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  1. It looks great. I also saw like a podcast with Alanah Pearce and Troy Baker. Really humanised this whole circus. Most of the comments on these videos are so generic and cringe of course. It's like these people never had an original thought in their lives. Will I get this game day one? Probably not. But I will get it eventually for sure.
  2. Imagine spending hours of your time a week, with no payment whatsoever, skimming through reports only for some dumb people to throw shit and you proclaiming ridiculous stuff like "ItS a CulT". My God, some of you people are a complete hyperbole. On the topic itself. Listen, if people purposefully mimic CFW to just waste the time of people actually attempting to keep the leaderboard clean, they can be pulled off for all I care. I also would hope that not syncing stuff in years is the exception, let alone be found. And that if it's the case that this person just didn't sync for so long for some weird reason, can at least share some proof that the trophy was done legit and flags can be lifted. If it's true, that the timestamps mimic CFW to the point where you wouldn't be able to really call CFW out if we legitimate late timestamps in this ridiculous way, then 100 percent they should be flagged if you ask me.
  3. Curious how you earned the Badland platinum one year before the current first achiever. You know, the one who actually figured out how to collect the impossible powerup before anyone else. I'm gonna go on a limb here and call you a hacker.
  4. Thanks for offering but I'll decline and to keep the autonomy of your guide. Although it's a bit tricky, this guide. The Artifact update should release on PS4 soon, this will make the platinum an absolute joke. So things will change again soon and after that, probably the 1.0 release close to the launch of PS5.
  5. So are you still following through with your guide? I just completed the full trophy list and could make one myself. Obviously if you are continuing ahead with it, I won't bother.
  6. I did it solo
  7. A small update: 

    A while ago, I had hit an all time low. Lower income due to Covid-19, mother hospitalized, injured and just feeling like trash. This made me leave video games behind me, just to reflect and find myself a little bit again. Luckily, things have started looking up and I am out here enjoying life once more and partly due to some members of this community offering their own help. 


    So, I will play some video games again, hunt some trophies. The utterance around 1 week and a half ago was made in an irrational mindset. I just needed a break, sort some things out in my life and fortunately, things that aren't in my control also got better. 


    Apologies for any misunderstanding. I am also aware that a certain individual took it upon them to mock it by saying I rage quit due to TLoU2 controversy. That person is the lowest scum I have encountered on the internet. I was in an all time low state of mind and you are the only person on the whole internet that came at me with baseless assumptions. At first, I felt rage, but now I only feel pity. 


    Apologies again for the long post. I'm doing okay, life is looking up. Making time for games and trophy hunting. Probably won't be participating as much on the forum though. 

  8. It is crazy to me how the 20 round trophy is sitting at almost 20 percent. I just did it. No glass trick, portal tricks don't work. So just 20 rounds and just from round 12 onward it becomes absolutely insane. This may be one of the hardest things I have done lmao and it's sitting at 20 percent. Either I suck or just a lot of people got the 20 round trophy with some sort of cheese I'm not ware of. Maybe the RoR2 community very good.
  9. I've retired from trophy hunting and gaming altogether for now. Trophy hunting is done forever, gaming I may return on PS5. 


    Some good people on here. I liked being here, but since I'm quitting gaming, there isn't much use being here. 


    Take care

  10. You can also check the people who liked that comment just to again confirm that these people have been spending too many hours on the internet. I don't want to classify people as walking stereotypes but you probably know the kind I'm talking about. The mindless drones saying stuff like "cuckman" or "soy boys" you know, the kind of vocabulary that any normal person looking at it makes them go like "yeah, these guys are losers". Unfortunately, a lesson I have learnt is that it would seem that the gaming community, at least the vocal one at large deserves the stigma it gets sometimes. But don't worry, I used to have people like this in my direct environment and I have met up with these people too. Most of them are really only what they "despise". Out of shape weirdos that can't even look you in the eyes. Now, not saying that it's true for some of the questionable people in this topic, but I would put a bet on it. The fact that such a baseless comment gets people nodding their heads in unison, again gives away the amount of simpletons that meddled in this discussion. I too know the story, I too am in fact disappointed with the direction they are heading in. But, to take one characteristic of a person (which they so often do) and hint it as a reason for the game going to shit. Well, that just tells you the story of most of these arguments on their side. One dimensional thinking. Black and white.
  11. His argument was that 90 percent of gamers are men, that isn't true. Not only this, but according to the Survey, women make up a higher percentage of putting emphasis on more story driven games. So, relevant to the discussion at hand and completely putting into contradiction the industry will cater to us. So in a way, it would make sense for a game like TLoU to pander to women, the data shows they are most into this kind of thing.
  12. You're trolling at this stage right? Proud of the way you speak? Won't be yielded into something else? Come on, say sike right now. But alright, we really are just going back and forth having a dig at each other now. Let's say on topic then. just give me anything to address and I will.
  13. An Ad Hominem is a personal insult without any context mate. I asked you why you write everything out as if it's a poem. You don't even know what an Ad Hominem is lmao. You can check the data here: (well sourced of course) not just your average "ItS a WiKiPediA ArticLe"