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  1. High Road is definitely the worst level to go for the relic because it is insanely broken in every possible way. The amount of precision needed is almost inhuman. Most of my runs end within 15 seconds, and I've never made it to the half way point. This level was handled terribly and very much neglected for the remaster. It was never designed for the new physics and mechanics, and It definitely feels like no one ever playtested it. At this point I'm probably going to do Stormy Ascent for my 26th gold relic because at least that level isn't fundamentally broken, it's just hard.
  2. I ran into like 3 while questing naturally on Solstheim. I power leveled early on so I wouldn't have to worry about things like this too much
  3. Mass Effect Trilogy, which I purchased months before I even got a PS3
  4. I got the platinum in one playthrough. Basically i completed all the factions quests up to where it would trigger the final quest for each faction that would end the game, and I made a save point there. I reloaded that save to complete each of the 3 factions quests and got the plat.
  5. EDI overwrote all of Cerberus' precautions when Joker plugged her in. So if they had any sort of fail safe where the Normandy would have self-destructed in the event Shepard defected, EDI would have shut it off. You can find an audio log somewhere in ME3 with the Illusive Man discussing this.
  6. I was bored of this game within an hour. There's just nothing to do other than constantly grind for resources. I regret purchasing this game.
  7. Yes, Inquisition is my favorite game of the Dragon Age games. It is fantastic.
  8. This is what they get for shipping an incomplete game. It bit them in the ass.
  9. Nintendo, stop with the gimmicks. Just stop. Please. You're beating a horse that's been dead for a decade. It's just getting sad.
  10. New Retro 2D Sonic game you say?
  11. Don't walk off a cliff. Or do. Survival of the fittest.
  12. Lord Shadow Z Because underscores blow.
  13. As someone who did not grow up on Nintendo I think this is actually pretty cool. The games list is surprisingly really strong and honestly I'm a little interested in this and checking out all these classic games for myself. Who needs NX when you'll have this?
  14. I started replaying Skyrim since I can't play Overwatch anymore. I hate my ISP so much...
  15. Well I might finally get around to picking up the game. This has been on my "to buy" list for ages but other games kept getting in the way.