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  1. There is no way in hell that you platinum this game in 1-3 hours even with good preparation. You don't need online either I'm pretty sure to get the platinum trophy. That and there are literally two guides on this website for PS3 and PS4. Detailed too. If you never played it though, you will almost certainly not get it within a day.
  2. Terribly easy trophy list, but I don't really care, I'll buy and play it anyway
  3. This game isn't in the EU store? No trophy list on website either. Thought release was yesterday. Confirmed delay on EU store
  4. Alright, I am going to block you and I am going to state the reason why. Even in a thread of Avatars for crying out loud you manage to utter a message that is soaked in negativity. I have been cringing for weeks at your posts because no matter the time, no matter the subject, you can always count on some good old negativity from you. You can put that controversy flag around your waist and wear it like a badge of honour, further pretending people are growing tired of you because they just can't deal with different opinions. But I am telling you like it is. You will be the first person I ever block on any website because whenever I read a post of yours, it actually starts to affect my mood. No use in responding, you will be blocked. As for on topic, I like the art of Gris and for PSN, well I just think it's the best one out there.
  5. I commend you on your ability to dream big and I wish you good luck into your future endeavours.
  6. Spaz, can you please stop quoting me a couple of years after my initial post, especially when the content has literally nothing to do with what I say but some self indulgent semi rant of your own? I beg of you.
  7. People in this topic: Reviews mean nothing Also people in this topic: IgN GaVe iT a 6.8 oMg REEeeeE I can dig the sort of artsy, story driven games. I'll end up buying it at some stage. Just the amount of cringe Kojima fanboys is so annoying. I'll be the first to say I absolutely loved the Metal Gear Solid franchise, but people acting like Kojima was the only one to make that game happen. This game is more Kojima than MGS and it's ranked lower. Now people say it's because it isn't for everyone. Every game isn't for everyone. You can make a game with a good story and good gameplay and it will be universally loved with this exceptions here and there. But I personally feel like a lot of reviews are favoritism for Kojima himself, rather than the opposite.
  8. Hehe, you know I'm kidding. I don't know anything about this game. Good luck though! You've done much harder stuff than this, maybe the difficulty is indeed a bit understated.
  9. You probably just suck. Sorry man, there is no shame in it
  10. Indeed, I personally just love throwing my money at every game I find interesting without reading reviews so I can just judge it myself! Said no financially reponsible person ever
  11. Badland Misson Possible done. Now only Co Op left. Some pretty challenging stuff in there. 

    1. SlimSanta94


      Good job! i'm getting the single player done ASAP so we can get started :)

  12. Don't listen to what Ecoshifter is saying. I immediately went into the multiplayer and sucked ass. I didn't even know the controls and got all multiplayer trophies in a couple of hours (except for the journeys, which is also easy). The game adds up your downs and executions together. In other words, you can get a trophy with 3 downs and 2 executions. Executions are also very easy since you down an enemy you can simply execute. In my opinon that is always worth doing. While it is true that sometimes you meet people with just overpowered layouts, it's not an issue at all. If you play the game calmly, you don't sprint everywhere and pay attention, bagging 5 kills worth of executions and or downs is easy enough.
  13. S o u l s l i k e ooOOO
  14. The 'Double Trouble'-Trophy is probably the most bullshit trophy I have ever done. I love it

    1. Spaz


      You're playing one of the most niche, perhaps difficult games out there that only a very small sample of people would even try to go for the platinum trophy.


      So.... you should feel proud of yourself.

  15. I think it's refreshing that there is no multiplayer, as I'm pretty sure in that interview they said that just the scale of the story and game alone is so vast that it just was their primary focus. I wish we could go back to just good story driven games with excellent gameplay that you are immersed in. You know, the kind of games that didn't have to suffer so some half assed multiplayer mode could be crammed in there. Not saying that TLoU multiplayer is bad, seems like quite a few people love it, but if they drop multiplayer to expand further on what was one of the most amazing stories I have ever played through in any video game, I can't say I'm upset by that.
  16. I have found that if you go too quickly in some instances, it is prone to glitching. Had two runs end. One when arriving in the blood rain area, where I interacted with a ledge, but my character for some reason dashed forward as if sprinting and I simply fell off. One was in the mines where I crawled beneath a space and I fell through the ground putting me back to the main menu. The game is fair, though. I found is a very exciting thing to platinum. Even more so than Outlast 1. Not too difficult either. There is nothing unfair about Outlast 2, except for when the game glitches on you, that sucks. I wish it was more RNG so you'd actually have to improvise, rather than just walk scripted paths most of the time.
  17. I guess you could say that this random modder screwz you over. Just kidding have a nice day.
  18. I am fairly certain that to unlock Akumu mode you need to complete the game on Survive mode, not Casual mode. https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/boards/711441-the-evil-within/70398533
  19. Report it. I reported his Prototype trophy list and he should be off. Guess this modder is a while off level 1000
  20. I want to get the Badland platinum trophy but I will need a co op buddy. If you are interested in doing this, you can reply here or send me a PM. All I ask is that you are not a quitter, chilled out and we can steadily progress on it, preferably with Voice comms in Discord. 

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    2. SlimSanta94


      I'm pretty keen on getting it done too!



      I also had some contacts on the PSNprofile Discord. I won't do this soon, but at the end of the year I will give it a shot. First some testing of course with Shareplay (connection wise) and see if we'll be good to go. If you are wanting to get it done and can wait, I'll see what can happen. Currently 2 more interested so we can pair up 2 in 2 as well. Options are open. We'll see in the near future!

    4. SlimSanta94


      @STARLOVE No problem man, i'm not really in any rush to get it done either, let me know whenever it's starting :)