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  1. I never played these games. Is it any good? List don't look to shabby
  2. What about original Guilty Gear and Granblue fantasy versus?
  3. Yes. Its available in Us and some parts of Europe, like UK
  4. No Chaoscode new sign of catastrophe?
  5. Well this is ultra rare clean up so. If you want an ultra rare platinum then make sure its a ultra rare one 😛
  6. This dlc is on sale on Eu store now!
  7. A listing for Mega Man Zero/ZX Legacy Collectionhas appeared for PlayStation 4 on the PlayStation Store in Hong Kong. The collection, which has yet to be officially announced, is listed as due out on January 21, 2020. Like the Mega Man collections before it, it will likely also release for Xbox One, Switch, and PC. Here is an overview of the collection, via the PlayStation Store:
  8. Quick everybody start your RatalaikaGames Collection for the win :😂
  9. How is the game compared to ps3 version? Heard ps3 was quite bad
  10. I just practiced enough to beat it. Nothing more. And its hard just cause of challenge 6 nothing else really. You only have to beat it once. There are tons of tips and videos to help you out. Its just people are little lazy to put the time in to and learn it actually.
  11. Never played it on ps3 so might buy it now
  12. People being overdramatic. Challenge 6 isn't so bad.
  13. Hi. I tried to pm you but couldn't. 


    About the MVCI 10th rank. Should the 2nd accounts be same region also? 

    1. Sergen


      Yeah, I think the region search in-game goes by the region of the account that is searching rather than the copy of the game being your region. 

    2. Vergil


      I see. Thank you. This trophy is horrendous! 

    3. Spaz


      Because your inbox has been full for quite some time now.

  14. Really? So even with patch 1.0 trophy won't unlock?
  15. May be spoilers so look at own risk.
  16. Nice one Trackmania Turbo. Was quite hard for me as well
  17. Looking great!
  18. Have thought about this myself once or twice but. Every time i end up saying why should i. Ive put too much time on this one so what's the point. Do whatever is best for you.
  19. Batterystaple Games has announced 30XX, a cooperative action platformer sequel to the August 2017-released 20XX. It will launch for consoles and PC via Steam in 2021, and development is supported by Kowloon Nights. Here is an overview of the game, via Batterystaple Games: 30XX will be playable at the Indie Megabooth at PAX East 2020, which runs from February 27 to March 1 at the Boston Convention Center. Looks good.
  20. Again we thank RatalaikaGames :😂
  21. A 3rd trophy list and none is Eu. It wasn’t mentioned in the Eu blog releasing this week
  22. Thx to RatalaikaGames
  23. All their games have online trophies. Except Nitroplus
  24. Congratz @Floriiss Well deserved for making such amazing guide for Crypt.
  25. Crash Trilogy