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  1. Top 5: 5. MLB the show 18 Satisfying to finally get one after playing the series for years. 4. God of War Great game with the right amount of variety and challenge. 3. A Way Out Easy, but had a great time playing through with a buddy. 2. Nier Automata Buying trophies with in-game currency was a revelation. 1. Tacoma I had very little expectations with this game but I came away absolutely loving every moment. Because it's a narrative heavy game I avoided looking at the trophy list at all until I had finished. To my surprise the clean up cost me almost no extra time and showed me some cool things I missed. 10/10 must play imo. I'll pass on a bottom 5 list because I still loved the other games I platinumed in 2018. Some games are fantastic but just have very plain, by the numbers trophy lists. Marvels Spiderman for example.
  2. Yeah, I think youre spot on. The game needs some drastic changes. I had been hopefully that the change to the frostbite engine was going to be the big push it needed... but it sounds like that's not longer.
  3. You make lots of great points. But my issue isn't that the trophies are too hard, it's that they are boring and reused year after year. I think I have like 50% which is actually up a lot. I just wish they would make the trophies less mode specific. Ultimately it doesn't really matter but I like collecting trophies and it sucks my most played game has a copy and paste list every year. I'm mostly just mad at the laziness.
  4. I think there's definitely a middle ground, I bet most people fall between extreme completionist and zero interest in trophies. I love DLC trophies for games I enjoy because it gives me an excuse to return and get rewarded for it. Sure I will go for 100% but it's not something I'm overly concerned about. I stop going for 100% when it stops being fun.
  5. I think most people don't really care about the 100% and just want more overcooked. Even on this trophy dedicated website there's very few people anal retentive enough to keep a 100% profile.
  6. Damn another year with the same dry list. It's so lazy. I wish they would make more universal trophies that weren't specific to particular modes. NHL is by far my most played game every year so it sucks to come away with like 30% of the trophies when your putting in 100+ hours.
  7. Totally. I'm sure some Devs simply overlook it because they are not tuned into to the trophy hunting community... but I can't help but wonder where else they cut corners. When I see a great trophy list with nice looking images I assume the developer was meticulous in their development.
  8. Haha no worries dude, I wasnt sure of my word choice but it was the best I could come up with. Does anyone know if there is a better or official name for those specific images?
  9. It really doesn't matter, but it's a pet peeve of mine. Even a colour swap or something minor would be highly appreciated.
  10. I've had multiple POTG awards and have not gotten this yet. One time the camera guy even came right up to me then it just cut to loading screen aaand no trophy. My guess is that it's maybe somewhat luck based, maybe it has to be a home game or something.
  11. Thanks again for the the insight. I'm leaning toward picking it up this weekend.
  12. I was just wondering if anyone has played the first episode and could tell me how much it plays off the comic books. I've noticed most descriptions of the game mention it taking place between issues 126-139. Personally ive only read the first and second compendiums, which is roughly issues 1-100. I do plan on checking out the 3rd compendium which will cover the issues this game takes place during. So I guess ultimately I'm wondering if it would be hugely beneficial to wait until I've read further into the comics. I'm a fan of the games first and foremost so I'm really itching to check this out but if it's going to be better with more context I would be willing to wait it out. Thanks in advance!
  13. Just wanted to thank you for the tips, I finally got it! However I don't understand why it works. Anyway I'm pumped that I'm past it, kinda wish I didn't have to brute force it but I still feel like I'm missing something. The checkered block just doesn't seem to follow the rules!
  14. Got anymore hints? Haha I honestly am just completely dumbfounded. Is it one shape I feel like I just don't understand the rules anymore, do I need to match that checkered pattern or can I rearrange the yellow cubes as I please. At this point it feels like I'm solving it by brute force not by understanding. Yeah I'm definitely starting to become a lot more competent at the general mechanics. I'll definitely keep these tips in mind. My problem with the puzzle I'm stuck on in the swamp is that I don't understand what's it's asking me to do. I'm just throwing crap at the wall because if I don't know what it's asking me I can't apply these rules. It's super frustrating because I don't feel like I'm getting any closer just more confused haha. I've thought I've had the answer so many times but nope. It feels like it might be a hilarious D'oh! Moment when I see the solution and how it comes together.
  15. Ah thanks! I went back and edited my post so it's properly spoiler protected.