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  1. thank you. but it is only for one friend. I need the same for all of my friend in one shot. in the very beginning of playstation.com website, it was possible, just had to choose one game and it listed all friends who had this game. but it is now impossible. sorry for my bad english sad to hear.
  2. Hello is it possible to know easely who has the same games as mine in my psn friendlist? thank you.
  3. I started online 4 days ago.. .is it my faut LOL ?
  4. Hello Assassin's creed brotherhood => because I don't like this game Batman (all) => challenge mode is too difficult for me Call of duty modern warfare 2 => all spec-ops trophies Fifa 11,12,13 and worldcup 2010 => closed servers Far cry 2 => online grinding is so boring Ghostbusters => closed server Gta 4 and 5 => too much cheaters and modders , online is almost impossible to plat Killzone 2 =>not enough time To play in a week to obtain online trophy valor grand cross Max Payne 3 => I don't think i am good enough Moto gP 09 => nobody plat this game... Racquet sport => squash is impossible Resistance 2 => closed server I hope my others games are doable
  5. Hello, for my part, almost 4200 unearned trophies (400 of them are impossible due To closed servers )
  6. Hum... titan quest.. . What else 🙂
  7. hi, You can add GTA5 for PS3, because Rockstar has deactivated bounties, so the trophy "Run Like The Wind" is unobtainable. They said it is temporary, but it is like that since almost 2 months.
  8. Please, dont waste your precious time for me, close the topic and let me be a psnprofiles cheater. Now, everybody knows it.
  9. Hello Psnprofiles treat me as a cheater. OK. Even i did nothing forbidden Deleting my profile? No way, i am proud of my "cheating" trophies list . The only thing i can do is...nothing. When i will have an online session (in all my games, not only in gta5 ), ppl Who want to play with me can hesitate because i am a cheater. Dont worry, i am a cheater, i will do online trophies by cheating.dont need help for that, i did it myself with gta5 My friendlist can decrease for the same reason. "Zomba666 is A cheater?i delete him from my friendlist because my friendlist is clean." I really understand this is only my fault. I am guilty and i am punished. Sorry, i have not enough time to fight against my "cheater flag". I will use my time to cheat on other games, that is my hobby. I dont know how to explain in english how i feel. Revolted? ashamed because psnprofiles -and,now, a lot of players treat me as a cheater ? Yes, all of this feeling. But dont worry, It is only my on business. But be carefull, answering me can perhaps be dangerous for your "cleanliness"...
  10. Thank you for all your replies, in particular ars. I dont think it is usefull, but it is good for me to read things like that.
  11. Thank you for the topic. But I will do NOTHING on my playstation account because I did NOTHING forbidden. Doing something in my profile It is the best Way to encourage cheaters. They will in any case not be punished . In contrary of me...
  12. And now, i am considered as a cheater by psnprofiles, because of the 2 trophies i obtained due to this cheaters.
  13. Ok, i will not be banned, but considered as a cheater... It's up to me to do things when I have nothing to do with it. I do not want to hide a game to appear in the leaderbord and not to be considered as a cheater. Considering me as a cheater is not pleasant.mostly if it is not my fault.
  14. Thank you for the reply. I dont care about leaderbord, but it is not nice for me to be banned for something I cant do anything.
  15. I was in a Gta5 online session, doing a mission, when I saw my level growing up itself from level 27 to a level more than 100 very quickly. When I understand what happends, I turned off my ps3 but too late, 2 trophies pop. Rockstar server dont have enough time to save my gta5 profile, so when I turned on my ps3 and go back to a gta5 online session, my account was level27, but for trophies, i cant do anything. I tried to explain it in a gta5 post on gta5 ps3 forum Sorry for my bad english.