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  1. Available in Japan now. Later in west
  2. First question. You really never heard about Basketball? Second. Its cause those games usually take 1000 hours to get 100%
  3. Is it too much to ask for a fighting game just once in awhile? Even on every 2 year i would be happy. Last one on ps4 was Injustice, that was 2014!
  4. Since ive been slacking with my initial list. But did both ps3 and ps4 NA version of Injustice
  5. Platinum Trophy You've unlocked all Trophies 0.12%ULTRA RARE Third time i finish this game. This one is the NA ps4 version, thx for putting it for free WB obviously easier since it was a third time. Even did the Max on first try. I still think its a bit overrated, games like P4A, SSF4 and UMVC3 deserve the rarity. Heck even the ps3 version is rarer than above listed. Guess not many can be bothered with Star Labs. I did it 3 times, maybe im stupid lol
  6. Hello! I thought it would be nice to share and discuss all the Grade S++ trophies here. No doubt these being the hardest thing to do on this game. Hopefully i can complete all and give some good info on all chapters. I recently did chapter 1 so i will show my vid and try to explain like a walkthrough of what´s happening. Ok right of the bat. I played on Normal. Reason is, its slightly easier to get S++ since you can absorb bullets and get extra points. First section is easy. Right off there will be 6 white popcorn balls coming from right and after there will be another 6 black ones. This happens 2 times. Here i use same color ship and absorb the bullets. After that a set of 16 each white and black smaller balls will appear. I here i use the black color ship and start from left, taking out the white ones first. You may have to adjusted at times since you can miss the one top left. After i shoot the black ones and use missiles and absorb the bullets. If done right there will be a set of 3 white balls coming from right and 3 from left. Still sticking with the black color ship. Next part. Now the flying birds will appear. They will start with 2*3 white and 2*3 black. Start from left with the black ship and move to the right. And after move to the left. After that there will be another 3 white and another 3 black. Same as above start from left to the right and stay on right for a little. Another set will respawn. The 3 white ones will stay for longer so take out the 3 black ones first then the 3 white ones. Next respawn will be 2 black, 1 white, 1 black and 2 white. Take out the 2 black ones and move over to the black one and finally shoot all 3 white ones. Next respawn starts with whites coming 1 at the time starting from right. Next will be first 2 white ones and 2 black ones. Hover to the right taking out the 2 white ones then navigate between the black ones taking out the last white one. After that shoot 3/4 black ones and use your missiles to take out the rest of black birds. Next part. A set of 3 white and black balls will respawn. Starting with white from the right. Next set is popcorn balls. The respawn is. 2 black, 2 white, 4 black, 4 white, 4 black , 4 white, 2 black and 2 white. This section can be a little tricky and you are on timer to the next respawn. So using the black color ship. Take out the 4 black balls to the left. Move over to the 2 balls on the left corner. If done right and quick enough. You can should be able to shoot now a total of 10 white balls lined up. From left to the right. If done right and fast enough again. There should be 2 white balls on right corner that needs to be taken out. Then shoot the final 6 black balls. Next part. Switch to white color ship. If done the way i did it. There should respawn 3 white balls from left, 3 black balls from right and 3 white balls from left. when shooting the final 3 white ones. Try to stay a little more to the left so you don´t accidentally shoot a wrong ball on the bigger ships that have respawned. Start by shooting the big black ship on the left, along with its 2 circuling balls. After its down if you have enough meter, switch quick to the black ship and shoot your missiles taking out the white ship. ship. After that another black and white big ship will respawn. Take em out with the opposite color ship. Next part. Again this part is depended on how quick you managed to do the former part. Switch to white color ship. Now many smaller balls will respawn. This section is also quite tricky. Since they will respawn 2 of the same color on right and the 3rd on left. So depending on which side you need to move slightly to left or right to shoot the 3rd ball to be able to chain it. This probably need some practice. Next part. Still with the white color ship. There will be 1 set of 3 black birds respawning. Stay more to the left and shoot. When you go the first one move to the right and shoot the other 2. right behind em 2 white birds have respawned so get em quick before they fly away. Now a big white ship will respawn whit a total of 12 popcorn balls. They are circuling around in 3 and 3 of each