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  1. Defiance Inversion Earth Defence Force 2025 Mugen Souls FFXIV
  2. And we have a harder platinum.
  3. Assault Android Cactus for me
  4. Both versions. But only ps4 getting disc if that´s what you mean?
  5. 7.5/10 Some nice platinums with Surgeon Simulator being your top.
  6. 100th Raiden IV: OverKill
  7. Surprised no trophy for 1 hit death mode.
  8. Its a decent game but it lacked a few modes. The new version seems to be more complete one. WIth added, Online mode, mission mode and score attack. You see the game modes at 3:12
  9. Yes it is possible. Buying a stick isn´t gonna magically make you better at trials. Stick requires lots of training as well to get used to it. If you already started with pad i say continue. Buy a stick only if you gonna continue playing fighting games and using only the stick to adept to it.
  10. If you have twitter tweet. #ps2tops4 Gradius V Would be fun with trophies
  11. Top 5 is all Injustice Ultimate edition. Which i really don´t like cause its not even that hard.
  12. I was announced for ps4 a few months ago actually. I just saw on official site for worldwide release. I´m thinking this is a test for Raiden V. Which is releasing next month for Xbone. Maybe they will port that to ps4 as well. Hopefully the ps4 list of Cal will be harder I thought Mamorokun was overrated, but that´s just me
  13. I hope its harder, ps3 was quite easy.
  14. Has nothing to do with R4 but can´t find the game to create a thread. Caladrius Blaze ps4 is confirmed for worldwide release
  15. Got Rack&Ruin only. Dunno why but i think this will hit next month ps+
  16. Well if anyone is looking to do more of these in future. Please add Darius Burst
  17. The trophy list was really intended for the shmup fans. Soldner are quite good, You got both?
  18. Congratz mate, well done. Now do Darius, ive been told its harder than Raiden IV
  19. Game release the 2 december, was posted on blog. Heard it will cost 50$ quite hefty price actually, i excpected to be in 20 range. Think i will wait for price drop i´m afraid. As for trophies. The no damage run seems hardest.
  20. Barbarianna is quite good with her minigun after the 4th hit. Trying to get 200x with her currently. Edit: Just got 250k trophy
  21. I believe its doubtful anyone will actually get all these games. Some are old and some probably don´t like the genres. Maybe a ps4 challenge would be more attractive ?
  22. While its nice, it really isn´t needed imo. Was down for what 12 hours? Nothing big. Also all those people at twitter Crying like little bitches. Seriously if you can´t be without your console for 1 day. Then you should reconsider what you are doing with your life a bit.
  23. Platinum #102
  24. Raiden IV which is also my 100th Awesome game!!!