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  1. Happy Christmas 🎄 and no worries
  2. Well not exactly a purchase as Christmas presents but 9 games for the PS4: 1️⃣: Persona 5 Royal (Steelbook edition) 2️⃣: Ni No Kuni Remastered (Disk) 3️⃣: Killing Floor Double Feature (Disk) 4️⃣: DBZ Kakarot (Disk) 5️⃣: One Punch Man AHNK (Disk) 6️⃣: Cars 3 DTW (Disk) 7️⃣: Deliver us the moon deluxe (Disk) 8️⃣: Doom Eternal (Disk) And many discount cheap games on the store. Taking my time with them during 2️⃣0️⃣2️⃣1️⃣ 😃.
  3. Good luck but double check a gameplay video if you aren’t 100% sure as you can tell very easily if you will enjoy it. 10 hour story and a few hours of collectibles, good luck. I just brought the game as I liked walking the 🐕.
  4. You mainly just run and/or hide in hiding spots but you do get some pebbles/stones to distract certain spirits and some salt that can take down a few select spirits during side events. But yeah it’s mainly a hide and seek game, you can’t run out of saves as the coins respawn on death. No missible trophies 🏆
  5. Lol I was annoyed that they had the sale a few weeks after I brought the disk but that’s life but anyway yeah it’s definitely not hard but depends on what you think of the gameplay and mopping up the collectibles at end game. Good luck whether you get it or not 😇.
  6. Yeah good times 😃, I just didn’t enjoy the summons in the remake probably as I went from easy so they weren’t needed to hard and by then with the instant limit breaks and the fact that you can’t use Bahamut/Leviathan in most arenas made them almost pointless. But my rambling aside, I’m sure part 2 will be awesome, hopefully the world map will stay open world without the restricted essence that part 1 had. Time will tell 🥳.
  7. velby on YouTube has a good guide on all the collectibles with time stamps in their video. Apart from that Neoseeker filled in the other things so it shouldn’t be too bad as I didn’t need it for an actual walkthrough. Good luck if you haven’t finished the game yet, it’s epic and there are no missible trophies.
  8. This post is disregarding the negative aspect of 2020 that we are all familiar with. So 2019 ended and I planned on spending less time gaming and more time with my family due to high working hours on/off for more than 5 years straight. So 2020 came and apart from Death Stranding I didn’t play any games until March 2020 for reasons I’m sure everyone knows. I’m proud of how much I learned (DIY/Gardening) and spending quality time with the people and dogs of my household over the months. Being able to make breakfast in bed 7 days a week was beyond words, that would have been science fiction before this year 😅. I have much I want to achieve next year and that can be achieved at home, so good luck to us all 😃.
  9. Even if the PS5 stocks were fine, even if it released in 2019, the current lineup is of no interest to me. Now don’t get me wrong we all know that hopefully in a year or 2, all of the games they have revealed (Horizon/GT7 etc) and countless others will arise and cement the true power of the next gen 🥳 (not that I judge it solely by power). I really loved party chat and share play that PS4 added to the table which made me have no regrets getting a PS4 back when I did so: Even if I end up skipping the first model of PS5 and get a slim/pro/etc model, I only see myself getting a PS5 for 2 reasons: 1) Some new franchise/game comes out of nowhere and really catches my interest provided it isn’t also for PS4. 2) PS4 reaches the end of its lifecycle and by then I’m sure PS5 will be a few years old. I’ll keep my eyes open as the years go by (as I have been doing since the PS1 era). A good horror game like the original Dead Space, a good open world game or some monster raising game that isn’t too kiddish would take my fancy so time will tell.
  10. I created my first PS3 account back in 2008 approx and I just played games for fun, only had 35 approx platinums by the time 2014 came. I did find the incomplete games to be an eyesore 😅. So in 2015 I got a PS4, a new job and made this account, there were times I thought I bit off more than I could chew and I did think about starting again since then but I didn’t cave in. Also I tie “trophy earned” dates to real life memories so I couldn’t bring myself to do so. I think I can stay at 100% completion for this PS4 generation but if I do get caught off guard next gen (believe me I’ll try not to 😤) I won’t restart because it won’t matter as how do we know that trophies won’t get replaced in a few decades but “what if” futures aside: Gaming was always worth it, sure I played some games for the sake of it but it was always fun especially as I don’t really play the same game more than once for trophy hunting outside the good ones such as Witcher/Skyrim etc and Ni No Kuni PS4 in the future. Long story short, always go with your gut.
  11. Good luck, even with all the precautions it can still be a nightmare at times but with many saves at the right point it’s not quite as tedious 😀.
  12. Wow this actually looks good, Personally I loved horror games back a few gens ago but felt PS4 didn’t have too many great ones, yes I know there was a few but hopefully this game is just 1 of many great horror games to come in the upcoming years. My bro recently brought the 3 original dead spaces so he’s hyped. Of course a lot can happen by 2022 but there’s every reason to be excited 🥳.
  13. There’s nothing much I can say which hasn’t been said already in this thread. Like most people I’ve noticed many downsides since the update was released but on the positive side, my Dad can’t spam invite me to a party anymore since this update as you can’t manually invite players anymore. But the downside is he keeps accidentally creating new message groups that I have to keep leaving as there’s no option for me to accept, I’m just automatically added in. Thankfully my all time favourite update will always be the one in which they added the “appear offline” option 🥰.
  14. Like most in this topic, I’m going with sports, now I love a select few sports in real life but in gaming, I just never found an interest especially with the yearly releases being very copy and paste over the last decade. The closest I got was various mini-golf titles but what’s funny is that almost one quarter of the titles in the sports genre on the ps4 store are racing or non sports games. Other than that if a game has a good and fun trophy list and doesn’t require an insane amount of online related stuff then I’m always open to change, who knows maybe in the PS5 gen we MAY, note the word MAY get a game changer.
  15. Randomly found the original game a few months ago, better than I expected and 1 of the few retro looking games that I appreciated in recent years. I’ll definitely add this to my personal list of games to look out for in 2021 🥳.