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  1. So Technically the above fights you could just boost with someone. And for the Kyo vs Iori you would need to buy the costumes. Or at least one while the other player has one as well Edit: ok. You would still need to buy that pack since Heid is dlc character... Edit 2: sorry for all silly questions,
  2. Is it just against Kyo Iori then you need to fight?
  3. Thanks. I could try it. However im not so good with those sort of things. So it probably wouldn't happen right away. But if i manage it i will definitely post back here.
  4. Absolute piss move. If i knew this i would never start it! What are the chances of dlc going on sake. SNK really lost for me here. And ive been quite supporting through the years
  5. Finally a good shooter I hope Platinum games makes a sequel, otherwise i will be sad Looks like Bayonetta too. I never played it, so good news
  6. January Metal Gear survive. Nex Machina
  7. Guide of the year. A guide for hardest platinum on ps4. Game takes 900 hours. Let alone doing a guide for it which takes alot amount of time as well. Gameplay guide So much in depth to all bosses in this extremely hard game. Dlc Guide.ļ¼’-dlc-trophy-guide Knowing Mikel. He does a tremendous job on all guides and this very detailed dlc guide is one of em. Niche/Indie guide Playing this myself. Knowing its not easy game at all. Guide is very well done written in detail. Hope i did it right
  8. Eye of the HawkDefeat all bosses and their variants using Burst Counters 0.66%ULTRA RARE Very annoying trophy! Bosses have no health meter. No in game check list. So need to Wright all down on papper and cross em off one by one
  9. Will there be a black friday flash sale?
  10. 213 is new number. You are being generous!
  11. Its not like a hate shooters or so. But little variety wouldn't hurt. As for shmups that probably will never happen. But im fine with that since i use ps+ as to get extra discount. And it definitely wouldn't hurt to get a fighting game. When was the last time that happened? One maybe a year or even 18 months would be enough for me.
  12. What a surprise. A shooter.....
  13. All Nothing Defeat all bosses and their variants 1.08%ULTRA RARE
  15. Besides Dmc5 for 20$ its a crappy sale! I wait for January sale
  17. Perfect Saviour Complete all areas in CS Mode .0.97%ULTRA RARE
  18. TrackmasterWho's the TrackMaster? You! 0.61%ULTRA RARE Yeah same here
  19. Why not remove the leaderboards entirely?
  20. Vergil's Yamato sword. So i could go to different dimensions. If i dare of course
  21. Ngs2 - 1000+ hours. Loved it! SF4- doing those trials was not easy. Trackmania Turbo - really was difficult for me since i don't usually play racing games. Raiden IV - great shmup. Really difficult one. And i even used pause
  22. Ikaruga. Such an awesome game!
  23. Planet SavioursWatch the ending in CS Mode 1.76%ULTRA RARE Silverhawk Collector Purchase all ships in CS Mode. 2.78%ULTRA RARE
  24. Didn't find any thread for this. Hope i put in right section. Anyway a simple question For me its Fighting. 41 and 28, 100%
  25. Weird removing the stun. Are they trying to make it even more noob friendly??