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  1. Can someone help me earning multiplayer trophies on nfs rivals on ps4😭😭 I will also help you out in the same if someone requires 😊 Upgraded from ps3 to ps4 few years back just bought the masterpiece again.. so thinking of getting my 1st platinum trophy on psn😭 Highly appreciated if someone helps me out.. thankyou in advance
  2. On my mind- Ellie goulding :-*
  3. GTA V here I come *_*

  4. I also own a ps3 right now and planning to get a ps4 very soon! But im not gonna sell my 320gb ps3 ;-) If you ask me why? Probably I would not sell my ps3 because some past generation gamesare epic and it ewon't come to ps4 as a remastered version like Crisis, Exclusives like Heavy rain,Resistance,killzone(thou I haven't played yet)Another thing is that ps3 is free for online games n all..But genuinely I luv my ps3 Even if ps5 comes in future ;-) I would advice you to keep your ps3 too :-)
  5. Hi-five bruuuuh B-) #Hala_Madrid
  6. :-p Best of luck buddy.hobefully your team will win tonight :-) I don't watch EPL since ronaldo left MANU! EX manu /Man city supporter ;-) In comparison with EPL I feel Spanish football(La liga) is fast and more fluent :-/ I totally agree with you..Even last year wen Agr played Portugal in Uk both coaches took messi and cr7 after halftime :-( But its La Liga hope it will be great match *_* Btw which team you are going to support? Yeah we get to see top players from the world *_* Dual trio from both team :-* Ronaldo,karim,Bale Messi suarez,neymar Lets not think about the result! Lets enjoy the match... Cheers B-)
  7. Hala madrid Cristiano Ronaldo
  8. Messi is fit and ready for today clash *_* Yeah man it will going to be a kickass match o_O
  9. Biggest rivalry of football Real madrid vs Barca today :-* less then 24hours left!! Guys exited? Im a madrid fan and u? Cm lets chat n lets get the rivalries begin here :-* #Hala_Madrid
  10. Get low Dj snake Fast and furious 7 ;-)
  11. Uncharted 2 *_* Finished so early :-(