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  1. BLACKGUARDS 2 The Monster Not a single good deed. Everyone fears you! 2 achievers, and it was 1 for almost 7 months...
  2. Journey. 'cause we all deserve a breather sometimes.
  3. Like some already mentioned, I too wouldn't say no to The Witcher 1 & 2. For more recent games, I'm really hoping for a port of the soon to be released Phoenix Point (, 'cause not only have they ignored PS4, they've also forgot Linux, so no access to this game for me.
  4. I try my best and entertain the notion of 100% while playing a game, but some escape me because I lack the skill and/or the time, or are now plain impossible due to servers closures, DLC being delisted or buggy trophy. So my first goal would be to get to 95% (almost there, slowly finishing old games between new ones), but my ideal would be a tiny bit more, so that I could remain at 95% even when starting a new game. So around 95.5/96%, I guess.
  5. I think you quite nailed it when you said that it was perhaps a bit much to expect of a 2%< plat to be both not too long and not too hard. None of the 7 plats I have in this rarity range would come to mind if you asked me about my hardest plats, but they're rather long and require a good deal of commitment, except maybe Blood Bowl 2, if you're into this kind of game.
  6. Looking at your profile, I wouldn't worry that much! BB2 isn't hard at all, it just relies a tad too much on RNG for my taste, but hey!, that was already the case with the board game, so I knew where I set foot when I chose to play the game. Friday the 13th. There's grind, and then there's griiind. (Says the bloke that finished AC Odyssey a few days ago...)
  7. Grand Turismo Sport. I don't play racing games, but my father's a gearhead and barely plays anything else, so I have a pretty good idea of what it takes to 100% it. Kudos.
  8. I'd go with Furi.
  9. Stellaris, Utopia DLC: one of the most bad ass trophies I got, that earned me the 100% and made me laugh. "Xenophage, keep at least 5 different species as livestock in your Empire". Needless to say, to play the needed xenophobic authoritarian empire for this trophy I chose the cutest of the fox-like species and only enslaved and ate the most hideous bad SciFi looking gelatinous aliens.
  10. I started Dead Nation (PS3) in June 2011, when Sony gave it away as an apology for PSN being down for like a month. I barely played it back then, restarted it a few months ago and will go back to it soon, maybe in the coming hours, even.
  11. Today, 10 years anniversary of PlayStation for me! Yay PSNP trophy milestones for making me notice!

  12. Journey.
  13. 1.12 is out and is supposed to address save glitches.
  14. I thought having the Carmageddon platinum on your profile was enough to get a certificate of equivalence for your driving licence almost anywhere in the world. Was I misinformed?
  15. DLC

    Judging from what I saw trying to coop with randoms (or in PVP games, for that matter), I'd say this DLC is already implemented in select circles.