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  1. I don't have one. Favorite female character?
  2. Counter Strike: GO. I can't understand the hype.
  3. I think it was a lemon flavoured juice.
  4. The idea itself is great, but the theme... sort of sucks? It's just a background and some icons, the rest and, most importantly, the audio is the same as in default theme, which makes it look very poor. At least SONY is trying to give something to their players, though I'm staying with my Witcher theme. Hope Sony will keep the idea in further development.
  5. You know what? Why not. Taken a moment before the post. Just because random photos are the best!
  6. Well, I think it was surprising for gamers themselves. A studio that hasn't created anything big(some remasters and DLCs only, from what I know) releases a game that achieves a really huge succes. And does it by presenting us such a cliché as a group of teens lost in the woods. Goddamn they made it epic. I just hope they'll surprise us with something as amazing in the future.
  7. Well.. Fluently, two. Overally, four. My native - Polish. Then English. I also know a bit of Japanese and Spanish. Though I'm learning Spanish because it was the best option when I was choosing my class in middle-school, I'm learning Japanese cuz I really want and I hope I will be able to speak that lang fluently. Cheers.
  8. 1. Dark Souls 1,2 + Bloodborne(since all are equal). 2. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt 3. Gothic(one of my first games I played)
  9. I don't think I have many memories to choose, since I haven't played many horror games, really... I guess I'm gonna go for a classic one - Amnesia. Just imagine sitting in your room, without anyone but you in your house. 11:30PM. No light, no hope. All you've got is the game and that creepy as hell music, that makes the immersion reach incredibly high level. Slowly going down the corridor. Step. By. Step. Getting an item you're supposed to get. Music goes really chill, you think nothing can happen now. THEN CHAOS HAPPENS, TWO MONSTERS JUMPS ON YOUR FACE. You start to scream like a baby girl, your hands go shaky. Your heart is trying to beat the way out of your chest. You reach dead end. Monsters are just behind you. You die. And all you can do is to agree with what happened. That's what I've gone through. Worst 30 seconds of my life.
  10. I watched it today, and I feel sort of ashamed for getting familiar with MGS series so late, when the father of this great franchise has to say goodbye to his, kinda, child. No words can describe how much effort has been put into creating such an unique experience as MGS games. This video also proves that games can heal hearts as well. I mean the part about Sean(rest in peace). Well, I can only hope that Kojima will bring us an amazing masterpiece once again, sooner or later.
  11. Yo~~! New member in the crew! Nice to meet ya all, people Ugh... I'd like to make this post creative and original somehow, though I have no wubling idea how... Well, whatever. Guess you'd like to know something about, eh? C: So...I'm from Poland and I'm 15 years old. Proud to call myself sort-of-a-trophy-hunter since the beginning of August, I think. I must say, catching those shiny cups can give a serious blast. Currently working on Bloodborne and Alice: Madness Returns(almost got them!). Hope I meet some cool dudes here:3 If you want to talk about games, trophies or even discuss structure of a swees cheese, feel free to text me. Have a nice day! ^^