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  1. It's been a long time since I cringed like this. If I were you I would submit this brilliant piece and find an editor willing to publish you to the wider public.
  2. Looks like a boring, standard list. Will still play the game though
  3. Dreadful looking list. Even Platinum games lists are now boring and easy with Nier and now seemingly this. At least they made that shmup which is probably very hard, but you know, obscure indie game and all
  4. I offer free nudes to people with over 7 UR trophies myself.
  5. And now again you are using the argument that we should simply play the games that have this difficulty. Are you being silly on purpose? Because like previously I have already pointed out that these games are scarce which Did you also really just repeated the same thing even though I explained to you five minutes ago why it makes no sense? By the way, it's already confirmed by multiple sources with hand on access that Elden Ring will be easier than its predecessors. Way to ignore half my post of course and not point out the actual hypocrisy of people. There is nothing wrong with wanting more challenging trophies, there is nothing wrong with pointing out how many terrible lists are being published. Stop parroting the faulty arguments people use before you. You don't even put a spin on them. It's just a cassette on repeat. Our hobby is trophy hunting, so no, we shouldn't go outside of trophies for more challenges as we hunt Trophies. I hope you now understand how it makes NO sense to ask people like me to just not care about our actual hobby and find other ways.
  6. Please, point out the hypocrisy of these people. Also this argument that you can superficially increase the difficulty is some of the dumbest shit. We are on a TROPHY hunting website. Get it? Trophies, actual trophies. It does not matter if you can artificially increase the difficulty by cutting off two of your fingers and taking a huge shot of whisky before every chapter so you get so intoxicated the world started spinning. T R O P H I E S. Some of us want more difficult T R O P H I E S. Is it really that hard to understand? This website is about trophies, yes I said it, trophies! No wonder Arcesius also doesn't bother replying anymore. It's like you guys never had an original thought in your lives! It's all just the same thing on repeat, but to make it worse, the things you're saying don't even make sense. Have you seen the front page lately and their trophy lists? It's almost all filler content with 90 percent rarities, then a good chunk of auto pop trophies and almost NO difficult t r o p h y lists. What kind of a weird argument is that as well that trophies don't "need" to be difficult. Trophies don't need to be anything. What point is this even trying to make? That therefore we can't have difficult trophy lists? How do you not understand how backward this sort of logic is? Just to prove the point: Trophy lists don't NEED to be easy either and to reiterate DrBloodCreditCard his point! Just because a trophy list is super difficult doesn't mean you can just play the game on the easiest difficulty and turn on god mode! I am parodying you here. Because it matters nothing what you can do outside of trophies, as we are talking about them specifically.
  7. Like always the thread will get hijacked by strawmen strawmanning with their strawman arguments. Nobody in here is claiming easy lists are the end of the world. What is being said is that by far the most dominating type of list in the AAA sphere and also indie are increasingly easy. Why are some of you shaming people who just want harder trophies from time to time. The fact that some of you are oblivious to the fact that you mock a certain type of trophy hunter while simultaneously preaching inclusiveness for all gamers ... How does this hypocrisy escape you people. I'm so tired of almost always having to justify myself why I think I want a challenging trophy list from time to time! It's almost like I experience a hobby differently from you! You have your easy lists, you guys have plenty of them! I don't! I have to look into the obscure corners of the gaming world for a challenging list or I have to add my own challenges! Like speedrunning Bound and Shadow of the Colossus. Some of you guys really need to unplug the head from your butts and stop being hypocrites. You are in no position to tell anyone how to experience trophy hunting, and you shouldn't strawman what is being said in order to pretend there is some elitist plot going on here by some hardcore gamers who just don't want the average joe to get tuh trophiez! I swear some of you think you're smarter than you really are. It's whatever to me now though, this discussion has been done to death and it's always the same anyway. I don't think I've ever met anyone in the UR hunting community either who is like "these damn casuals, brooo, hate them". Nobody cares. All some of us want are challenging and more creative lists. Enjoy your argument though, I ain't having any of it anymore.
  8. Haven't been trophy hunting lately due to everything being such a boring and predictable mess that's just way too easy. Just gonna enjoy the game for what it is though, same like with Elden Ring. But I sure would love it if AAA devs stopped playing it so safe and actually put something nice in for difficulty "junkies" once in a while. Oh well, it is what it is man
  9. No, I apologize. I didn't realise that 50+ easy checklist games were a vast minority in the AAA gaming sphere and that Wolfenstein games were so common! I'll go back to my elitist corner
  10. Let me guess, it's going to be another 50+ common EZPZ AAA game trophy list. So boring man
  11. It's a good thing they add accessibility because reading this thread has made me realise there are a lot more gamers with disabilities out there than I had first realised
  12. Was excited to play the Metro games, but it seems I get severe motion sickness playing them. That sucks, I should probably look into getting pills to counter this as I've had more than my fair share of games making me feel sick. 

    1. Slava


      I've heard this can be caused by small FOV.


      When you're sitting close to the TV/monitor, and the screen is taking up a big field of your vision while the game's FOV is at like 60 degrees, you can feel sick. I'd suggest trying to increase that to 90-100 degrees if there's a slider, and if you haven't already.

    2. AJ_Radio


      This is late as hell and I apologize, but I definitely recommend the Metro games. Haven't played Exodus even though it's been on sale a few times.


      Not your boring cliche Battlefield or Call of Duty either. It was refreshing to see the devs try something a little different in Metro 2033 and Metro Last Light.

  13. Rival Megagun Platinum! Video soon