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  1. Thats what I did back on my 360. Works wonder
  2. Why is it harder to get S rank on DMD than HAH?
  3. I don’t know, but unchaining armor is not that bad on beginner difficulty tho. I was around 45-50 at the final boss, didn’t take that long. Maybe 10-15 min all in all. There were so more chellanging fights tbh
  4. Not true tho. I live in Germany and got both designes from Bloodborne and Horizon. Like months/years(BB) after I got the plat, but still I got them.
  5. I think it's too much shitty talk, in the end I skipped most of the confidents dialogues. Just my opinion.
  6. Got it finally at 16/12 in Shidos palace, while giving each member dizzy from Narcissus
  7. I'm at 9/12, did a little status grinding and member switching in mementos and prior dungeons, but didn't get it so far... I'm a little bit worried about it.. :/
  8. That's absolutely not true. Did today all of the challenges and u can do for example the revives before the 50 kills with the medic class.
  9. What did the patch (and which one?) exactly change?
  10. Collecting field manuals for codex entries. Thoese entries doesn't count for the "putting in the effort" trophy. Believe me, i did it yesterday.
  11. No, it doesn't count as a challange.
  12. In my opinion it's great. The feeling etc. Much better then the IW mp It's fun to use the old weapons and the god old maps. Some maps are cancer where always a few idiots camp in the every camp-able house and shoot u, but i loooove the old weapons, so idc, still fun )