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  1. Yeah, so the thing is. For Impossible Boy, you only are able to use one character, which is Meat Girl. This seems like a big detail to not remember. I personally know enough. Your amnesia and severe lack of knowledge on the game to me are a dead giveaway.
  2. You see, universally, almost every Plat achiever in this game will tell you that the best character for no death runs is The Kid due to his double jump. But different strokes for different folks perhaps. Did you use the Captain character for the Impossible Boy trophy? (This is my final question)
  3. Alright, that's a reasonable answer. One more question from me then. What was your favourite character to use in the no death runs and why?
  4. Sorry mate, but that's not that long ago. So you, as a person in your 40s, came back to one of the most challenging popular games. You do no death runs between worlds in 3-4 hours (which is pretty impressive). You can't tell us when exactly you unlocked the kid, because you - if it glitched - most certainly would have to replay his Warpzone, surely? And you also can not tell us what it is that you did last for your I am a Golden God trophy. Well, it's actually quite easy to answer and it should also be very easy to remember as it can only be one thing. So, if you did it legitimately, I ask you to take a look at your profile and just provide the answer. I am simply trying to gauge your knowledge on the game, which seems severely lacking for a man who got the plat for it.
  5. So, first you say you have one week off at a time and now you claim twice that you simply do not have time. Also Celeste is an easy game to achieve as it can help the player. Other hard platformers on your actual profile at sitting at 0 percent. Such as VVVVVV.
  6. So you say you got 'a mind to finish this one', so seems like you were heavily invested, but you can't remember one of the most difficult challenges you have ever done, leading up to the end. You, a fairly casual gamer are clearing difficult worlds no death with 3-4 hour differences all the while earning other trophies too. Super Meat Boy isn't just a game you platinum casually, especially in your times between no death runs. That isn't casual play. Something is definitely fishy here.
  7. Alright, I do have one question. How come you got the trophy for getting 100 percent last? This was also not that long ago, so surely you remember what the last thing was that you needed to get the Golden God trophy?
  8. So I checked your profile on PSN and Super Meat Boy isn't even on your list. Why is this? Never mind it's here now.
  9. It's been a while since I've done this game. But I'm pretty sure The Kid is tied to a warpzone completion and you got him 3 hours after getting the trophy for completing every warpzone.
  10. I'll ask my Grandma with the reaction times of a turtle to Plat me Raiden IV on PS3. I'll let you know in a year or 20 when she has obtained the skill for it
  11. It's cool that you achieved Mein Leben though. It's a nice challenge to have pulled off ;). Well, time to go back on topic. I may pick up this game myself.
  12. Yes and it would appear that in every difficult game that comes out, other people come along flexing their own achievements for no reason. That's what I am saying. Not that it really matters though. It was implied by the way.
  13. I notice the trend where people involve other more challenging games into the conversation. For you it's Wolfenstein II, for some other guy it was Super Meat Boy. Some people just enjoy mentioning they did difficult stuff for no reason whatsoever.
  14. I will let the other more knowledgeable people answer your question. But I am curious, considering you tell us you are not a cheater, which game did you hide and for what reason? This may - if indeed not a cheated game - benefit you in this dispute if perhaps an error was made.
  15. Big fan of TM and the levels by the way.
  16. I have to say, I feel kinda bad for this person. Seems to me, as an observer at least, that this player is someone who gets games done quite quickly and puts effort in it to do them in such a way too. Feel like this player is targeted for some reason. Not really going to add anything to the dispute itself because I have no knowledge on the game. But this is not the first time for this player. To me, it would feel like such a drag having to explain these things over and over again. I do get that Meepy most likely - in certain cases - pops trophies, manipulating them to have the best completion times possible and that it can get confusing for outsiders to understand the process. Still, ... Sweet profile by the way. I can definitely see some Sergen in there
  17. Just hijacking this comment to say that if you get caught where a trophy list was completed by someone other than yourself, there is virtually no difference between that and using someone else's save file and you should get reported.
  18. Shady shit has been brought up in the past with regards to her account. More recently in the summer event on this website. Anyway, there are videos, there are screenshots. I advise a lot of people to keep their "expertise" out of it.
  19. You have three or more cheated games on your profiles that were reported. If all the flags stand, you will be off the leaderboard permanently.
  20. Seems like you have hidden a lot of other games where you just truly didn't know what happend. Good on you, my friend! Glad it was resolved.
  21. My advice to you is to try a little harder
  22. Cuties and Stardroid has fulfiled its goal of not finishing last. Couldn't be more proud
  23. YouR OpiNioN Is NoT The TruTh StaRdrOiD. You are full of shit my dude. You can't just dismiss what I am saying with that comment. It's a sad day for you my friend. I am not here to debate though. It's not up for discussion that the people who do not earn trophies themselves are obsessed. Like paying other people, like using save files. These people are in my humble opinion the lowest in the gaming community. Enjoy your further flip flopping on this topic. I'm sure you'll find more ways to bend yourself through this maze of bad arguments you have created for yourself.