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  1. I have recently somewhat rediscovered my love for video games and will try to plat Rival Megagun. The 1cc Very Hard playthrough is nothing to scoff at. One of the hardest things I will personally do if I get it

  2. You can't do that just like REAL men walk in the rain WITHOUT an umbrella cuz dats gay af /s
  3. Another game I thought that would be a nice challenge that has some sort of God mode. Growing trends
  4. I have decided to retire from trophy hunting as a 100% profile. I have a bit of a backlog and I just can't seem to muster the motivation to even boot them up. The trophy hunting community I used to surround myself with has all but gone and disappeared as well. I will only be playing games for the sake of games and maybe go for some challenges once in a while. Cheers. Will of course stay "active" on this forum. 


    luv u

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    2. DrBloodmoney


      What's great is that you aren't taking a "Baby and Bathwater" approach, and just talking about quitting gaming entirely - after all, the reason you became a trophy hunter in the first place was a love of gaming, one would assume!


      Anyways, I'll see you around the retirement home - we can share bowl of strained soup and a bag of Werthers Original's once in a while 😄

    3. Miles


      Probably a smart move, I'm kind of glad I didn't start trophy hunting on this profile from the start so my list is full of unobtainables/games that I have no desire in finishing and I don't feel obligated to 100% every game. 


      Have fun with your games and hopefully we can run up some games on CoD in the future (if they bring back BO2 ;) In the meantime, take care! 

    4. Pray_4_the_End


      Congrats on your retirement sir! May your days be filled with enjoyment and playing games without worry. 👌

  5. You clearly aren't reading what I am saying. I am saying the the making of easy lists over challenging ones is what is driving me away primarily. I couldn't give a damn about some ezpz spammer.
  6. You could argue that but you would be wrong as I never bragged about any of my trophies and I rarely showcase them. It's about me and overcoming the challenge and feeling satisfied having pulled it off. Strawman 1: I never said it's okay to abuse game mechanics in order to go against developers (how do you even interpret that like such?). I said it's not what developers intended. So developers putting in invincibility modes is a whole lot different than players finding glitches and abusing them. One is meant as intended, the other one isn't. One is setting a trend, the other one isn't. Strawman 2: I never said that you are calling these people stupid. I posed the question, those are different things. It's also rhetorical as they aren't stupid. Stop pretending you even know what a strawman argument is mate. Personally I would like it very much is lists are more balanced. You have hard lists, you have easy lists and you have that in betweenI advise you to look at the recent games and AAA games. Developers know that easy lists sell more. They know that making crap games with easy lists will make them sell more. This is why I am stopping because we are clearly going towards these kind of lists and it just makes trophy hunting moot. May as well just enjoy the game without being tied to the checklist, right? It just ain't for me.
  7. This upcoming trend of devaluing trophies is why I am not motivated to complete my profile in the slightest and will stop trophy hunting completely if I do ever finish. For me, trophy hunting is about merit and achieving what the trophy description asks you to do. Yes, there are glitches, guides etc that help you with that. But none of these come from the developers themselves. The devs did not intend a Hollow Knight incivility for example. They are moot points to make and it's really an incredibly stupid argument. Accessibility is cool but I hate how some people think it leading to free trophies is somehow a good thing. As a matter of fact, do you think that people who need the accessibility are stupid? Do you think they do not understand that achieving these trophies while being invincible is basically meaningless? I have a cousin who has a disability and he finds it degrading. You don't champion these people and you sure as hell don't speak for them. Trophy hunting for me has become terrible anyway. Can hardly find an AAA game out there with a list that actually poses a challenge. Platting these games feels like you are running a sprint, but you are using a Ferrari car instead of your own legs. It's too easy, it's just a checklist, it's empty and soulless. It just drags out the game instead of enhance it. That's why trophy hunting for me is over and once I am done with my profile I will leave it behind completely.
  8. Great speedrun man, I'm very impressed
  9. Personally I have grown quite tired of spineless devs in the AAA industry giving us super easy trophy lists. I think they know trophy hunters like to moan a lot when lists are too much of a challenge in their perception.
  10. By this logic I would be paying 50 euros for Journey, a 1 hour experience because it was just such a valuable experience. I would also pay 5 euros for Tales of Symphonia. A 300 hour experience if you do all of it, but it just isn't a quality game, and it aged poorly
  11. for the simps
  12. Number 1 plat time on Bound!

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    2. Arcesius


      Damn, impressive time, too! Nicely done!

    3. MidnightDragon
    4. AJ_Radio


      Very impressive. Didn't notice you even posted this until now.

  13. I know I'm late but congratulations on your Splasher plat you beautiful bastard

    1. Arcesius


      Well thank you kind sir. Really happy to have added my name to that list of achievers filled with names such as yours! :) 

  14. Out of all the Disney princesses, which dress would you say you like the most and why? Would you wear it? Your life seems to have a big focus on education. How important is this in your life?