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  1. As a bystander who hasn't even bought the game, I can't hope to help you understand how much I have cringed at your comments. Claiming you let it go, and have this laissez-faire attitude. Mate, almost half of your posts in total on this forum have been you crying about Mein Leben and the people who completed it. Just stop.
  2. Wasn't that much of a fan of Ni No Kuni, to be honest. Generic story, pretty boring battle system and familiars, predictable characters, boring same sidequests. Probably an unpopular opinion, but It's a 6/10 game for me. Hopefully the second installment will come with some improvements.
  3. Thanks for this. I'll enter as well.
  4. Can put me in Naked since I now have all at 100%
  5. Beginning (Flower)
  6. MGS Ground Zeroes 100%. This puts me at all MGS games including Revegeance 100% and overall 100% profile again. 

  7. I feel like the game BOUND is the only game I'll play in ten years time and go on a feels trip as to how I felt when I was dancing through that stunning world. Listening to "First Argument" from the OST and I am absolutely blown away that a video game could make me feel so much. Better than any book I've read.

    1. PSXtreme_


      IMO, You just really need to read better books...nothing new comes even close to ANYTHING written by Asimov or Heinlein...

    2. Starlove-


      Or you need to play better games ;). Books for me never evoke really strong emotions like games do. They do to a certain extend, but never to the extend of Limbo, Inside, Journey, Bound ... But that just may be me. Maybe I don't have that great an imagination, or maybe I just get immersed more easily with music and a straight visual. Probably a bit both. 

    3. Spaz


      I'm stuck in the Super Mario/Sonic the Hedgehog era of video games. A game like Super Mario World I can play today or in 10 years time and still be every bit as excited to play it as I did 25 years ago.


      But it's good that you appreciate modern games. It takes a lot of effort to get me to play a game many years down the road and still enjoy the hell out of it. You realize what has aged well and what hasn't aged so well.

  8. Yes. A marriage where both play horror games is bound to outlast all marriages. That and I'm pretty hot myself
  9. "Following the successful Monster Hunter World beta earlier this month, Capcom is bringing the beta back for another go-round, this time without a PlayStation Plus subscription acting as a gatekeeper. The new beta runs from December 22 through December 26. The previous beta required PlayStation Plus to access the game at all, single player or multiplayer, but the upcoming one lets players without a subscription access the single player missions. Multiplayer, like all PlayStation 4 games, still requires PS+. If you downloaded the original beta, you don't even need to download a new client, as the old one works. The content is identical from last weekend, so don't expect new monsters to hunt or new missions. The beta is once again exclusive to PlayStation 4, despite there being Xbox One and PC versions announced for the game. Both Xbox One and PlayStation 4 editions of the game launch on January 26, while the PC version has an indefinite date sometime in 2018." ________________________ Personally, I wasn't impressed by the early beta at all. I thought the combat was pretty bad for a combat focussed game. Hopefully some small tweaks can be found in the second beta.
  10. Honest to the sweet lord, though. The MGS series has probably the most boring overall trophy lists of any game I've played. Once I'm finished with MGS: Ground Zeroes, I'll have 100% on all of them. Veeerrry slowly. I can't stand to play it for longer than an hour.

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    2. RVMcypress_grave


      I don't remember disliking MGS:GZ that much but I did get it a while back so I may not have had as many other exciting games as I have now on ps4. If I had to do the marking stuff now I would probably put it off to play something like RE7.
      Goodluck, hopefully you get through the boring stuff quickly.

    3. Deceptrox


      Well, people have different tastes, I throughly enjoyed earning all trophies from all the Metal Gear games I platted/100% so far.

    4. Starlove-


      I liked MGS3, Peace Walker and Rising. MGS2, 4 and 5 were in one way or the other boring grindfests. Be it under VR missions, emblems or tedious repetitive missions in V where you couldn't even S rank most missions by completing all tasks because Time Completion was the main factor to get an S. I like the games, but man, this game again feels like such a boring grindfest and the missions are so generic. But that's me, I guess.

  11. 100% Little Nightmares. No death run without cloud save because a game that lasts one hour shouldn't be chopped up with cloud saves.

  12. Share where you got it so future interested people know too
  13. So I bought a PS4 slim after mine died today. I have a quick question. Can I just swap hard drives from my old broken PS4 to my slim so I don't lose any data?

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    2. Lorajet


      Unfortunately, you need to backup the old drive.  But if the PS4 is having problems. that isn't too helpful.  The PS4 will reformat whatever drive you put into it. Bummer, I know.  I tried to put an old drive into my PS4 to change some settings.  It reformatted it. 

    3. Sir_Bee


      I'm curious.  Could you hook up the drive as an external to get some of the data off of it?  Would you be able to access it, and would the system still require a format?

    4. Spaz


      I’m still sore about losing my initial 500 GB drive. 


      Thankfully my PS4 hasn’t died yet. Then again I’ve only used it for a little over two years.

  14. Dat Plat - Enter the Gungeon This game almost made me experience a premature midlife crisis. First hours in, I just couldn't consistently get passed the third floor. Felt like my reaction times and hand to eye coordination had suddendly decreased massively. So much so that I just left the game for what it was and focussed on the new expension Stormblood in FFXIV. As is almost always the case with MMOs, FF14 greww stale after a while and I decided to go for it again. To my surprise, I seemed to have a much better grasp on the game and made it to the fifth floor on my first attempt. Took me a while to get good at the game, but as you unlock more weapons, it does get easier. I did three legitimate runs of Lead God (no damage on bosses, without cloud save). One as in the dungeon itself and two in Boss Rush Mode. This trophy list in itself could have been a lot better if it weren't for the grindy trophies. Getting an X amount of kills on certain monsters that only spawn every so often on different floors isn't great, really. Wish it was replaced with another sort of challenge run. I had fun with those. There are two types of challenge runs. The blessed run, where your gun changes randomly to another gun throughout the whole run. Lastly you have the Daisuke's Trial. I had a lot of fun with this. Every new room, a set of extra challenges are added. Waves that stone you if not dodge, a trial of poison that contineously follows you until all monsters are dead, missiles that drop from the sky, half a life left upon one hit ... I beat the last boss having to kill him for half the fight with half a heart left. Very butt clenching. Nice experience, wish it wasn't so grindy.