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  1. Same lineup for Asia and Japan. Such a shame they got sucked up by the western crap.
  2. After the Eye of the hawk i haven't really played it. Have a bad habit of just leaving a game and starting a new one lol
  3. Adding Darius Burst also. Since i "only" have the hardest trophy left :πŸ˜‚
  4. PlatinumUnlock all BLEED Trophies
  5. Finally got one. Bleed is done!
  6. Never give up!!!
  7. Na sale have been very disappointing. Where the heck is flash sale???
  8. FF7 Remake Deluxe edition First game ive preordered in like 5 years
  9. February Battlefield 1 Doom (2016)
  10. Boring month. 90% on ps have played Uncharted games.
  11. Arcade Clear: HardClear Arcade Mode on Hard
  12. Probably. Its same with Darius burst. On psn its 6,5% here its 0,50%
  13. Its being reported that the servers are closed since february. I canΒ΄t find a source for it though. Latest online trophy is this
  14. Ninja gaiden Collection. Not shitty NG3 Resistance Collection. Probably the shooter i had most fun with. Hardcorps: Uprising
  15. Kinda disappointed sale for me personally. Only game im getting is Blazblue cross tag battle
  16. From the eu blog
  17. We know this game is definitely no pushover. Especially doing all Arcade runs. So game features a Slow mode where you hold down said button to slow time. So instead of holding it down its better to tap it instead. It makes it last longer. For instence i beat Arcade easy on first try. Also did normal a few rounds after. I used only Dual pistols and "White" weapon. That weapon is the key to take out bosses very fast. However its dependent on your rank. So your job is to get S rank and switch to said weapon after. All credit goes to @Kyoiceberg_ for telling me about this. You can check my run on Normal Arcade for demonstration. Arcade Mode Hard And finally very hard
  18. Arcade Clear: EasyClear Arcade Mode on Easy Arcade Clear: NormalClear Arcade Mode on Normal
  19. I see you play alot of fighters. You have KOF14? Ive set up a boosting session for it
  20. That's because Vanilla is much easier :πŸ˜‚
  21. Story Clear: HardClear Story Mode on Hard
  22. So instead of finishing a game. I was bored and added 2 :πŸ˜‚ Bleed & Bleed 2
  24. A hack&slash from PG. Yeah definitely a buy!
  25. My bad. I thought you needed help for some trophies and was looking for a guide.