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  1. Depends on the games. I would love a remaster of Hardcorps uprising
  2. Its weird though since latest achiever is may 9th. No1 got plat in latest 10 days? Its 1.30% now
  3. First gameplay vid
  4. I think this is the other solution. If not then its not possible without 1.0 version
  5. My PS+ runs out june 2024. I will stick with it until then. For now, if the classic games like Tekken 2 don't have trophy support i really don't care about it then. And ps5 don't have any games i want really . So perfectly fine with My ps4 and normal PS+
  6. All guides that take less than 60 minutes to platinum should be deleted . But that's just me
  7. For Under Night , French bread are the devs. ASW the publishers. For Early Blazblue games. publishers are Aksys games. The devs are ASW as always. Its their ip
  8. Wonder when the first price cut will be or maybe a valuble bundle
  9. Don't think there is one that's best. There are many that have different approach. I personally watched several mein leben runs and kinda put it together for my run. So i would say do the same
  10. While i liked this game i actually don't wanna go back to it several years later for dlc trophies
  11. Hmm i see. Didn't actually know about all those other games.
  12. Maybe cause they don't want people to buy the wrong one. Sega is delisting some Sonic game cause a Sonic collection is releasing soon
  13. Tekken 2 nice. If with trophies of course. I hope for Tekken 3 also
  14. Almost at 900hours and still alot to go, err what ??lol