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  1. Im sure you could find someone else's video. I mean @Roronora_Zoro666 is awful xD
  2. Not sure if i will cave in and get it. Maybe Strictlylimited will do a EU release. Cause with play asia i usually have to pay for 2 things to get it here in Sweden
  4. Well ps4 hasn't been anounnced to shut down. They are removing modes cause they basically want to. Which imo is even worse to make a trophy unattainable. Mind you i personally don't care for it but i understand the frustration from people
  5. You need to downgrade it to 1.0 anyway for the 12k damage
  6. QCF= Quarter circle forward UF= Up forward QCFU= Quarter circle forward up Or the numeric wise, but its used mostly for anime fighters
  7. You can try n do it with the analog stick. Its more fluid than for d-pad if you are not comfortable
  8. Quarter circle forward (Up) as @Copanele said, that's how you do it
  9. Its because they input the qcfu. It works the same way as vipers high jump. Is it trial 24?
  10. Just wanted to let you know, Chaoscode new sign is on sale Japan store for 570¥

    1. yuber1234


      Ah damn, I already bought it at full price a while ago. Thanks though!

    2. Vergil


      I see, lol xD

  11. My bad. I accidentally quoted you. It was meant for that guy from Rockstar lol
  12. It looks like he is just talking about the server shutdown for ps3. Don't seem to know about the ps4 thing going on
  13. No the dlc needs to be same region
  14. Just joined a match. 21:30 GMT
  15. 1st attempt. I died at chapter 6 boss. I stink