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  1. Nice job ! I only have the PS3 version, but I think this video will help me.
  2. Hello It is the same on "trophy log" and "trophy advisor" screens, all in english, and we can’t change it.
  3. Great news ! Thank you Edit : i see nothing new. 79 events , the same as before.Is it normal ?
  4. 11 to go for me. Hope for new events
  5. Hello Tank you wowbagger_84, I did exactly what you said and trophy pop.
  6. / sorry, mixed Dvd and Bluray, because I have no dedicated shelves. on littles furniture, I have one hidden and one visible row installation in progress...
  7. hello, my first was The Sixth Sense. my last is American Horror Story season 4. between the 2... more than 2k bluray bought...
  8. hello, for me it is : playroom (pre-installed game ) , but I have no cam path of exile , because I don't like this Diablo like game.
  9. hello, great ! with this new method duplicating is easy ! thank you.
  10. hello, not working with the latest patch (1.07)
  11. I'll not buy this game because I have decided not to buy it ! I am not a sheep. I saw GTA4, RDR1, GTA5, with beautiful unstable servers...RDR2 seems to be the same as I can read some reviews. And I am too old to play an online fortnite remake.(sorry, but battle royale is not my cup of tea...). But I agree with single player.
  12. great ! rockstar is the best ! and battle royale mode ! thank you Rockstar, you save my money. I'll never buy RDR2
  13. down to 2774 (PS3), but up to 1643 (PS4). this year, i only did -400 (PS3) but +247(PS4) my goal is to reach at least a completion of 60% on PS3, (less than 130 trophies).perhaps in the very beginning of 2019. I know the best I can do for the PS3 is reaching 94%