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  1. I banished them and forgot to make the Fragile Charms unbreakable which would have been useful for later Pantheons. But luckily, it seems that if you die in a pantheon / tournament, you don't lose the Fragile charms at all since it most likely counts the same as when you're in a dream.
  2. I take it you still can't put spaces in your PSN name?
  3. People still think the reason Bloodborne has such a high completion percentage is primarily because of the "Skilled" playerbase playing a good game. High completion in soulsborn games has little to do with that. The infinite blood glitch and co op is why BB is so high. Soulsborne games are never hard as you can just make yourself overpowered and breeze through. Also not impressed by tripple A games always having such pathetically easy lists
  4. Nice try, automated robot
  5. Hey man! Hope all is well, and hope you’re enjoying the Blackout beta!! 


    1. MMDE


      Summer of '78:


  7. Yeessss, great news.
  8. I know right. Factoring in the opinion of people who review games into your own personal decision is really a wild idea and completely undermines one's autonomy. Just throw your money at it my dudes.
  9. Worst: all of them Best: none of them
  10. Cleared Ultima's Refrain on FFXIV. One of the two most challenging fights in the game.

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    2. Griffon234


      The hardest class IMO as well, what's your in game name? Also have you cleared UCoB as well?

    3. Starlove-


      I never attempted Ucob, but will after Alphascape. I'm Freja Reginleif on Odin

    4. Griffon234


      Dayum, just FFlogs'ed you haha. Nice parses ^^

  11. Completed all Way of the Demon missions on Nioh. Destroyer of Demons did not pop, apparently I need to wait a day in order for new Twilight missions to be a thing. Then I also didn't get Samurai of Legend and I have no idea why. I did all the Dojo missions, however, on Way of the Demon there are no Novice missions. Honestly, if I have to go and beat all the missions on Way of the Samurai on top of Way of the Demon now, the developers can put it up their butts.

    1. Redgrave


      Did you complete the very first mission in the game? I have no idea if that counts but I did it anyway, and the final missions for me were the ones where you fight Hanzo and Okatsu. But yeah, you probably are missing a Twilight Mission or two, but at least they do seem to cycle even though I thought they were random.


      What's odd enough is on Way of the Samurai I didn't have to do the missions with Okatsu and Hanzo to get the Samurai of Legend trophy, so I have no idea what missions all count or not.

    2. Starlove-


      It's probably some Twilight missions. It says 88.x% complete

  12. Ah, I remember beating PoP WoW when I was around 12 on hard mode, getting all life upgrades, secret ending and liking it very much. Never really struggled either with the combat or game. Also my favourite PoP game and definitely favourite demeanour of the main character.
  13. I think the difficulty Nioh creates is a weird one. Most bosses seem like such nonsense to me, especially on Way of the Wise, that you almost have to cheese them. I don't know if I'm playing this game incorrectly. Bloodborne's system was much better and dodging felt way more realistic / rewarding. In Nioh you get thrown so much stuff at you, all the time that you just want to cheese it? I'm not particularly struggling with the game as I've made it to Way of the Wise without calling for help, ever. But the game seems to reward cheesing bosses way more than actual skill and dodging. That's why I'm very excited about Sekiro: Shadows die twice. No co op, hopefully no stats to upgrade.

    1. Redgrave


      I think they just upped the difficulty in the DLC related things and didn't really know what to do. Like they wanted to have Soulsborne difficulty while also having Ninja Gaiden difficulty but not really understanding what exactly makes Dark Souls or Bloodborne difficult. It's bad enough the bosses can kill you in one or two hits, but they also tend to have long and nigh-unblockable attack strings to go along with it. Or if you do block it, they break your guard and kill you anyway. It gets really absurd with bosses that will have back up, or you have ones like Jin Hayabusa that has outright ignored the boundary of the rock that is in his arena.


      I would say that maybe they did intend that difficulty to be co-oped more, but there's still those missions that are solo only, so I don't know. I think they just went a bit overboard.

  14. Nioh has it so that items such as Umbracite are easier to get online. Which offers a direct advantage over players who do not have PS plus. As a matter of fact, having to have PS+ as a requirement to come online feels like a scam to me. I'm already paying for my internet, I'm already paying for my games. Another free to access the online part? Pure scam