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  1. I am fairly certain that to unlock Akumu mode you need to complete the game on Survive mode, not Casual mode.
  2. Report it. I reported his Prototype trophy list and he should be off. Guess this modder is a while off level 1000
  3. I want to get the Badland platinum trophy but I will need a co op buddy. If you are interested in doing this, you can reply here or send me a PM. All I ask is that you are not a quitter, chilled out and we can steadily progress on it, preferably with Voice comms in Discord. 

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    2. SlimSanta94


      I'm pretty keen on getting it done too!



      I also had some contacts on the PSNprofile Discord. I won't do this soon, but at the end of the year I will give it a shot. First some testing of course with Shareplay (connection wise) and see if we'll be good to go. If you are wanting to get it done and can wait, I'll see what can happen. Currently 2 more interested so we can pair up 2 in 2 as well. Options are open. We'll see in the near future!

    4. SlimSanta94


      @STARLOVE No problem man, i'm not really in any rush to get it done either, let me know whenever it's starting :)

  4. sup Mister!



      Hello, hope you are doing well

    2. Chirithy


      Always Star; Always and if not; Chiri stands up again and go Forward!

  5. 1. I have almost certainly never claimed I despise people for buying easy platinum games, I despise the system in itself. 2. I don't evaluate people their lives because they are buying these games. I am calling out a subsection of their lives by pointing out the blatant irony on some of these people. This does not encompass their whole lives. 3. I don't know why you are arguing that these games don't cost that much, has nothing to do with the point I made, not relevant in the slighest. 4. I called them losers for their ironic stance, e.g buying all these stacks while claiming that it's just trophies after all. 5. Nice dramatisation of things. But if people do leave a gaming website because some people don't like that they buy garbage games for more virtual points, then I personally won't lose any sleep over it. This is why I almost left this website. Because people their inability to read and present an argument that actually reflects the initial one. Just kidding by the way. But please, stop doing that.
  6. Even though I have grown impartial to this topic, I have to say: The people who claim that "it's just trophies dude" while buying like 50 stacks of easy plats and spending money on it are probably the biggest losers I have ever come across in any gaming community. The thick irony here is enough to make a grown man cry.
  7. There are definitely SJW elements in there. I didn't really give a fuck though
  8. Well, there were definitely ways to make the experience easier and cheaper, but even without the glitches (which I did) everything was completely fair. Never once did I feel like something was out of my hands with the exception of the final level. That felt a bit like a gamble to me. A bit of a shame no Mein Leben trophy for me, I really enjoyed that challenge. Not that I am a big fan of the Wolfenstein series though. Have fun to everyone going for it.
  9. I don't know what you are talking about. Mein Leben took me a week with like 5 practice runs. Seemed very fair to me, each death I had was my own fault
  10. No offence to the owner of this website, but to me it looks like he doesn't give a fuck. I've made suggestions of my own and I didn't even get a response in months. Still haven't gotten one.
  11. A cheater likely not waiting around three years is an non argument. There are plenty of examples out there of cheaters revisiting a game years later and just auto popping. For me, as this "glitch" is not yet explained and is nowhere to be found is an indicator that his trophies are not earned correctly and therefore should not be on the leaderboard. That's what I think, but I can of course be wrong. OP hasn't visited this place for a while either. Your call to make.
  12. I'm just here to repeat what everyone else has said, but worded slightly differently so I can add my two cents without bringing anything new to the table
  13. Hey, Dude, I speedran Shadow of the Colossus on PS4 because it was a much easier list than the PS3 version and I had a blast. 7 in the morning, Saturday, cup of thee, some bread and up I went. It's a nice dimension to have for sure. Wish we would encourage more of it actually. Just adds another dimension to trophy lists. I know a lot of people cry about speedruns, but I love them.