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  1. Honestly i salute anyone that got it legit. @Sergen Helped me all the way through Awp and Wanted. I doubt i would have gotten platinum otherwise.
  2. Hey. If you ever change your mind. I can always try an help you out with Ikaruga. Hopefully you have good net for share play :)

    1. BB-BakkerJ


      I’ll remember this 😁. It won’t be until another few months before I might pick it anyway.

    2. Vergil


      No worries. Im quite busy now anyway :) but i need to go back to it myself. 

  3. He had some big stuff to do, he said. I presume real life stuff and didn't wanna anything to bother him.
  4. Actually no. Its not Floriiss. Its MauCast. Florriis is just afk for now
  5. Actually mean the trials.
  6. Wonder if this time. There will be a trophy to clear all challenges. I doubt it but would be interesting
  7. 2 actually. However one is not on LB since he retired
  8. Just wanna point out that its possible to do it solo. Hard? definitely, but very much possible
  9. Full Roster Complete Arcade Mode with all characters.
  10. Ninja gaiden above all!!
  11. January Ps4 slim - 230€
  12. Uncharted 3 - 323 hours. Seems right going for the 100% Ikaruga - 248 hours. Yeah right too. Divekick - 119 hours. Right again but i turboed 100 hours lol
  13. As someone i know @ThanatosNinja2 Definitely. He is a beast!!
  14. Nice to see this with a platinum. Will get it eventually. Looks much harder than Anniversary
  15. All are possible offline solo. I did it that way
  16. Will be picking this up later. Don't have time for it right now
  17. Get Xbone X. Buy NG2. The 4k upgrade is to drool for! 😋
  18. No sadly no way of tracking. Only thing you can do is copy this list And cross over the bosses. I suggest you don't progress until you sure you have done every new boss you face. Use Murakumo on CS mode. With that ship you auto counter. Just remember you need to kill the boss with counter. The final bosses are in AC mode. There you can't pick Murakumo. But again just read that amazing thread from @ThanatosNinja2
  19. Is this game any good? Looks like a fun little game with little hack&slash which i like.
  20. Same lineup for Asia and Japan. Such a shame they got sucked up by the western crap.
  21. After the Eye of the hawk i haven't really played it. Have a bad habit of just leaving a game and starting a new one lol
  22. Adding Darius Burst also. Since i "only" have the hardest trophy left :😂
  23. PlatinumUnlock all BLEED Trophies
  24. Finally got one. Bleed is done!
  25. Never give up!!!