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  1. You could always rate using the tested umbrella/frying pan/unicorn rainbow turd method 😉
  2. Just updated and started: looks like no new trophies for update 33 (neither PSN nor in game).
  3. Well... Seems like nobody’s yet tried Paranoia Agent (妄想代理人), so let’s go with this one as second guess.
  4. Darts and pool at the pub last weekend after W6N; I was on fire.
  5. Ranma nibun no ichi?
  6. May have been patched with 1.006.000 (can’t test it right now, not at home): "Fixed a bug that caused certain terracotta soldiers in the main battlefield “Behold the Glaive of Righteousness” to produce drop rewards equivalent to those of leaders.” Source: Edit: OK, just did some test with A+ Drop and 232 Luck. Not even one 4 star item nor any elixir drop in 50 attempts (100 kills). Guess you can add "patched" to the title, @sunashigure1...
  7. Some years had a few solid contenders, which led to tough decisions, but here goes: 2013 Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag 2014 Alien: Isolation 2015 The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt 2016 XCOM 2 2017 Prey 2018 Red Dead Redemption 2 2019 The Outer Worlds 2020 Wasteland 3
  8. Basically why I’ve been using Linux for the same past 30 years, both at work and at home At one point I had a double boot (well, triple, with OpenBSD), with a win98 partition only meant for the few games that weren't supported, but that didn't last for long.
  9. Don’t know of an early one, but @sunashigure1’s farming spot is consistent in its elixir drops. Patched with 1.06.
  10. My first and only account, but even before PlayStation was a thing, I’ve had this tendency of finishing the games I play, or at least try to, unless it really becomes a chore, in which case I won’t bother. So nothing special, just my way of playing, and I often go much further into the completion than the trophies require, and give myself personal challenges (for example 100 % GTA IV without a single roadkill, or in Wo Long right now, working on having maxed reputation with every single ally, and unlocking all the titles, gestures, etc). Most of the time I buy my games cheap, sometimes years after their release, so I can find ample info on the Internet and guess if I should like the game or not. As for the Day One purchases, well, it’s more of a gamble (like at this moment, the unobtainable trophy in Blood Bowl 3 that prevents me from being first to plat). I get why you put it in Off Topic, and it’s fine, but usually this kind of topic ends up in the PlayStation Network category (it is a trophy hunting website, after all, so talking about trophy hunting is pretty much on topic, I guess).
  11. Yeah, this one’s real easy: - create a custom competition with four or more matches - join and fill the other spots with AI - ... - profit
  12. Grease Dance! Never imagined that would be a thing .
  13. Well, 14 level 7 later, still no trophy... I even stocked up on SPP to level everyone at the same time, thinking maybe there was a tracker reset at logout, but it didn't work. Opened a ticket with Nacon, we’ll see what they have to say. And two other matches with 3 kills, no trophy either. Edit: Wow! At least, they answer quickly... Seems like they’re aware of the issue and are "working on it". Let’s see how trustworthy they are, now, ’cause they lost quite a few points with this botched release.
  14. Just remembered I forgot about this one, yesterday, and it’s a pretty important one... It’s actually OK for the sake of this trophy to end a fight with downed characters while their counter is > 0. It happened to me once, with a fight ending unexpectedly with the last enemy walking into a reaction hit, before I could heal everybody. Like the trophy description states, as long as you’re not knocked out, you’re good to go.
  15. Haven't played Fantasy General, no. Will have a look, thanks for the reco. And yeah, I defo overused the bunny and the snake after freezing everyone . Some people go for the fire birds, and I did try them, but I wasn't sold, really. If you manage to kite your enemies to stand in line, you can have fun with a Mage’s Ray/ Elf’s Rainbow, but that more context specific. Still gave her a bit of Agility, not as much for precision but to go with the dodge skills and appropriate gear, for the once in a while wise guys that managed to sneak up on her.