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  1. Alien Isolation
  2. I get you: I, too, would have loved to play Motorstorm Pacific Rift with Gandhi.
  3. He's most likely referring to the PS4 Doomsday Heist DLC Elitist and Masterminds trophies, which would surely rank quite high in a PITA contest.
  4. This thread is almost a year old, but before starting a new one I did a little digging and found it, so I'd rather use it. Maybe it got so unnoticed because it was published in August? (or perhaps nobody cares but a few of us ). This thread made me think of it, with people asking about some upgrades this website might get: and also this one, with so many people saying they went for the full 100%: And basically, yeah, I think it would be a cool (and simple) addition to the "ORDER" button on the players profiles to also be able to sort by 100% rarity. Just my two cents...
  5. Yup. Was one of the worst trophies I had to grind for, this one. I discovered very late in game what it would entail, and I had already fired quite a few rounds (euphemism). Can't say I have very fond memories of entering the same code for hours on the same roof blowing the same helicopters up again and again. And it's too bad, really, because I otherwise totally loved the game, but due to this trophy, I'm left with mixed feelings [and because I loved it, I couldn't possibly let the trophy list unfinished].
  6. Most important rule would be: don't trophy hunt without beer. Unless it's far too cold to drink one, at which point wine is allowed. Scotch whisky (or Irish whiskey) shouldn't be out of the equation. All of the former should taste good and be available in large quantity. Try as much as I can to get to 100%, but act like a grown-up and know when you're defeated. It's supposed to be fun, after all. Unlike most of the previous posts, I try not to boost MP, unless it's a very boring one or the trophy is nigh impossible to earn legit (like Kingpin, in RDR, where meeting the conditions to even start thinking about trying, even when servers were full, was a nightmare). Getting the plat or the 100% doesn't mean the game gets shelved/deleted, whether it's a great solo campaign with lot of replay value or a solid MP a lot of my close friends play. Actually, I like to get some trophies out of the way as efficiently as possible, not necessarily to shift to another game as soon as I finished, but to enjoy the story (when there's one) fully. Whatever's written in the above list is pure horse shit because my real first rule is that I don't like rules.
  7. 36 minutes ago @elpoko said: Street Fighter V 100% in The Division (still need a few victories in Last Stand and A LOT of extractions in Survival)... Also waiting for the soon to come physical release of Mutant Year Zero to give this game a try.
  8. Got my third one last weekend. After the 7 at seven, a 7 [at] eleven :
  9. Doesn't seem too far fetched to venture that you're proud of your plats and like your JRPG.
  10. Backlog, you better be ready for July, 'cause here I come!
  11. Slyde: how come it's only 98,47%?
  12. That was what i thought the OP was going to mention... but alas, this right here is why i believe speed-running for a leader-board spot is pointless. [...] That would be for the First achievers leaderboard, which is in fact rather problematic with all the early prints and some games already platted even before the street date, or games with a single list but different release dates depending on continents. On topic : I'm 2nd Fastest achiever on Phantom Doctrine, and first on Rugby League Live 4, and didn't rush through those games. I even felt like I was taking my sweet time with the first one, just was in a bingeing mood at the time, and as for the second one, it was just a lonely end of the year week end during which I was so close to the plat after a while that I decided to try it in three or four sittings. For the records I still play the games even after getting the plat. Don't have the feeling of waste here.
  13. I'm usually extremely unlucky with RNG, and I don't remember feeling the weight of this curse with intel acquisition playing XCOM 2 (wouldn't say the same about some 95% shots which translate as sure misfire ). Looking at your profile, I can see you're no beginner XCOM-wise, but still let me stress that you have to be very proactive from the start on your exquisite timing run, and you don't have room for many mistakes. As far as intel is concerned, apart from the very obvious scans, you should mostly choose missions with intel as reward, hack whatever and whenever you can (so useful), skullmine and try not to kill anyone with explosives, so as to maximise your chances of datapad/cache loot drops. Speaking of the latter, don't you have some in your research tab you forgot to decrypt? Happens sometimes... But if you really feel you won't make it by July 1st, and that the intel you manage to earn is unnaturally low, yeah, maybe you're better off starting anew...
  14. Conan Exiles...