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  1. Tacos.
  2. It sure can be frustrating, especially if you prefer to do things on the solo. Thankfully the map is rather expansive, so it is feasible to move to an area that’s less populated. I was briefly griefed by a couple of hoodlums the other day. After killing the both of them, I moseyed down to the Rhodes area since most players were congregating in the northwestern region. I was able to sell my wares to the butcher without incident after that.
  3. I was curious about this as well. Thanks for the info everyone!
  4. The leveling in Dead Island is a fairly time consuming grind. I doubt there’s a legitimate way to earn those two trophies at the same time.
  5. I will never tire of this... 🤣



  6. Red Dead Redemption II will be released on October 26, 2018.


    Fallout 76 will be released November 14, 2018.


    ...goodbye world!



    1. Divecomb
    2. PermaFox


      Are you preordering these?

    3. Wrath-Raze


      I did pre-order R.D.R. II over the summer when they were offering the various tiers of bonus content. I may wait a little before I get 76. Operative word being “may”, lol.

  7. Can confirm that the DLC's do not count toward story case completion on the PS3. They do count in the Remastered Edition though.
  8. Time magazine said, “It’s a game.”
  9. Pretty much every song from Final Fantasy 6 is a work of art, in my humble opinion. The Swedish Royal Philharmonic Orchestra captured the magic in this superb medley. (tl;dl — skip to 15:29, and listen to the end.)
  10. Hackers compromised Red Dead’s multiplayer servers several years ago. Rockstar claimed to be working on a fix last year…but that seems unlikely, especially with the new installment arriving this October. : /
  11. Thanks for putting this list together! I just wanted to point out that the Shadows of Solanae trophy for Star Trek Online has since been fixed, making it possible to earn the platinum. 🖖
  12. Wow, your avatar does look a lot like Dany! Although Blackwall slightly resembles Jon Snow from that angle too… 😏
  13. Wow, Rockstar also axed their old gen. transfer option as a result of the hackers too. I guess destroying Red Dead’s multiplayer wasn’t satisfying enough for them. 😒 https://support.rockstargames.com/hc/en-us/articles/115007553888
  14. Final Fantasy VI (III when originally released in the States) I loved the robust cast of characters, and that you weren’t forced you to have any particular main. I also really dug the story’s steampunk setting too — you don’t see that too often nowadays. The game’s graphics might leave much to be desired, but Nobuo Uematsu’s scores are just as moving today as when the game first launched. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nOJi5QSxJbw — Give it a listen, (especially from 15:26 on.) Ogre Battle: The March of the Black Queen One of the first strategy RPG’s I ever picked up. The game is loaded with side quests, characters, and items galore, which is nice when you consider the 100-200 hours of gameplay required to complete it. Definitely a game you could get lost in… Knights of the Old Republic (1) Easily one of my all time favorites, and not just because I’m a huge Star Wars geek. This game broke the mold of rpg’s, giving greater flexibility to the player in their decisions (complete with consequences), a feature almost every game has emulated ever since. Once you got off the intro planet of Taris, the galaxy was your oyster. The story was also extremely engaging, easily rivaling the prequel films…not that that’s hard to do. It also has one of the best plot twists evar. p.s. Earthbound for SNES!