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  1. Finally Vergil
  2. Don't worry that comes later when you try chapter 3🤣
  3. I had few of the games halfway done so was best to pick em and wanna finish those. They have been on my list for a awhile. I personally don't see myself doing more than Tier 1. So im glad if i can finish it
  4. Glad you liked my method
  5. The Niconico page for Atlus’ Tokyo Game Show 2017 live stream on September 24, the contents of which are yet to be announced, features a banner to pre-order the limited edition of an unannounced PlayStation 4 version of Dragon’s Crown called Dragon’s Crown Pro. Clicking the banner brings you to the Dragon’s Crown official website, which currently does not mention the PlayStation 4 version. It is likely the PlayStation 4 version was planned to be announced in the lead up to or at Tokyo Game Show 2017, which runs from September 21 to 24. Dragon’s Crown first launched for PlayStation 3 and PS Vita in summer 2013. Thanks, Hachima Kikou. Read more at
  6. Aleste Collection trophy list has been added. All in English. Wonder if it means it will release in West
  8. Also a game i would suggest for Most wanted is Asseto Corsa
  9. For Warhammer and Djmax. I assume you guys mean 100%?
  10. Maybe missed it but does stack give you any point? I was looking att stacking Darius
  11. PSN: DPatriot Games. SSF4 Darius Burst Ikaruga Kohime Enbu (not RRR) SMB
  12. From C to Shining C You think you're good, don't you? Prove it by ranking up all characters to C Rank!
  13. I guess you can add Panzer Dragon Remake to other shooters
  14. Great work! Also add Ikaruga. Besides Aleste Collection there is a new Aleste also releasing in 2021. Natsuki Chronicles Sorcer striker
  15. Team Lobbyist Hey mon, battlin' is fun, no? Go out and create 30 Team Battle lobbies and enjoy the rhythm! No idea how this trophy is so rare, even rarer than Trial athlete! All you need is a 2nd account. Wether it is self boost or a friend. Just create and play 30 matches. That's it!
  16. Any online trophies?
  18. Wow you really did this by yourself? Hats off to you!
  19. image: The King of Fighters XV is in development and is planned for release in 2020, SNK announced during an investor relations press conference today Read more at Nice! Still need to get XIV
  20. I'll go with this one. Even @greenzsaber thought it was pain
  21. Is this an Invasion thing al'a MKX?
  22. Nice thread, thx for updating. The ps4 version don't have the 8 player lobby trophy. This one you actually just need 4 controllers
  23. Game is back up for both NA and EU