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  1. On 2021-01-14 at 5:22 PM, Mori said:

    After abandoning Dariusburst for almost a year, I finally got back to it and completed the QUZ route without dying and without getting hit. This was definitely the most fun I had with the game, especially after that massive CS mode grind which consisted of 186 missions (some with up to 10 levels and more).


    Next Shmup will be Ikaruga, though not sure if it will be on my Tier 2 or Tier 3 list.


    • Dariusburst: Chronicle Saviours :platinum:
    • World War Z
    • Call of Duty: Black Ops III
    • Warhammer: Vermintide 2
    • Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

    Nice. Sad to see the game being hacked to death on psn! 


  2. 16 minutes ago, Copanele said:

    Thanks! Ok I see, yeah RRR looks inhuman alright. 

    I personally found the trials annyoing. Its not hard to execute cause its long or 1 frame Links .


    These trials are more of being on right position and stuff. 



    Just did this character. Check her final 2 . Needs to be on right position to get cross Up. Then 2 moves to auto correct. 


  3. 3 minutes ago, Copanele said:

    Ok, sure!

    Just a question, personal curiosity. What's the difference between Koihime Enbu and RyoRaiRai trophy wise? I only know RRR is absurdly difficult and only 8 people got it.

    The list is basically identical. Just more trials on RRR. What ive heard from a friend who finished both. The trials are worse for RRR . And there is this 12k damage trophy which is also Hard.


  4. 46 minutes ago, PL_Tomasz_G said:

    One thing i wanna say about hardest Games ever.  I think beat VVVVVV without death and collect all 20 trinkets is a 20/10 in difficulty. We can be glad it is not a trophy

    Never played Crypt of the Necrodancer but doubt its harder

    Lol. Guide made by floriiss has it 10/10 and 900hours 


  5. 5 minutes ago, Sergen said:


    Yes it's worth that price for sure... You need 3-4 people for the following XP bonuses:


    1. Heal Teammate (3 players): Press :l1: while using the heal backpack to heal a teammate who has taken damage from another player.

    2. Assist (3 players): Do some damage to an enemy then have a teammate kill them.

    3. Synchronized Kill (4 players): Kill an enemy at the same time as a teammate kills an enemy.

    4. Lined Up (3 players): Use the rail driver weapon to kill 2 enemies with 1 shot.

    5. Knockdown (3 players): Press :l1: while having the concussion backpack equipped and hit 2 enemies with it at the same time.

    6. Pack Hunter (3 players): Be close to a teammate who gets a kill, can be combined with assists.

    7. Vendetta (3 players): Kill an enemy who recently killed your teammate.

    8. Rescue Kill (3 players): Kill an enemy who has knocked down your teammate, this is done by having the enemy hit your teammate with the concussion backpack equipped and you must kill the enemy while your teammate is down, best to do this in a room that has a corner so they stay down longer.

    9. BBQ (4 players): Hit 3 enemies at the same time with the Arc Welder weapon.

    10. Mega Kill (3 players): Kill 2 enemies within 3 seconds, can be done at the same time as the "Lined Up" bonus.


    The PS4 version conveniently allows you to do matchmaking matches as just 2 people unlike PS3 which requires 5-6 people to start matchmaking matches. So those 10 requirements are the only ones that you need more than 2 players for. You must do those bonuses 3 times to get the "3 XP per bonus" hidden challenge done.

    Thank you for info :)


    Maybe i will get it later . Have other priorities right now .


  6. 1 hour ago, LoveInHell said:

    This is what I do before buying games:


    if there is a sale and it continues past the date they announce PS+ games, like the January sales we’re having now, I wait until they announce the PS+ games before buying anything.

    Same here. Been doing this for awhile. Not blaming anyone. But Always wait and see how long the sale will last



  7. As a subscriber of playstation plus, we will refund the purchase price of this product to your playstation store wallet as this is a playstation plus monthly game. This will not affect your ability to play the game as we have not removed the game from your library.

    Edit: I got to keep the original license as I have access to both ps4 and ps5 versions atm. So no, if I end plus I do not lose the game. As far as the refunds go, as usual with something like this it takes a bit of time to process. I do not have the funds back yet either and don't expect to for alil bit, especially with new years coming up.



    Don't have a ps5 so can't really confirm this. Maybe someone else?