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  1. Always wanted a Ninja Gaiden plat, so here we are. Ninja Gaiden Sigma on VITA. 

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    2. BigHatPaul


      Wow congratulations! That's amazing.

    3. ShonenCat


      Congratz! 🎂

    4. Spaz


      You definitely need skill for Ninja Gaiden, so great job on your part.

  2. Cleaning up my profile on my way back to 100 percent. Got FF12, Tales of Symphonia and Battle Fantasia plats. In the next few days I am finishing up Ninja Gaiden and then I will 100 percent Sine Mora. 

    1. Spaz


      I generally hear Sine Mora is one of the hardest games for the Vita. Pure bullet hell shooter, you need a lot of practice to study every boss in the game.

  3. Trackmania Turbo platinum trophy. A very fun, challenging trophy list. Praise be for those. 

  4. Here is me playing some Trackmania. Been a long time since I've sat down with a more challenging game and actually not go straight for the platinum, but just have fun beating or trying to beat some friends or improve my own times. 

    1. Spaz


      Tough platinum. Probably should of picked it up when it was on PS Plus.

    2. Stardroid


      It's okay so far, I'd give it an 8 out of 10. Have 6 tracks left and have been doing around 3 a day (black tracks at least). 

  5. Hot damn, what a show

  6. RDR2: Legend of the West platinum trophy. Thank fuck for that

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    2. MidnightDragon



    3. MaximumOverdrive


      Well done! 💯 

  7. I am almost finished with RDR2 and should have the platinum before next weekend. My God, this is probably the worst kind of grind I've ever done and to know it was ever worse back then. It makes me shudder. For people looking to get some online trophies out of the way (2 player posse and ending another players free roam mission), I am willing to help. After this weekend, uninstalling this game, for life. 

    1. MidnightDragon


      *insert Bomberman comment here* 

    2. Stardroid


      Oh man, I see you lol

  8. A small update: 

    A while ago, I had hit an all time low. Lower income due to Covid-19, mother hospitalized, injured and just feeling like trash. This made me leave video games behind me, just to reflect and find myself a little bit again. Luckily, things have started looking up and I am out here enjoying life once more and partly due to some members of this community offering their own help. 


    So, I will play some video games again, hunt some trophies. The utterance around 1 week and a half ago was made in an irrational mindset. I just needed a break, sort some things out in my life and fortunately, things that aren't in my control also got better. 


    Apologies for any misunderstanding. I am also aware that a certain individual took it upon them to mock it by saying I rage quit due to TLoU2 controversy. That person is the lowest scum I have encountered on the internet. I was in an all time low state of mind and you are the only person on the whole internet that came at me with baseless assumptions. At first, I felt rage, but now I only feel pity. 


    Apologies again for the long post. I'm doing okay, life is looking up. Making time for games and trophy hunting. Probably won't be participating as much on the forum though. 

  9. I've retired from trophy hunting and gaming altogether for now. Trophy hunting is done forever, gaming I may return on PS5. 


    Some good people on here. I liked being here, but since I'm quitting gaming, there isn't much use being here. 


    Take care

  10. On The Last of Us Part II (TLoU 1 spoiler). 


    I thought I'd put some perspective out here because there seems to be a lot of stupidity floating around. Let me preface by saying that even though I am a fan of the franchise, I do not have any bias as I have no difficulty talking about video games without detaching my testicles. 


    A couple of years ago, I saw the Social Justice movement as a legitimate threat, but not for the reasons the more modern crowd seems to go for. Back then, there were huge debates around freedom of speech, quotas and identity politics. Some of it which I agreed with, some of which I didn't, as it often goes. Unfortunately, the paradigm of this has shifted into a complete hyperbole and it is bleeding into gaming as well. You know the type, the one dimensional dude who worships a cartoon frog, watched podcasts of Jordan Peterson and pats themselves on the back when they owned the beta cuck male. 


    What was once for me, a noble cause about talking about free speech, promoting complete freedom and self development as opposed to forced quotas has turned into one dimensional thinking against everything that isn't "normal". Gay character? Must be social justice. Trans person? Must be social Justice. A black woman as a protagonist? How dare they. Unfortunately, these simpletons do not seem to realise that we are living in a real world, with real people and that there is nothing illogical about any of this. As long as it isn't clear propaganda, there is nothing wrong with having any of these things in video games. 


    A good example I can bring up is Ellie in The Last of Us 1 (DLC Spoiler). Even though it was already subtle, it is confirmed in this DLC that Ellie has a love interest that is a girl. And there comes the one dimensional crowd shouting in my face that I can't enjoy this, because it's clearly SJW propaganda. And truth be told, it took me a long time before actually playing the DLC but what did I find? 


    I found nothing forced, nothing obvious. It was a well crafted story. It wasn't some narratively driven stereotype of a game. It wasn't this pink haired lesbian shouting in my ear that I am an evil white man with a small penis. No, it was a clever and well crafted story about a teenager struggling with love, it gave us a nice context as to what shaped Ellie. 

    Laughter with puns, intimacy in a photo booth, an excellent arcade and a sad ending, which if you played the main game, you knew it was coming. 


