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  1. So i got the Fire armor trophy for finishing the game with Fire armor. I beat only final level boss. But now when trying for Earth armor it dosen´t work???
  2. Its a shmup
  3. Great! Good thing i got for 2 euros only Edit: Anyone from Europe downloaded it? Its not working for me. When checking for update. Its says latest version installed but its 1.00
  4. The retail asia version. Exclusive on play-asia
  6. +1 for me Guilty Gear Xrd: Revelator Btw: i don´t think the images are working.
  7. Assault Suit Leynos Tales from the Borderlands The Order: 1886 inFamous First Light Guilty Gear Xrd: Revelator Assault Android Cactus
  8. No problem Ive created and LRG thread over at pst,org so anything i post there i will likey post here too
  9. Maybe can add this to OP.[email protected] Rive release is next week.
  10. No problem. Since i edited my post. Try Mamorokun too on ps3. Available only on US store. Wait for a price drop. Usually goes down to 1.99$ Jamestown requires 4 controllers so you know
  11. I see. I tried for about 100hours without it. But there was noway to keep up. Shmups usually are about memorizing stuff, But how to do that when you can´t keep up with the speed lol. Btw; If you plan to play more shmups. I suggest, Ps3. Soldner games, Maybe Sine mora too. Vita version is very rare and Mamorokun Ps4- Caladrius, Ghost Blade, Darius Burst, Astebreed and Jamestown
  12. Did you try it without pausing?
  13. Great job bro! Welcome to R4 platinum club
  14. Looking forward to Ghost Blade HD and Rive. Have already signed up for play asia version of Ghost blade but will keep an eye on LRG release too. Also got Furi on friday
  15. 2nd batch goes live in less than 1 hour
  17. The 2nd batch goes live in less than 1 hour.
  19. Never cared for DBZ before but seeing ASW is doing this one. Will definitely get at some point. Looks alot better than MVC Infinite. Especially after trying that demo
  20. This has been canceled. Instead East asia soft releasing it exclusively through Play asia. Edit: LRG will release it too according to this.
  22. Yeah. A harder trophy list don´t neccesarily mean it will be rarer consider it already had 2 installments. People are already familiar with everything the game has. Its harder only for newcomers that never tried Wipeout HD or 2048.
  23. No problem. I have it on digital already. But will definitely the disc version too