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  1. Nice thread, thx for updating. The ps4 version don't have the 8 player lobby trophy. This one you actually just need 4 controllers
  2. Game is back up for both NA and EU
  3. Then he did this after. He was a genius in football. A pure master! At this world cup he scored 5 goals and assited 5. No1 ever has done that much in world cup ever. He didn't need to train with others
  4. Rip Greatest of all time 😢
  5. You managed to do SMB. I really don't see why you wouldn't be able to finish both Bleed games
  6. No way is this harder than Mein Leben. Bleed 2 is definitely harder than Bleed 1 but no mein leben is totally different
  7. Lol no dude. Its definitely not that hard
  8.ケツイdeathtiny-絆地獄たち This game released on US store yesterday. Do your magic @BlindMango And translate
  9. Game is available now on US store
  11. Yeah still waiting for the January sale!
  12. Yeah. I call bs on that already. If it was only SF6 i might believe it
  13. I seem to confused with the usual sale. Not the game of the week lol
  14. Its usually every 2nd week. So probably next wednesday ahead of black friday
  15. Grand UproarObtain all other trophies The game i always wanted from Xbox, ever since i saw it. Wonderful game definitely my cup of tea. Perfect gameplay, nothing needs changing all is smooth and responsive. Trophy wise its not so bad. Expert can be annoying with some bosses, especially King Dice. And Pacifist can be as well but its nothing nerv wrecking. Luckily we don't have to get S rank but that sure would have make things interesting. Bring on the sequel!!