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  1. I will try 👍
  2. You are right. Guess i keep forgetting about ps3 completely:)
  3. This is worse than cancer....
  4. Ps4 don't have that trophy Its so low probably cause of the 30 hours online and the 480 missions trophy
  5. You still need Darkseid apparently, which is single dlc character
  6. For Injustice 2, the Ultimate pack is on sale now. But the sale ends tomorrow. Just a heads up
  7. Ohh 2 fighting games in 2 month row. I like that
  8. Yeah its a mystery its still up lol
  9. Congratz. You are a beast!
  10. I see. Well its not available for Sweden.
  11. Sisters Royale seems to have been delisted from EU store. It is available on US store still though.
  12. How do you mean?
  13. Yes sure is. One good thing about Capcom and fighting games the servers are up for quite some time. SF4 is still up on ps3 . But most annoying trophy for this is the 8 player trophy. Otherwise just find a reliable partner to boost with and you will be fine
  14. This one is still doable.
  15. just do this