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  1. Hey, Dude, I speedran Shadow of the Colossus on PS4 because it was a much easier list than the PS3 version and I had a blast. 7 in the morning, Saturday, cup of thee, some bread and up I went. It's a nice dimension to have for sure. Wish we would encourage more of it actually. Just adds another dimension to trophy lists. I know a lot of people cry about speedruns, but I love them.
  2. Yeah, I do not understand how you can earn I am the Expert on Weapons and Sounds of the Battlefield 8 seconds from each other? That's pretty much the rate between standard trophy popping on PS3. By that time you should have picked up all the weapons already leaving only buyable /unlockable weapons left. It would mean that you picked up a final weapon that you needed somewhow instantly together with a final casette tape. Do you remember what casette tape was your final one? Also, you said you followed that guide, which means you did the Chicken Emblem first. But if you followed that guide, then how come you earned "You just enjoy Killing, that's why" so late into your progress (one of your last trophies). ? It's one of the first trophies every to unlock as you need to kill a lot of people (over 500). I feel like your list is very illogical. I've also never heard about the glitch that those items don't unlock after a Big Boss run.
  3. Look at this guy playing ignorant. People like you should be punished harder for wasting everyone their time.
  4. Never heard of that before, but can't comment too much on it. Maybe someone else can confirm;
  5. DmC 3 difficulty trophies do not stack, meaning you have to complete every difficulty seperately.
  6. Timestamped unlocking Corpse Camo after the game is complete. Your info is false. And to add onto that. Earlier you said you had missed a particular ending cutscene trigger multiple times ("something I always missed"). So you mean to tell me you had a save file ready at the end, on your first playthrough, ready to trigger FlashBack Mania, but you didn't, instead ... you tried doing it multiple times on other playthroughs? Come on man, your story is full of holes. I also don't understand why you are talking about purism. I'm going to state this to you one final time, so you may finally understand what I am saying. I don't care when or during what playthrough you unlocked the Corpse Skin. What I care about it that you unlocked I Just don't FEAR death 23 minutes before Flackback Mania. This could only have been achieved on the Battleship before Mantis battle or in another save file. Both of which are fine. What isn't fine however, is that in 23 minutes you spent 5 minutes through a hallway, a good 15 minutes battling Ocelot (including cutscenes), 10 minutes of cutscenes after Ocelot, 10 minutes of Credits you can't skip and then magically, during a 25 minute debriefing Cutscene, your Flashback Mania trophy glitches and pops too early, but is in fact actually still too late for it too make sense. If you are interested Br1vine, I can give you a tldr in a private message, I'm not going to muddy the thread any further. I think the questions that I have asked have not been answered in a satisfactory manner.
  7. Corpse Camo doesn't magically unlock in chapters. You just obtain it after beating the game with 51 or more continues. But again, that does not matter. I don't know if you are deliberately trying to twist my words so you can avoid the question or not. I am treating your Corpse Camo trophy as a midpoint towards Flashback Mania trophy. Nothing more, nothing less. I have put my own trophy list next to you. Between letting Ocelot kiss you and obtaining the Flashback Mania trophy, there is 1 hour and 1 minute. I did not stop, I did not take a break. You somehow managed to do that in 23 minutes. Because now, conveniently, after all this time, you reveal to us that your Flashback Mania trophy actually popped on the first scene effectively glitching out completely in your favour. The mods can do with this what they want. I say he is a full on bullshitter. Every time it's my save this and my save that (in all his disputes) and then things magically go in his favour again. Can you find proof that the Flashback Mania trophy pops like that for people? I haven't. I don't want to report you for MGS4 just yet. But it does provide me and the rest with a bit of context. What you did is not possible, you have provided no reasonable explanation except for the fact that now, somehow you obtained Flashback Mania, conveniently 25 minutes early.
  8. It does not matter that you didn't know how to use it, that's not the question that I am asking. Please actually answer the question that I am posing. The fact that you didn't know has nothing to do with an impossible timeframe I am describing. In order to pop Flashback Mania, you have to trigger all cutscenes, all the way to the end. The final Debriefing cutscene takes 25 minutes before you can pop the last one give or take. That's the only time where is can pop, granted that you triggered all other hidden stuff. You are just dribbling around the point. I'll put it more clearly. 1. Corpse camo is required by beating the game. You just told us your first save is one right before you beat the game (Flashback Mania ready) 2. This means you must have gotten Corpse Camo on your other 40 emblem save file, you popped it there. 3. You went back to your first Flashback Mania ready save file and popped the Trophy. _________ The problem with this is that you can not save anymore I believe as soon as you are crawling through that very heated place as you save via Codec and the game has no auto save. So in 23 minutes you would have had to: Go through that sequence, beat Ocelot, watch some cutscenes after Ocelot, sit through 10 minutes of credits and then sit through 25 minutes of cutscenes. Do you see the problem? You only have a time frame of 23 minutes while having so much more time you NEED to spend on actually getting the trophy. The other scenario we have is that you actually did pop Corpse Camo in chapter 5. This is only possible however on the ship as after that section is the Screaming Mantis boss and there are no more soldiers for you to fool after that part. So again, not enough time. I would like you to explain to me how you bypassed this.
