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  1. It doesn't seem much when you read it, but 100 is actually a lot. I was certain I had reached 100 much sooner than I did, and it almost drove one of my friends mad with frustration and boredom (and he's almost a machine when it comes to grinding ). It'll pop eventually. From my experience, when you start wondering and/or complaining about that kind of thing on the Internet, you're really close to completion. As you have to complete your mission alone, even if you're rushing like mad, I'd estimate it at between 8 or 10 minutes a game (long ass loading screens included), some a little bit shorter, some longer, but let's say roughly 900 minutes total. Even with the few exfils earned while going for 25 Quick Play drops, it still amounts to around 13-14 hours of dull gameplay to get to a hundred. That is long!
  2. Well, barring some peculiar counter examples, if the soundtrack or the sound effects are so bad that I'd have to listen to something else, I'd figure I should play another game... So basically, I listen to what the game has to offer.
  3. I can. Earned my share in MP, but last exfils were solo.
  4. Yeah, around half price in March last year, in EU, glad I didn't miss it. Had an even better bargain with PS+ in the US the month after, though, but nothing since.
  5. I really had a good time playing Phantom Doctrine. Gameplay is very close to XCOM's (albeit a little bit easier), with some new mechanics like the breach one, that might in turn have inspired its use in Chimera Squad. The whole action/espionage set in the early 80's did the job for me, I found it quite original.
  6. Trackmania Turbo, I guess. I should really try some racing games, but I guess when I want to drive or pilot something, GTA's still enough for me.
  7. I know Ellie didn't grow up in the old world, but by then someone should really have told her that IT IS NOT what nostalgic older people mean when they say they would kill for a hot dog...
  8. I don't mind crossplay. As long as it only concerns offline single player, that is
  9. Apart from a few rare trophies like Put a ring on it, where it helps if you're unlucky and/or struggling, you can do without. DLC are quite good, though, so the pass might be a good option if you've got the money to spare.
  10. @ThatSwampe: And what's yours? You're asking us but not sharing (I noticed you "only" got five, but still). I couldn't give only one, but that would be between: Fallout: New Vegas, cause it was my first (ooooowww) XCOM: EU and XCOM 2, I just can't stop playing those games, even after 100% The Witcher 3, this game is the only one I stacked in same gen, that must mean something Alien: Isolation, a little bit rough on the edges, but what a trip! Conan Exiles, ... just kidding! 😂
  11. Rebel Galaxy. I have it in my library since it was on +, but I always start something else...
  12. Wouldn't swear it is, but pretty sure the limit for a PSN ID is 16 characters.
  13. Same here with a different name. I just bought my PS3 (slim, so far from day one), and was asked to give a nickname. I first thought about one of my favourite characters from The League of Gentlemen, Papa Lazarou. No matter what variation I tried, everything was taken (or denied? because I have my doubts...). So I settled for another role model of mine, who would fit perfectly in the gaming world (I mean, come on, stupid deaths but infinite respawns, basically Keanu Reeves and all that): Kenny, from South Park. The name was - obviously - already taken, but the full name was still available, and I quite got used to it. I Iearned to never say never, but still, I wonder what would make me switch to another ID.
  14. Contrast A New Dimension Unlocked when the player shifts for the first time. 30th Nov 2013, 5:46:58 PM
  15. Basically what's been written before for the most efficient way to grind the 250 wins. You need at least 6 players to start a match. Grinding xp can be done with one partner in Capture the Flag. It's quite fast when you get used to it, but it can get old after a while. Taking turns blasting each other away in a 4 or 5 players party with mics can be fun, actually. For the Mad Genius trophy, one of the challenges requires you to earn every bonus 5 times, the last bonus unlocking when you reach 56k xp. Some of the challenges require 3 players (assist, heal teammate, line up, knockdown, pack hunter, remote save, rescue kill, vendetta), like IDiivil said, but iirc at least three of them need 4 players (BBQ, megakill, sync kill).