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  1. I reported your Velocity 2x list. To me, what I am seeing here and in Velocity 2x indicates save file usage.
  2. When a member is forced to openly speak to get a reaction out of a site owner who has members paying for the service ... I don't care how busy you are Sly. You don't let someone wait for almost a year and a half and counting. Shame on you!
  3. It's good to know that Sony too can trigger the gamer mob outrage but you'll suck it up and pay anyway. Which is exactly why these companies get away with it. The gaming community in general, is perhaps in my experience the sole community with a lot of talk, but not walking the walk. If Sony would decide to follow suit, you can be damn sure I am never getting PS plus. Paying 120 euros to use my internet lmao. Yeah no thanks.
  4. Personally, I would be really interested in seeing what ND can do with this. From a trophy hunting perspective, I have a goal of 100 games at 100 percent and it would be nice to spend time on games that are open world like Dragon's Dogma and just a blast without having to "worry" about trophies. I actually hope they make a game like this.
  5. Are you going to be okay mate? Should I call an ambulance? Honestly pathetic how anything that mentioned ND in a thread half the comments are again babies moaning about TLoU2. The topic is about a potential new IP by them. Some of you have some really deep seated issues if after all this time you're still going on and on about TLoU2. Now to actually go on topic. I would be interested in ND bringing a Dragon's Dogma-esque game.
  6. From personal experience, I have found that 60FPS works wonders for my motion sickness. I remember turning down my FFXIV settings on my PC to 30 and after playing for almost ten minutes I got really sick. Unfortunately, I have motion sickness in games too. Spyro, Killzone, Sayonara Wild Hearts, The Last of Us... Motion Sickness unfortunately isn't something you can really prevent, unless you take pills for it. But basically what happens is (iirc), your eyes are processing things and your brain is not in sync, making it think you have some sort of poisoning (which is what triggers having to vomit). Close your eyes, or go and look outside and let your eyes readjust a bit. That helped a bit for me too. I hope with PS5 coming and 60fps being a standard, you will get better results in gaming. It did for me.
  7. I think some things you say strike true, others not so much. I agree with you on boys/men idolizing women in video games to uncomfortable margins. And I see what you are saying when a group dynamic changes because of women joining and men changing their behaviours. Although, this is not always on the woman of course. I've had it multiple times where a woman would join and just play games and the men would get thirsty. On the other side, just had women act all cutesy, obviously trying to to achieve things. All this when you try to play games, it gets annoying, I get it. But unfairly generalising a gender and assigning social traits on these people based on their sex is wrong. Even the people who obviously use their looks for their own gain have other qualities to them. You are in the wrong treating people like they are only their looks, further enabling the stereotype that you actually hate. It's also not true that you have to be attractive to make it on Twitch (although it certainly helps). Nor is it true that being attractive is a free pass in making it. Plenty of attractive small time streamers. It requires consistency in streaming and being able to interact with your fanbase on top of managing other social accounts and video platforms. It's often a lot of work for a very long time before actually making it. On the topic of using the attractiveness to make it, I can't say I put any blame on anyone for that. When someone has a high IQ, a very intelligent person, uses that to go to University and easily passes, we're not going to hate on these people for using their advantages, right? I don't see the difference with being attractive, as a matter of fact, being attractive is often much more of a chore than being intelligent. Probably work out, watch the food you are eating, make-up, hygiene ... So we can't fault people for that. Whatever the case, don't listen to armchair psychologists in this thread telling you that "normal healthy people" don't have these thoughts. It's not an abnormal thought to have, or opinion. But your mistake is that you let your experience completely define you, rather than analyse them and see the reality for what is it and that the "truth" lies somewhere inbetween. Yes, it's cringe when men blindly defend women and put them on a pedestal, only because they happen to be female. No, not all women are like this and we can't simplify women as just their looks and acknowledge all of them have different traits to them, good or bad.
  8. Just report that person
  9. Imagine that, exploiting brainlets who just scream "Fuck sjws and normie cucks" for money? I for one, am shocked
  10. People really out there calling countries or people prude for not liking games where you fiddle with kids lmao. Like this thread gets crazier every hour.
  11. I think that anyone that buys this game directly supports the fetishization of young looking kids and therefore is a clown. These people often also make assumptions and can't read properly. Which is why indeed I'd rather not have them around. Glad we can at least agree on this.
  12. Alright mate, you won the argument. I cared three times now. I'm beyond redemption.
  13. I don't care what the reasons are for people playing this game*. Here I clarified that for you x. Also, please don't be that guy that confuses a reply with "care". It's one of the dumbest things you can say in a conversation.
  14. Day two of this conversation. People are trying to pretend a game like Gal Gun has any depth to it to justify their own perversions. They aren't playing it because you are squeezing underage girls guys! It's because of the super silly plot haha! Can't you see, haha! I personally don't care. If you buy and therefore support a game in which the core mechanic is the fetishization of young looking girls and in fact undressing them, you're a clown. Oh and I don't want you near me
  15. Heavily and rightfully criticised