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  1. In all dishonesty, I can't let you not get away with that: had I not read this topic, I wouldn't have thought impossible to not be able to silently impugn a truly false statement such as the one you didn't make. And don't expect me to use double negative, it's not something I ain't not never going to do. Sorry, but it needed to be said.
  2. "Profiles are based on four principles: 100%, 100%, 100% and 100%." - Gandhi "I learned to plat as a baby and I haven't had a 99% since." - Marilyn Monroe "Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that 100% not a game into their profile, but climbeth up the leaderboard some other way, the same is a thief and a robber." - Jesus Christ "I would like to be remembered as a person who wanted to 100%… So other people would also get 100%." - Rosa Parks "Nefertari keeps calling me a n00b because I don't have a 100% profile." - Ramesses II "There's more to 100% than being a gamer." - Amelia Earhart "The supreme art of gaming is to 100%ing the game without platting." - Sun Zi "100% for all! 100% for all! 100% for All!" - Louise Michel "If only I had tried for a 100%, I wouldn't have had time to endorse a shitty cult." - Steve Jobs "100% is gone. 100% has not yet come. We have only today. Let us begin." - Mother Teresa ... or you could not give a shit . Your choice.
  3. Two zombie games in April? Either they missed Halloween by 6 months or are 6 months early, or they know something we don't about the pandemic and/or the vaccines.
  4. 7 (14%) 13 (26%) 16 (32%) 14 (28%) All coming from trophies rarer than more common ones.
  5. First of all, thank you for trying to get this LB under way @MMDE, by actually doing something about it. I see another issue, though, that most people won't care about in the main, points based LB (except if they're bothered by stacks, maybe), but that could be quite unfair in a rarity focused one: the regional differences. NA has a hell of an advantage, as far as rarity is concerned. For example, I just took a few games I played. For ease of reading, I only took their PS4 versions, and the 100% score for games with DLC. Highlighted some extremes in bold. EU NA JP AS Contrast 18.61 14.56 21.13 - Divinity: Original Sin 2 4.69 2.44 9.68 - Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice 41.07 34.52 - - Injustice: Gods Among Us Ultimate Edition 0.16 0.14 - - Onechanbara Z2: Chaos 11.28 6.92 9.80 - Phantom Doctrine 5.28 1.28 - - Secret Ponchos 0.15 0.11 - - Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition 12.52 8.99 - 20.65 The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - GOTY Edition 7.29 4.40 - - So, according to MMDE's table, rounding at the nearest number, the NA plat for Phantom Doctrine would be worth 1796 pts, whereas its EU counterpart would only score 306. So a x4.1 difference would lead to a x5.9 LB points difference for the exact same game with the exact same difficulty. Sleeping Dogs would get 26 pts with the AS version, 127 with the US one. No system is perfect, but I was wondering how the different versions were tagged in the website database, namely if it would be possible, for example, to take the average of all the versions for the only purpose of computing the rarity of any given trophy in those lists. If they're tagged manually, it might be nigh impossible... And it shouldn't be too much of a kick in the nuts for UR stackers if you still kept each version independently (someone who stacks Injustice:GAU would have two 0.15 instead of one 0.14 and one 0.16).
  6. Quite true: even if there were a competition for first spot, the purpose would be defeated by early access or regionally staggered release dates. And even if someone were to decide that trophies should unlock only on release date (or on private testing servers just for QC before release), there would still be the matter of time zones (all first achievers would be from Oceania ). For base game, at least. DLC suffer from the same TZ drawback, but it's a wee bit fairer. Being from UTC+1, I'm quite in the middle. So mine, rather unsurprisingly, are mostly from DLC and, of course, only amongst PSNP achievers (even though, as far as XCOM 2 is concerned, I do remember at least one shift from 0.0 to 0.1 on sync). Blackguards 2 (base game): 2 (The Monster and Master of Creatures) [for the record, started playing this one more than 6 months after release...] Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden, Seed of Evil DLC: 6 (Skogsarbetare, Pub Crawl, Chronicler, Home Run, Tough Nut, Ripley Would be Proud) XCOM 2, War of the Chosen DLC: 4 (Zombies in a barrel, Circle of Psi, Weary Warriors, Full Operational Resistance) Maybe I missed one somewhere, but I don't think so, and as long as I get to pub crawl and make Ripley proud, I can't really ask for more.