    In other words, all those talk about SJW is utter bullshit. That DLC to me was a testament that you can deal with sexuality that isn't the "norm" and turn it into something beautiful instead of a stereotypical trope. That all the people who do not play video games because they are too afraid of propaganda that isn't there. It's a video game, just like with every other creation, there is bound to be politics, gender, philosophy. Nobody seems to care about Metal Gear Solid politics. A game much heavier in politics with much heavier implied story. But man, if a girl likes another girl, some of you clones get bent out of shape. 


    This is unfortunately the state of these people. Fragile and weak. Linking sausage roll articles to "source" their discontent. Now, I'm not saying that there is not a grain of truth to it, there very well may be. But to me, Naughty Dog have done an excellent job dealing with these topics. I personally don't give a damn if a character is transsexual, muscular, homosexual, black, a woman. If there is depth to these characters, good dialogue and development, then it doesn't matter. Because these are all things in the real world and simple descriptions. The beauty of character lies in the details, not in shallow depictions that portray the surface. That's what I think it must feel like to be one of the pepe frog guys. And that's what I mean by one dimensional thinking. If you are too stupid (apologies moderators) to expand your thoughts, to realise that people and as a result video games as a medium go further than your basic depictions of character, it's your loss. 


    As for those who are not affected by these people, and you are on the fence, I truly urge you to actually use your mind. Don't be a one dimensional thinker. 

  11. Sly Ripper has decided to finally come out of the woodwork and actively work with staff members and members alike to create a website accurately reflecting statistics, less work overload for the Cheater Removal team and will in the future also publicly address the Guide Writer team when they have questions! 


    April fools!

    1. panikooooos



  12. Chapter 11 clear on Master Ninja difficulty with a Master Rank (Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus). Late to this series but I am enjoying myself. Even though the VITA version is a very poor port, it's a nice game and I wish for a Ninja Gaiden on next gen. Hopefully now that Ninja Theory is done copy pasting Nioh 1 and releasing Nioh 2, they can focus on it. That is, if they don't make games exclusively for Microsoft now. 

    1. Alderriz


      You're probably thinking of Team Ninja (Nioh, Ninja Gaiden Sigma), not Ninja Theory (DmC, Hellblade, the one that's owned by MS) 🙂

    2. Stardroid


      Oh wow, cheers for clearing that up!


    Figured you were a good person to ask since you seem an experienced Ninja Gaiden player. I am currently writing a guide for Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus (VITA) and was wondering if there are any glitches and/or exploits in the game that I am unaware off. I see NG2 has quite a few of them and I don't think I'll bother with a guide for this game if there are any like that. On first glance it doesn't seem to be the case, but thought I'd ask you to be sure. 

    1. Sergen


      I haven’t really played the first Sigma game a lot, it is something I should get around to. But I guess @Meepy- is the better person to ask about this specifically. 

  14. Playstation BE Official (Facebook) says PS5 spec talk tomorrow.

    1. Alderriz


      Yep. 9 a.m. pacific on PS Blog.

      I'm excited.

  15. I collected the impossible powerup in badlands Solo. That was an absolute twat of a thing

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    2. Deceptrox


      Thanks for the info.

    3. Stardroid


      Hmm, I may have misunderstood your question actually. You can in fact complete the game co op with two controllers. But getting the platinum for the game like that is next to impossible. Just thought I'd clarify that.

    4. Deceptrox


      If I recall correctly, on co-op there is a trophy for picking all collectibles in all levels, I suppose this is virtually impossible solo, right?

  16. About a year after earning Mein Leben, I finally found the motivation to get the Platinum trophy for Wolfenstein II. Now up to the DLC

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    2. MidnightDragon
    3. ShonenCat


      Congratz! 🎂 I’m sure Mein Leben was no easy task :yay:

    4. Stardroid


      Thanks. It was okay. Permadeath trophies are my favourite though. Loved this one and in both Outlast games. I'll take some suggestions on permadeath trophies if some of you guys know any!

  17. Cleared all three Ultimate raids tiers in FFXIV

  18. Me bringing the a mood to my raiding static. 1 percent enrage today! Soon all Ultimates cleared once again!

  19. Mr. Robot is the greatest TV show I have ever seen.

    1. DaivRules


      That ending really tugged at the heartstrings. 

  20. Big Sky Infinity: King of the Skies trophy earned. Interesting trophy, quite tough.

  21. Bought myself a PS VITA and going to go for Ninja Gaiden Sigma 1 platinum when I get it. Finally back to some trophy hunting, maybe I'll feel motivated again to clean up the profile as well

    1. DamagingRob


      Good luck. That was the very first game I bought for my Vita, and earned a trophy in. Doubt I'll ever get good enough to Plat it, though. :lol:

    2. Stardroid


      I'm sure you'd be fine if you set your determination on it mate

    3. DamagingRob


      That would probably be the biggest hurdle with my backlog, and giving up on difficult things pretty quickly. :/

  22. Just scrolled through the Super Meat Boy leaderboard and I don't think I have ever seen a game that has so many bought trophies. It's full of them. Although no way to really prove it, when you start doing no death as your first trophies, consistently, you know what's up. Or these weird one game profiles with only SMB plat. It's really difficult for me to fathom there are the types of losers out there paying for trophies. 

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    2. Stardroid


      There are plenty of things peoole do that are terrible to make themselves feel better. You don't have to be the good guy here. People who pay money for achievements that are not even their own are losers, regardless of what feelgood story one may put behind ig.

    3. B1rvine


      Weird... I only get people offering me money after they've been flagged on Super Meat Boy...

    4. PSXtreme_