color. move to the right and try to time it so you can shoot all in same row. Not messing up by shooting in the middle of em. Next part. This can be very annoying as you need to zigzag through a total of 18 smaller balls. As in my video i take out all 9 white balls. After that i release missiles to get the other 9 black balls. Halfway through 2 bigger ships of each color have respawned. They have 8 smaller balls shooting on each side. Fly quick down to the left and shoot all its smaller balls with the ship as final. Now move up to the white ship and do same thing. Here its a tricky part, try to shoot it so when its down its placed in the corner left. If done right another black ship will respawn to the right. Along with some smaller ones in middle. Move up to the smaller ones and take out 6 black ones first. This can be very tricky and may require practice since you need to shoot between em whitout shooting the wrong color. After that is done take out the big ship on the same way as the other ones. When its down, switch quickly to black ship. and take out the rest of the smaller ones in the middle. Starting with 6 white ones. Then finally take out the final big white ship. Depending how fast you do this there will be a respawn of some extra smaller ones to get some extra chaining. You must have over 2.7 million in score to have a chance getting 3.4 million as final score which is needed for S++. Try and kill the boss without dying for maximum score. You should be getting between 640-670k from the boss battle alone. Well this took some time to wright. I hope all understands what ive been typing. And i know it looks just like a big wall of text. if you have any questions, feel free to ask. Now on my way for Chapter 2 Chapter 2. Phase 1. For this phase stay with white ship all the time. From up right corner there will be 3 white balls respawning. Straight after a total of 6 black balls will appear. 3 from the left and 3 from the right. Another 6 white balls will follow same as the black ones. And finally 6 black balls will come from the left. Now the airplanes will which will be very confusing at first. Also things are moving quite fast here. Move over to the left. There will be a black airplane coming from the top flying down, ignore it. Instead take out the 2 white airplanes crossing from each side. Another white plane will coming from top left corner. shoot it to chain. Do the same thing with a follow up from 3 black planes and 3 white. you bascially need to do it like going left and right and back. After this shoot down the black planes from left top, right top and down right corner. Whilte doing this adjust yourself to the center of the screen. Remember to leave out the black plane coming from down left corner. Next shoot down the planes respawning from left top, right top and down left corner. Do this 3 times. And it should be 3 white, 3 blacks and 3 white planes. After this you need to shoot 3 planes almost when they are centered in the middle. The ones you shall shoot are top left, top right and down right. Leave out the down left. You basically need to move like and 8 avoiding the bullets. If done right you should end this with a total of 24 chain. When finished 2 ships that shoot beams will respawn. Along with 6 black balls to the left, 4 white balls in the middle and another 6 balls to the right. Try to absorb the beams a little to charge your lasers. Start shooting the 6 black balls, move to right and shoot the 6 white balls. After this a total of 12 black planes will be flying from top in the center. Wait for them to cross roads to be able to take em out with 1 shoot. After its done shoot the remaning planes and balls in the middle and release your lasers to take out the rest. Your total score should be over 810,000 and a chain of 38. Phase 2. This part is time based. Meaning you need to shoot everything fast to be able to respawn all the objects for maximum chains. First off a total of 12 black and 12 white balls will respawn in a circle. Hold down and fly down and position yourself in the center. Take out the black ones as 4 of em will be almost in line. 2 at the top and 2 down. Again you need to be quite quick here. When its down, take out the remaining ones and switch to black ship. Now if done right there should be a respawn of 3 white circles and 2 blacks circles consisting of 12 balls. The first one you can shoot 3 of em and stay centered. Since the circles will get smaller and smaller and corner you. The key is to wait until they get so so small so it looks like its only 1 ball. That´s when you shoot 1 shoot to take out all of em. And the remaining ones will keep corner you so shoot one ball to open a path for you and adjust yourself behind em so you can 1 hit em all. This can be quite annoying and will take some time to do it flawless. Next part will be some destructible boxes. This usually changes since you won´t be having the same run all the time. But i suggest taking the the 3 white ones on the right and then the ones in the center and after the ones on the left. AIm to have a 72 chain total after this. After there will be 2 black boxes shooting black bullets. take em out with black ship. When its done switch to white ship and shoot the 4 black balls respawning. 