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  1. Sorry, wrong quote... Don’t know if it’s a proof, but base.com open preorders . Don’t know if base.com send digital copies, but i always had physical games when i bought something with this website.
  2. Hello, Plat is mine ! Thank you totallycrushed for the job you have done.👍
  3. You’re right. Since yesterday, there is a New event, and 2 other players got the trophy. No problem for my part. I bought European GOTY disc, and everything works. Just be patient , I have to wait a lot (perhaps 3 hours after ’installation’) then lock disappear.
  4. I hope the only one player who earned this trophy during the new events is not a cheater.
  5. Hello, I really hope old events count. But I’m afraid not, because I found it strange that only one player got the trophy since new events are added.
  6. Thx for all Totallycrushed ! 👍
  7. Hello, Nice, I can see new events ! But I don’t know if older events count, because I can’t see them. I had 12 ’old’ events done, but none of them appears in the ’new’ list.
  8. Yes, same here, a lock on driver network and time trial, but not on other modes.
  9. Game installed , still waiting for new events 😁
  10. he disseapered from the leaderboard...so... this trophy is impossible to earn.
  11. I give up...you’r all right , every listed games has an unobtainable platinum...
  12. Hello, Do what you want, it is not a problem, just a suggestion. When I read ’List of Games With an Unobtainable Platinum/100%’, I can imagine it is for everybody, without rules. So the question is ’how players continue to earn platinum in those games ? They are all cheaters , because platinum in unreachable ? ’ No, they only had already some trophies, which can’t be earned now. Ah OK...so platinum is reachable ? Yes, of course. But not every trophies, so if you don’t have already those trophies, platinum is impossible. OK, understand.
  13. Hi, One player got the trophy yesterday. Is it because of new events ? I can’t verify at the moment.
  14. OK, i understand.👍 Perhaps it will be better to explain that this topic is only from People that are starting game from scratch, because it is written nowhere.
  15. Hello, The title of this thread is a bit misleading. For example, mad max is tagged as 'unobtainable platinum’. It is totally false for players who already earned online trophies. Platinum is doable , online trophies no. It is not exactly the same...