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  1. If you have 2 ps4 . Set your Main account with PS+ to primary , now your alternate account will have access to the game and online. Then play with your Main account on your 2nd ps4 What trophies do you wanna boost?
  2. The way we did it was. Jump off the escalator with R1 then try to stay prone and get a few kills like that. It popped like that for us
  3. Their defences was like junior team , what were they doing.....
  4. Its the ps3 version of GTA5 but i think many knew that lol. Too bad Max Payne 3 didn't get 6 months also, instead of 3
  5. Well the Max Payne 3 server shutdown announcement couldn't come at a better time.....
  6. Well 3 of us managed to get the trophy. In public match, did it with L.A.W (rpg), you get this one through customize when you get to rank 4. Also when you kill the other players , stand close so you kill yourself as well. 1 of us however didn't get it. Even though he picked up the weapon and did same thing , it didn't wanna unlock.
  7. I don't know about others but. Me and my time having some difficulties. Getting errors, freezes, getting dc and kicked out and stuff. So probably add a few hours for the online. Also one of us didn't get the trophy express checkout, this one might be bugged. @AJ_Radio the express checkout trophy is the only trophy you need 5 players for.
  8. Im just level 3 so don't think i have access to RPG
  9. Yeah we did use a grenade but still nothing. Does it need to be free aim or soft lock? Can you do it with a party or all 5 need to search randomly
  10. Does anyone know a good way to get this trophy? We tried both in private and in public simply throwing a grenade. But it won't pop. Is it glitched or bugged?
  11. Any reason why the express checkout trophy don't unlock. Tried in both private and public with grenade
  12. Ohh ffs. I just installed this game
  13. Nice. I enjoyed it on ps3