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  1. I believe you need to wait a bit after the it looks like you are doing forward MK instead of HK
  2. Soonish i wouldn't say . Have to do Tier 1 first. Which isn't a walk in the park. For UR thread i mean
  3. You can use Murakumo now. But it looks hard nevertheless .
  4. Hey bro! I'm sorry to bother you but I was wondering if you could answer something for me real quick. You see, me and my friend are experiencing the same online issues on Guilty Gear Accent Core Plus. We can play player match just fine but are unable to find each other on ranked. We also both have AC+R mode on. Do you recall what you did to fix this seeing as you managed to get the online trophies?

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    2. Xugoshi


      Really!? That would be a life safer bro!:D


      What region u in bro?

    3. Vergil
    4. Xugoshi


      Är du seriös mannen!? xD 

      Trevligt att träffas! :D Jag la till dig som vän på PSN. Hör gärna av dig när du kan hjälpa en broder, vill bara få dem online baserade troféerna färdiga så fort som möjligt innan servrarna läggs ner! :D 

  5. Voted for A pixel story. Just so you know . Nidhogg 2 looks to be glitched , so Keep that in mind before trying that out
  6. PSN is having trouble as whole. Ps3, ps4 and ps5
  7. No they didn't shutdown. Its PSN that have problems on ps3, ps4 and ps5
  8. Its probably just PSN. Its been acting weird for 3 days .
  9. Probably PSN. Even Tekken 6 servers är up from Bamco
  10. The pic with the games for march. Down to the left the smaller text , it says PS+ is not eligable for ps5 upgrade
  11. So 3 ps4 games. I assume its just this month??
  12. Rumors say its only in Japan???
  13. Is there a limited time to the upgrade to Ps5. Any Words on that?
  14. Ohh wow really.
  15. I definitely don't mind other consoles or so. Just didn't think it would get dlc