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  1. Okay, didn't know that. Like I said, I only tried it with something like between a dozen and twenty. Scratch that, then.
  2. You have no idea how close I was to suggest something like that a few hours ago Actually, we could do it in a semi organised way, for example by deciding through a - Framasoft or whatnot - online sheet who would take which page in the LB, and manually updating the 50 profiles on said page over a given day, then switching to the next one depending on how many volunteers we got. And then slowly going through. Main issues I identify are: - finding enough people that care enough to do that. I mean, let's face it, grinding is already boring in a game we love, we're talking here about grinding for a leaderboard few people really care about that much - we should be wary of not overdoing it (way to hell being paved with good intentions and all that) and risking this website being banned by Sony for having far too many requests - unless we get a shitload of persons to do it, updating 72k+ pages would take a few years, unless we get 200 highly motivated members that don't miss a day (rather unlikely). I'm far from convinced myself, but at least it's food for thought.
  3. Because of this thread, I updated a few (like, a dozen) random low level profiles earlier today, just for kicks, and one of them went up 1 799 422 places in main LB, last trophy earned 28th October.
  4. The Citadel, from Mass Effect, 'cause I need more room to store my books. The electricity bill, though...
  5. @Arcesius was talking about one game with only two achievers who happen to be the same person (Floriiss, in this case): And good luck with your 100% goal! Edit: Nevermind, you were asking about which game he would move from hard to medium... sorry (but good luck still).
  6. Happened to me today as well. When I got home, I expected the avatar on my PS4 to have reverted to default, but it hadn't. So I chose another one, then put my usual back again and re-synced here on PSNP, and all's fine for now. Weird, though.
  7. Extra weird: never ever had any trouble with my PSN avatar, and the day I talk about it, it disappears and goes back to default a few hours later! Anybody else is hearing the Twilight Zone theme?
  8. For a long time I've switched between different avatars, both on PSN and PSNP, depending on my mood, and I don't know for how long I'll stick to the current ones, even though I'm quite happy with them. PSN: Well... Pretty obvious, I guess. I couldn't find a Kenny avatar, so I chose the Mysterion one (even though Mysterion's identity is a highly guarded secret, and most certainly is totally not Kenny ). PSNP: I like this image; it reflects my approach to life to a T.
  9. They do that in at least another Kojima game that I know of. Of course they used the false date I gave them, but still a nice touch Edit: oh! And happy birthday by the way!
  10. So Kojima Hideo decided to work not only with Nicolas Winding Refn and Guillermo del Toro, but also with Trey Parker and Matt Stone ("South Park 3: Bladder to Haven"?).
  11. I might have missed something, but AFAIK there is no "two step verification" on this website. But seeing as it is most of the time just a scheme to weasel out of you a phone number or another valid email address, I wouldn't worry that much as long as your passphrase is at least a wee bit solid.
  12. They're not the only ones at that. In Stellaris, I couldn't name my torpedo fighters "torpedo", while it's wildly used during the game, for "profanity" reasons. I let you figure what imbecile hot words programming led to that, took me a while... And in Rugby Challenge 3, I was prevented for the same reasons to name a custom player Temuera Paratene, which would be a perfectly valid name (combo of first and last names of two actors from New Zealand I happen to like). For this one, looked like it was the Paratene bit that was considered rude, but FML I can't figure what's supposed to be "wrong" with it.
  13. When I get "messages" like that, I just delete and block. Last time I reported an obvious spam/ad message, the only answer from Sony, which I couldn't reply to, was a warning about false reporting...
  14. So do I. It's a cute way of inserting collectibles mechanics with in game effects. With full release, it will be easier to find them using an item with the Kodama Sensor effect. Found one last Sunday playing Expedition, perhaps two hours after finding my last kodama . Didn't try the scythe-like new weapon, and fiddled a little bit with the twin axes. Might try that this week-end, depending on whether I get Death Stranding or not, actually. Otherwise it'll have to wait for release. Twin axes were OK, I guess, but I didn't get the traditional Japanese weapons feel I get while using katana (single or dual), yari or kusarigama. And I love the character design, both for yokai or humans. Totally agree, and yet, let's face it, I'm guilty of using both while "soloing" (well, not really because of the benevolent grave...) the Twilight version of the kamaitachi So, not a big fan, but sometimes one needs a break.
  15. I get you, but unfortunately I'm not sure it would do any good, tbh: the kind of person to read FAQs would be the same that would know how to use a search engine, most of the time, so writing said FAQ would be a loss of time anyway. "Ninja'd" by my tablet's cache, @DaivRules wrote almost the thing before me, sorry...