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  1. Time attacks don't increase your health or stamina, I believe. Also a tip to make it faster: you don't actually have to save your game. The game auto saves after you kill each colossus. So just quit to the main menu after being in the shrine again to save some more time.
  2. Much easier than the PS3 version. Doing HTA3 in 3 and a half minutes. HTA took me like 2 hours in total to complete and that was with practising jumps.
  3. SoTC - Basaran NTA, my record


  4. MGS: TPP by a mile. Incredibly poor character development, boring, predicting and repetitive missions inside a boring, predictable and repetitive sandbox that did not feel like a warzone at all. As for some comments about Everybody's Gone to the Rapture, I thought it was brilliant. In particular how it deals with all the "gotta go fast"- crowd. Many people who complain about this game are describing their complaints as exactly the game it pretended to be. A walking simulator. If you complain about the walking part, it's like disliking the taste of sheep and ordering lamb at a restaurant to later complain that you weren't satisfied. I will always love Everybody's Gone to the Rapture for what it stood for and how it influenced the way I look at games and even life. Stand still and appreciate what the devs created. Ponder a moment about what just happend as you look into a Crimson sun going down, shining over a corn field where the wind breezes through. Some people see it as pretentious, I don't. A beautifully crafted game with incrediblye detail, visuals, story and music.
  5. Alright mate, cheers.
  6. One final question then, how does NG+ work? You save at a temple, select NG+ from options menu, select the file with the TA clears and voila, you're in a New Game (reset timer) with the TA items?
  7. Maybe HM items simply aren't available on NM save files. Then I do wonder if the following is possible: - Start game on NM - Start NG+ on NM and complete Normal Time Attack - Immediately after completing NTA, start a NG+ in HM and complete Hard Time Attack first - Immediately after completing HTA, start a NG+ in HM with the Queen's Sword and NTA items.
  8. So, I'm a bit torn with the SOTC plat speedrun. 

    Either I start the game in Normal mode, do the Normal Time Attack and then NG+ into Hard Mode with Cloak of Might and Power Mask. 


    I start the game in Hard Mode, Do Hard Time Attack and start a NG+ in Normal mode with the Queen's sword. 

    Which one do you think will yield the fastest results?

  9. If you start on HM and unlock the Queen's Sword and you start a NG+ on normal mode. Will the Queen's Sword carry over?
  10. Has the sword jump in SoTC changed for the PS4 version. I seem the remember having a much firmer grip on the sword on the PS3 version. Now he barely stays on. 

    1. Phil


      I remember the ps3 version taking some practice to find the right spot. Otherwise, you'd just stumble around on the sword.

  11. Going back to being more active and I'm going to attempt / get this plat. Wish me luck friendos
  12. Shadow of the Colossus is a game that left a great impression on me. Since the PS4 trophy list isn't that hard, I figured I'd try and set a very good plat time for it. Will be a nice project on the day off

    1. Starlove-


      The goal is to plat it in less than 18 hours. 

  13. Bless your soul for taking the piss out of some of the cringe fanboys. Fuck Konami for charging 10 dollars for an extra save slot, though.
  14. Speaking of rarest, when are we getting it in a way that on our profiles our rarest trophies are one rarest trophy per game. Right now all 5 of them are Super Meat Boy. Just put SMB plat there, at number two my rarest for Ninja Senki DX, at three Bound, at four rarest pier solar trophy and at five my rarest Velocity trophy. Yes, almost all of them will be plats, but I don't mind that. Maybe give the players that option. Would be nice option to have as a Premium Subscriber. I'd subscribe for life in a heartbeat.