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  1. Was already suggested (and bumped), and never received much love. But good idea though, I'm all for it.
  2. That reminds me of my former cabinet, much more focused on toilet humour, like Saints Row (Stay Classy Steeltown being my all time favourite), South Park, GTA and the likes
  3. It's on the Internet, so I put stupid things.
  4. Invisible, Inc. Enjoyment: Much/10 Difficulty: Reasonable, I guess/10 Time played: Indeed hours Took me a year and three months, and it's my rarest plat (0,42%, at the time of writing). Got the game years ago went it was on Plus, but only started playing it autumn of 2019. Played on and off for a few months, sometimes quite intensely, some other times one mission when I felt like it, in between games or when I needed a breather. Last week, after a full year break and needing something to wrest me out of Nioh 2, if only partly, I decided to go back and finish it. It's basically a turn-based infiltration game in a quite cool futuristic espionage setting. Love the graphics and the music, and the replayability is high (procedural generation of mission levels, RNG for the teammates you can free and gear you can find in missions, endless mode). What's more, the game's extremely light (1.2 GB), which I find impressive for what you get in return. Nice experience, and the kind of game I go back to even after getting the plat/100%.
  5. Was thinking about that during the whole video.
  6. All I know is I went very thoroughly through the Single Match/Rugby Fifteens sub menu, playing each country in the list order, always against Chile, except when it was their turn, even though you actually can set a match with both sides being the same country. Must be 28 total, or close to it, beginning with Argentina and finishing with Zimbabwe, iirc. So, the possibilities seem to be: - you missed a spot - you did play all national teams available in Rugby Union, but not in the Single Match/Rugby Fifteens category (misleading trophy description?) - the trophy is actually glitched. The patch fixing forward passes messed with the passing tutorial, glitching Golden Child for a time (cf. 1)), and last patch updated England jersey and NZ team, so maybe this messed with them being registered for one reason or another? Like they're being seen as new teams in the list, but not replacing the former ones that would now be considered missing? (just a wild guess) If you're adamant about playing everyone on Rugby Fifteens, maybe try rolling back (cf. 2) to 1.02 or 1.03? I know it helped someone getting Golden Child, before it was fixed. Or post on Good luck! 1) 2)
  7. Like @RNumbers, the XCOM series, and everything XCOM-like, or more broadly most turn based tactics games. Close contenders Nioh-like games, where you have to min/max your gear and adapt your gameplay to different foes.
  8. Needs more room in his cabinet to showcase all Bioshock trophies.
  9. Well, ONE, since you earned the plat for Assassin's Creed Origins yesterday. Now, that was a long list; think I'll go back to bed for the day, I'm spent!
  10. Just Cause 3. Good job!
  11. I’m perfectly aware that you chose to be offensive to us slowpokes, but here’s my 16 plats of the year nonetheless (with 16% more positive 16/20 hindsight) : 1. NIOH 2 Do I love this bloody franchise! I love the music, the graphics, the yokai design, the damn character creation that sucks you in so deep that you spend the most time ever customising your avatar (even longer than in Dragon Age: Inquisition!); the attention to detail is uncanny (recent example with the last DLC, your guardian spirit sitting at the end of the boat taking you to the Underworld). Sure it’s not perfect, it could do with an autopause when your controller disconnects for whatever reason, and sometimes the camera goes wonky at the worst moment, but what a trip. 2. THE OUTER WORLDS ”It’s not the best choiiice, it’s Spacer’s Choice!” 😂 Corny humour with a serious undertone (or the other way around), nice graphics, good ambiance. Maybe the game that made me feel the most relaxed this year, and that means a lot when speaking of shitty 2020. 3. SHADOW TACTICS Very nice Commando-like RTS. Simple, and yet at times challenging, it was exactly what I hoped and expected. Will surely play Desperados 3 later. 4. WATCH DOGS: LEGION Honestly, I didn't expect to enjoy the game as much as I did. As I had played the first two, I was more or less going through the motions and looking for a game to play on my brand new PS5 is all. I found it very well done, enjoyed the time I spent with my motley crew, and hearing proper English was such a relief. The story was weak in the extreme, though, and that's why I put the game where nobody wants to end up: the 4th place. 