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  1. Has to be done manually. Scarecrows don't count.
  2. And yes it worked automatically. Got to the title screen and all 3 popped.
  3. This is finally fixed.
  4. They say they arrive still working on it. I would guess something eventually will fix this. On their Twitter feed a couple weeks ago they commented that they wanted the fix to unlock trophies for the people that already achieved the goals.
  5. Did the ladybug trophy unlock in the game (just not on PSN)? Look at the in game trophies list and see. For me, I have the 3 trophies mentioned by the OP in game but not on PSN. The ladybug trophy was not glitched for me.
  6. So no one has played this game but me for months, and obviously no one uses this thread much, but any chance someone knows how to get past 3-7? Found the game designers comments from a while back on a different forum, but I still only die. Looking at the 0% for most trophies on PSN either they are all glitched on PS4, or no one has made it past that level.
  7. Had fallen behind a little I hearing but just caught up. Any more hearts would be appreciated
  8. This game is terrible, and a super easy 100%.
  9. This one is definitely a bit of a slog, but I am keeping my eye on this thread and went back a few pages. I have gotten a couple of these trophies so far and again the help has really been appreciated.
  10. Well, I have started trying this thing and would greatly appreciate the hearts. Thanks in advance for any help