

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    2. mako-heart



    3. totallycrushed


      It's finally over!

    4. MaximumOverdrive


      Well done! 💯 

      Cool milestone 👍

  9. Stop reuploading videos with shitty edits. It's not your work.
  10. I'd recommend Brands Hatch for this. Just one lift off throttle under the bridge when you come up to druids and everything else is full throttle. Lap is one minute shorter too.
  11. @cris3f I thought it was fine. It didn't chug or anything and for a budget Platinum Games' title, it still feels like one of their games.
  12. MLB The Show Home Run. It's not free anymore tho. Also all the NBA things
  13. Sponsorblock for all those Raid/Nord VPN etc. video sponsors Adblock for sites that are absolutely malicious with ad space, namely one trophy site. Adnauseam to give them false clicks just to fuck with them. Brave browser in general to hide ads where I don't want them and other custom options.
  14. Been following Nijisanji and Hololive since Jan. 2019. After Ai split off to 4 differrent actresses I kinda fell of the toober scene but then found Tsukino Mito, FBK, and Sora. I have a fair few I follow but I tend to roll them around. Recently the streams I've watched have been Choco and Watame from Hololive.
  15. You should be fine with just using EADG
  16. I’m just gonna close this thread again until we get confirmation if the new events come to PS4 or not. AGAIN THE NEW EVENTS ARE NOT ON PS4 CURRENTLY.
  17. NOTE!! The current and upcoming events are not available on PS4. I'll keep updating this post for current, upcoming and past events. Note: events start and end on 12 PM GMT Current events - Cologne Games Week 2020 | Ends on 11th Jun. 2020 Upcoming events Past events 2017 2018 2019 2020 Your time is validated to the Leaderboards when you press on the event and see your name in the top 3000. To make sure that you have a validated lap in the LB run a second time closer to the end of the event to stay in the 3000.
  18. You keep track of the amount played/needed manually
  19. @Starcade_Legend Wew lad chill out.
  20. Fair point but still a combined list of banned users is not the best idea.
  21. Even further it could be a big liability for Sly/PSNP if the list would be just out there and people would go to those people "saw you on PSNP get fucked" and harass them to oblivion. Lawsuit territory there.
  22. My arguement is due to how trophyhunting community loves a witch hunt and most of us has our PSN profile linked to our forum profile. There's just bound to be people who would take that list and start spamming their accounts.
  23. @DEI2EK I don't count those insufferable fucks lol
  24. @cckerberos It's still not a good idea, especially in PSNP/Trophy hunting community.