5. CYBERPUNK 2077 Sure, it was a glitch fest and it crashed on me more than some of my inebriated friends crash at my pad on early Sunday mornings because I happen to live on their way home, and they know they shouldn’t be driving, but still. Loved the story, the city, the voice acting, the music. I have high standards where the cyberpunk genre is concerned, and the game mostly delivered. Not an extreme fan of first person though, and some moments felt more at home in a soap than in a gritty alternate dystopian future, but hey! 6. THE LAST OF US, PART 2 Technically, the game puts the bar very high, it’s gorgeous, sometimes gripping, but I felt there was too much pathos for me. Most of the violence I felt was towards the characters I was led to play, and I just wished I would have been their best friend at that moment, just to be able to nail them to the wall and tell them to stop, just stop, right now. Not a fan of the last chapter, either. There’s also this kind of self awareness in the writing/directing, à la Xavier Dolan, for example, and that just doesn't sit with me. But it was okay, I mean, 6/16 isn’t the worst. 7. RED FACTION: GUERRILLA The game was amongst the very first I bought with my PS3, and I barely touched it all those years. While going back to it, mostly to be done with the multiplayer trophies, I found myself rather enjoying the game, kind of a mix of Mad Max and Total Recall. 8. ASSASSIN’S CREED: VALHALLA The game’s okay, I guess, if glitchy. The "Smack my Bishop” easter egg is one of my favourite of this year with the Spanish inquisition or Lenny Nero ones of CP2077, but that doesn’t justify the length. Like Odyssey before, it overstays its welcome, and the art of storytelling is also to know what and when to cut. But good moments, still. 9. CODE VEIN The game’s quite alright, I think it’s me, I’m perhaps not the best audience... 10. THE DIVISION 2 I’ve been cursed with the good friend syndrome, and I wouldn’t let my mates down. So basically it was much more for the giggles while talking about whatever on the mic in coop than about the game in itself. Don’t ask me what it’s about, I was just there for the loot and the kills... 11. BLACKGUARDS 2 I had abandoned all hope of finishing this game, a turn based RPG set in a Das Schwartze Auge setting, and was almost certain the trophy I missed was glitched, or that the requirements weren’t clear. It was the latter, and when I saw that at last someone here got the plat, I wrote him and figured what I was doing "wrong". A year to the day, for this plat, my first of 2020. 12. RUGBY CHALLENGE 4 Not a lot of improvement from the previous instalment, but if you want a rugby game on your PS, you don’t have much choice. I loved the referee language options (NZ English, UK English, French and... French English 😆. Awesome!) 13. LORDS OF THE FALLEN Another game I had started years ago and never finished. Yet another Souls-like without much of a personality. Not an utter train wreck, though. 14. MANUAL SAMUEL You can have fun playing the game the first time, but the challenges get boring extra quick. 15. MAN OF MEDAN Mainly bought it for the coop with a friend. Acting is so-so, story is predictable as ever, even the jump scares are cheap and often badly timed. Maybe, just maybe, the game wouldn’t deserve a 15 out of 16 ranking, but the constant promotion for Little Hope was the last nail in its coffin for me; I have zero tolerance for ads in paid material. 16. PREDATOR: HUNTING GROUNDS The game is fun. For like two hours. But then it’s always the same, on the same 3 maps. All things considered, quite a good year (as far as games were concerned!), as I’m afraid 21 will be mostly backlog and PS5 versions of earlier releases for me...
  12. Fuck An information of this type kept secret for two months, in this day and age, that’s extremely rare. At least I know what records to play, today... ”Happy new year”, yeah right.
  13. He’s not alone. Here’s the link to the club:
  14. Batman: Arkham City. Definitely need to go back and finish it.
  15. Actually, game-wise, Shadowrun came after Cyberpunk. As lore goes, also, it’s a little bit like the Linux/BSD dichotomy, with Shadowrun being more of a collective work federated by Tom Dowd, whereas Cyberpunk is pretty much the work of Mike Pondsmith. My friends and I played Cyberpunk when we were looking for a more gritty feeling, and Shadowrun for a more action packed Hollywood-style ambiance. You can’t go wrong by reading William Gibson, Bruce Sterling, Neal Stephenson, Walter Jon Williams, Greg Bear, George Alec Effinger... Not all of their works are Cyberpunk, just check before. And from before them, of course, Philip K. Dick. In cinema, while not all directly Cyberpunk, films that come to mind (among plenty others!) would be Blade Runner, Brainstorm, Gattaca, In Time, Matrix, Equilibrium, Strange Days (there’s a Strange Days easter egg in CP2077, in some data shards you read about Lenny Nero, and the whole BD thing is globally from this film), Until the End of the World, Code 46... Direct adaptations include Johnny Mnemonic (Gibson) and Hardwired (Williams).