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  1. Yes
  2. I tried to play with 2 friend, but we couldnt find each other. Still says Connection to the game server has been lost. Logging off and on, restarting ganme, console or router doesnt work. Thes server are really fcked UP.

    @SlyRipper do you allow that behaviour ?

    That says on my profile:

    Only you and staff can see this block

    You have been flagged in 3 games, this is over the leniency limit of 2. You will not be included in the leaderboards or any lists of achievers.
    You are currently flagged in:
    These games can be disputed:
    • Killzone 2 Reason: name change : previously flagged for 5 games
    • Max Payne 3 Reason: name change : previously flagged for 5 games
    • Crysis 2 Reason: name change : previously flagged for 5 games

    For me it's just acting like like a child, beacuse she just doesnt want me here.

    I only had one game that seemed weird with trophies but I decided I hide it anyway. Now she just write stupid reason about it

    You can dispute these by clicking here and specifying the reason. Include any proof if needed (via screenshots, videos or guides)
  4. TheRatchetPlayer Killzone 2 Really? Max Payne 3 Really? Crysis 2 Really?
  5. Done it in gwent multiplayer game. Still nothing
  6. I have been flagged in few games but I've hidden all them from my profile. I'm not going to argue. Is there any way to be in the leaderboard back? Do i have to do something else?
  7. I've unlocked most of characters during single- and online playing. Now I only need N tropy and N trace. But after buying yesterday a robot from CNK, the N trace didn't show up in the same place in the store. I wonder if this is a bug or is he some seasonal character. Have you unlocked him yet now? I dont know what to do. I've got over 3000 coins but nothing shows up
  8. If you do gta 5 on ps3, you wont be able to get platinum.
  9. I saw that many players also have the trophies but only you got flagged. Welcome in my club. This happend to me too today. It doesnt matter that I played few games for years in meanwhile. The gods of this website only cares about the order of receiving them. You wont do anything, unfortunetly. But when you need a help, they dont give a shit about. Also they blocked me access to my posts, even my dispute.
  10. I dont know if you saw a link on my polish account with file sharing that shows I dont have acces to my own post called How is that possible in darksiders 2 ps3, but I think because you as paid member have special access. I dont care if you think Im a bad one in here and you are the ,,good cops", but you wrong about ps3 saves. Every games with other player saves if you copy to your ps3, it says that it blocks trophy popping. If you know some magic ways to make it happen, go ahead write. I dont know nothing about, because I send many time on gaining 100% of games. If I wanted to use some other players saves I would have to JAILBREAK my own ps3 and risk banning and loosing my digital games in ps store. I couldnt use psn any more.
  11. Also obviously you didnt heard that lizard squad hacked psn and many players lost the timestamps. There are also cheaters for you? Very well. Nowadays servers in PS3 games are shitty (in Europe) in north america is little more better. But you dont know it right? Are you sure: Edit: I have printscreen but I cant attached it here Its here:
  12. First of all I hate when I'm accused and (in the same moment) guilty. I feel like woman with black cat in medieval accused of withcraft. Secondly I could write phd. paper obout bugs and glitches in video games i Had experienced. But I know it's pointless because you know better. I know you think you are gods because you are paid members or some kind admins. But your are not. I played in mgs4 for mot of april. Funny fact. Did you know that oryginal, premiere version who allowed to multiplayer (years ago closed) didnt have trophies? Ofcourse. Also you are hypocrits because the most famous trophy player Hakoom, still has account and no one flagged his account even though he admitted he cheated a lot in games. You are so honest. Also all his records are on leaderboards. Also it's really mature when I dont have access to my posts and you citate from them and I cant defend or say something any longer. I like trophy hunting but I'm so lucky that any glitch happens it always happens to me. But you think Im lyer. OK you never had any problems with games very well. no problem. You should also know that using other person saves is only allowed on custom ps3 because there is information that this save prevents from trophy hunting. I have official OFW the newest on my ps3. I can send a picture, but I think I wont convince someone who gave judgement on me. Very well. Have a nice day
  13. SpyroChampion Grand Theft Auto IV The same glitch like in the last of us on ps3 and ps4. I got this glitch on my ps3 in many games WipEout HD I played a lot in this game for few years but trophies earned only when i got completed it. Gran Turismo 5 Same like in wipe-out Catherine Same reason like in gta 4 Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots same reason like in gta 4 About mgs4 its the same glitch like when I got playing in ac brotherhood, when it didnt pop up some story trophies
  14. Hey I'm curious if changing your PSN ID can change this situation. Can that make that we loose mp progress but we will be able to play ranked matches again
  15. I found this: Guy missed few turrets and still got trophy. I dont understand it