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  1. I' m relaxed as much as I can be Yeah charging for it would be the next case. Here we have Bloody palace. Remember people its free!!
  2. Anyone can order it. Has nothing to do with region
  3. Funny how Capcom announce that Bloody Palace will be free after launch. Its something thats been in game at launch of all games.
  4. New trend, exclusive demo lol
  5. image: https://gematsu.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/12/KOF15-Init_12-05-18.jpg The King of Fighters XV is in development and is planned for release in 2020, SNK announced during an investor relations press conference today Read more at https://gematsu.com/2018/12/the-king-of-fighters-xv-in-development-for-release-in-2020#siRfeiHHeXZ8uuGW.99 Nice! Still need to get XIV
  6. Hell Yes! Loved this game
  7. Its about 15 euros. Already released. Just that the list is up late. Probably issues with psn
  8. Seems straight forward. Little grind for 1000 vs matches
  9. Boss 3 is those 3 objects that circle around you when boss leaves a big. Number 2 and 4 i have no idea actually.
  10. Interesting. Thx for info
  11. Looks easy enough. Guess typical M2 list now. Now we wait 1 year for West release lol.