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  1. Does it really matter in the end, though? If the order is impossible, it's a legit flag, regardless of intent and it will stick. Not necessarily because you cheated but because we can not allow impossible timpestamps on the leaderboard to be fair to all else who do have them. I don't think this rule has changed at all so I am frankly wondering what all this discussion is about when it seems pretty clear to me.
  2. Some Mich Murder to start the day



  3. I like to idea of giving 50% + trophies a zero value. It would mean a reduction in people buying cheap plat games just for the sake of it, simultaneously destroying these games for the aids they are
  4. You can sign me off of being interviewed by the way @Dragon-Archon. It's been since November 2017 that I signed up and suffice to say, I've lost interest lol. As for a question: Can you describe a perfect day to you?
  5. So why are you crying when PSNP shows both?
  6. That's still not fixed? I made some suggestions as well in Premier membership forum in the past and nobody ever responds to that either. Great way to treat people that support this website financially I guess.
  7. It's a bland game in my opinion. Very boring combat, okay boss design, okay music, okay story. For me, been an average journey and I've beaten almost everything except for Demon and the final boss because I just couldn't be bothered anymore. Also don't understand how people say that you need to buy the game first youself. What do these people not comprehend about "getting the game"? Would be kind of futile for OP to have to buy the game to find out if he should buy the game.
  8. All I want is a Bloodborne prequal with Gehrman wielding a badass scythe
  9. So far, I am pretty bored. The level design is not on the same level as Bloodborn for me, the fights are boring and the difficulty feels a bit more articifial than Bloodborne. The abscence of finding better gear is also not leaving a great impression on me and the boss / monster designs are also not as great as DS/BB. It's a decent game, but for me definitely not on the same level as BB. Haven't finished yet though, so maybe with more modifications to prostetics will it become a little bit more interesting.
  10. It's okay lads, you can just ask an overpowered co op buddy to help you out. Oh wait
  11. Metal Slug: Anthology plat. This game would have been a lot more enjoyable if it weren't for the crazy input lag.

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    2. Spaz


      Did you do this solo?

    4. Spaz


      Looks highly addicting. I did the standalone Metal Slug game (not the Arcade Archives easy crap) and it was pretty fun.


      This collection looks pretty tough. Maybe when I clear out some 10 - 20 games off my backlog I will play this.

  12. So what is this save hacking thing I keep reading about on DMC5?

  13. That's because this website only counts the people from the website who have an account if I recall correctly. PSN numbers is for all owners and players of the game.
  14. What you say is true, but to me the way you achieve a trophy is more important. I'm going to leave it at that as it clearly is a difference of opinion, none of which are wrong per sé. Thanks for dealing with this in proper fashion unlike some others and than some dude who's like ThiS TheAd iS CanCeR LuL. Have a good evening!