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  1. This is basically what happened when I logged into the Switch version of rocket league, and again now when I started the new FG launcher. It did point me in the right direction, so thanks a lot! Just in case anyone is reading this and has this next same problem, if you've logged into the "wrong" version of the game first (as in, the one with zero items and progression), log in the one you want to get the data from, then follow this guide here to properly link the account(s): https://www.wikihow.com/Switch-Epic-Games-Accounts Also, can confirm the autopop works fine for the new PS4 stack and exploits don't change anything (though it's kind of a shame it replaced my actual fastest plat... oh well) If a mod sees this, this thread can now be closed.
  2. That's the thing though, I've never had an EG account on PS. The only reason I have one now is because I tried a bit of Rocket League on switch, but I stopped playing Fall Guys well before the acquisition. So if the saves are tied to the account, even if I log in to the new client from the PS4 and link that account, I doubt it could restore the data from the unlinked PS+ original version..
  3. Hello everyone, I originally played Fall Guys from launch until the fourth season or so, then took a break and ultimately stopped indefinitely since my PSPlus subscription ended and I really didn't care about renewing it. Now with the game going free to play AND portable (Switch), I think it could make for a nice distraction every now and then, but I would like to first ask a couple of things. 1) Is it possible in any way to "import" all the items and progression I had on the original version in the new one? I still have the save file on PS4, but no more PS+ and I think I also deleted the old launcher. I think this won't be possible unfortunately, but I'd be grateful if anyone can give me a confirmation. 2) I originally obtained the platinum with the Infallible glitch. If I download the new version on PS4 will the autopop for that still work or is there the risk of the corresponding trophy not unlocking? I'll mostly play on switch anyway, but hey, I see no reason to turn down a couple of free trophies. Thanks in advance!
  4. Thank you. Yeah tbh I wasn't able to find any official answer either, which is why I've been having this doubt. I'm gonna save at least 10 crowns and hope for the best then.
  5. Can anyone give me a definitive confirmation on whether Crowns and Kudos reset at the end of the season or not? I assume they don't (and I'm 100% sure bought cosmetics won't be altered), but I'd like to know if I should spend my 12 or so crowns or save them for some Season 2 outfit.
  6. Edit: scratch everything, I honestly think I've wasted more time on these kinds of pointless threads than I did actually going for the trophy. Better for me not to have any part in such "discussions". I do agree with this, and only this: refusing to play a game only because of a trophy is a bit sad, and IMHO Fall Guys is an incredibly fun game itself. Everything else, I won't keep debating. Couldn't agree more to be honest.
  7. Honestly, I do have the feel I'll probably look back and regret the time spent on doing it now =D. Then again, I think the problem for many isn't the time, but the uncertainty, as the "easier way" might still be harder (or simply less reliable) than this exploit, and this one is gonna get patched sooner or later. Also in my specific case, I decided to rush it when the bug was confirmed because my plus subscription expires next month. I do think I will eventually renew it anyway (especially if both this game and Monster Hunter get more content), but this way I have one less thing to worry about in case I decide to skip for a couple of months.
  8. Nah, it exists to hug the jellybeans you appreciate the most.
  9. Yeah, that was disabled too. Fixed it and saw the join request, but it doesn't allow me to join. Guess it's because the game's already on?
  10. Don't worry about it at all, I'm only doing this because I honestly believe no one should go through this kind of rage-inducing thing. Knowing someone might save on wasting two days worth of holidays on this is rewarding enough. Anyway, added. I'm on whenever.
  11. My bad, for a moment I forgot I was never much of a social person­čśů Changed it now, should work. EDIT: however, I read above and no, I won't stay for 6 hours. Try to understand, I'm already burnt out enough. Can give 2 hours as the absolute most. I also have no mic, so... sorry but I doubt I'll be of much help to you personally.
  12. Finally. I feel.. so FREE! Another confirm from EU, it still works (and thank god for that)! If someone want some help in the next couple of hours, feel free to add me and send a message. Don't expect too much from me though, I'm quite tired, but I'll try giving a hand if someone needs another couple of wins. Also I do still need Squad Goals, but heh, there's time for that.
  13. Dunno if it's pure rng or not because I have only played it 3 times or so, but it's the only thing I can do besides simply praying for the opponents to make a dumb mistake. Otherwise, until someone see a pattern just leave it immediately. The game itself isn't that hard, you can even actually jump from one platform to another by using the inner corners (did it when I had nothing to lose), but imho it's waaaay too risky to attempt normally when you're trying this exploit, and it might be even worse if there's few players.
  14. None, you just quit it. Or if you're like me and like to live dangerously, stay away from the other people and pray their platform falls before yours. If it doesn't and yours start shaking, quickly quit. Also, imho this is still at least a 7/10 even with the exploit. Sure it's not Super Meat Boy, but that's not saying much (heck, if we consider the individual trophies, Golden God on SMB is FAR easier than this. Those "XBoy" trophies, on the other hand...). I can barely win anymore (my streak is at a marvelous... 1), 8/10 times i don't even get to play the final either because of team games or in some cases because of bad luck/paranoia (mostly looking at you, Tip Toe).
  15. I'd say Fall Mountain is one of the easier one to quit on, but after breaking my streak again because someone got to the crown from the other side but with so little advantage that I hadn't even seen him until it was too late, I'm not really sure. I'd say check both lanes when you get to the hammers, and decide quickly. I can actually quit fairly safely on Hexagone, while I always leave Royal Fumble instantly because really, losing at the last second happens way too often. As for Jump Showdown, I'd just suggest choosing an "isolated" zone and staying there: if you're lucky, the opponents' areas will just fall before yours, while if you see yours shaking, you should have all the time to quit.