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  1. Imagine caring about reputation so much
  2. With FFXIV growing stale before the next expansion, maybe it's time to start some sweet trophy hunting again. I was surprised to see my last actual Plat was 9 months ago. Time sure flies. Have a wonderful weekend.

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    2. Tosmasta00


      Even the Creators of FF14 say it's okay to unsub and then come back later.

    3. FawltyPowers


      Yes I've un-subbed before and then came back on around October last year I think it was.


      Since then I've only been on a handful of times and I really need to throw myself into it like I did WoW and make proper use of my subscription. I loved WoW and want to feel the same with FFXIV.


      It's only reading this status today made me realise I haven't touched it in ages.


      I even brought the complete edition and haven't added it yet, still got the starter edition on 🙄 Plenty to keep me busy tonight

    4. SteelFreaxx


      I stopped playing somewhere near the end of Heavensward, i think it was in a tavern fight? It's abit daunting if i want to play the new expansion because i have a ton of story to catch up on.

  3. I am very happy ARB1992 won a prize. Honestly and truthfully, I've written guides myself, and I wanted to write one for FFIX but the task alone of organising it and then turning it into a cohesive whole was one I didn't wasn't sure I could pull off. So, again, congratulations with that guide, regardless of me not agreeing with the script method, it is an incredible guide, especially for having written it all by yourself. First place would have been true justice imo!
  4. What exactly is CFW and how is it fun?
  5. 3-4 people and 3 of them are from the 90s and 80s. Hardly a generation, but it's a moot point at this stage.
  6. Who is "this generation of gamers" you speak of? There are plenty of people that will agree with you. Most people will agree that as long as you cheat offline without popping any trophies as a result of it, that there is no issue at all.
  7. I know that is what you said, but I don't understand why you moan this sense of nostalgia. I don't see an issue with you being on the leaderboard (obviously not ranked). I just see this peddled around a lot and it makes no sense, it doesn't matter in the context of now.
  8. I also grew up in those times. Now I get with the times and realise that illegitimately earnt trophies do not belong on the leaderboards. What is stopping you from having fun? Go on ahead, cheat, you just don't get to be put with the people who didn't.
  9. Hey, here is a link that may help you out: -
  10. This must have taken some effort to plan out. Kudos to you
  11. Sean Bean dies in this movie
  12. Yes, you are the only one in the world enjoying this game.
  13. Vegans are of the opinion that the milk produced by animals belongs to their offspring. It is common practice to take labouring cows away from the calf and milk that cow instead the mother cow feeding her baby. They are separated. So if vegans do not wish to drink milk to reduce this happening, than this is more ethical than drinking milk or eating products with milk for ones pleasure. You are right on the consistent part though. But then we still must ask the question. What is better? A meat eater or a vegan that does not eat meat, drink milk but has shoes with some animal products? The last still does more to reduce injustice toward animals than the meat eater. They are still more ethical. All in all, I've got to say from my experience, the argumentation against vegans is usually very poor It is common knowledge that vegans have a way lesser impact on the using of recourses than it takes to feed animals to then eat them. You can argue that these farms are unethical and many vegans will tell you that they are. Being a meat eater does not make you inherently selfish as antivalue of Selfish is not exclusive to ones diet. It would be a simplicaction and generalization to put that label on someone. However, when it comes to dietery ethics, it is definitely more selfish than vegans and I as a non vegan acknowledge that. I also do not know what you mean by "I don't support some of the ideologies that vegans have". They are relatively simple as in: reduce the suffering of animals, reduce the impact on the earth's recourses. All else is ideology that has little to do with veganism. You have any concrete examples of the ideologies within their ideology that you disagree with?
  14. The point is not slaughter happening on an every day basis. It's to reduce that slaughter by any means a person possibly can. As for the dilemma about Meat farmers. Then you can ask the "what is more moral question". Supporting the needless suffering of animals through butchering leading them to involuntary deaths or forcing meat farms to find alernate methods to make money. I don't blame vegans for thinking the first option is the priority to work at. All power to vegans to be honest. Their ideology is pretty solid if you ask me and I may one day transition into a vegan myself.