2 on each side. 1 shoot em. After this take some time to charge your lasers by absorbing the white bullets. Right before the screen is getting close, switch to black ship and releases your lasers. Next part as far im concerned is not always the same. The boxes in the middle will determine the respawns of the coloured balls. So if 1 white box respawns then another 2 white balls will follow on either side. While navigating through objects that can kill you, you will also need to switch ships depending what balls are being fired. The section will always end however with a white box. At top on both sides there will be small ships respawning with both colors. Try to end this section with a chain of 94 if you are fast enough. And end this section with shooting 2 white ships. When the gates open. There will respawn 3 balls of each color on each side. And on top there will be 3 white and 3 black balls circuling. Shoot 1 white ball at top, then take out the balls on each side. Be advise that from now on there will be alot of canons that will fire bullets so you gonna have to change ship accordingly to the bullets color. When its done switch to white ship and take out the 3 black balls, leaving out 2 white ones. To your right will a big ship respawn, take out the 2 white balls. If you absorbed enough energy bullets you release the lasers taking out the big ship. immediately after 6 balls of each color will respawn on each side. Take em out with opposite color ship. After this 2 black beamers shooting ships will respawn. Absorb the beams with black color ship until you have full energy. By now should should a total of 12 white balls respawn, 6 on each side. Release your lasers on them. Keep in mind that the lasers attack those that are closest. After this switch to white ship and again release your lasers on the 2 beamers. Immediately after will a total of 12 black balls respawn, 6 on each side. Take em out accordingly while switch ships for the bullets. Now a big ship that shoots beam will respawn. Absorb the beam until full energy and release your lasers. Now 6 balls on each color will respawn on seperate side, along with 6 objects of same color as the balls. Again on each side. Take em out with opposite coloured ship. After this 6 black balls will appear to your left. Take em out by just shooting. If you have enough energy release your lasers on the 3 white boxes in the center. Same thing will happen now to your right with opposite colors. So do the same thing, but shoot normally the black boxes in the center with white ship. All this will be 2x the respawns. In the end there will be 6 objects of each color on each side. Take em out with opposite coloured ship. Sticking with white ship. 3 canons will release smaller ships of each colors on both sides. They will come in 3 and 3 crossing each other. Wait until you can fully shoot 3 of em and try to chain as much as you can here. Next part will is time determined. A total of 12 balls of each color will be curculing around. Shoot first 3 balls of any color then 3 balls opposite of the color you started with and move slowly to your left or right while 1 hit shooting the balls. When you have taken out an entire color release you lasers on the remaining ones. Now 2 big ships of each color will respawn and 2 smaller balls curculing around em. Stick with white ship and take out the black one while absorbing the beam from the white ship. When the black one is down move to the right and switch to black ship and shoot down the white ship along with releasing your lasers. After to the same thing with opposite color ship. Depending on how fast you were. These smaller ships will respawn. covering the screen. Here you need to be quick and precise. You need to have at least a chain of 167 and over 4.2 million in points to have a chance of getting S++. The Boss. The Boss is not so bad. It has 2 ( lets call em eyes ) that you need to shoot for it to open. It has to be same color. Start with the white one, when its fully open, quickly switch to black and shoot it. The eye will close while you are shooting it. When near for the eye to close. 