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  1. Wow, thinking about it, it sends me back to one of my earliest PS games. I'd say Wet. Total non sense with stylish ultra violence, stupidly easy game even on its hardest mode. You unlock the OST throughout the game, and more than once I surprised myself by choosing to put it on while I was having a hot bath. I really fondly remember this one because it was a rare moment in my life when I felt my neurons totally left my body for another dimension. Contenders: the South Park Games, Bully, Deadpool, Killer is Dead and the Saints Row series.
  2. 5 Days 12 hours 59 Minutes Did all the MP before finishing SP 100% (and by that getting the plat), and globally took my sweet (sweeeeet) time enjoying the scenery, talking to everybody, looking under every stone, doing much unneeded back tracking, etc., so those 133 hours are much more than what's required for someone just going for "Best in the West". Your time, Husky, the 100 hours ballpark, seems quite reasonable, imo.
  3. KennethMcCormick, Vault 101 Citizenship Award.
  4. This. I don't have that many trophies with less than a 1% achievers though, and moreover almost all of them are more in the "easy but grindy" ballpark than difficult, with their rarity increased thanks to PS+. GTA IV was perhaps the toughest for me, and it's not that hard, tbh, it just has a humongous players base. Like many said before, many harder trophies have much higher completion rates, so I also think that difficulty and rarity are not always connected. And yet, with all that said, I still consider almost common (I say "almost" ) a trophy with more than, say, perhaps 2%; 1/50 seems to me a pretty good ratio to begin being considered as "rare". But even though I'm interested in knowing the rarity of a plat, I'm not choosing a game for this, and at the end of the day what matters is the game in itself (I even played ultra easy games like The Bunker, Late Shift or Her Majesty's Spiffing, but for the fun of it and because I was interested, not for trophy popping).
  5. Wow, good news! Almost bought it on sale, but now I guess I've got a better deal to look forward to!
  6. A new franchise where you'll have to wait for the next installment to learn that something vaguely interesting might happen in a more or less hypothetical future? 🤔
  7. Thank you so much Sony! Keep at it for a few more months like that and my backlog will be history.
  8. This. So, PS+ games I feel I shouldn't have started: - Game of Thrones: Booooo-riiing... Need I say much more? I never bought a Telltale's games and I really loved Tales of the Borderlands when I discovered it thanks to +, and even though I'm not that much of a fan of the GoT TV series, I decided to give the game a try. Wrong choice. - Burly Men at Sea: At least, it's short. Special mention: Lords of the Fallen: I haven't got the plat on this one, but I think I will go back to it at one point or another to try and finish it nonetheless, even though I'm aware it will be a chore. Games I thought I would like and which disappointed me: - Remember Me: I like Alain Damasio's books, so it was a day one purchase, and I was really expecting something else from this game, which isn't actually THAT bad, but is still quite a letdown. The most troubling part about this is that I kind of expected a great story with sub par mechanics, but got a rather fine game with a poor story. - Fallout Shelter: I'm a fan of the Fallout franchise. I knew it was a mobile game, but still gave it a try. Guess I'm not much of a mobile gamer... - Conan Exiles: Why? Why? Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?!
  9. In no particular order: Pong Pac-Man Space Invaders Asteroid Breakout Ultima Wizardry Karateka Lode Runner Dragon's Lair
  10. Guess in this particular case, the potential customers would wonder why buy a PS4 Pro, given they intend to pay people to play the games for them
  11. Well, like a lot of people wrote already, first of all I aim to play games I'm supposed to enjoy. I might have a much thinner backlog had I not crossed path with the bad boys below, but I have absolutely no regrets: - Games I sunk countless hours in MP after getting the plat, roughly in order : Max Payne 3 (don't have the plat, only 98%) Red Dead Redemption GTA V (PS3 then PS4, even more) TLOU (PS3 and PS4, per-maybe-haps a little more on 3) Mass Effect 3 The Division Mass Effect Andromeda Uncharted 4 Red Dead Redemption 2 - SP games I played multiple times after getting the plat, and still play on occasion, roughly in order : XCOM 2 XCOM Enemy Unkown Rugby Challenge 3 The Witcher 3 (played it so much I decided go for another 100% with the GOTY when it was dirt cheap) Skyrim GTA IV (story, MP mainly for trophies) Dragon Age Inquisition (some MP, but mostly SP playthroughs) So yeah, gaming life doesn't stop at platinum/100%, I guess.
  12. 5,87 € for Slyde 😂 Best investment ever.
  13. Like a lot of people in the previous posts, I found Everybody's Gone to the Rapture quite the drag. Didn't like much Burly Men at Sea, mostly because it's more a way of selling custom books than a game in itself, and found Gone Home rather meh. But my two worse plats are by far TT's Game of Thrones (lags and crashes didn't help) and most of all Conan Exiles. I can grind, I can play online for hours, I can do multiple playthroughs to plat a game if I have to, and sometimes even gladly, but oh boy was I thankful for the only redeeming feature I feel this game has: the built-in admin console.
  14. You should really try the "Biotop" or "Broshock" or something series (can't find any reference to exact title, those are very niche games). I suspect you might like them.