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  1. It's because there is co op and people like to pretend they are really, really hard games. Also, you can just farm souls to be incredibly overpowered making the game incredibly easy. It has probably very little to do with this uber skilled difficulty junkies.
  2. Never buy games for the sake of trophies in themselves. Talking about useless crap like My Name is Mayo. Cheap, sure, but for me still not worth it.
  3. Thanks for sharing, mate.
  4. Shadows Die Twice reportedly will not feature online or co op. It is also reportably harder than Bloodborne and Dark Souls. Will be interesting to see the difference in rarity percentages without co op.

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    2. LuciaRosethorn


      The thing with these games is that they aren't hard, all you need to do is learn the enemy patterns and that's it. If it's meant to be harder the the souls series it doesn't take a lot, Nioh is harder then them so I wouldn't worry about difficulty too much.


      It also confuses me when people call it Shadows Die Twice since it's called Sekiro xD 

    3. PooPooBlast


      Oh really? Didn't know that but what I meant that these days any hack and slash third person game with RPG elements is immediately compared to souls series. 


      And lol demon's souls is probably the hardest thing I played.. @Starlove-

    4. Starlove-


      Well fuck

      I hope it's fast paced like Bloodborne. I'm a big fan of high offense, low defence kind of gameplay.

  5. I didn't say it was forbidden. It's just a preference. Also, thanks for the golden tip. I never realised until now that if I didn't want see content, I should just not click on it. Sometimes I wonder if your wisdom has any finite limits. As for the ontopic part, It's been a long time since I've played a racing game. I'll keep this on the radar.
  6. Make one thread
  7. Outlast II is a game that has religion in it very heavily. It may also be a game of interest to you as you can find scripture and notes from villages as collectibles. It's not one of the Abrahamic religions, but heavily relies on them. It's a custom religion based on te prophet Knoth (in game). The game is very graphic, though, but it may be worth checking out. Everybody's Gone to the Rapture also has a religious viewpoint that may be worth exploring. Shadow of the Colossus Wiki: "Dormin is "Nimrod" backwards, which could possibly refer to the Biblical king Nimrod who was said to be the originator of false worship. Also, Nimrod was to be credited with the creation of the Tower of Babel, a tower which led mortals into forbidden territory, the territory of God. King Nimrod's death resulted in his body being cut into multiple pieces and dispersed, similar to parts of Dormin's soul being held within the colossi. " Jotun is a game based on Norse mythology and features Norse gods. Journey seems to have religious influences
  8. Because I'm a completionist? I enjoy the feeling of 100% games. Usually difficult ones so at least it means something.
  9. Yea, I'd say that's accurate for most games
  10. There are way more easy lists out there than there are hard lists. It's not a hyperbole at all. And the fact that there are way more easy lists out there is not because the games can only be done in an easy way. But maybe I should also say what I mean by actually "mastering a game". It's basically being forced into making no mistakes. For me, mastering GoW isn't a case of beating the game on the hardest difficulty. It's being able to beat the game on the hardest difficulty with minimum deaths. I have quite a few challenging games on my profile and the only one I mastered was Super Meat Boy, Downwell and the Outlast series.
  11. Because you're then arguing with an incomplete statement and thus something I never really said. Games like SMB and Vanquish are the exception. What the Devs decide is enough for the plat does not equal mastering the game, only to the extend the devs see fit. I'll give GoW as an example. Don't have to beat the game on the hardest difficulty. Can get the platinum on easy. So according to the devs, obtaining all trophies is enough to warrant the platinum, but it sure as hell doesn't mean you mastered the game. And yes, some plats mean more than others.