2 big arms will move on each side, shooting bullets. Switch to white ship and absorb the white bullets to your left. Again shoot the eye to open, You may have to switch back and forth here so you don´t get hit but do your best on keep shooting the eye. Move to the right and shoot the 2nd eye with black ship to open. When the arm to the left starts fire, switch to white ship and absorb the bullets and release your lasers. Same thing here, you may need to switch ships back and forth to absorb bullets and maintaining the shootin on the eye. Try and end the boss with a 75 sec on timer, which will net you 750.000 points. So hopefully you should have 4.250.000 points at least and with 750,000 points boss kill. Which should put you at least 5 million points which is the magic number of S++ Good luck! Ok so i did Final chapter instead since its quite easy to get on Prototype mode. Thx to @KaKrackle for telling me about it. On Prototype mode you get limited shots so you have to absorb bullets to be able to keep shooting. I personally choose Normal mode. Felt it was easier since you can absorb the bullets from same polarity ship. First off you wanna stand still and let the hordes of small ships come at you. Then move slightly down to the bottom of the screen. When that is done you need to pay attention to your chain. And adjusted for next enemies. There will be 3 white birds. Now here you probably need to shot 1 or 2 of em and let the final one fly away. Use white color ship. After that there will be 6 white birds. Use missiles on all. Switch to black color ship and use missiles on the 6 black birds that respawn immediately after. Next you will be surrounded by 12 birds in a cricle. Use white color ship, use missiles on all and absorb the bullets. Switch to black color ship and do same thing on the 12 black birds. After this switch to white color ship and make your way to down left. Not to the bottom. Same as before move slow to bottom off screen while shooting the hordes of smaller ships. If it gets critical use missiles towards the end. Again pay attention to your chain since you need to adjust on the 3 white ships of how many you need to shot to keep the chain. After those 3, 3 black ships will respawn. Wait for the white ones to fly away if you needed only 1 or 2 to shoot down. Use missiles on them. Now 3 white and 3 black will appear. Again use your missiles. Now a big bird will respawn. Use missiles 2 times on it. Every time some popcorn balls will respawn after it. Use missiles on them as well. There will be a total of 5 big birds. You need a chain of at least 105. Next up is the boss. Which has 3 phases. The first one has 4 heads. Black, white, white and black. Hopefully you have been absorbing bullets enough. Using the black color, stay centered and spam 5-6 times missiles. Now the white heads should be gone. Now absorb bullets for a while to charge your counter. Try and get it as high as you can without dying. Take out the 2 black heads one by one. Pay attention as well to the bullets that have filled the screen. Doding needs ot be done. Phase 2 has 2 heads of each color. If you have charged enough bullets, you should be able to take out both em without any trouble. Keep in mind to use the opposite color ship for best damage. Phase 3 is all about absorbing and using missiles. So with white color ship head right above over its head and absorb bullets. Now it will shoot missiles on you to absorb. You need to return with your own missiles. Spam as much as you can. Be aware that you must switch color ship all the time while dodging bullets. If you can do it on good rythym you should be able to take it down quite quickly. I died a few times so its ok. as long as you don´t use continue. The magic number for S++ is 5 million points.
  7. Confirmed that you will get a free upgrade to ps5 if you buy on ps4
  9. If you have trust worthy partner you can do it online also. Obviously its gonna take longer. I recommend getting this. Not just for Injustice but other games as well. This one even has auto turbo
  10. If you have a turbo controller. You can easily turbo to level 100 with the 5xp boost
  11. Yeah its my video
  12. Yes. People who missed get a 2nd chance and keep it. Also you can stack the platinum
  13. Forgot hardest one lol
  14. Its overrated imo. There are far harder fighting game platinums
  16. I really dislike that they merged the ps blogs. Now those Eu sales never get an announcement
  17. AT&T is considering selling its Warner Bros. gaming division for about $4 billion, sources say. Take-Two Interactive, Electronic Arts and Activision Blizzard have all expressed interest in buying the unit, which owns titles including “Mortal Kombat” and “Harry Potter: Wizards Unite” AT&T is looking at divesting assets to service its almost $200 billion in debt.
  18. I think its great that some devs actually make us gamers work for the trophies. Instead of handing out platinums like candy. Although this is probably too hardcore 😂
  19. Platinum TrophyYou've unlocked all Trophies!
  20. World's FinestComplete All S.T.A.R. Lab Missions with 3 Stars The Hero We Deserve Reach Level 100 The Hero We DeserveReach Level 100
  21. Pretty sure its a price holder
  22. Yeah saw this earlier. Its looks like a price that could be true. But its a pricey one. I will probably wait for a bundle with an extra controller
  23. Maybe. But a game with Batman i don't think anyone will get. WB still owns that since its part of DC. At least thats what i believe. Also Sony aquired Insomniac games not long ago. Which they paid 2 billions for i think. And ps5 is just around the corner. Which they will most likely sell at lost. I believe Sony is quite busy. But who knows, time will tell i guess Edit: Should have checked info first lol