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  1. Good job! Or should i say bra jobbat A tip for Nero. Is switching DT with Shoot. L1 to Square. This way you can charge your gun while fighting. I believe though many does this already
  2. Lesson learned i guess. Thx
  3. Don´t really know. The mode has always been there from scratch. Maybe they didn´t have time to add it , Who knows?
  4. Now 8 people got it. Shame there wasn’t bloody palace trophies tied to platinum. I blame Capcom for it!
  5. image: Australian Classification has rated a title called “Castlevania Anniversary Collection” from Konami. Castlevania will celebrate its 33rd anniversary in 2019. The first entry in the series, simply titled Castlevania, launched for Famicom on September 26, 1986 in Japan. A title with the name “Castlevania Anniversary Collection” has yet to be announced. In related news, last week the still unannounced “Konami 50th Anniversary Collection: Arcade Classics” was also rated in Australia Read more at
  6. Wonder if this and the first one will make it to West
  7. Now there is 2.
  8. Here is a small vid of story to catch up
  9. Hope for this version they bring back kombo challenges
  10. Super Rounder Play 100 ranked matches. Story Teller Clear Story Mode on anything above default settings. Expert Rounder Play 100 quick matches.
  11. Taunting basically only works in online mode. You need to press options to do it. So its not possible offline
  12. Perhaps little to early to state among top hardest platinums?
  13. True. Its definitely a chore. But this just what Dmc is suppose to be. To S rank all levels on all difficulties. A great accomplishment. Guess they made the list more for the fans rather than trophy hunters. And personally im glad for that. For once we don't see this 1-2 hours easy platinums.
  14. Bleed bundle is not even 2 euros with ps+. Its 94% off. Almost for free lol. No way im passning that up!
  15. Heaven or Hell. Everything dies in 1 hit so what's the point really. They probably did that mode just for fun or something.
  16. Awesome list. Looking forward to it
  17. Its score based. Not 100% sure but simply just beating bloody palace will get you S rank. So it with Lady. Its easiest with her
  18.аte_id=693849&tаgid=693849 Welcome to the Eastasiasoft Limited releases thread. I think all know by now the deal. But Eastasiasoft releases digital only games in Limited physical form for x-amount copies. And all are available through Play-asia and on HK store. Well i think at least all I will try and keep this updated as much as possible. Maybe i add all the games they have released if find the time. Will add the games on the 2nd post! Here is a list with all games that´s been released so far. Severed recently released and next one is Devious Dungeon
  19. How it works. Boostable, length. Stuff like that
  20. Does anyone have info about the League trophies in ranked matches?
  21. No Loyalty Reach level 50 in all factions Elder God Reach personal level 65 in XP
  22. These are King of sub 1 hour platinums