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  1. Vergil's Yamato sword. So i could go to different dimensions. If i dare of course
  2. Ngs2 - 1000+ hours. Loved it! SF4- doing those trials was not easy. Trackmania Turbo - really was difficult for me since i don't usually play racing games. Raiden IV - great shmup. Really difficult one. And i even used pause
  3. Ikaruga. Such an awesome game!
  4. Planet SavioursWatch the ending in CS Mode 1.76%ULTRA RARE Silverhawk Collector Purchase all ships in CS Mode. 2.78%ULTRA RARE
  5. Weird removing the stun. Are they trying to make it even more noob friendly??
  6. Rushing into Next Zone Complete a Scramble rule stage on CS Mode with a time under 4 minutes 1.28% ULTRA RARE
  7. The trend is a shooter. Or a game with lots of dlc. So Assassin's creed origins and Battlefield V for next month
  8. Yeah ive pre ordered this now
  9. Limited Run Games (@LimitedRunGames) Tweetade: @Naughty_Dog @PlayStation Jak X: Combat Racing gets a limited Collector's Edition. Pre-orders are next Friday, November 15 on Included in the CE is a 3" Daxtermobile diecast race car, a Jak X design bible, an official 2-disc soundtrack, and more!
  10. Yes it is. However it can be played in co-op too. Though the bosses are harder as well
  11. 👍 while at it. Add Darius burst too
  12. Azure Nightmare Defeat Azure Nightmare 4.54% ULTRA RARE
  14. Seems japan got more games. I don't know any japanese but. Can someone confirm?