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  1. Hi, Othercide ( should benefit from a refresh. Since first publishing, the last trophy’s description has changed (lvl 10 became lvl 15), and the list on PSNP is now different from the one on PSN.
  2. Was going to post something about twin 3D dolphins doing backflips with fireworks in the background, but you kind of beat me to it.
  3. Damn! Only Γ! # - Alpha Protocol Blood Bowl 2 Cyberpunk 2077 Divinity: Original Sin Everybody's Gone to the Rapture For Honor Grand Theft Auto IV Heavy Rain Invisible, Inc J - Killer is Dead Lords of the Fallen Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden Natural Doctrine Onechanbara Z2: Chaos Predator: Hunting Grounds Q - Red Faction: Guerrilla Sniper Elite 3 The Dark Eye: Blackguards 2 Uncharted 4: A Thief's End V - Wet XCOM 2 Y - Z - Too many A's and T's (with Blackguards 2 strangely relabelled The Dark Eye: Blackguards 2 here but not on the console).
  4. Fun topic: in an age of 4 seconds plat, time to give these platless games some recognition! Not that many, for me, most of the games I played have platinum trophies, and some letters have multiple entries (five in the A’s, for example) # Assassin’s Creed Chronicles: China Beyong Good & Evil HD CounterSpy (UR)* Disc Jam E F Gone Home Hatoful Boyfriend I Journey K Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris (UR) Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes (UR)* N O P Q R Secret Ponchos(UR) The Unfinished Swan U Valiant Hearts: The Great War Warframe (UR) X Y Z * not sure if those two count: total is UR, but no individual UR in the list
  5. Except Earwig and the witch, maybe? I’m aware it’s a tad out of topic, and I do beg for your pardon, but this one really made me so angry I wanted to puke. I guess my eyes and ears won’t ever forgive me about that one...
  6. ”Smack my Bishop” being definitely my favourite moment in AC:Valhalla. 😂 Got to Wonder whether the creators of Procession to Calvary thought about the same prodigious thing.
  7. I’m your typical cryptography and linguistics enthusiast, I love identifying patterns, that kind of things (no wonder I turned gamer). Plus I’m also your archetypal French cinephile, who started watching black and white subtitled films at 6, sometimes even films in an unknown language without subtitles. So, it’s no surprise that I voted ”original language”. I played the Witcher in Polish, Metro in Russian, Japanese games in Japanese, games from English speaking countries in globish-USAan or proper English, etc., but sometimes the choice isn't that clear cut. For example, I didn't play Ghost of Tsushima, because of Japanese being a bad dub with poor lip sync, and English feeling strange in this particular setting, and I’ll wait for reviews of the ”director’s cut” (sic), as the two seconds of corrected lip sync in the trailer weren’t that convincing (felt extremely mechanical, with no facial adjustments, just the lips moving). I tried to play AC: Unity in French, but the acting was so bad I switched to English after 15 minutes. French actors have this stupid hierarchy (theatre > cinema > television > advertising > animated films > video games) that lead to that kind of trainwreck, which is a real shame when you know the vitality of both animation and gaming industries over here... I find English speaking actors more professional in that regard: either they take the job or not, but if they do, you get your money’s worth. I’m intrigued by what @DrBloodmoney wrote though, and I’ll try A Plague Tale in French when I get to play it, maybe I’ll have a nice surprise, you never know.
  8. Looks like their website was made before the Internet existed as well. 😂 Thanks for the laugh.
  9. Anything I want, because I can’t fancy myself allowing anybody to decide what I’m ”allowed” to play. I’ve got a pretty vivid imagination, but it doesn’t go that far.
  10. Mantis Burn Racing: never heard of the game before
  11. A lot of games, actually, with some treading a fine line through using a mostly serious overtone and nonetheless distilling some humour or tongue in cheek moments. I’ll only write about games I like (or at least enjoyed playing), some of them very much, which doesn't mean these mostly serious games don’t have moments or elements I find funny. So, apart from the Cage games that were already mentioned a few times in this thread, I’d say: Alien Isolation: some deaths or jump ”scares” are funny as hell, and there are some hilarious moments when you can pull pranks on the alien. Mass Effect series: almost everything is corny, from script to dialogues, and there are more variations in languages and customs between neighbouring regions in any small country on Earth than there are in the whole ME universe between people from different systems (or galaxies, even, with Andromeda). The Last of Us, part 2: too much is too much; Cage-like overpathos bored me to the point that I had so little empathy for anyone (but Maria, maybe) that I just had fun with sneaking around the stupid AI or molotoving the hell out of anything in my path. Assassin’s Creed series: the TV ”documentary” level of what passes for historical accuracy is sometimes hilarious, almost on par with the accuracy of the controls. Shadow of the Tomb Raider: nice to see how easy it is to communicate with a culture that had no contact with the rest of the world, and still have an ”immersive” option in the settings where everyone speaks their language and yet understands everyone else. The way she decrypts everything on the fly, also. Lara’s deaths in the series are often also very funny (I often picture the voice actress recording all those gory sounds in a studio while answering text messages or perusing a magazine). Man of Medan: reminded me of horror films spoof trailers some French TV comedians from the 80’s and 90’s (les Nuls) would do. Loved making the wrong choices on purpose, though. Trover Saves the Universe: I must admit this extremely serious game inspired by real life events made me laugh despite the dramatic setting and the tragic events it describes. I could have said Conan Exiles, but I find it so bad that it ceases to be funny after twelve seconds, and I only wanted to write about games I actually liked.
  12. Pretty impressed by your list of fighting games. At first I intended to type Super Street Fighter IV, but after an epic struggle with this temptation of simply choosing your rarest plat, I’d say Vanquish: far less grindy, but also very skill based. Nicely done!
  13. You shouldn't worry one bit: if anything, what you did was right by them. It only means that at one point, they decided to go private with their profile, and that PSNP kept the account public according to last update, so they should be pleased by what you did (even though, like most people said before, they very likely don't care, otherwise they would have updated their status sooner ).
  14. I heard that there was a merger in the works between Funcom and Naughty Dog, and that all trophies from TLoU2 multiplayer stand alone to come would directly be added to the Conan Exiles trophy list for best player experience.
  15. From the day I got it from PS+ I was pretty certain I would enjoy it, but it took me a while to launch it as well. Never regretted, it's a blast. You have to be a little bit into turn based games, though. And back on topic: if ( leak true ) play backlog