  9. Let's look at your claims rationally. Because to me they make very little sense. So, on your first playthrough, you decided to get everything done and then suddenly stop before you could actually get Flashback Mania. Yes, it does make no sense having multiple saves as you are required to get 40 different Emblems on the same save file. Just let me get this straight. 1. You start a playthrough where you get everything done in one go but for some reason you stop before you get Flashback Mania. 2. You start a new save file, where you basically waste one full playthrough almost when it comes to Emblems, essentially adding one unecessary playthrough 3. 5 years and 11 months later, you do all of the 8 playthroughs without popping Flashback Mania 4. You retake your save from almost 6 years ago to pop Flashback Mania which you could have easily popped anyway in your full playthrough. _____________ Okay, let's just grant this to be true. Then you must explain the following to me. It is about the Corpse Camo. The Corpse Camo is unlocked by completing the game with 51 or more continues. So, you earned The Corpse Camo trophy 23 minutes before earning Flashback Mania. Now, you could not have possibly earned the Corpse Camo trophy on your first save file as you need to actually complete the game. So this means, you must have done it on your 40 Emblem save file. So how do you go from going from one Save File, unlocking the Corpse Trophy, then go to your first save file and watch all cutscenes which are longer than 25 minutes and on top of that having to wait 10 minutes for the credits to roll? It's not possible, is it? What am I missing here?
  10. I also find your MGS4 list a bit suspect. After more than 5 years, you out of the blue obtain I am the Expert on Weapons (which is most certainly possible) but 8 seconds later you also obtain Sounds of the Battlefield. Even though not impossible, I find that fishy. Especially since like 45 min later you also unlock the trophy for having watched all the cutscenes. I find that weird in a minimum 8 playthrough platinum you suddenly got all these trophies in such a short notice after 5 years time. I think you are trying to bamboozle us and even though MGS4 can't be reported to my knowledge, I don't believe a lot of what you say. That's my two cents. Gl in your dispute. Actually, I'd almost go as far to claim for certain that you used a save file. In order for you to have obtained Sounds of the Battlefield and Flashback Mania 48 minutes apart, it means you needed to have found your last cassette close to the end as Flashback Mania requires you to watch all hidden stuff in one full playthrough. The final Casette you can find is at the beginning of chapter 5, which means that between the beginning of chapter 5 and the ending of the debriefing, you would have to have done this in 48 minutes. You also have a trophy inbetween there for ending an alert status in Corpse camo. So it's not like you were playing perfectly either. Not only that, but a speedrunner does that whole section without cutscenes in around 20 minutes. Flashback Mania requires you to watch all the way into Debriefing. To put things into perspective, If you have a good speedrunning time while screwing around having alerts, you'd make that section in 25 minutes. But that's not possible for you as you are forced into watching cutscenes. In particular: When Screaming and Psycho Mantis are introduced, you will get the next flashback. During the encounter with Psycho Mantis, there will be a flashback about the Memory Card AND another one for the Vibration. These are the two funniest flashbacks in the game. As soon as Psycho Mantis is exploding start tapping You will see a hidden flashback of Hideo Kojima After Psycho Mantis is gone, you will hear a voice saying "The spirit of the warrior will always be with you." That's when the flashback of The Spirit from Metal Gear Solid 3 appears. When Meryl and Akiba do their last stand, when Akiba mentions that he has no nanomachines in his body. Later in the same cutscenes, when Meryl finds out why Johny had stomachaches back in Act 1. A few seconds after the last one, when Johny says about first meeting Meryl in Shadow Moses. There is a series of flashbacks during the final fight, but all these are automatically given to you. No need to tap here In the final final cutscene before the Debriefing where Drebin and Otacon are talking together, the flashback appears when Drebin is talking about his family. This would bring your time to at least over 40 minutes. Now here comes to kicker. In order to watch all of the Debrief cutscenes for Flashback Mania, you need to watch at least 25 minutes worth of cutscenes (which happen after the credits which you can't skip to my knowledge), bringing your time well over an hour. So my question to you is. Considering the short amount of time between getting all Songs and viewing all Flashbacks, to my knowledge, it makes sense to have your final casette close to the end right? (Flashback Mania). How did you achieve that in only 48 minutes considering the fact you had to complete the whole of chapter 5 and watch pretty much all the cutscenes? Also, what was your final weapon that you were missing then at the start of Chapter 5, considering you got I am the Expert on Weapons 8 seconds prior to collecting your final song? Speedrun through Chapter 5 = 20 minutes. More for you since you did the Corpse Trophy Chapter 5 relevant Cutscenes = give or take 12 minutes of watching stuff Unskippable end credits = 10 minutes Debrief cutscenes till end (Flashback mania) = 25 minutes. I do not see how you did this in 48 minutes. Combine this with the fact that for some obscure reason you got your final weapon, which You also must have done at the start of chapter 5, something seems to be off here.
  11. 31000 hidden trophies huh. Someone call Guiness, we have a new record over here. Indeed, multiple other games wrong with your profile. That's gonna be you off the leaderboards chief
  12. I won't be getting it. Imo, overrated games
  13. This does nothing for me to be honest.
  14. I was convinced the new IP Blair Witch was by Red Barrels. Same voice actor as in Outlast, same graphics, same camera gimmick, same intro with car ride and radio.

    It looks like a straight Outlast ripoff lmao. Hopefully they find some creative freedom in their project.


    This game is made by the team behind Layers of Fear. According to Xboxinsider.

  15. It was more to express the absurdity of your roommate just poofing into existance. Also, what burden of proof? The picture is right there for you to read, no? For me the flag should absolutely stay for two reasons: 1. You endorse cheating. This makes you a direct influence into making other people cheat. Rather than encourage people to not cheat and just do the two playthroughs, earning the platinum legitemately, you propose cheating. 2. Even though timestamps look good, there are plenty of cheaters out there that are clever enough to cover their tracks and make their timestamps look legit. In some cases, it's almost certain they cheated, but you can't really prove it. MGS2 VR missions is a great example of this. For me the decision should only be based on the fact that you endorse cheating and that your roommate excuse just doesn't cut it. You couldn't be tasked with two more playthroughs while making no mention of a roommate at all. Are we to believe that after you endorsing cheating and claiming that you didn't want to do two more playthroughs your roommate magically offered to take care of it for you?