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  1. Grade A (Chapter 3) Complete Chapter 3 in any mode with a grade of A or better.
  2. I have this problem now as well. When checking records and trophies. None are locked. But i won a few matches of TDM and it still shows 0/50. I Dunno If it doesn't register or what. I have the digital goty edition
  3. Yeah and funny enough there is a stack for Eu. Did it release in UK?
  4. Interesting to see that Cygames have a deal with Juventus for sponsor. You don´t see that often with videogames compaines. Nothing important but still lol
  5. Its been like this for more than a year. So not much have been done.
  6. Hacks and stuff like that. There is alot of games that are affected by this. And it needs sorting actually! Games i know are. Raiden IV ( both lists ) Darius Burst ( both lists) Cloudberry kingdom, Badland. There are plenty more!
  7. 150 platinums. Im saving a special one for that
  8. Damm 2 New stacks
  9. Its 1200¥ on Jp store. So should be 9,99$
  10. Yeah i know. It never went on sale as well. I waited like 3 years lol. Then i gave in. Also Chaoscode both versions never released for Eu
  11. Sorry i am a fool. Its on ps3
  12. Well ps4 have GGAC+ already
  13. Yeah cause this thread represent close to 100 million ps4 owners lol
  14. Game i spend most time is Tekken. But love GGXrd/Rev
  15. Damm no inspiration at all. Did they even try lol