  7. I think we should report this topic to the CRT; it's getting posts much too fast.
  8. Both! I own both series, but only played the first Dishonoured atm, got the plat years ago and will try to get as close to 100% as possible (not sure I really want to torture myself with By My Hand Alone...), and I intend to play 2 and Death of the Outsider afterwards. So let's say Dishonoured for the sake of this thread, but Bioshock is also installed and in the "To Do" folder of my PS4. ____________ Phantom Doctrine or Natural Doctrine?
  9. Yakuza 4, well done!
  10. As I fear what (I think) anybody should, I guess it would work both ways anyway: Humanman. But do I really have to wear my underpants on the outside? Edit: Come to think of it, feels like it's more of a supervillain name...
  11. Once upon a time, a daring Kenny embarked on a quest to preorder a PS5. He walked for maybe 10 minutes until he reached a local shop where he waited roughly the same time to register for the coveted disc-edition Grail. There, the clerk warned him that he wouldn't get it on release day, but more likely the week after, on Friday. So it was a well pleased hero that received a phone call on Tuesday to tell him that he could come pick up his PS5. Time only will tell whether they lived happily ever after. The end.
  12. Unfortunately, it seems to rely a lot on RNG, and if you're as unlucky as I am, it will take quite a lot of tries (it took me ages to get this one, but also 1999 A.D., A Hump Like a Snow-Hill or even No Khan Do just because the enemy wouldn't spawn). And once you manage to get the right enemy in your galaxy, there's a little preparation and skill involved. So basically what I did was play games on small maps, two FE, explore as much as I could to find them and see whether one had a colossus. Some would advise having a bigger map to meet more FE, but it implies more AI and more exploration. I think it's all good if you're going for other trophies at the same time, but if you're only gunning for this one, might as well play it super fast just to check on your FE "neighbours". Also, at first, I played full games when I met warlike or xenophobic FE, hoping they would build a colossus before or during wars, but I never saw it happen, even well into the 2600s. What worked for me (we all have our different experiences, I expect): - twice in many tries, I found a FE with a colossus. First time, nothing I did made the damn thing move, let alone try blowing one of planets up. Second time, once I found the right FE, I stopped rushing and focused on the game, building my fleets, researching like mad, the usual. Conquered all the galaxy to make sure the FE wouldn't pick another enemy, or that a well meaning AI ally wouldn't steal the trophy from under my nose, built garrison* planets all around their empire, and slowly started pissing them off. - started making back-up saves on USB and cloud when I felt we where nearing the awakening. Repeated the operation quite a few times, so that I got a save as near as possible. - once it awoke, it was a cat and mouse, trial and error kind of game, with lots of reloads, trying to coax the AI into trying to pulverise one of my planets. I don't know if it had a real effect or if it only was wishful thinking, but I used my colossus on most of the FE's main planets. A lot of times, the colossus moved a little bit, sometimes as far as entering orbit for a short while, but it would leave right afterwards. The trick was to destroy all the fleets but one, and it seems like the colossus is tied to a specific one, which it will follow. - at last, when the FE is well pissed off and decides to blow your nice fifteen fortresses military paradise to smithereens because you made it impregnable, you have to act fast and come in with all your might to shoot at it while it is using the planet destroying weapon, not during the warm up phase. Even then, first time I tried, it managed to teleport away in a blink (frustrating, much?), even though I had titans that were supposed to prevent that. What did it was having all my fleets sitting on a gateway leading to the one I built as close to the planet as possible, or at the closest transfer point in the neighbouring systems. Admirals had the speed boost, and my fleets used fast weapons made even faster through research (in the XXX/XV at the time). Made a backup save during warm up in case it tried its vanishing act once more, and let it rip as soon as I saw it shooting. This fight lasted like 3 seconds, including the protecting fleet. TL;DR: find a FE with a colossus, antagonise them and, when you get them to use the damn thing, jump on them with overpowered rapid firing fleets and ensnaring titans. Good luck! *yes, I know, Kenny is building Garrison planets, pun not intended
  13. That would be the for Blackguards 2: 8 achievers / 1040 owners (0.77%). My for Rugby Challenge 4 has even less achievers (5), but out of only 53 owners, so it kinda it feels like everyone and their grandmother popped it (9.43%).
  14. Transformers: Fall of Cybertron, never heard of the game before.
  15. The Guided Fate Paradox, because of the plat's name and also because it could figure in the "Plat you rarely see" thread.