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  1. I understand that but. Exclusives games has always sold a system. And Sony had great exclusive games for decades. This way, why should people actually get a ps5 when all the games gets released on PC later at some point
  2. I thought Sony wanted you to buy a Playstation for its exclusives?
  3. I assume its only Crypt left now
  4. Its gonna be hard to top The Dark Knight Trilogy. That set the bar to high, but we'll see. Probably watch this with my family
  5. There is no trick to that im afraid. Just practice and do it over and over and over again
  6. Platinum TrophyUnlock All Max Payne 3 Trophies
  7. Well im not gonna post all the runs i had bad luck about but. Experienced alot glitches , bugs, chapters didn't load . Even the game quitting to xmb while i was in the middle of shooting. But last night after i hit another glitch with being in last stand forever, even though i killed the guy. I started a new run being quite pissed. Everything went smooth. Had over 15 minutes of time on final chapter. And 9 painkillers through the 2nd half of the chapter. Lets hope Wolfenstein is better
  8. Wow didn't expect this at all.
  9. I was at the end of chapter 10. In the middle of shooting. The game quit itself to xmb. Wtf????
  10. And this happened to me again. If i had it on disc i think i would break it after
  11. Died at final part. Got flanked by a guy i didn't see. Down to last stand. This was just before Becker threw his grenade and i got killed......
  12. Try 20XX . Harder but better game apperantely. I haven't got it yet myself but never seems to go on sale lol
  13. Yes its free
  14. I see. My bad then . It looks kinda cool but very early in development. Hope it does not turn into like that game Itagaki made for Wii U . Can't remember the name.
  15. Ok. Weird that it says by Ninja gaiden team ? Or this some members that left Team ninja like Itagaki.
  16. So instead of a new ninja gaiden they make this. Ohh ffs!!
  17. I see. Thank you:)
  18. The dlc also auto pops?
  19. Anyone else got this??
  20. Yes. The trophies are very easy . Even if it was winning 10 its still would be easy
  21. Looks identical to Under Night in birth list. So quite easy lol
  22. @Flameburninhell Was a real team player giving away games for tiebreaker
  23. Have a feeling its not but we'll see. Free dlc though so can't complain
  24. Easy trophies. Don't wanna jinx it or so but i wonder if Sega will keep the tournaments up always. Would be quite annoying if they decided not to update , leaving these trophies unattainable
  25. I got both trophies Thx for the game @Smashero