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  1. Found a Bailu village herb video
  2. Oh, no, I'm just dumb. Didn't realize the Unknown Man's Journals didn't actually appear in the chip screen before you find them
  3. Got all memory chips in the game and delievered the last one. The trophy never popped up. Do I have to do something else or am I just glitched and screwed?
  4. I believe I was missed in the confirmations. Still 36 I believe
  5. Earned 36 today. Might earn some more before time runs out, but probably not many more
  6. Good luck to everyone who entered
  7. Yeah, my bad
  8. Nothing really, was just suggesting an option for a bit of aesthetic convenience, sorry
  9. Wouldn't it be pretty neat if in the sort options on our games lists we could sort them by series? For example if that was a sort option then all the Yakuza games on my profile could be next to each other
  10. 1. Sakura Wars 6 2. Gravity Rush 3
  11. They all have their DW8 Empires movesets
  12. I really liked it, but Koei has me in their iron grip lol. Things ran pretty smooth except when Yukimura deified and showed off his raw abs, then the framerate would dip. I generally preferred playing as DW characters as opposed to the SW characters (except for my boi Ranmaru) but that's just because I'm a bigger DW fan than a SW fan. The game is indeed rushed in places, reusing stages from older games is to be expected, but they reuse such a low amount of stages so you've see them all pretty fast
  13. Platinumed Orochi 4
  14. Alright, figured it out. It meant fight 10 battles with one character
  15. The requirement says to “fight in 10 battles with any officers” I’ve tried going into battle with 1 characters from DW, SW, and WO, but the number didn’t go up, and it didn’t go up when I used 3 WO characters either, what do I need to do here?