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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NI9X47eVM1c
  2. Parappa The Rapper 2 Everything In Stock Unlock everything in the record shop. Dear lord this was a disgusting trophy.
  3. #10: Demon's Souls Toughest Soul Trophy All Trophies Obtained I've played a bit of all the Souls games and enjoyed them all immensely, but have never taken the time to have proper sessions to go for the plats. Decided to finally make a start with the first. Definitely one of the favourites and I'm glad that I was on the good side of the RNG Gods (Pure Bladestone only took an hour). Onto Dark Souls!
  4. They both look amazing, so get both. Fallout 4 will be out for a while before Persona 5 anyways.
  5. Ni No Kuni - Sitting at 98% Dark Souls - Just started. Got the Demon's Souls plat a few days ago. FFXIII - Platted on another account, going to finish the trilogy again for this one. Muramasa Rebirth - Just got this recently but really enjoying it, so will probably aim for the plat soon.